Seattle Billing, Coding and Marketing Workshop


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Seattle Billing, Coding and Marketing Workshop

  1. 1. AAPPM west coast workshopspodiatry is positioned to…are you?Register online at www.AAPPM.orgCHOOSE FROMTWO DATES ANDTWO LOCATIONSJune 13 & 14Crowne PlazaSeattle, WADecember 6 & 7Doubletree SuitesSanta Monica, CATWO FULL DAYS DEVOTED TO• Billing and Coding• Practice Management• and ONE-DAY of Marketing
  2. 2. 2DaysPracticeManagement2DaysBillingandCoding1DayMarketingSeattleThursday and FridayJune 13–14Santa MonicaFriday and SaturdayDecember 6–7SeattleThursday and FridayJune 13–14Santa MonicaFriday and SaturdayDecember 6–7SeattleFridayJune 14Santa MonicaSaturdayDecember 7
  3. 3. Registration + AccommodationsThe AAPPM member registration fee is $399for AAPPM members for the entire conference.You must select which location you are attend-ing (Seattle or Santa Monica). Your registrationform and payment must be received one weekbefore the conference to complete your regis-tration.Seattle Call the Crowne Plaza at 1-888-233-9527 by May 13, 2013. Mention that you arewith the AAPPM to receive the rate of $179 forSingle/Double Occupancy. The hotel is locatedat 1113 Sixth Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.Santa Monica Call the DoubleTree Suites byHilton at 310-395-3332 by November 14, 2013to receive the rate of $194. Be sure to mentionyou are with the AAPPM. The hotel is located at1707 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.Membership Makes SenseIf you are a new practitioner in the first fouryears of practice, a staff member or a resident,it’s more financially advantageous to joinAAPPM to come to this conference since it’sactually less expensive to join than it is to comeas a non-member. For complete membershipinformation visit us online at,e-mail, or call us at517-484-1930.Continuing EducationTo earn Continuing Education Contact Hours(CECH) credits, see the schedule for the lecturesand workshops that qualify. This conferencehas qualified for 4.75 (3 CE for the PracticeManagement Track and 1.75 CE for the Billingand Coding Track) continuing educationcontact hours (Category 1) with the AAPPMCME Chairman, Christian Kindsvatter. The Ameri-can Academy of Podiatric Practice Management(AAPPM) is approved by the Council of PodiatricMedical Education as a sponsor of continuingeducation in Podiatric Medicine.As a special bonus, all attendeeswill will be able to purchase a copyof The Field Guide to PhysicianCoding, Second Edition, by BetsyNicoletti for only $40—a $90 value!This is one of the most comprehen-sive books on all areas of codingand billing with very practical anduseful information that billing staffwill use on a daily basis.The AAPPM West Coast Seminars aredifferent than any other in podiatry!Two information-packed dayscovering all core aspects ofCoding and Billing, PracticeManagment and Marketing
  4. 4. Take Advantage ofa Complimentary Consultationwith one of our experts!Rem JacksonFounder/CEO –Top Practices, LLCTop Practices is dedicated to helping podiatrypractices grow and reach their full potentialusing innovative marketing plans and practicemanagement systems. Rem is the author of“Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn’t Work”which can be downloaded at no 717.626.2025 | rem@TopPractices.comChad SchwarzPresident and CEOIntegrated MedReps, LLCIntegrated MedReps, LLC offers the service ofintegrating a“Practice Representative”, other-wise known as a marketing person, into a po-diatric practice. You will learn how to find, train,continually educate and manage a“PracticeRepresentative”for your podiatry practice.chads@integratedmedreps.comJosh White, DPM, CpedSafeStepMedicare DME Compliance: Compliance +Convenience=Cash. Fitting shoes and AFOs us-ing“WorryFree DME”promotes practice growthby increasing office efficiency while ensuringMedicare compliance. If SafeStep creates docu-mentation forms and you fail a Medicare audit,SafeStep will reimburse up to $10,000 of lossdue to insufficient 866.712.STEP | joshwhite@safestep.netJohn W. Leardi, Esq.Buttaci & Leardi, LLCPost-payment audit defense, corporatetransactions, statutory/regulatory compliance,and general 609.759.0570 | jwleardi@buttacilaw.comCindy Pezza, PMACCEO – Pinnacle Practice Achievement, LLCBring your questions and concerns relating tostaff members, office flow, patient complianceand maximizing visits to see how a little effortcan change the entire dynamic of your practiceand your life. With over a decade of experienceworking with DPMs and their staff, I will getyou off the treadmill