Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS): Annual Meeting


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Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS): Annual Meeting

  1. 1. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons49 Annual th Meeting & Exhibition L o s A n g e l e s , C al i f o r n i a E x h i b i t d at e s j a n . 2 7 – 2 9 , 2 0 1 3 m e e t i n g d at e s j a n . 2 6 – 3 0 , 2 0 1 3 Exhibitor Prospectus
  2. 2. the largesto r g a n i z at i o nrepresentingthoracic andc a r d i o va s c u l a rsurgeonsin the worldThe Society of Thoracic Surgeons is the largest organization cardiothoracic surgery specialty journal. Our presenters arerepresenting thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons in the doing some of the most important research in the field!world, and annually it hosts the premier educational event To facilitate the opportunity for Annual Meeting participantsin cardiothoracic surgery. In 2013, that event – the STS 49th to experience the exhibits and maximize interaction withAnnual Meeting and Exhibition – will be held in beautiful, sunny exhibitors, STS will continue to schedule coffee breaksLos Angeles, California. Exhibition dates will be Jan. 27-29, throughout its meetings (coffee breaks have been scheduled2013. Annual Meeting dates will be Jan. 26-30, 2013. for 45 minutes each). For the past several years, STS alsoThe STS Annual Meeting is recognized for its educational has sponsored an Opening Reception in the Exhibition Hallinnovation and responsiveness to attendees’ learning needs, on Sunday evening of the meeting. Although the 2013 Annualas well as its world-renowned expert faculty. It also attracts the Meeting program details will not be final until September 2012,best presenters, in part because papers presented at the STS preliminary plans anticipate extended coffee breaks and anAnnual Meeting are considered for publication in The Annals Opening Reception in 2013.of Thoracic Surgery, which has the largest circulation of anyE x h i b i t d at e s : Ja n . 2 7 - 2 9 , 2 0 1 3Los Angeles Convention CenterL o s A n g e l e s , C al i f o r n i a
  3. 3. STS A NN U A L MEETING A NDEXHIBITION F L OOR P L A NBooth Prices Exhibit Area Facts• 10’ x 10’ in-line booths are $2,850 • Booths are 10’ x 10’ unless • Blue and white drape otherwise indicated on floor plan• 10’ x 10’ in-line booths with a corner are $3,000 • Blue aisle carpeting • Cement floor• All island spaces are $3,150 per 100 square feet Docks North Warehouse Concessions TS11 TS12 TS13 TS14 TS15 TS16 TS17 TS18 TS19 TS20 TS01 TS02 TS03 TS04 TS05 TS06 TS07 TS08 TS09 TS10 Entrance RestroomsFor additional information, please contact Donna Bennewitz, STS Exhibit Manager, at or (312) 202-5838.
  4. 4. D e a r C o r p o r at e A n n ual M e e t i n gC o ll e a g u e : S n ap s h o t sI would personally like to invite you to attend The Society Attendees are serious about learning:of Thoracic Surgeons 49th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in • According to survey respondents, more than 85% ofLos Angeles, California, Jan. 26-29, 2013. STS is proud to 2011 Annual Meeting participants attended the meetingbe known for the excellence of its educational programs; primarily for “educational sessions.”cardiothoracic surgeons from all over the world will cometo Los Angeles to learn about the latest advancements in • Annual Meeting participants in 2011 had high praise for thecardiothoracic surgery from renowned experts and leaders innovative mix of lectures, panels, and symposia, and otherin the field. The STS 49th Annual Meeting will be the best learning modalities. Over 80% of participants rated theopportunity for you to reach your target market. presentation of new or timely material as high or excellent.I am confident that we will have an outstanding and Attendees come to network:innovative educational program in Los Angeles. I am equally • If “educational sessions” are the primary motivation tosure there will be an impressive gathering of cardiothoracic attend the STS Annual Meeting, “networking” is also highlysurgical specialists eager to learn about your exciting valued. Almost half of 2011 attendees listed “networking” asproducts and services. an important reason to attend – and the perfect place toThe STS 49th Annual Meeting promises to be the premier network is the Exhibit Hall.meeting for the cardiothoracic surgery community in 2013. Attendees are decision-makers:Los Angeles is expected to be a very popular destination.I hope that you will join us. Please take a moment to review • Many 2011 Annual Meeting survey respondents describedthis prospectus and contact Donna Bennewitz, STS Exhibit themselves as final decision-makers, and a majorityManager ( or (312) 202-5838), if you reported a significant personal role in the buying processhave questions. for equipment and services in their practice. With a strong interest in the products and services that are central to theLos Angeles will be an exciting new venue for STS. I look care of patients, CT surgeons will find in the Exhibit Hall anforward to seeing you there. important opportunity to research and assess the productsJeffrey B. Rich, MD and services they may be buying in the coming months.STS First Vice President Attendees value the exhibits: • More than 98% of 2011 Annual Meeting attendeesSTS A NN U A L MEETING visited the Exhibit Hall – nearly 70% visited three or moreS P ONSORSHI P times. And many – 68.3% – said that visiting the Exhibit HallO P P ORT U NITIES contributed to their decision-making process for current and future purchases in their practice.The Society of Thoracic Surgeons will offer sponsorship and Los Angeles will be a popular destination in January! Plan nowbranding opportunities for its 49th Annual Meeting in Los to attend. The STS Annual Meeting & Exhibition is the bestAngeles, California. Details will be forthcoming in summer 2012. opportunity of the year for you to reach your target market.If you have questions or ideas about sponsorship or marketingopportunities in the meantime, please contact STS Marketingand Electronic Communications Manager, Betsy Piland( or (312) 202-5845).
  5. 5. T h e S o c i e t y o f T h o r ac i c Su r g e o n s No part of in-line displays except equipment therein may be higher than eight (8) feet along the back wall unless specificE x h i b i t Rul e s & R e g ulat i o n s written permission is granted by the Society. No perpendicular obstruction eight (8) feet or more in heightLos Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA may extend forward more than 50 percent of the distance S et u p a n d S how H o u rs 3. Exhibit Dates and HoursJan. 27 - 29 2013 (the “Exhibition”) from the back wall, and none over 36 inches in height shall The exhibition area will be open Sunday, January 27, extend forward for the remaining space to the front of the1. General 2013, from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm; Monday, January 28, booth. (Exceptions are subject to the Society’s approval, andAll matters and questions not covered by these Rules & 2013, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm; and Tuesday, January requests must be made in writing at least 60 days prior toRegulations are subject to the decision of The Society of 29, 2013, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. (All times noted the start of the Exhibition.)Thoracic Surgeons. In the event of any such decision being here and elsewhere in this document are stated asof general interest, written notice will be given by the Booths shall not present an objectionable side appearance Pacific Standard Time.)Society to exhibitors as may be affected. when viewed from adjoining booth areas. 4. Installation of ExhibitsThe words “the Society” used herein shall mean The Society Peninsula spaces have aisles on three sides and two Installation of exhibits will commence on Thursday, corners. Peninsula displays must be 10’x 20’ in size orof Thoracic Surgeons, its directors, officers, agents and January 24, 2013, at 8:00 am. All exhibits must be fully larger. The back wall shall be centered on the non-aisle sideemployees acting for the management of the Meeting and installed by 5:00 pm, Saturday, January 26, 2013. After and not exceed in width one-half the dimension of this side.Exhibition. this hour no installation work will be permitted without Height may not exceed eight (8) feet.The word “Exhibitor” used herein shall signify the company special permission from the Society.or organization contracted for exhibit space at the Island spaces are to be accessible from all four (4) sides,Exhibition, including its owners, officers, employees, and with an openness or transparency of sight lines allowing 5. Removal of Exhibits attendees to view the surrounding exhibit area through therepresentatives. All exhibits must remain intact and staffed until 4:30 pm, island booth. Island booth structures cannot exceed a height2. Assignment of Booth Space Tuesday, January 29, 2013, and may not be dismantled of twenty (20) feet. The top of the island hanging signageApplications received from prospective Exhibitors will be or removed until that time. Exhibits should be packed and may not exceed twenty-four (24) feet in height off the floorrecorded in order of their receipt, and will be processed in ready to move by 2:00 pm on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. and must allow for nineteen (19) feet of clearance betweenaccordance with the