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Renova: Turborex Freios


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Renova tecnoly in system pneumatic brake and automation, mechanical chuck sistema de freio penumatico de tecnologia - representante nc service, brasil

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Renova: Turborex Freios

  1. 1. Renova news for your maintenance dpt Renova novidades para seu departamento de manutenção The free maintenance brake for the corrugators Livre de manutenção para freio tipo onduladeiras Incredible benefits with 10 years of full service without: Benefícios incríveis com 10 anos completos em serviço, sem: Maintenance procedures Precedimentos de manutenção Down times Tempos de paradas Tension control adjustments Ajustes de tensção de controle Scrapes and defects on board Performance certified by thousands units sold Desempenho certificado por milhares de unidades vendidas Interchangeable with all existing brakes Totalmente intercambiáveis com qualquer freio existentes Total accuracy in web tension Precisão total na tração web No conversion costs Sem custos de conversão Year by year costs saved Custos preservados ano após ano Full production continuity at any line speed Continuidade total de produção em qualquer velocidade da linha Please check terms and conditions on instructions manualThe world’s leader in corrugator brakes Renova srl via Pompeo Mariani 16 - 20128 Milano tel : +39 02 2700.7394 -since 1964- fax : +39 02 2570.8635
  2. 2. All brake installed is source of unproductive costs..year after year... their work is transformed into: -wear - dust emission for excess of heat pressure - peripheral speeds ...and in into a sever pollution in working area and on final productNr. 20 brakes each line mean more than 200 calipers to take under control... 1 - Brake pad 1 year half caliper spare parts cost 3 - Ring Spare Cost Change parts Brake pad 15,00 € 1 year 5 - Piston Seeger 0,70 € 1 year 2 - Seeger Ring 10,00 € 1 year 4 - Spring Spring 10,00 € 2 year Piston 30,00 € 2 year Dem 2,15 € 1 year 47.85 € 6 - Dem 1 year brake cost (CX250.4) 1 year complete line cost (20 brakes) Spare parts 47,80 € 8 pz 382,80 € Spare parts 382,80 € 20 pz 7656,00 € Labor 25 €/h 4h 100,00 € Labor 100,00 € 20 h 2000,00 € 482,80 € 9656,00 € This evalutation doesn’t count costs for: stocking, cleaning, wear monitoring and brake disc: 250 € every 5 years Other important question... Further costs for waste and down times and assistance for web tension adjustments has not been included Poor board quality due to the variation of friction coefficient for heat and wears with all monodisc brakes... All these operative conditions now can been definitively changed
  3. 3. Now our free maintenance Turborex brakes are source of incredible profits... Different work parameters assure virtually no: -wears and parts replacement - dust emission and pollution - revisions and unproductive costs - waste and detects in laminations...corresponding to the summation of the effective costs that you can save: € 50.000 € 100.000 Total of your profits, simply converting the nr. 20 brakes on each line 5 years 10 yearsThe Turborex conversion cost nothing, as the price for a new brake TX 180 is lower.The time of installation is like normal revision 1 hour for 4 unit each rollstandExisting brakes TURBOREX The customer will receive our brakes having the same dimensions of previous units No mechanical and pneumatic modifications and special tools are required CX 250 - CX 300 Wichita Mistral 108 HPM - Torres ecc for any type of roll stand: Marquip Peter - BHS - Favalessa - Agnati Torres - Masenzana - Medesa - Pasaban etc The Turborex brakes are easy to order. It is sufficient to send an enquiry specifying the type of existing models
  4. 4. Renova is a world manufacturer of web control products with four decades of application and know-how. Owned and managed by Dott.Re the same man who invented all current brakes present on the market since 1964. Thousands of our brakes are working year after year... “The complete customer satisfaction” from main board manufactures is ourBrazil visiting card” China Egypt France Germany Ireland Italy India Mexico Poland Spain South Africa Switzerland Taiwan Turkey For any type of roll stand: Marquip - Agnati USA BHS - Torres - Masenzana - Fosber - Mitsubishi Venezuela Langston - Olivini - Favalessa - Peter - Pasaban etcApplication on the bridgesShipment directly toyour plant with allcosts included The Turborex benefits are intuitive for this fact they are becoming “ The most popular word of mouth near all users ” NCService Av. Tamboré, 1217 - Alphaville - CEP 06460-000 - Barueri/SP RENOVA srl via Pompeo Mariani 16 - 20128 Milano tel. +55 (0xx11) 4134-0502 fax +55 (0xx11) 4195-2479 tel :+39 02 2700.7394 - fax : +39 02 2570.8635 NC Service Sorocaba - tel. +55 (0xx15) 3346-9319