and reaching the top ofthat 508.369.1845 | cpezzapmac@yahoo.comMary-Ellen SchimmollerIndependent Networking Group, Inc. (ING)As our name suggests, we are independentlyworking with practices to share ideas and bestpractice philosophies. We also understand thatmedical practices often need our expertise ona short-term or limited basis. This may include:billing services, personal and staff compensa-tion plans, reimbursement troubles, staff train-ing, and organizational 260.927.1266 | ing@mchsi.comR. Paul Wilson, CRPCPresidentAdvanced Capital Advisory Group, LLCCorporate structure for building a business, notjust a practice; personal and corporate assetprotection strategies; getting the most fromyour qualified and non-qualified retirementplans; what to do next when you’ve already“done everything”.tel 866.432.6229 or cell 513.313.5297paul@advancedcapitaladvisory.comYou must contact the consultants directly to schedule an appointment.
  5. 5. 2-DayPracticeManagementSeattleThursday and FridayJune 13–14Santa MonicaFriday and SaturdayDecember 6–7
  6. 6. Success in Seattle by the Sea—Strategies to Change Paradigm forPersonal and Professional SuccessThis program is designed to prepare your mind forwhat this program will train it to do…stay afloat, avoidrunning aground, and navigate the turbulent watersof healthcare reform. By the time you disembark onSaturday, you will all be Captains of your own destiny,ready to battle and defeat the world’s challenges!Beyond the Silver Bullet: Ensuring Patient andEmployee SatisfactionLearn innovative methods to achieve and sustainemployee engagement and enthusiasm, which is thekey to creating excellence in great patient service.Economical and Efficient Solutions for RiddingYour Practice of Wasteful HabitsTake a closer look at what is really going on in yourpractice. From staff members who have lots of extratime to surf the web, to overpaying for your medicalsupplies and durable medical equipment, let’s dissecthow your hard earned money is being spent anddiscover how often it is wasted. Together we will learnways to make the best use of office hours and themost economical methods of saving thousands of dol-lars a year, without sacrificing quality or care.What Now? Healthcare Reform, Accountable CareOrganizations, Clinical Integration, and the Futureof Healthcare DeliveryHealthcare delivery in this country is changing, andthose changes extend far beyond the Patient Protec-tion and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Thisworkshop will highlight some of those changes andexplain how they will affect your practice in the yearsto come.How to Plan and Implement a Marketing Plan andKey Marketing StrategiesThe great paradox of business is that you have tospend money to make money. This is true. But how doyou know how to plan for the expenditures? How canyou evaluate and test ideas and strategies in a carefuland cost effective way without taking too long to dosomething that works? In this session you will learnhow to plan, budget, build, and profit from your mar-keting investments. Done correctly, marketing shouldbe an investment, but never a cost.Teach, Show and Watch Them GoThe difference between a practice that survives anda practice that strives is the ability to create a TEAMof highly trained individuals who work together toachieve more. This doesn’t happen overnight, andthere is no magic pill to make your practice run like awell-oiled machine, but it will happen if you take thetime to educate and train your TEAM. Join us as weuse the adapted techniques of your favorite childhoodcoach to create the efficient, productive practice youhave always dreamed of. Together we will learn howto teach, show and watch them go!Why the Internet and Social Media is One of YourMost Critical Marketing ToolsUsing the internet by having a website is criticallyimportant for any Podiatrist who practices in 2011.Find out how you can use your website, social mediaand the internet in ways even savvy internet marketersare just discovering. It’s technology - but yes, you cando this!Financial LectureThe Meaningful Use Crash Course and UpdateThis title speaks for itself! Are you ready to becomecompliant and maximize your financial incentive? Theclock is ticking and the incentive begins to erode afterthis year.New and Innovative Concepts inIn-Office Dispensing | 0.5 CEWith the changing landscape in healthcare and strongfocus on outcomes and quality, there is a significantrole for in-office dispensing. Learn to maximize use ofproducts and develop treatment protocols to increasepatient satisfaction and add to the bottom line.Taking Your Custom Made Orthotic Device Prac-tice to the Next LevelNo one provides a better custom orthotic devicebetter than a Podiatrist, yet we talk ourselves out ofgolden opportunities. A combination of in-officepresentation and communication, combined withsuperior evaluation and understanding of biomechan-ics, casting, and prescription writing will catapult yourcustom orthotic practice to a new level.Day1PracticeManagementBegins at 8:30 amOptional Workshops7:30 – 8:30 amHow to Recruit, Hire, Integrate, Train,and Market an AssociateLasers in Podiatry | 1.0 CE1.5 CE
