My Personal Brand Plan


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My Personal Brand Plan

  1. 1. My Personal Brand Plan Not just any Wa flower
  2. 2. Brand Statement
  3. 3. Where am I going with this? There isn’t really one thing, that I can say at this moment in my life, that I can focus on and base my personal brand around. What I do know, is I like and I like making people . That is my foundation, and as time passes and I can slowly define the image I want to portray I will have a better idea of what my focus will be. For now, I will just have fun with whatever I am trying to communicate.
  4. 4. Goal To be considered awesome at what I do. "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be instead. True story.“ – Barney Stinson
  5. 5. More Goals  To not be a “ ” and stand out from the masses of others that are trying to accomplish the same things as myself  Transmit my humour and sarcasm in my writings  To develop a personal brand that reflects  To be considered a creative & authentic  To make others (out loud, if possible)
  6. 6. Objectives  To connect people with similar interest to mine, using social media, in the areas of fashion, sports, health and relationships all through a by nov 2009  To create a group of followers that regularly check and comment my blog by June 2010  To have people within my age group look at daily life challenges in a more positive, light-hearted way.  To develop a unique identity and each day Grow my followers on Twitter
  7. 7. SWOT  Very competitive and growing industry  People that have larger networks and more experience have greater opportunities to gain followers  There are a lot of witty and awesome people out there
  8. 8. Key Messages
  9. 9. Channels Throughout my career, the number of channels that I use will increase. As my career requires me to connect with different communities, I will need different forms of communication. I have started by using the following methods to communicate my messages:  Linked In facilitates the process of being able to connect to and get in touch with professionals  Using Twitter I can follow PR professionals and be able to see what they have to say and what type of discussions they want to engage in, and events that are taking place  Blogging will allow me to express myself and my personality so that others can see what I am about. It will also be beneficial because I can follow people and develop my own following.
  10. 10. Where I can be found. . .  Linked In: Maria de Romana  Twitter: @maria_dr14  Ning: Maria de Romana  Wiki pages that I created for university assignments:     Wiki’s that I contributed to for university courses:   
  11. 11. Tactics  Join CPRS and apply for their mentorship program  Continue to volunteer for various organizations  Try to build new contacts in the PR industry, and maintain connections with contacts that I have already established  Continuously develop by still letting my personality be present through blogs and  Update all resumes and work information on sites that I am currently a member of  Be part of the communities of where I want to be. Surround myself with the people that I want to to be.  Use Twitter and Facebook to connect people to my blog
  12. 12. My Plan of Action Nov –Dec: Jan – Feb:  Start my blog and update blog it at least once a week • Update all online resumes: Workopolis, Monster, Linked In and UofT Career Builder  Join CPRS or IABC • Begin putting together my portfolio  Volunteer at a PR event • Start looking for Internship opportunities  Attend two networking events • Meet with two professionals within the PR  Apply for a mentor through CPRS industry  Attend a Third Tuesday event • Continue to meet goal of updating blog once  Join “20 Something Bloggers: The bloggers a week with the most to say” on the Ning network • Follow an additional five PR professionals March – April: • Have an internship lined up • Reach 150 followers on Twitter