points system adopted by the Society 6. Reservation and Occupation of Exhibit Space the floor and the bottom of the hanging signage. Signage(see Priority Point System section below). Without limiting is to be set back two (2) feet from the edge of the assignedthe generality of the foregoing, if multiple applications for Exhibit space for Los Angeles not fully paid for by Friday, booth space and is not to block or obstruct sight lines ofthe same space are received at the same time, priority October 5, 2012, is subject to cancellation or reassignment other booths. In an island space, a setback of one (1) footrating will be given to firms which exhibited at previous at the option of the Society without obligation to refund any will be required for any structure longer than four (4) feetSociety of Thoracic Surgeons meetings, are advertisers deposit monies previously received. and higher than four (4) The Annals of Thoracic Surgery and have consistently Any space not claimed and occupied by 5:00 pm on Elevation and plan views indicating all dimensions as well ascomplied with all Exhibit Rules & Regulations. Saturday, January 26, 2013 will be resold or reassigned by the dimensions of hanging signs, banners or trusses are to beTo obtain benefit from priority rating, applications with a the Society with no obligation on the part of the Society to submitted to STS for approval by Friday, November 30, 2012.50% deposit and the product description must be received refund any portion of the payment received for booth rental. Exhibitor may not assign or sublet any space and may not An appropriate floor covering is required for the entireby Friday, April 6, 2012. Priority rating is not a guarantee advertise or display goods other than those manufactured or contracted booth space.of space. Applications received after this date will beprocessed on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, it sold by it in the regular course of its business. Flashing and/or strobe lights of any sort are prohibited. Anyis recommended that exhibitors submit applications and 7. Cancellation and Deposits supplementary lighting, with or without the use of a truss,deposits as early as possible. must be confined within the perimeters of the booth. Cancellation of exhibit space must be directed in writing toWhile the Society attempts to accommodate exhibitor the Society. The following rules apply: The use of helium balloons is not permitted in the exhibit hall.location and other preferences, such accommodations A. If Exhibitor down-sizes on or before August 17, 2012, Flammable materials must be flame-proofed as governedcannot be guaranteed. In the event of a conflict regarding Exhibitor will not forfeit any portion of the 50% deposit. by Los Angeles and any other applicable fire codes beforespace or other material conditions, the Society shall have However, if Exhibitor cancels on or before August 17, being taken into the exhibit hall. Certification must bethe right to assign space to the Exhibitor, rearrange the 2012, a processing fee of 5% of the total cost of the available if requested. Fire Department permits are requiredfloor plan, and/or relocate any exhibit at any time before or previously contracted booth space, will apply. for open flame devices and use of compressed gasses orduring the period of exhibition. dangerous chemicals. B. If Exhibitor cancels or down-sizes between AugustPriority Point System 18, 2012, and October 5, 2012, Exhibitor will forfeit the Literature on display shall be limited to reasonablePriority points for space assignments will be earned at 50% deposit on total contracted booth space. quantities (one day supply).the end of the show and applied to the next year’s booth C. If Exhibitor cancels or down-sizes on or after October 10. Animal Tissueassignment. One (1) point will be earned for every 100 6, 2012, Exhibitor will pay 100% of the total contracted The use of animal tissue will be considered, if a writtensquare feet of exhibit space at The Society of Thoracic exhibit space. In any event, there will be no refunds request detailing the types of tissue and preservationSurgeons 2012 Annual Meeting. Complimentary booths issued after October 5, 2012. methods to be used prior to and during the meeting isare not included in the priority point placement system. 