Medical Management of HIV/AIDS


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Medical Management of HIV/AIDS

  1. 1. Presented by Division of HIV/AIDS San Francisco General Hospital, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, University of California School of Medicine San FranciscoThe Medical Managementof HIV/AIDS December 6-8, 2012THURSDAY- SATURDAY Westin Market Street COURSE CHAIRS San Francisco, Diane V. Havlir, MD California Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of HIV/AIDS San Francisco General Hospital Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP UCSF Senate Emeritus – Medicine, Division of HIV/AIDS, San Francisco General Hospital S P E C I A L G U E S T FAC U LT Y Paul A. Volberding, MD Chief of Medical Service, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine; Co-Director, UCSF-GIVI Center for AIDS Research, University of California San Francisco; Coeditor-in-Chief, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes
  2. 2. The Medical Management Westin Market Street San Francisco, CAof HIV/AIDS December 6- 8, 2012This course provides the active, intermediate to advanced ACCREDITATIONclinician with a comprehensive review of the science and The University ofapplication of HIV therapy. Lectures are presented by a group California, San Francisco School of Medicineof leading clinicians and researchers who are also dedicated (UCSF) is accredited byto teaching in their area of expertise. In the opening plenary, the Accreditation CouncilGrant Nash Colfax, MD, Director, Office of National AIDS Policy for Continuing Medicalwill be joining us from the White House to discuss “Continued Education to provideImplementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy”, while Diane continuing medical education for physicians.Havlir, MD and Steven Deeks, MD will anchor the session withan update on global AIDS and our closeness to a cure. Other UCSF designates this live activity for a maximum oftopics include antiretroviral initiation and antiretroviral treatment 20.25 AMA PRA Categoryof highly experienced patients as well as an update on the 1 Credit(s)TM.appropriate use of PrEP. Physicians should onlyAlthough the course is designed for the intermediate to claim credit commensurateadvanced clinician, this year we will continue the learning with the extent of theirtrack for ambitious new clinicians which focuses on the basics participation in the activity.of antiretroviral therapy administration, HIV pharmacology, and The American Medicalopportunistic infections in four small group sessions. Association has determined that physiciansIn order to match the exciting new options for patients co-infected not licensed in the US whowith HIV and HCV, the hepatitis session has been vastly participate in this CMEexpanded. The session will address the myriad questions that activity are eligible for AMAarise in the care of chronically co-infected patients including PRA Category 1 Credit.the safe administration of the new therapies that have emerged. This CME activity meetsA small group session will share how our clinic helps support the requirements underour patients to successfully engage in treatment. Finally, the California Assembly Bill 1195, continuing educationdiagnosis and treatment of acute Hepatitis C will be covered in and cultural and linguisticthe expanded session. competency.The course will continue to devote serious attention to end- Family Physicians:organ complications of HIV/AIDS and its treatment with Application for CME creditlectures on bone, renal, cardiovascular as well as dermatological, has been filed with theand pulmonary sequalae. The impact of disparities in care will American Academy of Family discussed throughout the conference and in small groups. Determination of creditHIV in women and reproductive issues for HIV-infected is pending.women and men will be explored thoroughly. A small group Nurses: For the purposesession on Motivational Interviewing will be offered to of recertification, thehelp clinicians and patients relate as successfully as possible. American NursesThis symposium is presented by the Division of HIV/AIDS, Credentialing CenterSan Francisco General Hospital, Department of Medicine, accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credit issuedUniversity of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. by organizations accredited by the ACCME.E D U C AT I O N A L O B J E C T I V E S An attendee completing this course will be able to improve skills and strategies to: • Apply new recommendations for the initiation of antiretrovirals in appropriate patients; • Distinguish and exercise new recommendations for treatment of antiretroviral resistance and apply current treatment strategies for experienced patients; • Understand and apply recommendations for the use of PrEP for the prevention of HIV infection; • Define the optimal management of chronic HCV co-infection with HIV and apply in practice these recommendations; • Understand and apply new recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of acute Hepatitis C; • Interpret and administer the new recommendations for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in HIV infected patients; • Understand and apply the new recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections; • Apply in practice the latest treatment guidelines and recommendations for the prevention of HIV perinatal transmission and management of HIV in women; • Identify the new developments in HIV related dermatologic, pulmonary, bone and renal disease.
