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Sxsw 2019 - Putting Empathy into Business and AI


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A selection of slides for #SXSW2019 presentation by Minter Dial, Putting Empathy into Business and Artificial Intelligence. Sunday March 10 at 11am in the Convention Center Room 9ABC. Please come and join. #SXSWEmpathy

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Sxsw 2019 - Putting Empathy into Business and AI

  1. 1. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 @mdial HEARTIFICIAL EMPATHYHow to Put Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence 10101010101010 01000101 010101111001 010101010 10101010101010 10101010101010101010101010101010101 010100110110110101010101010101010 01010101010101010101010101010101010 01010101011101001010101010101 01010101011100000101010101010101010 1010101010110000101010101010101010 10101010101010101010101010101010 0101010101101000010101 01010101010101010 10101010101010101010101010 01010
  2. 2. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 what it’s not… feeling sorrow or concern for the other person feeling the need to take action to help the other person sympathy compassion empathy
  3. 3. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 top 10 in Global Empathy Index increased value >2x vs the bottom 10 and generated 
 50% more earnings
  4. 4. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 State of the Workplace Empathy study 2018 by Businessolver “87% of CEOs see a direct link between workplace empathy and business performance, productivity, [employee] retention and general business health.”
  5. 5. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 empathy retail store customer servicesocial media marketing R&D (customer)
  6. 6. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 self empathyrelational empathyorganisational empathy
  7. 7. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 measuring empathy how well do employees feel understood the ethics of a company leadership/management style what the employees think of the CEO how many scandals and audit infractions the company has had…
  8. 8. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 Mirroring speech patterns Rendering of emotions through syntax (emojis and images) Exhibiting transparency Non-repetitive conversation Reading between the lines Allowing agency Principles from
 Empathic Futures
  9. 9. @mdial minterdial.comAll rights reserved ©2019 teaching the machine ★Use as much context as possible: remember past user’s actions, idleness, time and location the user is in. ★Compose numerous strong responses for each intent and ensure that the machine does not repeat itself time after time. ★Record entities used in the dialog, match the pronouns to those entities, use relevant synonyms. Evgeny Sorokin (Devexperts)
  10. 10. NEW 2019 Finalist FUTUREPROOF.LY 2018 Winner