8. Selling of Products submitted to the Society at least 30 days before the startPriority points may be lost if an exhibitor violates the Rules of the Exhibition. All animal tissue must be turned over to& Regulations. Ten percent (10%) of total points banked will The Society provides display space for manufacturers to the Official Show Decorator (currently Arata Expositions,be lost for each violation. exhibit and demonstrate products on the basis of their Inc.) for disposal. Exhibitors may not use microorganismsIf an exhibiting company merges with, buys, or is bought potential informational and commercial value, and not for to demonstrate the efficacy of any product. Under noby another company, the highest number of points the purpose of selling on the exhibit floor. All exhibitors are circumstances may human tissue of any kind be used.accumulated by either company will be used as the priority required to adhere to such rules and regulations as may be established by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to ensure Exhibitor shall protect, indemnify, hold harmless and defendpoint total. Points will not be combined to determine the continued income tax exemption for the Exhibition, and no the Society and the Official Show Decorator, their officers,company’s priority status. tax liability to the host location or the Society. directors, agents and employees against all claims, liabilities,Those companies with an equal number of points requesting losses, damages and expenses, including reasonablethe same or similar booth space will be assigned space Business activities of the Exhibitor are to be conducted attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation, arising from or in anybased on the date and time the application is received. If within the Exhibitor’s contracted booth space only. way connected with the use of animal tissue by Exhibitor,none of the requested booth spaces are available, the best Interviews, demonstrations, and the distribution of literature provided that the foregoing shall not apply to injury, loss orpossible booth space will be assigned. The total number of or samples must be made within the area assigned to the damage caused by or resulting from the negligence or willfulpriority points assigned at the end of the prior year’s show Exhibitor. Canvassing or distributing of advertising matter misconduct of the Society or the Official Show Decorator,will be given at the time of booth assignment for the next year. outside the Exhibitor’s own space will not be permitted. their officers, directors, agents or employees. ExhibitorThe point system takes into account the exhibitor’s history. 9. Booth Construction and Arrangement shall have or obtain insurance in an amount sufficient toBecause points are accumulated based on history, it is The Society arranges for the installation of necessary completely cover this indemnification obligation in additionunlikely that a relatively new exhibitor would be able draped backgrounds of uniform style and name signs with to all other indemnification obligations contained in theseto obtain a booth near the entrance or with a corner. booth numbers. All exhibits must be confined to the spatial Rules & Regulations, and may be required to provide proofNew exhibitors should take this into consideration when limits of the booth as indicated on the floor plan. of such insurance to the Society prior to the Society’srequesting booth space. approval of the use of animal tissue by the Exhibitor.
  6. 6. 11. Hazardous/Medical Waste negligence or willful misconduct of the Society or the Official by reason of occurrences at or related to any functions thatExhibitor assumes responsibility and any liability for removal Show Decorator, their officers, directors, agents or employees. it sponsors or conducts.or disposal of any material considered to be hazardous/ Exhibitor, its agents and representatives shall maintain Signage for Satellite Symposia will be allowed only inmedical waste material. (Note: disposal of animal tissue is general public liability insurance against claims for personal Society-designated areas and must be approved by theaddressed in paragraph #10 above.) Exhibitor also agrees to injury, death or property damage incident to, arising out Society prior to display.conform to any local ordinances and regulations concerning of or in any way connected with Exhibitor’s participation 19. Conduct of Exhibitorsthe disposal of hazardous/medical waste. Any and all costs in the Exhibition, in an amount of not less than one millionincurred in the removal of hazardous/medical waste from dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and two million dollars Exhibitor representatives shall conduct themselves in anthe exhibit facility will be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor. ($2,000,000) in aggregate for personal injury, death or ethical manner at all times and in conformance with these12. Noise Level property damage, and Workers’ Compensation insurance Rules & Regulations. The Society reserves the right to deny in an amount equal to the greater of that which is required the privileges of the Exhibition floor to any and all