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Bizzy minds S01E01

  1. 1. BIZZY MINDS S01E01 By Soumyadeep Majumdar
  2. 2. • The name means foundation and was selected from among many options because as a word it travels across the country easily.The logo—a fingerprint encased within a sun— indicates that service is about uniqueness while the sun symbolises a promise that shine on all equality.The logo created by Atul Pande,a graphic artist from Pune following a nationwide competition in February that drew over 2000 entries.Identify the product and the logo?
  3. 3. LOGO
  4. 4. ANSWER• AADHAAR----UID Project known as aadhaar.• The logo is a sun in red and yellow, with a fingerprint traced across its centre. It represents a new dawn of equal opportunity for each individual, a dawn which emerges from the unique identity the number guarantees for each individual.
  5. 5. BRAND ORIGIN• MYTH-----It’s name was derived from a cricket partnership between two english cricketers.• FACT-----taken from a train called the Empire State Express which ran from Buffalo to New York City.
  6. 6. ANSWER• 555 CIGARETTES• The truth is that it was take from a train called the Empire State Express which ran from Buffalo to New York City. The engine number for this train was 999. Based on this, the founder of the company Albert Levy, introduced various brands of cigarettes starting from 111 to 999, of which 555 became the most famous.
  7. 7. • Which company added a soundless digital clock to its new model in 1980 to do something about the clock in its legendary selling line "At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new X comes from the electric clock"?
  8. 8. • ROLLS-ROYCE
  9. 9. • The discovery of Metallicas song "I Disappear" on a file sharing network in 2000 started a chain of events that led to the demise of the original incarnation of what company?
  10. 10. • NAPSTER
  11. 11. • In 2009, employees of X started a search for new potential games. A great proposal came from Y which was liked by entire team and they decided to design a game on that proposal. As the game Z was developed, they needed enemy/negative charcter for the game. Since swine flu was very rampant those days, the team decided to make ____ as the negative characters. Identify X, Y and Z.
  12. 12. • HINT• ____ is pigs
  13. 13. • X= Rovio, Y= Jaakko Iisalo, Z= Angry Birds.
  14. 14. Thank You• Look out for the next episode of bizzy minds.