Rotary Race To Literacy Information Sheet


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Rotary Race To Literacy Information Sheet

  1. 1. The Rotary Clubs of Jamaica WHAT in association with Rotary Race To Literacy Book Drive Project has been inspired by the 2008 Rotary International Convention in Los Angeles, California where Rotarians set the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Most Books Donated to Charity in Seven Days” with 242,624 books. On the occasion of the 36th Annual Rotary District 7020 Conference in Kingston, Jamaica, we seek to have new and near-new books — of any kind — donated between May 1-7, 2010. This is a national and international cam- paign. Collected books will be donated to the people of Jamaica and Haiti. In Jamaica, the primary recipient will HOW TO H.E.L.P. be the Jamaica Library Service with its island-wide net- work of branch, school and mobile libraries. In Haiti, the H is for “Home”. Please donate at least one (1) book primary recipient will be determined by Rotary at the from home. You must have even one! appropriate time. E is for “Explain, Enlighten and Encourage”. Please be WHY an ambassador for the book drive. Tell your family, Literacy is the cornerstone of sustainable development. friends, neighbors, and colleagues here and abroad The vast majority of Jamaican children do not enter about the book drive and why it is important. Spread Grade 1 as emergent readers. A significant cause of the the word in person, at work, social events, by phone, problem is the severe deficiency in appropriate reading mail, email, instant messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc. material for the early childhood age group, and for chil- Join the Facebook Fan Page, follow us on the blog and dren with special needs. We encourage you to buy these on Twitter. Share the links! special books from our publisher and bookstore partners. L is for “Lend a Hand”. This project needs enabling Haiti was already struggling to meet literacy targets be- partners. If you can, please be a drop off point, offer fore the devastation from the earthquake. In the absence storage, shipping, customs broker age, transport, media of major intervention, the situation will only deteriorate. etc. Corporations and Non-Governmental Organizations As the country in Rotary District 7020 most in need, Haiti can be key enabling partners on a large scale. will also be a beneficiary of appropriate English, French and Haitian Creole books that you may purchase from our P is for “Pocket”. Please make a financial contribution publisher and bookstore partners. to the Rotary Race to Literacy Project to purchase spe- cial books for children as your donation. The general H. E. L. P public, Diaspora, Corporations, Foundations and Inter- national Development Partners can all make a signifi- NOW : Gather Books cant difference to early childhood education, environ- mental education, bilingual materials, Braille, and spe- Feb 10 – Apr 30: cial needs for learning disabilities etc. Drop Off to Project Partners  Cheques : “Rotary Race To Literacy Project” May 1-7 : Donate to Rotary  J$ Deposit: Bank of Nova Scotia A/C # 822269 May 8 : Presentation  US$ Deposit: Bank of Nova Scotia A/C # 822271 Email: I Blog: I Twitter: racetoliteracy Facebook Fan Page: I