  7. 7. Optional Workshops7:30 – 8:30 amAdvanced Strategies for Thriving in Today’sEconomy, Important Planning Perspectivesfor the 2013 PhysicianThe Fortune 500 Practice and BeyondCompliance WorkshopCritical Financial Skills for Office SuccessGain enhanced skills necessary to critically examineyour financial reports to help mitigate shrinkingprofit margins and the escalating cost of providinghigh-quality patient care.Evidenced Based Protocols to Enhance Mobilityin the Elderly and Maximize Wound Healing:Practical Solutions to Improve the Quality ofLife of Your Patients, Stimulate Outcomes andPractice Growth | 1.0 CEThis unique workshop will address three types ofwounds that the podiatric physician sees on a dailybasis. The post-surgical wound, the diabetic footand ankle wound, and the Venous Stasis Wound.With so many products and with the chaos of abusy office, knowing what to use and when to useit can be a challenge. This workshop will streamlineprotocols and make it easier than ever to addressthese common wound types with easy to use prod-ucts that you can dispense and bill for out of youroffice. A variety of different products and AncillaryServices will be discussed that will address woundsof all sizes and shapes along with coding and docu-mentation pearls to remain compliant.Taking Your Practice to the Next LevelPractical advice, techniques and specific sugges-tions learned through a focused period of changewith the goal of growing their practice and addingfifty percent to their bottom line; at the same timefocusing on improving staff and patient satisfaction,delivering better quality with improved outcomesand spending less time in the office. A great exer-cise for all to learn from!Ten Efficiency Tips for Providing the BestPossible Patient Experience and Making fora Happy Office TEAMJoin us as we share the top ten tips for assuringthat patients leave your office knowing they havechosen the right place for all of their foot and ankleneeds. From the time they book their appointment,to the check in process, evaluation, treatment andfollow up, make sure your TEAM is fully preparedto exceed the expectations of all your patients. Setyour office apart from the rest and WOW them witha standard of care that will keep them coming backand referring their friends and family.Billing Compliance is More Important Than Ever:How to Identify and Correct Potential Billing-Related Risks in Podiatric PracticesIn today’s environment, a podiatric practice’s billingoperation is critical to the office’s financial stabilityand overall success. Unfortunately, this operationcan also be the source of significant liabilities,specifically in the form of post payment audits andother regulatory investigations. This seminar willidentify the most common billing-related risks ina podiatric office, and provide practical guidanceon how to implement efficient and effective riskmanagement policies and procedures.Optimizing Financial Returns and Clinical Qual-ity: Using Analytics to Optimize Your PracticeDevelop methods for identifying strengths, weak-nesses and missed opportunities of your operation-al areas while prioritizing actions that drive financialimprovements and quality performance.Time Management for a Better Life and PracticeLearn systems to stop procrastination, become moreproductive and develop habits for success. A practi-cal discussion to put simple systems in place that allcan receive significant benefit from right away.New Concepts in Ankle Foot Orthotic Technol-ogy for an Aging Patient Population: New AFOTools That You Need to Know About | 0.5 CE1. The latest AFO designs for the post CVA/Dropfoot patient.2. The latest AFO design for the severe PosteriorTibial Dysfunction patient3. The latest AFO designs for the gait instabilitypatient.The CDC has reported that as of 2012, 10,000Americans are turning 65 years of age every day.This number is expected to increase over the next20 years.Addressing our senior patient’s specific needsand physical challenges is the fundamental key tounlocking