Conferenceware differentiators


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As a one-stop shop, Tele-efficiency provides a unified conferencing solution; audio-video-WEBconference at a fixed price for an unlimited number of meetings up to 25 participants. It integrates with most CRM applications as well as with Outlook and Skype. The greeting is customizable for each client's company image with their logo. It is hosted on the WEB as a service or can be installed on the Intranet of a client. A 30 days free trial is offered.

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Conferenceware differentiators

  1. 1. Our differenciators among our colleagues of the industry
  2. 2. Fixed rate For quarterly or annual subscription, for an unlimited number of meetings with a maximum of 25 participants, the rate is fixed.
  3. 3. A whole array of functionalities You can conduct everything: meetings, presentations, demonstrations, etc., and even share your screen - all of these, online!
  4. 4. Free audioconference service The attendees place a long distance call that usually is charged to their telephone bill at the usual service provider's rates.
  5. 5. better… the Skype users might connect directly and with no cost to the audioconference.
  6. 6. Customize the greeting Edit the welcome page of a meeting room, or that of a specific meeting, and the participant's registration form with the visual display of your choice.
  7. 7. Integration with Skype Stay aware of the status or availability of your contacts, and get signaled when they connect to Skype. Establish an audio conference to synchronize the voice and the images in a meeting.
  8. 8. CRM Integration Conferenceware integrates with your CRM software as your email client per default or via Outlook. Accpac, ACT!, Clarify, Commence, Goldmine, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, mySAP CRM, Onyx, Pivotal, Salesforce, SalesLogix, Selligent, Siebel
  9. 9. Integration with Outlook Plan a meeting, and have it automatically added to your Outlook calendar. Invite people to be among your contacts, with previous reservation or not, and decline or propose a different schedule.
  10. 10. Multilingual interfaces For presenters and participants: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  11. 11. Complete after -sales service Inspired by Customer Relationship Management, Tele-efficiency places a strong focus on its after-sales service to merit its client's loyalty.
  12. 12. 30 days Free Trial Try Conferenceware and discover all its power before adopting it.
  13. 13. Thanks for your attention