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Hist 1302 Blog - Week 14


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Hist 1302 Blog - Week 14

  1. 1. Clean Sweep, 1980-2000 Rise of Conservatism in America, 122-165  HIST 1302: US History Survey, 1877-The Present Week 14
  2. 2. Prof. Dobe's Introduction
  3. 3. George Gilder, Wealth and Poverty (1981) •Free Markets and Anti-Feminism •"Work, Marry, Have Faith" •Praise of Wealth •Welfare Saps Initiative •Role of the Male Head of Household •Feminism is Bad for Men and Families •"Essentialism"  •Free Markets Also Used to Justify Greed: Milton Friedman on the Phil Donahue Show George Gilder
  4. 4. Ronald Reagan, National Association of Evangelicals (Mar. 1983) •"Evil Empire" Speech •Attack on "Secularism" •Starts With "Abortion on Demand" (See Also the Southern Baptist Convention's Abortion Resolution, 1984) •Religious Beliefs Form a Bridge to Anti-Communism •Soviet Union is the "Focus of Evil in the Modern World" •Beyond the Evil Empire Speech: In This Environment, Hollywood Plays to Americans' Invasion Fantasies -- Red Dawn Trailer National Association of Evangelicals   Red Dawn Movie
  5. 5. Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire Speech
  6. 6. Red Dawn Movie (Trailer)
  7. 7. J. A. Dorn, Social Security: Continuing Crisis or Real Reform? 1983. Social Security Debate •Read and analyze the text. 
  8. 8. Southern Baptist Convention, Resolution on Abortion, June 1984. Southern Baptist Convention •Read and analyze the text. 
  9. 9. The President's Commission on Privatization, March 18, 1988. George Gilder •Read and analyze the text. 
  10. 10. Antonin Scalia, Opinion on the Juvenile Death Penalty, 1988. Antonin Scalia •Read and analyze the text. 
  11. 11. William G. Laffer III, George Bush's Hidden Tax: The Explosion of Regulation, 1992. Read my lips: no new taxes •Read and analyze the text. 
  12. 12. Jenny Westberg, Abortion Drawings, 1993. •Read and analyze the illustrated tract.  Roe v. Wade
  13. 13. David Frum, Dead Right (1994) •Read and analyze the text.  David Frum
  14. 14. On Booknotes,"Mr. Frum talked about his recently published book, Dead Right, which deals with the problems of the Republican conservatism stemming from the intellectual and political malaise of the late 1980s and its chances for revival against the current power of the Democratic party."
  15. 15. Conversations with History: David Frum
  16. 16. Southern Baptist Convention, Resolution on Homosexual Marriage, June 1996. •Read and analyze the text.  Southern Baptist Convention
  17. 17. Randy Tate, Middle Class Families Need a Flat Tax, 1999. •Read and analyze the text.  Randy Tate
  18. 18. Tim LaHaye, Anti-Christ Philosophy Already Controls America and Europe, 1999. •Read the article •Check out the next three slides for  oMovie Trailer from the Left Behind Movies  oChristian Coalition Recruiting Video o700 Club Video on Anti-Gay Vigil Tim LaHaye
  19. 19. George W. Bush's Nomination Acceptance Speech, 2000 •Read and analyze the text.  George W. Bush