exhibitorsElectrical, mechanical apparatus, movie or musical/voice by statute in the applicable jurisdiction, or five hundred who do not do so. Exhibitors’ badges are personal, notsounds must be inaudible to neighboring exhibitors. thousand dollars ($500,000) per accident or disease transferable, and must be worn at all times.13. Care of Exhibit Space with a five hundred thousand dollar ($500,000) policy No exhibitor may photograph or videotape the booth,Exhibitor shall care for and keep in good order its occupied limit. Exhibitor’s general liability insurance shall cover products, staff or visitors of any other exhibitor without thespace. Special cleaning and dusting of booth, display Exhibitor’s indemnification obligations under these Rules express permission of the other and material will be the Exhibitor’s responsibility. & Regulations and shall cover the Society and the Official Show Decorator as additional named insureds. Exhibitor 20. Exhibitor ServicesExhibitors may not place anything in the aisles during theopen hours of Exhibition. shall have or obtain proof of such insurance, and shall have The Official Show Decorator can provide all usual trade such proof available upon request at least 30 days prior show services, including labor.14. Registration and Badges to the Exhibition. Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining, for The Official Show Decorator will provide drayage serviceExhibitor shall register all of its personnel in advance. its protection and entirely at its expense, such property for all Exhibitors. Such service will include receipt ofAny additions or changes in registration made during the insurance for its exhibit and display materials as Exhibitor freight, delivery of Exhibitor’s freight to Exhibitor’s boothmeeting must be certified by an officer of the exhibiting firm deems appropriate. site, storage of Exhibitor’s empty containers until the closeor by the person in charge of the company’s booth space. Any policy providing such property insurance must contain of the show, and return of the freight to the destination ofAdmission to the exhibition will be by badge only. Each an express waiver by the Exhibitor’s insurance company Exhibitor’s choice. Forms will be included in the Exhibitorexhibiting company will be allotted 3 complimentary badges of any right of subrogation as to any claims against the Service Kit.per 100 sq feet of booth space. One badge will be furnished Society, its officers, directors, agents or employees. In the The Society, on behalf of exhibitors, will arrange withto each registrant at the time of registration. Official badges event any part of the exhibit hall is destroyed or damaged responsible parties for various exhibitor services. Completeare not transferable. The general public is not permitted in so as to prevent the Society from permitting Exhibitor to information regarding carpeting, drayage, furniture,the exhibit hall. occupy assigned space during any part or the whole of the electrical work, etc. will be furnished in the Exhibitor ServiceThere will be a charge of $100.00 for each badge in Exhibition period, or in the event occupation of assigned Kit in advance of the Exhibition dates.addition to the complimentary allotment, made onsite, and space during any part or the whole of the Exhibition period is prevented by strikes, acts of God, national emergency or An outside exhibit house must notify the Society at leastfor any badge made after the specified cut-off date on the three (3) weeks prior to the show set-up of the names ofbadge request form. other causes beyond the control of the Society, Exhibitor will be charged for space during the period it was or could have all its clients in the show along with the names of their15. Exhibitor Admittance been occupied by Exhibitor; and Exhibitor hereby waives permanent personnel who will be working at the show. (OnlyAdmittance to the exhibition hall is limited to the owners, any claim against the Society, its directors, officers, agents permanent, full-time exhibit house personnel will be allowedofficers, representatives, and employees of exhibiting firms or employees for losses or damages which may arise in in the Exhibit Hall.)that have contracted for space. Models or similar personnel consequence of such inability to occupy assigned space, its Upon arrival at the show, exhibit house personnel will checknot commercially connected with the industry may not be sole claim against the Society being for a refund of rent paid in with the Official Show Decorator or designated agents toemployed to help in an exhibitor’s booth. Representatives for the period it was prevented from using the space. present their credentials and receive permission to work onare defined as individuals who receive