practice success and achieving betteroutcomes.Keeping our senior patients mobile and activeshould be our goal and using the right AFO tech-nology can help you achieve that goal while alsotaking your practice to new heights.Improving the Patient Experience to BuildCustomer LoyaltyThe potential for patients to refer new patients canbe maximized when continuous-improvementmethods are practiced on a daily basis. Specificconcepts will be presented that can easily be ap-plied and implemented in any office.You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be HeardOur patients are our partners in their care. It’s notenough to simply instruct them, they must BELIEVEand TRUST in you and your treatment plan. We willdiscuss how to build and convey that trust.Bringing It All Together…Now It’s All Up to YOU!You’ve heard some great thoughts and ideas thisweekend. This 30 minute program will includea guided construction of your Action Plans andGoals which will hold you accountable for makingchanges in your personal and professional lives.Recommendations for books to read to bring youideas to set your course and take your practice andlife to the next level. Knowledge is power! .That’swhat you came here for... Now it’s all up to you!Day2PracticeManagementBegins at 8:30 am1.5 CE
  8. 8. 2-DayBilling&CodingSeattleThursday and FridayJune 13–14Santa MonicaFriday and SaturdayDecember 6–7
  9. 9. Day1BillingandCodingBegins at 8:30 amI Have to Pay What?Exploring what to say and how to say it when dealingwith financial arguments and patient responsibility.Untapped RevenueThe codes you need to know or should know, place ofservice, Jcodes, injections and more.Financial Protocols to keep increasing revenue andholding staff accountableThe Great Debate:Keeping Billing In-House or OutsourcingThe pros and cons and deciding what is best foryour practice.Proper Documentation | 0.75 CEBlling of wound care in the office, following the rulesand getting paidDiabetic Shoe, DME and AFO TreatmentProtocols | 1.0 CESelecting the appropriate devicesfor your patients, using the right codes andgetting paid for what youDealing with Medicare DME ChangesWhat you don’t know can hurt youTop 5 Billing ErrorsQuestions & Answers with PanelICD-10It is coming for you, how to prepare for the inevitableThe Real Business Side of ThingsBilling management, A/R and staying on top of yourpractice financesDME Medicare ComplianceWhat you need to have in place before you bill andhow staff can be your best asset in achieving successYour Staff’s Role in the Documentation of G CodesTraining staff to remember when you don’t. Why riskbeing penalized for something as simple as recordingwhat you already do?The Stories That YourElectronic Health Records TellAudits: How to Prepare and Tips onStaying Below the CMS RadarAppealing ClaimsCommon reasons for denials (the importance of cleanclaims) and the resources to help you keep your hardearned moneyTreating and Billing for Patients in SkilledNursing and Other In-Patient FacilitiesThe points you need to understand and the importantspecifications of Medicare Parts A and BLet’s Make a Deal PanelOpen Question & Answer Session(attendees can submit questions ahead of time)Day2BillingandCodingBegins at 8:30 am1.75 CE
  10. 10. 1-DayMarketingSeattleFridayJune 14Santa MonicaSaturdayDecember 7
  11. 11. 1DayMarketingBegins at 8:30 amThe 4 Pillars of Practice MarketingThere is not just one magic bullet that works to drivenew patients into your podiatry practice.Your practicemarketing rests on four pillars:Web-based Marketing,Referral Marketing, Internal Marketing, and ExternalMarketing. All four pillars are necessary to develop acomprehensive practice marketing strategy.Today wewill dissect each pillar and help you develop a winningmarketing strategy for your practice.Pillar One: Web-based MarketingThe Hub: Your WebsiteYour website is the unique real estate that you ownonline with the sole purpose of providing prospec-tive patients the information they need to make thedecision that you are the best to treat their particu-lar issue. All of your online, and much of your offline,marketing will drive these people to your website.Let’s make sure you provide everything you need toconvert them to patients in your office.Social Media Part 1:Blogging to Create ContentIn past meetings, we’ve justified the need to havea blog. It’s time to break through the glass ceilingand show you how to set up a blog, how to post,and what to write about. We’ll even take it a stepfurther and show you how to write a post that thesearch engines will love and direct the traffic backto your website. Your