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2011 Products and Services from Rock Your Life

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Ryl brochure 2010 v2-ebook

  1. 1. “We are creating the number one team of transformational leaders on this planet. Everyone is capable of playing a much bigger game.” Mike Handcock – Chairman Rock Your Life Rock Your Life exists to maximise human potential. Nearly 100% of people die without ever tapping into their true potential. Rock Your Life is changing that statistic through amazing events, profound books, incredible journeys of the soul and exceptional collaborative SAGE’s. Rock Your Life inspires, develops, engages and stretches everyone it connects with to help them understand what they are capable of. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandhi www.rockyourlife.net
  2. 2. AeGeo S Eple’S is pW‘ “After working myself to a heart attack at 34 I decided I needed to become the change I was seeking. I now have a best selling book, a fun and inspirational life and I get to make a A SAGE is a wise person. Rock Your Life difference everyday through helping to create collaborates with a host of experts in their leaders” fields who have become Rock Yor Life SAGE’s. Many of these are global brands; people who Damian Milo – General Manager SAGE’s (Australia) are known for their information and expertise the world over. Others are just beginning to build their brands via the Rock Your Life SAGE The SAGE Program includes templates, Program. boardrooms, webinars, connections and guidance so you really understand how to The SAGE Program is a 9 month integrated create and take your business and brand to the branding program designed to take your next level. It suits people who wish to be known business from its current state to its desired as exceptional in their field and have insights state. During the 9 months Rock Your Life guide and wisdom they wish to share with the world. you to: Create a potential best selling book Gain sponsorship and affiliates Create product and a brand that will see you gain PR and attraction Work on your business and maximise your business goals Understand how to market what it is you do and compete at a high level nationaly and internationally. “Joining the Rock Your Life SAGE Program has changed everything for me. It’s allowed me to make the transition from being the best to teaching and being on stage with literally hundreds of people in the crowd learning how to improve their lives” Glen Levy – Hollywood Stuntman, Leading Martial Artist, The most dangerous man on the planet (National Geographic) www.rockyourlife.net
  3. 3. blishingPuRock Your Life Publishing is committed tocreating high quality books, e-books andaudio books in four genres: Health andwellbeing, Wealth Creation, Business andSprituality. Every single person on earth hasa book inside them, but for many of us wedeny the world our expertise by not believingwe could ever publish a book.“A good book is an exceptional business card. It will open more doors than you could imagine. A great book is a piece of art. It will be a legacy that will outlive the author and could change the world”Peter Dowling - General Manager Rock YourLife Publishing (Italy)Going to a publisher means many knockbacks,no control and little in compensation unlessthe book has an extremely high successrate. On the other hand most self publishedbooks look cheap and are not comparable topublished quality. Rock Your Life Publsihingare committed to changing all that.Imagine a professionally made product underthe Rock Your Life brand with you still controllingthe intellectual property and receiving real rates “I have always loved to write andof revenue on each copy sold. Rock Your Life Rock Your Life Publishing gave me ahave three incredible packages that allow almostanyone to become an author. We can help you vehicle to get my message to the world.create a basic audio book thus getting your Professional, clean, well packaged,content to market very quickly, a professional and simple. Plus an instant best seller.publishing process or for the true professionals What more could be done.”a process coupled with our SAGE program that Emily Gowor – Author ‘Transformationalincludes coaching, marketing expertise, brand leaders of our time’ Sydney Australiaand sponsorship options. You will become anovernight authority in your field. www.rockyourlife.net
  4. 4. EventsRock Your LifeThe signature event. Find out about the ancientpattern hidden in wealth creation is actually thesecret to attaining wealth fastDon Tolman BootcampJoin the Indiana Jones of whole foods DonTolman for a journey into your body, the lieswe are told about health and how to create anexceptional memoryRock Your Mind, “I’m feeling very fulfilled and got a lotBody & Spirit of clarity and peace. I am very gratefulTake a quantum look at your life. Learn fasttrack techniques to improve health, career, that I have met you - thank you sopurpose, relationships and wealth creation from much for being around!”Glen Levy and Mike Handcock Pascale Carthew – Wellington New ZealandEntrepreneur Shift “Creating an exceptional event is whatDave Rogers and Mike Handcock’sexceptional event takes a birds eye view of we do. We understand that our eventsentrepreneurship, wealth profiles and the are life changing for many attendees.secrets of maximising business growth. Learn We are committed to being cuttingthe scale of success, a revolutionary model for edge, relevant, inspirational and full ofbusiness. content and fun”Rock Your Life also run: Quantum Leap your Naadia Jackson-Amiga – General ManagerLife, Rock Your Business, The Treasure Within Rock Your Life Events (New Zealand)and a host of other programs.www.rockyourlife.net