  3. 3. The Medical Management of December 6- 8, 2012 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2012 7:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 Introduction Diane V. Havlir, MD and Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP PLENARY SESSION I: National, Global, and Cellular Perspectives Moderator: Diane V. Havlir, MD 8:10 *Continued Implementation of National HIV/AIDS Policy Grant Nash Colfax, MD 8:50 Global AIDS – Progress and Pitfalls Diane V. Havlir, MD 9:30 Have We Made Any Progress on Curing HIV? Steven G. Deeks, MD 10:10 Coffee Break PLENARY SESSION II: Case-based Update on Antiretroviral Therapy Moderators: Diane V. Havlir, MD and Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP 10:30 Initial ARV Therapy George Beatty, MD, MPH 11:15 Therapy for Experienced Patients Hiroyu Hatano, MD 11:55 Questions and Challenges for Panel 12:20 pm Morning Session Concludes – Pick Up Lunch 12:30 - 1:20 LUNCH WORKSHOPS 1. Strategies to Overcome HIV-related Health Malcolm John, MD, MPH Disparities 2. NCTNew HIV Clinicians’ Workshop: Parya Saberi, PharmD, MAS HIV Pharmacology 101ish - 202ish 3. Managing STI’s – Some “Burning” Questions Susan Philip, MD, MPH 4. Interesting Cases from the PHP Clinic Daniel Wlodarczyk, MD 1:30 ARV Panel Moderator: George Beatty, MD, MPH Annie Luetkemeyer, MD, Harry Lampiris, MD, Hiroyu Hatano, MD and Susa Coffey, MD 2:15 Coffee Break 2:45 Care of the Older HIV-infected Patient: Meredith Greene, MD Lessons from Geriatrics PLENARY SESSION III: Cases 3:25 Interesting Unknown Cases Gabriel Chamie, MD, MPH 4:05 Optimizing STD Management in HIV-Infected Gail Bolan, MD Individuals: What’s New in 2012? 5:00 pm Adjourn FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2012 7:00 am Continental Breakfast PLENARY SESSION IV: HIV/HCV Co-infection 8:00 Management of HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients in Annie Luetkemeyer, MD the Era of Expanding HCV Treatment Options 8:55 *Diagnosis and Management of Acute Hepatitis C Alexander Monto, MD 9:30 Coffee Break 10:00 *10 Need to Know Questions / 10 Brilliant Answers Marion G. Peters, MD 10:45 The Great Debate Annie Luetkemeyer, MD; Questions from the Audience Alexander Monto, MD; Marion G. Peters, MD COURSE CHAIRS COURSE FACULTY (CONT’D) COURSE FACULTY (CONT’D) Diane V. Havlir, MD Gail Bolan, MD Steven G. Deeks, MD Professor and Chief, Director, Division of STD Prevention, Professor of Medicine, Division of HIV/AIDS; Director, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Division of HIV/AIDS Positive Health Program, Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Michelle M. Estrella, MD, MHS San Francisco General Hospital Centers for Disease Control and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP Prevention, Atlanta, GA Division of Nephrology, The JohnsUCSF Senate Emeritus – Medicine, Gabriel Chamie, MD, MPH Hopkins University School of Division of HIV/AIDS, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medicine, Baltimore, MD San Francisco General Hospital Division of HIV/AIDS Karena Franses, MSW, LCSW Katerina Christopoulos, MD, MPH Social Worker, Division of HIV/AIDS COURSE FACULTY Assistant Professor of Medicine, Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH(University of California, San Francisco Division of HIV/AIDS Associate Professor of Medicine, unless otherwise noted.) Susa Coffey, MD Division of HIV/AIDS; Oliver M. L. Bacon, MD, MPH Associate Professor of Medicine, Director, AIDS Consult Service Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of HIV/AIDS Meredith Greene, MD Division of HIV/AIDS Deborah Cohan, MD, MPH Fellow, Department of Geriatrics George Beatty, MD, MPH Associate Professor, Department of Katherine Grieco, DO Associate Professor of Medicine, OB/Gyn and Reproductive Services; Clinical Instructor, Department of Division of HIV/AIDS Medical Director, Bay Area General Medicine, Yale School of Perinatal AIDS Center Medicine, New Haven, CT Grant Nash Colfax, MD Director, Office of National AIDS Policy, The White House
