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Ryl Brochure


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Ryl Brochure

  1. 1. WITH MIKE HANDCOCK Mike Handcock is one of the leading wealth coaches in the world. He is called Asia’s leading Edu-Tainer and was Inspirational Speaker of the Year (2006) and business person of the year (2007) in New Zealand. With a background in financial planning and senior management Mike is an entrepreneur that own numerous businesses in a number of countries. Also a best selling author Mike has spoken in twelve countries, over twenty cities to over 20,000 people in the last twelve months. Not only does Mike know wealth, he has studied a variety of ancient techniques which ensures the way he delivers programs is both fascinating and unique. Mike, the magical musician, intelligent, intuitive, kind, energetic and enthusiastic, Mike is Absolutely Inspiring! Dave Rogers - Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach - Singapore
  2. 2. Welcome to Club Rock Surely you deserve FREEDOM...  Freedom to Live the Life of Your Dreams  Freedom to spend time with those you love  Freedom to travel or buy what you want to  Freedom to give generously to others without concern Freedom to choose how you want to live Imagine how cool your life would be... YOUR AWESOME NEW LIFE! I want to introduce you to the most powerful and affordable coaching experience that will lead you to the FREEDOM you desire. I want to introduce you to CLUB ROCK Monthly 40 minute Audio coaching Your Questions Answered Preferred Treatment As a member of Club Rock you get priority. The Members of Club Rock get preferential program each month! Email me your questions and have them an- treatment. They are the first to be considered This program will be your guide on the way to swered, or have me connect you to any one of as attendees for any Rock Your Life event held creating your personal FREEDOM. The pro- hundreds of people who may be able to help by Mike Handcock or any of our associates. gram is delivered on your own personal MP3 you. Getting a personal referral is the best way player. Each module is in 4 10 minute blocks, Unsurpassed Loyalty Discounts to get connected. which gives you one action to complete each Club Rock members in New Zealand will be week. That means that in year 1 you will have Your Own Virtual Board offered a Mobil Fuel card which gives you 6c 48 steps to your success. It’s simple and will Each member of Club Rock will be allocated per litre off pump price on fuel saving the aver- only take a few minutes each day to achieve a virtual board and board room strategy. The age family $300pa. In addition all Club Rock your dreams. board will be of your peers in Club Rock and members will receive a $700 voucher to be will come with its own rules and system. The used for Rock Your World (traveling to places EXCLUSIVE Members Only login virtual board will provide accountability and such as Cambodia & Uganda) or Club Rock Network with other Club Rock members guidance for you to reach your goals towards Platinum (the Ultimate Club Rock experience) around the world. Swap ideas, create at- your FREEDOM. The board will officially meet traction for your services, build your team or Private Invitations to Exclusive Club quarterly and will consist of a number of other simply create a friend in every city Rock functions Club Rock members and workbooks. Book of the Month Each month Club Rock will hold exclusive Regular Email Updates You will receive a special book or e-book of events and functions. It may simply be an We have specialist Club Rock updates on the month free every month invite to lunch with Mike Handcock as he is whats happening, who is happening, who to traveling the world, or maybe to a cocktail Monthly LIVE Forum connect with and how people are getting their party or evening event with one of our special FREEDOM. Each month we will have a monthly webinar guests. Club Rock guests for 2007 will include or conference call which will feature special such people as Patch Adams, Justin Herald, The right atmosphere for success guests with a variety of expertise to really fast Kurek Ashley as well as many well known Rock Club and Rock Your Life is forged by my track your development for the month. You will musicians. Club Rock members will also be unique ability. Music. As a Rock Club mem- gain ideas, inspiration, and valuable insights invited to special performances by musicians ber we will give you free music. This music is to get you to your FREEDOM fast. affiliated to Club Rock. uplifting, or relaxing, or thought provoking. Business Directory Listing In fact you will get access to a variety of ten Your legacy songs initially which you can use to anchor Our on-line portal will allow you to market and Club Rock is a registered social enterprise. your great moods, your success and your feel- connect with all other Club Rock members We donate 10% of our profits toward SAGE ing of freedom to. It’s one awesome way to get from around the world. You will be able to ad- foundation. SAGE is a Rock Your Life affiliated into FLOW quickly and effectively. vertise and update your opportunities. You will charity that focuses on providing education to be able to connect globally and gain special- children in India who would never otherwise 20% off Products ist expertise you require where ever you are have an education. At the same time SAGE You can purchase any Rock Your Life product located around the world. provides training for the parents so that the and save 20% off retail price. family may become self sufficient. SAGE cur- rently supports 94 villages.