  5. 5. ul eysSo rnJou “Since returning from Egypt my whole life has changed. I am so much more spiritual. I have changed cities, careers and I am helping people. I really got my purpose. The journey was exceptional, amazing…” Jennifer Wilson – Las Vegas USARock Your World - Cambodia Incredible memorable life(Just one of our amazing journeys) changing soul journeysThis experiential experience will be something Rock Your Life Soul Journeys are not tourism.each participant will never forget. For most They are profound life defining experiences. Forevents you sit in a class room or theatre in your the one off events Rock Your Life put in years ofown country. Not with Rock Your Life... who research into alternative information and materialwill Rock Your World in a very positive way, to make the journeys astonishing and the eventby taking you on a personally guided tour of of a lifetime.the beautiful country of Cambodia. You willalso have the chance to Rock their World as In recent years participants from over a dozenthe group will have the opportunity to work countries have joined Rock Your Life on tours towith poverty stricken school children and rural Cambodia, India, Mexico, Egypt, Israel & Jordanpoverty victims. See Angkor Wat, the location and on the incredible DREAMCATCHERS cruiseof the film ‘Tomb Raider’, the killing fields, Tonle from China to Japan and Korea with many of theSap lake, the floating schools, the Irrawaddy Rock Your Life SAGE’s.Dolphin and meet the most extraordinary people. Full details of all of the tours are on7 nights/8 days fully guided by a Rock Your Life www.souljourneys.co.nzexpert. Experience life to the max and make anincredible impact on the people in Cambodia.“A few years back I was asked to organise a tour for Rock Your Life. I so loved the inspiration and the profound wisdom they teach I simply had to become part of it these incredible Soul Journeys from that moment on”Paul Safe - General Manager Rock Your Life Soul Journeys (New Zealand) www.rockyourlife.net
  6. 6. e iic &s dnaationMmmu oC Dreamcatchers Dreamcatchers is Rock Your Life’s feature film. It’s available on DVD and has been in Cinemas. “Rock Your Life are committed to Dreamcatchers creating a host of different and unique is the story of the media product and distributing it. We new Atlantian’s, want to give people the opportunity to ordinary people creating shift state and realize their full potential extraordinary things in their and get it to as many people as we can”life. It is full of amazing ancient wisdom fromthe Egyptians and the Mayans and was shot Dave Rogers – Boardmember (Singapore)in 13 countries. The movie’s message is that itis time to step up and play a bigger game andthat each of us can do it if we allow quantum tooccur.Rock Your World CambodiaThis is a 30 minute for Television documentaryon Cambodia featuring one of the Rock YourLife tripsRock Your LifeDVDShot at the signatureevent and pepperedwith incredible wisdomRock Your Life tells thestory of flow, wealthcreation, environmentand unique ability andhow we can shift our livesby understanding theseprinciples.“Mike Handcock deserves my greatest respect with his profound teaching”Bernard Tan – Singaporewww.rockyourlife.net
  7. 7. ial ution oc ribS tCon “Rock Your Life have been a major sponsor of the Happy Family Orphanage in Cambodia. They have a new floor, paint, curtains and most of all food because of the Rock Your Life Group” Rock Your Life supports the SAGE Foundation Vireak Soung Siem Reap Cambodia (www.thesagefoundation.com) whose mission it is to educate and provide assistance to underprivileged children in India, Africa and Asia. Mike Handcock is on the board of The Rock Your Life set up and supports downlines SAGE Foundation, which is part of the Clinton for each of the above charities with the Trivani Global Initiative. In Siem Reap Rock Your Foundation, the worlds first not for profit Multi Life support the Happy Family orphanage Level Marketing organization. Trivani co- which has 42 children. Mike is also on the supports Rock Your Life’s chosen foundations. board of Global Dialogue Foundation (www. (www.mytrivaniteam.com) globaldialoguefoundation.org), which is If you want to give back to the world, committed to creating dialogue between don’t wait until you are old to do so. Get cultures and religions and Rock Your Life support Buy1Give1(www.b1g1.org) , which involved now. Contact us and get on provides businesses with direct access to board and create real meaning to your support charities of their choice through a buy life and business. one give one process. “Without the support of Rock Your Life SAGE Foundation would never be part of the Clinton Global Initiative nor would we have important funding and contacts.” Maya Shahani – Chairperson The SAGE Foundation (India) www.rockyourlife.net
  8. 8. irman ock a e’s ChRock Y o Handc ur LifMike Mike Handcock is an entrepreneur who currently owns no less than 4 businesses. He has been a senior manager with New Zealand’s leading financial services institution and has a background in financial planning. Mike has written nine books, now released in numerous countries including best sellers. Mike has also written a regular column for an international magazine distributed to 15 countries. He has been called one of Asia’s top ten coaches, and Asia’s leading Edu-tainer with a host of speaking awards, and as a musician he has no less than 9 albums to his credit. Mike has appeared on television, radio and various articles. In recent times Mike has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards, is in the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ and various television Mike, the magical musician, intelligent, projects and was applauded by President Bill Clinton for his charitable work in India and intuitive, kind, energetic and enthusiastic. Cambodia at the recent Clinton Global Initiative. Mike is absolutely inspiring! Dave Rogers – Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach (Singapore) The Board The Rock Your Life Board consists of Mike Handcock, Dave Rogers (Asia’s leading Entreprenuer coach), Lisa Dudson (Best selling Author and Financial Planner), Rick Ellis (ex- Merchant Banker and Consultant) and Ross Barnett (Public Accountant) Product/Service Investment (Currency) Name Email Phone Credit Card No# Exp CSV# Contact Rock Your Life at info@rockyourlife.net or PO Box 333-56 Takapuna Auckland NZ. www.rockyourlife.net