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Top 6 reasons why businesses should use Facebook

The top five reasons why businesses should be using Facebook. It is essentially for those who still are hesitating. This presentation was created with animations and music (not available on Slideshare I'm afraid). This presentation is the antidote to the "Why NOT to join Facebook" posted previously. Updated since Open Graph...

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Top 6 reasons why businesses should use Facebook

  1. 1. by Minter Dial Top 5 Reasons: Why I should use Facebook for my business
  2. 2. This list is for all of you who need a jolt because the coffee just isn’t ever strong enough. You believe the media are just hype monsters. U don’t like pandering 2 flash trends & yearn 4 the fashion trends of yesteryear. Top 5 Reasons: Why I should use Facebook for my business
  3. 3. 1 Number It’s everywhere 400 million users and counting
  4. 4. it’s mushrooming on smartphones 100 million *Source Buzzbox April 2010 users monthly and growing* over 100 languages #1 SM site in 100 out of 127 countries Open Graph Facebook Connect is a killer app. it’s everywhere
  5. 5. 2 Number it’s powerful 5 billion pieces of content shared weekly (or 8,000/second)
  6. 6. it’s powerful make your home page a Facebook Fan Page create an eCommerce interface incubate ideas, join conversations it is putting the “social” into social search
  7. 7. 3 Number it’s easy to use and more uses are being developed daily
  8. 8. it’s easy to use fastest growing segment is > 55 years old* 400 million users 0 guide even politicians use it! * Inside for 2009 target audiences are easy to reach
  9. 9. 4 Number a unique cocktail of personal & business that’s why Facebook has taken off
  10. 10. that’s life! opportunity to get real feedback new ways to engage your clientele that’s what your future employees expect cocktail of personal & business
  11. 11. 5 Number it’s meaningful you are as strong as the quality of your network
  12. 12. it’s meaningful reconnecting with old friends is exhilarating, admit it! ⅓ of Groups are now professional communities are our lifeblood it’s an unavoidable part of your eReputation
  13. 13. if you are still trying to find excuses why not to go on Facebook... drop it! Facebook will last... maybe not forever, but then what does?
  14. 14. Minter Dial The Myndset Company (Paris, France) Branding Gets Personal +33(0)623657661 and, of course, on Facebook, too. @mdial