  4. 4. HIV/AIDS Westin Market Street San Francisco, CA FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2012 (CONT’D) PLENARY SESSION V: Addiction Medicine 11:25 Plant Food, Zombie Matter and the Virgin Mary: Katherine Grieco, DO Update on Designer Drugs 12:10 pm Morning Session Concludes – Lunch on Own 12:20 - 1:20 OPTIONAL LUNCH WORKSHOPS (Non-Accredited) - $10 Additional Fee • FOR BEGINNER HIV PRACTITIONERS ONLY NCT New HIV Clinicians’ Workshop: Royce Lin, MD From Guidelines to Practice: A New Clinician’s Guide to Constructing an ARV Regimen • FOR NURSES AND NURSE PRACTITIONERS ONLY NP/RN Networking Workshop: The Medical Effects of Methamphetamine PLENARY SESSION VI: New Approaches for Clinical Management 1:35 Modern Times in HIV Dermatology: Back to Basics Toby A. Maurer, MD 2:15 Interesting Unknown Cases Katerina Christopoulos, MD 2:45 Coffee Break BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3:15 - 4:55 pm (Select One) A. NCTNew HIV Clinicians’ Workshop*: Introduction to ARV Resistance Harry Lampiris, MD A Primer on Opportunistic Infections Mark A. Jacobson, MD B. Motivational Interviewing: How to Apply the Karena Franses, MSW, LCSW Spirit and Principles 3:15 - 4:00 pm and 4:10 - 4:55pm (Select Two) 1. Women (We are Not Little Men) and HIV Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH 2. PrEP: What’s Up? Oliver M.L. Bacon, MD, MPH 3. *How to Make HCV Treatment Work – Val Robb, RN & Annie Luetkemeyer, MD Engaging Patients Into and Through Treatment 4:55 pm Adjourn SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2012 7:00 am Continental Breakfast PLENARY SESSION VII: HIV and End Organ Complications 8:00 *HIV and Renal Disease Michelle M. Estrella, MD, MHS 8:40 HIV and Cardiovascular Disease Priscilla Hsue, MD 9:25 Coffee Break 9:55 Inpatient and Outpatient HIV Chest Cases Laurence Huang, MD 10:40 Questions to the Panel Moderator: Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP 11:05 Interesting Unknown Cases Vivek Jain, MD 11:40 Morning Session Concludes – Lunch On Own 1:10 pm HIV and Bone Disease Dolores M. Shoback, MD 2:00 HPV and HIV – A Terrible Tango Joel Palefsky, MD, FRCP(C) 2:40 Coffee Break 3:10 Reproductive Health for HIV+ Women…and Men! Deborah Cohan, MD, MPH 4:20 Closing Remarks Diane V. Havlir, MD and Meg D. Newman, MD, FACP 4:30 pm Adjourn * New Topics for 2012 NCT = New Clinicians’ Track COURSE FACULTY (CONT’D) COURSE FACULTY (CONT’D) COURSE FACULTY (CONT’D) Hiroyu Hatano, MD Harry Lampiris, MD Marion G. Peters, MDAssistant Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medicine; Acting Chief, Professor of Medicine, Chief of Division of HIV/AIDS Infectious Disease Section, Hepatology Research Priscilla Hsue, MD San Francisco VA Medical Center Susan Philip, MD, MPHAssistant Professor of Medicine, Royce Lin, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, SFGH Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases; Laurence Huang, MD Division of HIV/AIDS Director, STD Prevention and Professor of Medicine, Chief, Annie Luetkemeyer, MD Control Services, San Francisco HIV/AIDS Chest Clinic, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Public HealthSan Francisco General Hospital Division of HIV/AIDS Val Robb, RN