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Up DAT - 08-04-14


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Check out some of the most compelling stories I've found on the web for wellness, health management, and innovation.

Published in: Business
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Up DAT - 08-04-14

  1. 1. Up DAT By Mark 8/4/14 » (424) 772-6690
  2. 2. Welcome to my weekly compilation of… …things that interested me… …things that interested me…and might interest you, too…
  3. 3. Up DAT …and you can scan it all in less than….3 minutes….
  4. 4. ..way less time than it takes to find all this stuff!
  5. 5. Meditation as a perk in relaxing staff click her Takeaway: in a world where things keep speeding up, it can make good business sense to encourage your people to … breathe …,7699
  6. 6. Sensor-enabled pills and peel+stick biometric sensors Takeaway: “…because when you swallow a drug [our system] creates information about what you swallowed and how your body is responding to it — all of that is then going to be [displayed] on your … mobile phone…” Proteus Digital
  7. 7. Clinical devices to surpass consumer devices Takeaway: The mHealth market will spike from a $4.1 billion valuation last year to $41.8 billion within 9 years
  8. 8. Up DAT By Mark Head 8/4/14 (424) 772-6690 »