A Day in the Life of Planit-Shared learning simulation


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Presentation showing Planit-Shared learning simulation in action. Planit-Shared was developed by pixelfountain (http://www.pixelfountain.co.uk).

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A Day in the Life of Planit-Shared learning simulation

  1. 1. Let learning ripple through your organisation Speaker: Mary Dees
  2. 2. Let learning ripple through your organisation
  3. 3. Nationally Recognised
  4. 4. Developed by With assistance from
  5. 5. “ The richness of the experience was in the discussions, as we went through the purchases and the strategic rationale for the decisions made”
  6. 6. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Main Menu Shows a visual representation of the virtual Local Authorities – Planit East and Planit West. The two councils have different demographics but are united in their need to make improvements and efficiency savings.
  7. 7. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Report Screen The two councils are split into three departments: People, Places, and Corporate. Two more sub teams play the role of external partners and stakeholders (including unions). They are presented with reports to help them make decisions.
  8. 8. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Investment Having looked at their reports and developed a strategy the teams can invest their budgets. Can they make their core services cheaper? Can they divert more of the budget into discretionary items?
  9. 9. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Shared Services Some of the purchases can be configured into shared services. 1. Chose type 2. Select location 3. Staff reductions? 4. Check morale and reputation 5. Make modifications (such as communications and project management) to ensure success. Finally the partners will decide how to split the costs and benefits.
  10. 10. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Unions There is no guarantee that the shared service will be a success. More money spent on modifications will help, but this will erode savings. Ultimately the unions will have their say, which is why the Stakeholder Team should be consulted throughout the process.
  11. 11. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Update Round After all the budget decisions have been made and the teams have shared what they wanted to, the round is updated. The newspaper shows that the sharing of Residential Care Homes didn’t go smoothly.
  12. 12. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared Report The report explains what went wrong. It also gives the partners a chance to make amends. The costs of remedial actions and improvement are shown. Once the preferred route is chosen, the partners will now have to split these extra costs.
  13. 13. Innovative Approach Planit-Shared The Score Good and bad decisions are reflected in the score. A key element of the score is the medium term gap. This will drive strategy as the councils need to work how they can deliver more with less .
  14. 14. “ partnership approach and collaboration, illustrated through practical participation”