  3. 3. Learn how to create wealth at the most incredible personal development experience on the planet. Rock Your Life is available in seven countries. Learn about the origin of money and more importantly the twelve tones of wealth. Find out how this ancient system, hidden in a pattern used everyday is actu- ally the key to attaining wealth fast. Join the most explosive and shifting program ever designed. You will have fun, an incredible amount of learnings and will really be given the keys to creating wealth. “Hi Mike - yes that’s a big Thank You to you too, from me! It was an awesome day, loved being a part of such a great fun event! What a Program - very unique! I’m still buzzing . . . you’ve got yourself some great folk on board –they were brilliant too!” Brenda Johnston Australia COR P OR AT E Want that extra bit of wow for your staff at your next conference. Hand it over to Mike Handcock. We have a tailor made Rock Your Life event just for corporations. Its focussed on teamwork, overcoming challenges and building greater productivity across organisations. It will be the conference they will never forget. “Mike has the unique ability to get a sometimes diverse group of individuals working together for their mutual benefit. No one can come away from a Mike Handcock presentation without having learned a new skill. I am happy to say that we are able to add our own off-shore conference to the many conferences Mike has attended to motivate delegates in an entertaining, motivating and thought-provoking way” Sandy Hazzard - General Manager, Professional Investment Services, Australia
  4. 4. Rock Your World CAMBODIA This experiential experience will be something each partici- pant will never forget. For most events you sit in a class room or theatre in your own country. Not with us... Mike Handcock will Rock Your World in a very posi- tive way, by taking you on a personally guided tour of the beautiful country of Cambodia. You will also have the chance to Rock their World as the group will have the opportunity to work with pov- erty stricken school children and rural poverty victims. See Angkor Wat, the location of the film ‘Tomb Raider’, the killing fields, Tonle Sap lake, the floating schools, the Irrawaddy Dolphin and meet the most extraordinary people. 7 nights/8 days fully guided by one of the Rock Your Life’ Team. Experience life to the max and make an incredible impact on the people in Cambodia. Rock Your Spirituality EGYPT Join leading intuitive healer, Michael Bradford, spiritual coach Dave Rog- ers and Mike Handcock for the adventure of a life time. Were you in Egypt with these three? If so how many times. Join a small group who will experience the Nile, the Valley of the Kings and the incredible past, through regressions, intuitions and healing, all where civilisation began. 7 nights / 8 days including a four day Nile cruise. This extraordinary adventure includes workshops and teachings from leading spiritualists as we take the journey back to the time of the Pharoahs. Do incredible exercises at the ancient sites on the spirit of rememberance, the spirit of vibration and the spirit of enterprise. You will learn things about you and your past that will totally Rock Your World. Visit tem- ples based on the ancient chakra system and experience a whole incredible journey. This event will never be repeated. Working with Mike, Dave and Michael for the week in Egypt will give you the maximum opportunity to experience your past. You will be in a small group and the experience will be incredible. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime trip.
  5. 5. Rock Your World YOUR INDIAN CONTRIBUTION Come to India. This is no guided tour. This is the real thing. You will land in Mumbai, one of the most vibrant cities on the planet. You will be escorted to one of the poor villages on the outskirts of Mumbai where you will be accomadated. Each day of your 8 day stay you will use your own skill (Be it handiman, sports coach, teacher, mother, strategist or whatever) to work with the villagers to improve their lives. Take a shovel and dig a well, look after children, provide assistance...whatever your passion is, it is needed in India. You will have an incredible experience of living with and helping the poor. This could be the social experience of your life. Your contribution will also help our partner SAGE Foundation provide much needed education and assistance well after your return to your life. “I never had any idea til I saw it for myself. Being part of a group like Rock Your World made the experience something that will stay with me for ever. It was incredible and I loved every minute” Adam Ward - Auckland, New Zealand STOP PRESS In 2009 join Mike Handcock’s world spiritual tour. Come for one leg of the adventure or the whole eight weeks. Mike will be meeting with leading shaman, spiritual leaders, chiefs and tribal elders in such places as the Chilean desert, the Yutacan peninsula in Mexico, Morrocco and Tunisia, Jordon and Syria, Nepal and Tibet, Mongolia, China and the Australian outback. This incredible round the world spiritual adventure will seek everything from the trail of the Templar Knights to Shangri La to the real understanding of dreamtime. Enquire now and do not miss out.