Mark A. Jacobson, MD Toby A. Maurer, MD Clinical Nurse, Division of HIV/AIDS,Professor, Division of HIV/AIDS Professor and Chief of Dermatology San Francisco General Hospital Vivek Jain, MD Alexander Monto, MD Parya Saberi, PharmD, MASAssistant Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of HIV/AIDS Medicine, Director, Liver Clinic, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, Malcolm John, MD San Francisco VA Medical Center; Department of MedicineAssociate Professor of Medicine, UCSF GI-Liver Faculty Practice Dolores Shoback, MD Division of Infectious Diseases Joel Palefsky, MD, FRCP(C) Professor; Endocrine Research Unit, Professor of Medicine, San Francisco VA Medical Center Division of Infectious Diseases Daniel Wlodarczyk, MD Professor of Medicine, Division of HIV/AIDS
  5. 5. Upcoming CME Courses Westin Market Street, San Francisco, CA The 25th Annual Medical Management December 5-7, 2013 of HIV/AIDS You may also reach us by calling the Office of 476-4251 or emailing: University of California, For more information or to register online Continuing Medical visit our website at Recycled Paper Education at (415) Office of Continuing San Francisco, CA Medical Education UCSF Box 0742 San Francisco E Printed on 94143-0742 0569 GENERAL INFORMATION CONFERENCE LOCATION Date: December 6- 8, 2012 The course will take place at the Westin Market Location: Westin Market Street Street San Francisco, located in the South of Market 50 Third St. (SOMA) district. The hotel is within walking distance San Francisco, CA 94103 to the famed San Francisco Shopping Center, Yerba Buena Gardens, and the San Francisco Museum of Phone: 415-616-6500 Modern Art (MOMA). Enjoy San Francisco’s HOW TO ENROLL renowned attractions such as the historic cable cars, Tuition*: $795 Physicians shopping in Union Square, or visit San Francisco’s $695* Allied Health Professionals, culinary hub at the Ferry Building. Nurses, Residents, Fellows A block of guestrooms has been reserved at a special * On-site registration will be $55 additional. UCSF conference rate of $199.00. The contracted cut Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, off date is November 5, 2012, or until the group room AmEx or check. block is filled, whichever comes first. Course enrollment is limited and early registration To make hotel reservations please call 888-627-8561 is encouraged. Fast, Easy, Efficient: and identify yourself as a member of this UCSF REGISTER ONLINE!! conference to receive the special rate. Mail: Complete course registration form You can also reserve your hotel rooms on-line by and send with payment to: visiting the course webpage on our website at UCSF Office of CME Please click on the link in the P.O. Box 45368 Travel & Lodging section. San Francisco, CA By staying at the host hotel, you help UCSF 94145-0368 meet its contractual obligations and keep Fax: Fax completed registration form to: registration fees reasonable. Please take this into (415) 502-1795 (be sure to include consideration when making your accommodation your credit card number) decisions. Phone: To register by phone or to inquire about AIR TRANSPORTATION your registration status, please call the UCSF has negotiated special fares with American UCSF CME Registration Office at and United Airlines for our course attendees. You may (415) 476-5808. use the following codes to book on your own: REFUND POLICY American (800) 433-1790 code: 71D2AX Cancellations received in writing before the first United – code: ZN6X307526 day of the course will be refunded, less a $75 administrative fee. No refunds will be made on cancellations received after that date.