Social Media for the Third Sector


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  • MDDA is a part of the regeneration division of Manchester city council. Our aim is to make Manchester a first class digital city. We work across a wide range of projects, funded from a variety of sources, eu, regional dev agency. One of our key roles is to support the digital sector for the city
  • Look at how Sarah Brown is using it to promote her causes, not just that she’s bought some HobNobs. Compare this to 2005.
  • Look at how Sarah Brown is using it to promote her causes, not just that she’s bought some HobNobs. Compare this to 2005.
  • Been going for five years.
  • Used Eventbrite to handle bookings. Can find out how many people have booked, send attendees emails before the event, automatically adds a map and calendar entries, can take payments.
  • Used SlideShare to put the presentations online. Allows us to get statistics on how many people have looked at it, allows people to leave comments, and the slideshow ‘player’ can be embedded on your own website just like a YouTube video.
  • Used Delicious to store all the websites mentioned in the presentations in one place. That way, all we had to do was give attendees one website address (the page on Delicious) and there were all the links.
  • Look at how Sarah Brown is using it to promote her causes, not just that she’s bought some HobNobs. Compare this to 2005.
  • Moodswings is an award winning Manchester based Charity founded in 1999 to help people recover from mood problems and the severe emotional distress they can cause. 
  • Attended a WordPress workshop organised by VAM and MDDA. The person from MoodSwings came with expectations that the process to manage her website wouldbe too complex, but she ended up learning how to manage her site using WordPress. This is a different website now due to the deal with the TV show.
  • MoodSwings also use Google Apps to manage their email and calendars. They use the free version, though there are paid versions. These services are web-based, so MoodSwings can access their email and calendar information from anywhere they can connect to the internet.
  • They also use GoToMyPC which enables them to ‘remote in’ to the computer in their office if they want to access any files on the office network that they don’t want to put online for security reasons or whatever. There are other ‘remote desktop’ systems, but GoToMyPC is an easy one for non-techies to use.
  • Parkway Green Residents Association’s idea to have an X-Factor style talent competition for Wythenshawe, a large conurbation in South Manchester. MDDA developed a website for them in 2008 using WordPress and cheap video hosting using for the clips of entrants. Residents could also leave comments and vote via the website. Was a success, so MDDA passed on the development of the website and ownership of the site for 2009 back to the residents association, who are more knowledgeable about how to manage a website following this work. Martine - talk to Paul S for stats, etc. as this is more his project then mine.
  • Manchester Digital Laboratory or Mad Lab is a social enterprise in the northern quarter – they offer a creative space for anyone interested in using digital. community project with equipment, time, and resources with a regular programme of events – girl geeks; bicycle maintenance to electronics. We recently worked with them create an event for the vol sector
  • Tea and biscuits by MDDA.
  • Social Media for the Third Sector

    1. 1. Social media for third sector organisations Martine Tommis Principal Digital Development Officer MDDA, 25 th March 2010 Creating Connections, Huddersfield Media Centre
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Who is MDDA Web 2.0 How MDDA uses social media Working with others Food for thought
    4. 4. Part of Manchester City Council Started in 2003 Team of 15 staff Has a key role in supporting the digital sector of the Manchester city region Does a wide range of technology–related projects, from a range of funding
    5. 5. Workshops about web stuff for community and arts organisations Small business e-commerce seminars British Sign Language videos Technology for home energy monitoring Wifi mesh networks using cheap kit Fibre To The Premises
    6. 6. Oxford Road Fibre Broadband Project
    7. 7. A few words about social media and “Web 2.0”
    8. 8. Source: and
    9. 9. A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content Source: Wikipedia,
    10. 10. Working smarter
    11. 17. How MDDA has used social media and “Web 2.0” sites and services to support our own work…
    12. 19. Series of five weekly workshops to help local small businesses learn about trading online
    13. 20. First three years we used paper to support practical things like registration; distributing hand outs, and so on…
    14. 21. But then we got fed up using paper, because…
    15. 22. Last minute changes cost money and time
    16. 23. No way to get statistics
    17. 24. Had to cart heavy boxes full of paper materials to every venue… and take them away afterwards
    18. 25. So, we looked at what online tools we could use that would make our lives easier…
    19. 30. MDDA on the web
    20. 36. Supporting others
    21. 37. FrontPage, Dreamweaver
    22. 43. Talking Listening
    23. 46. MoodSwings network
    24. 50. Wythenshawe’s Got Talent
    25. 52. Manchester Libraries
    26. 61. In Short
    27. 62. Organisational Change
    28. 63. Overheads
    29. 64. Writing for the web is different
    30. 65. Stay within your limits
    31. 66. Connecting 2.0 Communities
    32. 67. Manchester Digital Laboratory MadLab
    33. 68. A networking event to introduce third sector organisations to Manchester’s digital communities and get free advice and guidance
    34. 70. <ul><li> </li></ul>
    35. 71. Inspiration Beth's Blog: How Non-profit Organisations Can Use Social Media to Power Social Networks for Change What the f**k is social media?
    36. 72. Thanks for listening Martine Tommis [email_address]