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Kaysun overview

  1. 1. 5500 West Drive Manitowoc, WI 54220www.KAYSUN.com
  2. 2. Kaysun CorporationManitowoc, Wisconsin• Corporate offices and facilities located on 22 acres with technical center and scalable manufacturing Manitowoc WI www.KAYSUN.com
  3. 3. Company Overview• 60+ years of experience• Partner approach• Highly engineered, high-tolerance plastic products and assemblies• Experts in converting initial concepts to products• Critical-use products• Complex products and assemblies• Metal-to-plastic conversion• Scientific molding• Applicable credentials & certifications: • ITAR Compliant • Secured campus • Small business classified • ISO 13485:2003 Certified • TS16949 Certified www.KAYSUN.com
  4. 4. Current Customer Base• A diverse customer base allows for business stability during economic volatility.• Current markets include • Military / Defense • Medical • Industrial • Transportation www.KAYSUN.com
  5. 5. Why Kaysun?• Challenging products• Complete design and engineering support• Testing and quality assurance• Aggressive timelines• Value-added services• Commitment• Early engagement to optimize the process • Faster time to market • Reduced development costs • Less rework • Higher product quality and suitability www.KAYSUN.com
  6. 6. Product Design • Feasibility Analysis: • Product specifications and tolerances • Functional requirements • Materials selection • Material compatibility • Operational considerations • Product enhancements and improvements www.KAYSUN.com
  7. 7. Analysis: Part and Tool Design• We analyze part and tool design jointly, reviewing the interaction of the dependent designs • Mold flow • Shrinkage/warpage • Finite elements • Offshore Tooling Options www.KAYSUN.com
  8. 8. Fully Managed Tool Construction Process• Part and tool design finalized–tool build starts• Specialized steel selection• Detailed program monitoring• Progress reviewed with timelines and on- site meetings• Detailed tool drawings completed• Tooling component reviews• Inspection of steel to design• Construction standards reviewed and verified www.KAYSUN.com
  9. 9. Scientific Molding Expertise• Process development utilizing RJG cavity pressure-sensing technologies • Gate freeze off • Cavity balance • Pressure response• Optimization of the production process• Production process control • Filling pressure curve monitored in production • End-of-fill pressure utilized to sort out suspect product • Parts set aside automatically for additional inspection if outside the established control limits www.KAYSUN.com
  10. 10. AdaptableMolding Capabilities• Two-Shot Molding• Insert Molding• Over molding• Soft Touch www.KAYSUN.com
  11. 11. Materials Lab • Thermal analysis • Mechanical analysis • FTIR (material ID) • Melt flow • Impact and compression test www.KAYSUN.com
  12. 12. Benefits ofPrecision Inspection and Testing• Precision fixtures• Laser and vision inspection equipment–• allows for nondestructive inspection• CMM equipment–detailed inspection layouts• On-site verification• Complete short-term capability studies on critical and key items• All adjustments can be inspected in process• Final specifications ensured www.KAYSUN.com
  13. 13. Value-Added Operations • Potting/Sealing • Continuity testing • Pad printing • Labeling CustomizedUltrasonic Welding Solutions Insert Assembly/Heat Staking • Develop process control plan • Finalize assembly fixtures • Define assembly techniques • Build initial components • Inspect/test componentsPlastic Part Machining • Provide initial documentation Automated and Manual Assembly www.KAYSUN.com
  14. 14. Customized Assembly Solutions• Commitment to invest in technology• Manufacturing and automation is based on customer, volume and application. • Full robotic assembly • Operation specific automation• Benefits of automation: • Improved efficiencies • Reduced variability / human error • Increased capacities • Cost www.KAYSUN.com
  15. 15. Gates - PulleyProject:• Gates wanted to replace a current metal pulley with a plastic option for weight and cost savings.• Precision tolerances were required to meet NVH requirements.• Needed to maintain durability of metal pulley.Solution:• Utilization of scientific molding, in house tooling, and 3D scanning capability allowed dimensional analysis of part and tooling cavity.• Process stabilization and monitoring with scientific molding technology allows Kaysun to hold an “as molded” outside diameter within +/- 0.001”.• Lowered overall production costs for Gates with weight reduction while maintaining all necessary NVH requirements. www.KAYSUN.com
  16. 16. Moen – Faucet Valve BodyProject:• The plumbing industry is faced with the challenge of “getting the lead out”.• Moen was looking for a cost and part number reduction that would be adaptable to current products.• Product would require precision tolerances and complex tooling.Solution:• Kaysun was able to utilize an engineered resin to meet all functional requirements.• Kaysun engineering was able to design a challenging tool with 4 cavities with complex pulls, slides, and cores for a final net shape component.• Utilization of scientific molding ensures cavity balance and repeatable process holding the critical dimensions without secondary machining tolerances.• Moen was able to maintain regulatory compliance. www.KAYSUN.com
  17. 17. Rockwell Collins - DAGRProject:• Rockwell Collins was looking to develop next generation GPS device.• Very aggressive timing.• Lighter, smaller and user friendlySolution:• Early engagement with Kaysun engineering allowed team to strengthen design for increased efficiencies in molding and assembly.• Expedited timing & tool management had all production tooling complete with functional samples to customer in less than 6 weeks.• Utilization of analysis tools, scientific molding & and in house tooling for dimensional accuracy up front.• Build automated assembly stations for robust quality. www.KAYSUN.com
  18. 18. Smiths Medical – Pulse OximeterProject:• Smiths Medical was looking to refresh and combine current product offerings for pulse oximeter.• Looking for cost effective domestic sourcing.• Required assistance with product design.Solution:• Kaysun assisted with benchmark analysis and testing of several current products.• Kaysun was able to develop a family of products that shared tooling and components to minimize expense.• Solution allowed for Smiths Medical to consolidate assembly and total part number management.• Smiths Medical was able to maintain all functional needs and demands of current market.• Allowed Smiths Medical to utilize patented technology and strengthen market position. www.KAYSUN.com
  19. 19. Why Kaysun?• Challenging products• Complete design and engineering support• Testing and quality assurance• Aggressive timelines• Value-added services• Commitment• Early engagement to optimize the process • Faster time to market • Reduced development costs • Less rework • Higher product quality and suitability www.KAYSUN.com
  20. 20. Tour Our Facilities www.KAYSUN.com