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A Day in the Life of Planit-Sustainability


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Published in: Education, Technology
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A Day in the Life of Planit-Sustainability

  1. 1. Let learning ripple through your organisation Speaker: Mary Dees
  2. 2. Let learning ripple through your organisation
  3. 3. Nationally Recognised
  4. 5. “ A well run event which really got the message across in a simulating and innovative way ”
  5. 6. Starting the Workshop Opening Excersise After introductions and an initial presentation on Sustainable Development, the delegates choose one good and one bad thing about their local area and place it on the local issues board which uses a venn diagramme to show the economic, social or environmental impact.
  6. 7. The Main Menu “ The most advanced computer led training course I have attended” Main Menu Shows a virtual community with problems such as air and water Pollution, congestion, poor housing, unemployment, poor health and rising waste. The buildings represent the teams which work together as a local strategic partnership to improve the community and make it sustainable.
  7. 8. “ An excellent wa y of exploring issues particularly the cross – cutting elements & how they impact across blocks” Looking at the issues Report Screen Teams are Town Hall, College, PCT, Third Sector, Housing, Utilities, Transport and Development Partnership. Each team is given a mission statement outlining their objectives. They are presented with updated reports to help them make decisions.
  8. 9. Decisions, decisions, decisions Investment Having looked at their reports and developed a strategy the teams can invest their budgets. Can they balance their budget? Negotiate with other teams and choose win win wins to create a sustainable community?
  9. 10. Advance the Round, see the Changes Update Round After all the budget decisions have been made the round is updated. Improvements made to the community are shown such as wind turbines, less pollution, recycling facilities and more housing.
  10. 11. 3 rounds remain to deal with problems The Score The score shows how the teams have performed jointly in the areas of Social, environmental ,economic and also resource use. Red = 0 – 3 Amber = 3 – 7 Green = 7 – 10 Public Opinion is also scored.
  11. 12. “ The hands on approach, small group so encouraged team working and communication”
  12. 13. What learning message delegates said they would take away: Think about c ross cutting and cross over between blocks Listen to the views of others and work in partnership Think about the whole picture Consider the ways in which my work impacts on all sectors Feedback “ Good to look at outcome of choices and how objectives can be met from a number of initiatives ”