commission or salary 17. Special Effects and Giveaways the floor.from the exhibiting firm, and must be registered with the 21. Exhibitor Service KitSociety by the Exhibitor prior to December 7, 2012. Objectionable audible or visual attention-getting devices or effects and offensive odors from exhibits are prohibited. At the time of booth assignment, contracts will be preparedExcluded from this category are representatives who and mailed by the Society to the Exhibitor. Approximatelymaintain and own inventories of merchandise for resale. Distribution of samples, printed literature or any other materials shall not interfere with other exhibitors’ space. two months prior to the Exhibition, the Society will distributeSuch persons are considered to be dealers and are eligible Exhibitor Service Kits to exhibiting companies whose fullto purchase exhibit space. Children under 14 are not Shopping bags and/or other sample containers may not be used as giveaways unless written approval has been given payment for contracted booth space has been received byallowed on the show floor. the deadline of October 5, 2012. The Service Kit will include by the Society by November 7, 2012.Non-exhibiting commercial visitors who have been certified any amended or additional rules and regulations, housingby an authorized Exhibitor representative may be allowed Distribution of refreshments or other products for forms, badge order forms, audio-visual equipment orderentrance for specified appointments. All such requests consumption on the premises, with the exception of water, forms, all decorator related order forms, electrical andmust be submitted in writing to the Society no later than will not be permitted unless explicitly approved by the Society. telephone order forms, florist and photographer forms, etc.December 7, 2012. Films of purely entertainment character, without educational Please review all information carefully and be aware of all16. Insurance and Liability or informative value, will not be permitted. required cut-off dates.It is the Exhibitor’s sole responsibility to obtain, at its own Teleconferencing broadcast of a live surgical procedure 22. Americans with Disabilities Actexpense, any or all licenses and permits, and to comply is prohibited absent advance approval by the Society, and Exhibitor shall be responsible for making its exhibitwith all federal, state and local laws and City of Los Angeles the Society specifically reserves the right to condition its accessible to persons with disabilities as required by theordinances for any activities conducted in association with approval on receipt of appropriate permission and insurance Americans with Disabilities Act, and shall indemnify andor as part of the Exhibition. documents, or to prohibit any or all such broadcasts, at its hold harmless the Society and its officers, directors, agents sole discretion. and employees from and against any consequences ofExhibitor shall be fully responsible for any claims, liabilities,losses, damages or expenses relating to or arising from an 18. Satellite Activities and Other Events Held in Exhibitor’s failure in this regard. injury to any person or any loss of or damage to property Conjunction with the STS Annual Meetingwhere such injury, loss or damage is incident to, arises out Exhibitor may sponsor or conduct one or more satelliteof, or is in any way connected with, Exhibitor’s participation activities designed for attendance by STS Annual Meetingin the Exhibition (except as otherwise provided in the attendees in or around Los Angeles between January 26Lease Agreement between the Society and the Los Angeles and January 30, 2013, only in accordance with the “PolicyConvention Center). Exhibitor shall protect, indemnify, hold Regarding Industry Sponsored Satellite Activities Heldharmless and defend the Society, its officers, directors, Concurrently with the STS Annual Meeting,” which willagents and employees against all such claims, liabilities, be provided with the Exhibitor Service Kit (see paragraphlosses, damages and expenses, including reasonable 21). In addition, Exhibitor may not sponsor or conduct anyattorneys’ fees and costs of litigation, arising from or in satellite activity in or around Los Angeles on January 24 orany way connected with Exhibitor’s participation in the 25, or on January 30 or 31, 2013 without the prior writtenExhibition; provided that the foregoing shall not apply to approval of the Society. Exhibitor assumes full responsibilityinjury, loss or damage caused by or resulting from the for property damage, personal injury or death to any party,
