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Media Life is a course intended for undergraduate students across campus. Its goal is to make people aware of the role that media play in their everyday life. The key to understanding a "media life" is to see our lives not as lived WITH media (which would lead to a focus on media effects and media-centric theories of society), but rather IN media (where the distinction between what we do with and without media dissolves).

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  • Britain is the most watched country in the world, with around 25,000,000 surveillance cameras: one for every two citizens. A further 20,000,000 are planned over the next ten years. On average every British citizen can be caught on CCTV around 300 times a day.
  • Bansky in London
  • compare Ring of Steel in London to that in NYC: NYPD Wants To Expand 'Ring Of Steel' To Midtown Seeks Adding Private Surveillance To Police Camera System NEW YORK (CBS) Related Stories * Privacy Board OKs Eavesdropping Programs (3/5/2007) * NYCLU: Security Cameras Could Be Abused (12/13/2006) * NYC To Put Cameras On Buses (5/24/2006) * NYPD Installs Hi-Tech Eye On Terrorism (4/17/2006) * NYCLU Study Questions City Surveillence Cameras (8/12/2005) The New York Police Department wants to stay ahead of the technological curve and that means expanding the "ring of steel" surveillance network already in place in lower Manhattan to midtown. The electronic eyes in the sky are everywhere, and to the NYPD and millions of New Yorkers, outdoor surveillance cameras are a necessity and a sure sign of the times.
  • Friday, April 16, 2010
  • Presenter co-creation and presence: we do not witness and experience, we record and redact
  • photo tagging
  • attendance: go to Oncourse check Discussion Forum tell us where you are: tonight at 8pm.
  • panoptic: the few watch the many (Patriot Act) synoptic: the many watch the few (tabloids/paperazzi) onnoptic: mutual/reciprocal surveillance: many watch many (ex. social media) image source:
  • Social system: interinstitutional/interinstitutional coherence
  • teensurance: pctattletale:
  • uControl introduces the new Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) Platform. The new system is actually a 7-inch touchscreen device the combines an alarm system, communication gateway, and home automation platform into one.
  • video: Onion parent stalking their kids
  • foucault: control deleuze: discipline mattelart: suspicion
  • Killing Joke Absolute Dissent
  • living our lives inside of a mediated environment (like Facebook encourages to) can actually help us to see ourselves as deeply connected to others, if we’re willing to let go of our self-absorption.
  • You Are Watched

    1. 1. media life: you are being watched
    2. 2. “ Macro” Everyday Monitoring: CCTV
    3. 11. “ The LANrev software program took screen shots and webcam photos every 15 seconds when activated. The district thereby captured over 400 screen shots and webcam images of Harriton High School sophomore Blake Robbins, according to court filings this week in his lawsuit.” Friday, April 16, 2010
    4. 12. “ Meso” Everyday Monitoring: Personalizing Publicness
    5. 17. “ Micro” Everyday Monitoring
    6. 19. Living in Public: Sharing, Stealing, Tracking and Stalking
    7. 20. Three Types of Surveillance: Panoptic, Synoptic, Omnoptic
    8. 21. The Panopticon (1785)
    9. 27. panopticism in your car
    10. 28. panopticism at school
    11. 29. panopticism at home
    12. 30. When The Few Watch The Many: Panoptic Surveillance
    13. 31. When The Many Watch The Few: Synoptic Surveillance
    14. 32. When The Many Watch The Many: Omnoptic Surveillance
    15. 33. Foucault : control Deleuze : discipline Mattelart : suspicion
    16. 35. reality as a prison (without bars or guards)
    17. 36. reality as a prison (without bars or guards)