  6. 6. Rock Your Life DVD This 90 minute DVD covers material from the Rock Your Life course and is the perfect prequel or sequel to completing the course. Includes live course material as well as interviews with Mike who explains such things as Unique Ability, the concept of Flow, Business Strategies and all of the wealth creation techniques in Rock Your Life. Rock Your Life 2 CD set “This guy just keeps getting better and better. His These two CD’s cover interaction styles, the way sincerity, insights and people communicate between each other, legacy, openness blows me away” unique ability, motivation theory and the concept of Ros Lee – New Zealand value and leverage and the ways in which leverage can be used to fast track wealth. Ultimate Wealth DVD This DVD is the best of the 4 day Ultimate Wealth Week. Learn about wealth profiles, the most pro- found information on creating wealth. Hear about the scale of success, how to build a wealth network and what is the definition of wealth. Ask us about a wonderful and inspiring range of music CD’s created by Mike Handcock and his musical director Dean Kerr. Email for more
  7. 7. Books by Mike Handcock. Mike’s first three books are still available: Eyes Wide Open (Sales), Meet Joe Sample (Financial Services), Your Empire Strikes Back (Property Investment) Can you teach a goat to Global Gypsy & dance? Global Gypsy II These two books are Are you frustrated at note MIKE HANDCOCK inspirational stories of or- getting the results you think dinary people living extra you should get. Pressured ordinary lives. Join Mike by work or family and trying Getting the best out of work/life Inspirational People Leading Extraordinary Lives Handcock as he relates to juggle it all. Struggling his travels of the world to discover exactly what and of the people he you want in life. If you can meets in many countries relate to any of these then who are making a real dif- this book is a must for you. ference in their own lives and to the lives of others. Discover your unique ability, the one thing you love do- ing that you are good at and bring it to the surface and “Mike, this book is so inspirational man. I am privileged integrate it into your personal and professional life. to know you. Thank you for sharing all those amazing stories” Alex Tamilvanan India “This book is a must read for anyone living their life to The Spirit of Mr Rabbit the fullest. Its just brimming with wonderful insights on how to take ones life to the next level’ Derrick Sweet Best What if you found out you Selling Author Canada were actually one of the first 50,000 people that ever existed? What would “Mike Handcock deserves my greatest it mean to this life you are respect with his profound teaching.” living today. Read the most Bernard Tan - Singapore profound book ever written by Mike as he gives you the answer to why you are here. Watch out for “Mike Handcock has tapped into the history of life itself. His intuition in the Mike’s new book book is incredible. It is definetly a number “How to make one best seller” $1million before Michael Bradford United Kingdonm age 40”
  8. 8. Get involved with Rock Your Life Rock Your Life is a rapidly expanding brand. If you are an aspiring coach, speak- er or author we want to hear from you. We are looking for forty specialists in five different global locations to become part of the Rock Your Life team and really rock peoples lives. For more information contact us at Engage Mike as your coach or key note speaker Each year Mike takes on a handful of personal coaching clients. These individuals get personalised advice and coaching wherever they may reside. Previous clients have been in Singapore, Canada, India, UK, USA, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia. Mike is also avail- able for key note speeches at conferences. Mike has spoken recently for brands such as Dulux, EO, UCOL, AMP and the Global Environment Conference. Why does Rock Your Life exist? Rock Your Life exists to transform lives and help create wealth above words. This is done through live events, books, CD’s, Multi Media and Coaching. Recently we had a big AH HA! We want to do so much more. Mike Handcock was already on the advisory board of SAGE Foundation but as from late 2007 Rock Your Life has pledged $5,000,000 to SAGE Foundation between 2007 and 12 December 2012 (You will have to come to the Rock Your Life event to find out about that date). This money will go to help establish schools in India “Mike doesn’t just ask questions, and to help starving children not only get fed, but to get he gives ideas. As a coach his an education and become leaders in their communi- innovative skills are brilliant, and his ties as they grow. We are proud to be involved with business knowledge is excellent. I SAGE Foundation and that am completing a project on remote every person who interacts with Rock Your Life will in a foreign country and having Mike be helping this wonderful cause. as part of the team makes even the toughest situations seem achievable. He rocks” Jenny Gibbs New Zealand & India