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Media Life is a course intended for undergraduate students across campus. Its goal is to make people aware of the role that media play in their everyday life. The key to understanding a "media life" is to see our lives not as lived WITH media (which would lead to a focus on media effects and media-centric theories of society), but rather IN media (where the distinction between what we do with and without media dissolves).

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The Living Archive

  1. 1. “ We do not live in a society that uses digital archiving, we live in an information society that is a digital archive.”
  2. 3. dead archives
  3. 4. living archives
  4. 6. The Memex (1945)
  5. 7. The Knowledge Navigator (1987)
  6. 9. MyLifeBits
  7. 10. “ having a surrogate memory creates a freeing, uplifting, and secure feeling.”
  8. 13. Surveillance Shoe
  9. 14. Twitter Shoes
  10. 17. social bonding/ grooming? ambient intimacy? narcissism? hyperconformism?
  11. 19. what if nobody sees you as you see yourself?
  12. 21. WHERE WAS MARK?
  13. 22. Amsterdam for a PhD? Portugal to study journalism? New Zealand for rugby? Florida for anti-smoking campaign? Kansas for a conference? South Africa on honeymoon? Holland shopping for a VW beetle? Hong Kong looking for a good trip? Japan for a rock festival? Petra (Jordan) looking for the Holy Grail? … on tour with Skinflower ?