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Addressing Post-merger Knowledge Management System Questions


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Addressing Post-merger Knowledge Management System Questions

  1. 1. FAQs on the KMS Tool vs. LotusNotes Groupware vs. eGSK Q#1. I understand that the KMS Tool is the underlying engine of the Pharma IT Site. However, if the KMS tool allows us to post documents to it, why aren’t we using LotusNotes instead? A. First of all, not everyone in Pharma IT will have LotusNotes until either very late 2001 or early 2002. Therefore, the KMS Tool is, at minimum, an interim solution for knowledge sharing in Pharma IT. Secondly, the KMS has many other features besides document management. An architectural evaluation of the KMS, LotusNotes Groupware (v5), and eGSK will begin in early May and will allow us to choose the best tool for the longer term. Q#2. I have a LotusNotes database in Philadelphia right now. Do I need to migrate it or its documents to the Pharma IT Site (KMS Tool) now? A. Not necessarily. In the next release of the KMS Tool (Version 1.7, due out soon), you should be able to post LINKS on the KMS to LotusNotes dbs, documents, or folders. This will allow those who do not have LotusNotes to VIEW the information via the Pharma IT site (under the web), and it will allow those who already do have LotusNotes on their PC to read/write to the particular database. Additionally, new employees of GSK and/or those unfamiliar with existing PHL LotusNotes dbs who work in Pharma IT will use the Pharma IT site as the navigation point to find all kinds of non-homogenous information to help them do their jobs --- LotusNotes dbs, worldwide non-GSK newsgroups, links to internal and external Web sites, web applications running under the Pharma IT site, KMS-hosted documents, and more. Note: if you know that you will be wanting to post LotusNotes links to the Pharma IT site, please contact Margaret Dischler at as soon as possible so that we can work to web-enable your database. Also, see Question#5 below for more info. Q#3. Will we always use the KMS as the underlying engine for the Pharma IT Site? A. A study will begin in early May to assess the capabilities of the KMS in relation to LotusNotes groupware and eGSK. It is too early to determine either the intersection points of these tools or if the tools will continue to serve individual needs. Please review the answers to the first question posted above for more.
  2. 2. Q#4. If I post information to the Pharma IT Site today, and then we later decide to move the information to a new tool, will the information be transferred over for me? A. Again, we do not know if the KMS Tool will persist as the underlying engine for the Pharma IT site or if a transition will occur in the 2002 timeframe. Regardless, it would be the intention of the technical team supporting the KMS to migrate all information seamlessly to the new tool, should a new tool be chosen. However, since the KMS tool does automatically set ownership for each file, folder, or link, you will be contacted at that time if you own any items to let you know what the plan is for your individual items. In the past, items have been migrated on behalf of the owners with minimal involvement from the owners. So, feel free to post as much information to the new Pharma IT site as you like. The more you share information, the better! Q#5. I’m only familiar with how to use LotusNotes. I’d like to continue to use LotusNotes instead. Is that ok? A. It depends. If you need RTP individuals to post information to your LotusNotes database, then you will need to make sure that each of those individuals has LotusNotes installed first on their PC and has the proper training so that they can both read and write to your LotusNotes database. If you cannot easily determine which users will need access to read/write to your db, you may want to consider using the Pharma IT Site’s KMS capabilities for now to avoid administration overhead. Also, if you have the need to post only 1 or a few documents/folders/links/web-apps and don’t have the need to create an entire LotusNotes database, you may want to consider the ease of using the Pharma IT site’s folders where anyone can post information, namely “News”, “Best Practices”, “Technologies to Watch”, and “Projects|Teamspace”. For training on how to create folders and post documents or links on the Pharma IT site, choose ‘Help’ on the main menu on the Pharma IT site, or wait for the upcoming demo/training class, or use the ‘Feedback’ button on the site to ask for individualized training. Once you post information to the Pharma IT site, you can insert the URL to your information in any email that you send so that Pharma IT employees won’t have to navigate the entire site to find your information. However, if you know that everyone who needs read/write access to your LotusNotes db does have that capability right now or can obtain it, then you are fine using LotusNotes. However, at minimum and for optimal knowledge sharing, you’ll want to make your LotusNotes db is “known” to the Pharma IT Site by posting a link to the Pharma IT site that, in turn, points to your LotusNotes db. This way, everyone will know about your LotusNotes db, and, at minimum, be able to view the information via web on the Pharma IT Site. This capability to post a link on the Pharma IT site to a LotusNotes db will become
  3. 3. available soon, but you will need to web-enable your LotusNotes db to facilitate this. Contact Margaret Dischler asap for more info . Do you have more questions on this topic? If so, please send your questions and indicate if you would like your name withheld to Margaret Dischler at .