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Intelligent Building (Dayabumi Complex)


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Presentation on Intelligent Building Case Study at Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur

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Intelligent Building (Dayabumi Complex)

  1. 1. BCM543 BUILDING SERVICES ENGINEERING II Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Zakaria Muhammad Sabree Bin Salleh Intelligent Building DAYABUMI COMPLEX
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Intelligent building is related to the use of artificial intelligent to control the system or facilities provides to the building and artificial intelligent relates to the use of computer hardware and software which also include the use of mini circuit with microchip.
  3. 3. DIMENSION TO INTELLIGENT BUILDING •Building automation •Advance communication •Office automation •Responsiveness to change
  4. 4. Case Study: DAYABUMI COMPLEX
  5. 5. BACKGROUND •Consist of 35-storey tower and six- storey podium block •One of the earliest skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur •It was designed in a modern Islamic style •Has a shopping mall called CityPoint at podium block
  6. 6. Dayabumi Complex Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin 50670 Kuala Lumpur LOCATION
  8. 8. BUILDING AUTOMATION Building Automation System (BAS) Fire Automation System (FAS) Security Automation System (SAS)
  9. 9. BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM (BAS) •Controlling and monitoring facilities in the building •Using Honeywell Home Software •Control in BAS Control Room
  10. 10. OTHER SYSTEMS CONTROL BY BAS •Fan Coil Unit (FCU) •Ventilation Fan •Security System •Watch Tour •Fire Alarm Interface •Hot and Cold Water Service
  11. 11. FIRE AUTOMATION SYSTEM (FAS) •Including Fire Safety System and Lift Safety System •FAS is use computerized monitoring system •Supported by independent cabling network for continuous operation •Located at BAS Control Room
  12. 12. Fire Control Panel Indicator Panel show the four section Indicator for all floors For fire safety, the tower is divided into four sections for easy monitoring and action system
  13. 13. Computerized control monitor
  14. 14. Siren on the control panel to alert the operator when there is an emergency The printer will print the detection of emergency for record automatically
  15. 15. Lift Control Panel Lift Intercom
  16. 16. SECURITY AUTOMATION SYSTEM (SAS) •The SAS systems is integrated with BAS •Petronas System Operation Room (PSOR) is the room to control all access system to the building. •SAS systems including CCTV, Anti-theft security and Access card system
  17. 17. Air Gate Access Gate
  18. 18. CCTV System that is monitor from BAS Control Room
  19. 19. ADVANCED COMMUNICATION Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) System Internet and Intranet Network Wireless Internet Connection (Wifi)
  20. 20. Network server for internet and intranet connectivity Cellular phone transmitter at basement
  21. 21. RESPONSIVENESS TO CHANGES •Dayabumi complex is now in a major renovation to improve the condition of the Dayabumi Tower and building a more sophisticated system in line with the current situation •This is in line to make complex Dayabumi as green buildings with intelligent features
  22. 22. CONCLUSION