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Games ed flier 0.8


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Pdf on games based learning products. games-ED is a venture from pixelfountain. For more information visit

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Games ed flier 0.8

  1. 1. Innovation in Learning ... Learning games that inspire, engage and motivate students from ages 10 to 21+ “Games provide a platform for active learning, that is, they are learning by doing rather than listening or reading, they can be customised to the learner, they provide immediate feedback, allow active discovery and develop new kinds of comprehension. There is also evidence of a higher level of retention of material "- Ulicsak, M. & Wright, M. (2010). Games in education: Serious Games. Bristol, Futurelab. games-ED learning games support the curriculum and cross curriculum dimensions. They serve a serious educational purpose, but understand that learning can be fun. They provide interactive experiential learning that is collaborative, engaging, motivational, and enables problem solving and ultimately the accelerated learning of complex subjects. Currently games-ED products cover young people’s issues, sustainable development and climate change and support learning from year 6 through to degree level. To accommodate this diverse age group the learning games can be played at different levels and supported with different activities. Learning games: ○ Site licences. ○ Educational workshops. ○ Bespoke games & workshops. Features Checklist: Games based learning played as a whole class. Don’t need an IT suite - just a laptop & projector. Specifically designed for education use. Integrated into the curriculum. High quality shared learning experience, unlike standalone games, that supports multiple learning conversations. Pupils make the decisions but the teacher / facilitator remains in control. Easy to use with comprehensive teaching instructions and web support. Support exercises to extend the learning into micro topics / modules. Integrated (summative) assessment, and criteria for observing learning outcomes. "I think pupils gained experiences they could not have encountered elsewhere." - Teacher “Really enjoyed the game. Many pupils wanted to play on at lunchtime and some have asked if they can access it from home. ” - Physics Teacher ”I think the workshop should be used around all schools – gets children working together about beneficial factors for our city.” - Pupil, Liverpool Youth Parliament 0161-427-8684Schools event in Liverpool.
  2. 2. “I liked the opportunity to experience your game and the way I took leadership of the group.“ - Pupil Dynamic main screen >>> View Reports >>> Purchase Decisions >>> Judgement (Score) “A brilliant game that engaged pupils, encouraged discussion and competition.” – Teacher *dependingonsizeoftheestablishment 0161-427-8684 Site / Dept Licence (lecturer / teacher led): ○ Licence per use £100 ○ Annual site / dept licence £350 -£500 * Workshops (outside facilitator led): ○ Single lesson £200 ○ ½ day (multiple lessons) £200 ○ Full day (multiple lessons) £300 Innovation in Learning games-ED exercises are played collaboratively. The students are split into sub teams, take on different roles in a virtual world and collectively make improvements. The games are supported with additional activities that reflect on the learning and stretch the learners. The learning game can be run in a timetable slot, or can be extended for use in an event / thematic day. Current Portfolio Sustainaville: Sustainable development (environment, health, crime, economy, poverty & resource use). The Climate Game: Climate change (reducing emission of greenhouse gases and coping with the consequences of climate change). Young People First: YP issues (risky behaviours, health, poverty, economic well being, safety & education). West Cumbria Youth Parliament Ÿ Provides personal, learning & thinking skills. Ÿ Supports Cross Curriculum Dimensions. Ÿ Engaging (including reluctant learners) and fun. Ÿ Motivational and challenging. Ÿ Inclusive - everyone can participate and succeed, so improving self esteem. Ÿ Learning games appeal to different learning styles. Ÿ Encourages collaboration and team working, potentially across subject areas. Ÿ Accelerated learning of complex subjects and cause & effect. Benefits: Flexible Delivery We provide licences to allow teachers / lecturers to deliver the games. We support these licensees with train-the-trainer packs and a web site. We can also come in and deliver workshops for you.