  7. 7. STS A NN U A L MEETING EXHIBITOR L IST On Call Medical Coats Stryker Endoscopy ONCOTECH , Inc.(Exiqon Sunoptic TechnologiesThese companies and organizations have exhibited at previous meetings of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Diagnostics) superDimension Oncura Brachytherapy Surge Medical Solutions,3F Therapeutics, Inc. Cardinal Health, Experimental Surgical Lippincott Williams and On-X Life Technologies, LLC3M Health Care Interventional Specialties Services Wilkins Inc™. Surgical Acuity, Inc.A & E Medical Corporation Cardio Medical Products, Inc. Fehling Surgical Instruments OptiScan BioMedical Surgical PA ConsultantsAaron Medical, A Bovie CardioAccess, Inc. Flagship Surgical, LLC LSI Solutions Corporation Company CardioGenesis Corporation Surgical Specialties Corp. Fusion Medical Technologies, Lumedx, formerly Seattle OscorAbbott Vascular Cardiom Medical Inc. Systems Surgitel/General Scientific PDL BioPharma Corp.ABIOMED, Inc. Cardiomedical GmbH GE Medical Systems Luna Innovations PEAK Surgical, Inc. SuturTek Incorporated Healthcare Solutions IncorporatedAccumetrics CardioMEMS, Inc. Peninsula Medical Gelb Consulting Group M2S, Inc. (formerly Medical SynCardia Systems, Inc.Accuray Incorporated CardioNet Metrx Solutions or MMS) PeriOptix, Inc. Genesee Biomedical Syneture, a Division of USAcute Innovations Cardiosonix Ltd. Maquet Cardio-Pulmonary PFM Medical, Inc. Surgical/Tyco Healthcare Gish Biomedical, Inc.Advanced Respiratory CardioVention (Jostra AG) Philips Healthcare Synovis Surgical Innovations GlaxoSmithKlineAesculap, Inc. Care Wise Medical Products Maquet Cardiovascular Physicians Independent SyntheMed, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline BiologicalsALSIUS Corporation CareFusion Marine Polymer Management Services Synthes CMF Global Medical Inc. Technologies, Inc. (PIMS)Alveolus, Inc. Care-Tech Laboratories, Inc. Tapestry Medical, Inc. GlobalNet Solutions, Inc. Market Access Partners Pioneer Surgical TechnologyAngioDynamics Carilion Health System Tech-Medical Services, Inc. gloStream MAST Biosurgery PM Devices, Inc.Aortech International, Inc. Caris Life Sciences Teleflex Medical GlucoTec, Inc. McPherson Enterprises, Inc. Porter Medical Products, Inc.Applied Fiberoptics CAS Medical Systems, Inc. Terumo Gore & Associates, Inc. D/B/A Implantable Devices Power Medical InterventionsApplied Medical Castlewood Surgical, Inc. The Heart Surgery Forum® Haemacure Corporation Medafor, Inc. Precision TherapeuticsArgentum Medical, LLC Cedaron Medical, Inc. The Medicines Company Haemonetics Corporation Medela, Inc. Products For MedicineARMUS Corporation ceremed The Society for Heart Valve Haemoscope Corp. Medelita QED MedicalArmy Medical Recruiting Chase Medical, Inc. Disease Heart Hugger/General Medical Concepts Europe Q-Optics/Quality AspiratorsAtriCure, Inc. Chemence Medical Products The Thoracic Surgery Cardiac Technology Medical Ventures Corp. Inc. Quality Assured Services Foundation for ResearchAtrium Medical Corp. Heart Rhythm Society (PM Devices) (Alere) and EducationAuto Suture a Division of US CHF Solutions, Inc. Heart Valve Interactive Medicomp. Inc. Quest Medical, Inc. The University of Tennessee Surgical/Tyco Healthcare Clear Catheter Systems Corporation Physician Executive MBA MediStim RecoverRiteAvalon Laboratories Clinical Advantage Group heartbase, inc. Program Medline Industries, Inc. Regional Data Managers:Aventis Behring Coalescent Surgical, Inc. Hemosol USA, Inc. STS National Database ThermoGenesis Corp. MEDMIX SYSTEMS AGAventis Pharmaceuticals CONMED Electrosurgery Hodder Arnold Publishers Richard Wolf Medical Thompson Surgical MedNet Technologies, Inc.Axiom Medical, Inc. Consumers Union Instruments Instruments, Inc. Hospira Worldwide, Inc. MedPage Today, LLCBacterin International, Inc. Converge Medical, Inc. RITA Medical Systems Thoramet Surgical Products, Hospital Clinical Services Medtech Insight, LLC Inc.Bard Access Systems Cook Critical Care Group RMD Insturments Corp. Medtronic, Inc. Thoratec CorporationBÂRRX Medical, Inc. Cook Medical Hospital Research Rose Micro Solutions Associates (Medical Med-USA Medical, Inc. TransCardiac TherapeuticsBaxter Corazon, The Heart Experts ROTEM, Inc. Interviews) Merce V. Electromedicina, Transonic Systems Inc.Baxter Anesthesia & Critical CorMatrix Cardiovascular, Inc. S.L. Rultract/Pemco Inc. Care Hutchinson Technology, Inc. U.S. Army Recruiting Covidien Merit Endotek Rumex International CommandBaxter BioScience I-Flow Corporation, a CryoLife, Inc. Kimberly-Clark Health Care Merit Medical Endotek Saint Joseph’s Translational ULCO Technologies PTY LTDBaxter Healthcare CSA Medical Company Research Institute (SJTRI) Corporation Mettler Surgical Varian Medical Systems CTSNet ImaCor, Inc. Saunders - Mosby -Bayer Healthcare MiCardia Corporation Elsevier,Inc. Vascular Technology Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inquire Market