blog should serve as the hubof your social network marketing strategy. Learnhow to do it properly with maximum return on yourtime investment.Social Media Part 2:Facebook (Part I)The days of questioning whether Facebook is acritical component to your podiatry practice hascome and gone, as the answer is now obvious. Withover 500 million users, Facebook is now used by 1in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 millionof them (over 50%) who log in every day {; 7/2011}. In this presentation,we will discuss the social media giant, and providethe knowledge needed in an instructional fashion,so you can then utilize this incredible online op-portunity to propel your practice forward.Social Media Part 2:Facebook (Part II)The days of questioning whether Facebook is acritical component to your podiatry practice hascome and gone, as the answer is now obvious. Withover 500 million users, Facebook is now used by 1in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 millionof them (over 50%) who log in every day {; 7/2011}. In this presentation,we will discuss the social media giant, and providethe knowledge needed in an instructional fashion,so you can then utilize this incredible online op-portunity to propel your practice forward.Social Media Part 3:Twitter, LinkedIn and PinterestEffectively using social media allows you to createa referral network that surrounds your practice. Inthis session, key strategies for making this work wellwill be discussed.Social Media Part 4:Google+ and Local SearchThought you knew all there was to know aboutweb-based marketing? Think again. Google hascompletely changed the game once again andhas introduced Google+ making social media nowa huge influential factor on your search engineoptimization, your local listings, and your overallweb-based marketing. To ignore social media at thispoint could be detrimental, however, jumping onboard now will give your practice a huge competi-tive advantage. In this session, we’ll go over every-thing you need to know about Google+ and how tomaximize your web-based marketing efforts.Understand exactly what Google+ is, why it hassuch an incredible impact down to a step-by-steptutorial on how to get started. If there’s one thingto pay attention to in the world of web-basedmarketing, this is surely it. Don’t miss out on yourchance to take the step that could take your prac-tice to the next level.Using a Virtual Marketer to Do It All For YouIf you have been sitting thinking about all the timeand effort you don’t have to spare, Dr. Frederick willdiscuss using a virtual marketing assistant to effec-tively run your online marketing campaigns.Pillar Two:Referral-Based MarketingIt’s time to find a comfortable pair of shoes, fill upthat gas tank and get ready to create a power-ful presence in your community. Referral-Basedmarketing is the act of engaging those in your com-munity, both medical and non-medical, to provideeducational awareness for you and your practice.We will discuss specific areas to target and exactlyhow to approach them to maximize your time andreturn on your investment. The opportunity is outthere; Let’s get a plan in place so you can returnhome and bring your practice’s marketing aspira-tions to and above your expectations!!!It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say ItYour communication is vital to the way the offices youvisit perceive you. Learn skills to ensure you are heardto let your message come through loud and clear.Pillar Three: Internal MarketingWhat would you do if someone offered you a list ofpeople who were pre-sold that you were the bestdoctor to treat their foot and ankle problems. Howmuch would you pay for such a list? The good newsis you are already in possession of that list...yourexisting patient database. If you use it in the rightway, you can leverage these patients to continue tofuel your practice success.Pillar Four: External MarketingThere is still a place in your marketing quiver forgood old fashioned advertising. Where is the bestuse of your marketing budget and what pitfallsshould you be careful to avoid?How to Make Sure YourNewsletter Is Not BoringA newsletter for your practice (whether printed,online, or BOTH) is an effective method of market-ing to your existing patients to educate them aboutyour services. If you have tried using a newsletterin the past with disappointing results, it was prob-ably BORING! Learn strategies to make sure yournewsletter is opened, read, and successfully drivespatients to your office.Question & Answer Session