Research, MicroMed Cardiovascular,Bayer Pharmaceutical Scanlan International, Inc. VeinSolutions Inc. Inc. Corporation Delacroix Chevalier/Peters Velos, Inc. Surgical Integra (Luxtec Corporation) Schering-PloughBD Diagnostics (Becton Micromedics, a Nordson Sentient Medical Systems Viking Systems Dickinson) Delacroix-Chevalier/MED International College of Company Alliance Solutions, LLC Robotic Surgery (ICRS) Sherwood - Davis & Geck Vitalcor, Inc.Berlin Heart GmbH Millicore Delfin Technologies, Inc. International Society Shumsky Therapeutic Vitalcor, Inc./AppliedBFW, Inc. MOOG Medical Devices for Minimally Invasive Pillows Fiberoptics Designs for Visions, Inc. (formerly Curlin Medical)Bio-Gate USA, Inc. Cardiothoracic Surgery Vitalitec International, Inc./ Doctors Research Group, Inc. Munson Healthcare Sic Brevetti, SRLBiomet Microfixation InterVascular Geister, Inc. Dornier Medtech Nadia International, Inc. Siemens HealthcareBioring S. A. Intuitive Surgical, Inc. VNUS Medical Technologies Doximity National Lung Cancer SimonDavis AssetBoston Medical Products/ ISIS Services Management Voice Factor Partnership Novatech EACTS - European ISOLUX America W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Association for Cardio- National Medical Foundation SmartWeb Technology, Inc.Bovie Medical Thoracic Surgery Kapp Surgical Instruments, for Asset Protection Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Welch Allyn, Inc.Bristol-Myers Squibb Inc. Nationwide Billing Resources Wexler Surgical Supplies, EBM Corporation Sonometrics CorporationBroncus Technologies Kardium Inc. Edward Lifesciences nContact Surgical, Inc. Sontec Instruments, Inc.Bryan Corporation Karl Storz Endoscopy Wiley - Blackwell Elsevier NeoMend Sorin Group America World Society for PediatricCadence Pharmaceuticals em-tec GmbH New England Compounding Spectranetics KCI and Congenital HeartCalifornia Medical Center EndoControl Spectrum Medical, Inc. Surgery Laboratories, Inc. Keeler Instruments Nonin Medical Enova Illuminations SSI/Specialty Surgical Wrightwood PartnersCAOS/Intelligent Business Kimberly-Clark Corporation Novadaq Technologies, Inc. Essential Pharmaceuticals Instrumentation Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Solutions KLS Martin, L.P. Novare Surgical Systems St. John’s Clinic - PhysicianCAPS®, a B.Braun Company ESTECH Xillix Technologies Koros USA/Koros Surgical Novo Nordisk, Inc. Recuitment Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. CorporationCardia Innovation Instruments NovoSci St. Jude Medical, Inc. Your Practice Online, LLCCardiacAssist, Inc. Ethicon, Inc. Koven Technology, Inc. Olympus Surgical America, Starion Instruments ZollCardica, Inc. Evaheart Medical USA, Inc. Leica Microsystems Inc. Stevens, Blair & Company ZymoGenetics, IncCardima Exiqon Diagnostics Lexion Medical Omni-Tract Surgical Stille/Inrad LifeNet Health
  8. 8. Please join us in excitingL o s A n g e l e s , C al i f o r n i aDon’t miss your opportunity to exhibit at The Society of Thoracic Surgeons 49th Annual Meeting!The Society of Thoracic Surgeons invites you to be a part of Exhibitor applications will be recorded in order of receipt, andits 49th Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Los Angeles. Based processed according to priority points earned and the date andon continued strong attendance at STS Annual Meetings over time the application is received. We expect the 2013 exhibitionthe past several years, and this exciting new venue, we expect to sell out early. Therefore, please submit your application andthe largest turnout in STS history with more than 2,450 thoracic deposit as soon as possible.and cardiovascular surgeons participating in 2013. The meeting Please note that the STS 49th Annual Social Event will beand exhibition schedule is: held on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. We hope that you and yourSTS/AATS Tech-Con 2013: colleagues will be able to join STS members and guests forSaturday, Jan. 26 – Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013 what is sure to be a festive and memorable evening.49th Annual Exhibition: If you have any questions or need additional information,Sunday, Jan. 27 – Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013 please contact Donna Bennewitz, STS Exhibit Manager, by phone at (312) 202-5838, by fax at (312) 202-5803, or via e-mail49th Annual Meeting: at It is sure to be an exciting meeting forSaturday, Jan. 26 – Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013 The Society of Thoracic Surgeons!49th Annual Social Event: We’ll see you in Los Angeles!Tuesday, Jan. 29, 201350 P la n t o e x h i b i t at t h e The Society 5 0 t h a n n ual m e e t i n g : of Thoracic o r la n d o j a n . 2 5 – 2 9 , 2 0 1 4 Surgeons