  12. 12. Register online at www.AAPPM.orgTWO FULL DAYS DEVOTED TO• Billing and Coding• Practice Management• and ONE-DAY of MarketingCHOOSE FROMTWO DATES ANDTWO LOCATIONSJune 13 & 14Crowne PlazaSeattle, WADecember 6 & 7Doubletree SuitesSanta Monica, CAPRSRT STDUS POSTAGEPAIDLANSING MIPERMIT 515American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management1000 West St. Joseph Hwy, Suite 200Lansing, Michigan 48915AAPPM west coast workshops
  13. 13. You may also register online at www.aappm.orgAll registrants must be from the same office. Registration cut off date is June 3 for Seattle and November 25 for Santa Monica afterwhich you must register on site. An additional $75 fee will be charged to your registration if you register after the cut-off date.Name/Credentials Name on BadgePractice Name/DPM Name AddressCity State Zip CodeE-mail (confirmation sent via e-mail only)Phone FaxPrint001AAPPM West Coast WorkshopsRegistrationAAPPM Members Registration Rates (All registrants must be from the same office)q DPM Member/Life Member $399q Additional DPM Member/Life Member $340Total number of additional DPMs attending (List names of additional attendees on back of registration form)q DPM Associate Member (in practice 4 years or less) $350q Additional DPM Associate Member $300Total number of additional DPM Associates attending (List names of addiitonal attendees on back of registration form)q Assistant/Staff Member* $350q Additional Assistant/Staff Member* $269Total number of additional Assistant/Staff Members attending (List names of additional attendees on back of registration form)* Membership in AAPPM is by Individual. Assistant/Staff Member (non-DPM)must be a paid AAPPM Member under their own name.q AAPPM Resident Member $130Total number of additional Resident Members attending (List names of addiitonal attendees on back of registration form)1234AAPPM Non-Member Registration Rates (Please fill out one registration form per attendee)q Non-member DPM $550q Non-member DPM Associate (in practice 4 years or less) $490q Non-member Assistant/Staff* $479q Non-member Resident $319Fax BOTH SIDES of registration with credit card information to 517.485.9408 or send with check made payable toAAPPM: American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management | 1000 W St. Joseph Hwy, Ste 200, Lansing, MI 48915T 517.484.1930 | F 517.485.9408 | e-mail | web www.aappm.orgPayment Information on back >>>In order to receive your discount, please fill out the registrant worksheet provided on the back of this form. Thank You!SeattleThursday and FridayJune 13–14Santa MonicaFriday and SaturdayDecember 6–7Please indicate whichconference date/locationyou are registering for:
  14. 14. Fax BOTH SIDES of registration with credit card information to 517.485.9408 or send with check made payable toAAPPM: American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management | 1000 W St. Joseph Hwy, Ste 200, Lansing, MI 48915T 517.484.1930 | F 517.485.9408 | e-mail | web www.aappm.orgPayment All registrations must be paid in full by June 3, 2013 for Seattle and November 25, 2013 for Santa MonicaCard Number Exp. DateCardholder Name SignatureBilling Address for card (if different from registrant address):AddressCity State Zip CodeRegistrations cannot be taken via telephone. Registration cut off date is June 3, 2013 for Seattle and November 25, 2013 for Santa Monica. All cancellations must be receivedin writing before this date. No refunds will be granted after June 3, 2013 for Seattle and November 25, 2013 for Santa Monica. Please note that we must receive both yourregistration form and payment by June 3, 2013 for Seattle and November 25, 2013 for Santa Monica. Only paid registered attendees may attend sessions or meal functions.q American Expressq Visa q MasterCardq Check #AAPPM Members RegistrationWorksheet In order to receive your discount, please complete the following:1234q DPM Member/Life Member $ 399.q Number of additional DPM Members/Life Members x $340 each = $ q DPM Associate Member (in practice 4 years or less) $ 350.q Number of additional DPM Associate Members x $300 each = $ q Assistant/Staff Member* $ 350.q Number of additional Assistants/Staff Members x $269 each = $ *Assistant/Staff Member (non-DPM) must be a paid AAPPM Member under their own name.q AAPPM Resident Member $ 130.q Number of additional Resident Members x $130 each = $ TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $Please list additional attendees below:Name/Credentials Name on BadgeName/Credentials Name on BadgeName/Credentials Name on BadgeName/Credentials Name on BadgeName/Credentials Name on BadgeName/Credentials Name on Badgepage 2