Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review


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Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review

  1. 1. Register Online Now! $75 on when you register online!Photo courtesy of Winston Dunn, M.D.Mayo School of Continuous Professional DevelopmentGastroenterology & HepatologyBoard ReviewSeptember 5-8, 2013Pre-Course ABIM Modules – Wednesday, September 4The Westin Chicago River NorthChicago, IllinoisCourse DirectorsStephen C. Hauser, M.D.Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D.William Sanchez, M.D.Limited Number of ScholarshipsAvailable for Fellows
  2. 2. Program ScheduleGASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY BOARD REVIEWThursday, September 5, 20136:30 a.m. Registration Continental Breakfast/Posters/Exhibits7:15 a.m. Welcome Stephen C. Hauser, M.D. Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D. William Sanchez, M.D.7:20 a.m. Introduction to the Board Examination; Statistics and the Board Examination William Sanchez, M.D.7:35 a.m. Approach to the Patient with Abnormal Liver Tests and Acute Liver Failure John J. Poterucha, M.D.8:20 a.m. Vascular Diseases of the Liver and Portal Hypertension William Sanchez, M.D.9:00 a.m. Mass Lesions of the Liver Lewis R. Roberts, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D.9:45 a.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits10:10 a.m. Viral Hepatitis John J. Poterucha, M.D.11:10 a.m. Alcoholic Liver Disease and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Kymberly D. Watt, M.D.11:40 a.m. Liver Disease and Pregnancy J. Eileen Hay, M.B., Ch.B.12:00 p.m. Lunch1:20 p.m. Board Review: Liver I William Sanchez, M.D. John J. Poterucha, M.D.OPTIONAL PRE-COURSE ABIM MODULESWednesday, September 4, 20133:00 p.m. ABIM Medical Knowledge Module: 2011 Update in Hepatology (93-L) John R. Poterucha, M.D. William Sanchez, M.D.5:00 p.m. Adjourn/Dinner on Your Own7:00 p.m. ABIM Medical Knowledge Module: 2012 Update in Gastroenterology (A4-M) Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D. Seth R. Sweetser, M.D.9:00 p.m. AdjournAdditional registration fees apply for the ABIM modules.
  3. 3. Program Schedule2:10 p.m. Ascites, Hepatorenal Syndrome and Encephalopathy J. Eileen Hay, M.B., Ch.B.2:50 p.m. Acute Liver Failure and Liver Transplantation Michael D. Leise, M.D.3:10 p.m. Metabolic Liver Disease William Sanchez, M.D.3:55 p.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits4:20 p.m. Cholestatic Liver Disease and Autoimmune Hepatitis Kymberly D. Watt, M.D.5:00 p.m. Liver Pathology / Case Studies Jason T. Lewis, M.D. John J. Poterucha, M.D.6:00 p.m. AdjournFriday, September 6, 20136:30 a.m. Registration Continental Breakfast/Posters/Exhibits7:30 a.m. Board Review: Liver II William Sanchez, M.D. Michael D. Leise, M.D.8:20 a.m. Gallstones Stephen C. Hauser, M.D.8:55 a.m. Acute Pancreatitis Bret T. Petersen, M.D.9:30 a.m. Chronic Pancreatitis Bret T. Petersen, M.D.10:00 a.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits10:25 a.m. Pancreatic Neoplasms Ferga Gleeson, M.D.11:00 a.m. Board Review: Pancreas and Biliary Tree Ferga Gleeson, M.D. Barham K. Abu Dayyeh, M.D.11:50 a.m. Lunch1:05 p.m. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Prasad G. Iyer, M.D.1:35 p.m. Barrett’s Esophagus and Esophageal Neoplasms Prasad G. Iyer, M.D.2:10 p.m. Esophageal Motility Disorders Karthik Ravi, M.D.
  4. 4. Program Schedule2:30 p.m. Board Review: Esophagus Prasad G. Iyer, M.D. Karthik Ravi, M.D.3:20 p.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits3:45 p.m. Vascular Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract Stephen C. Hauser, M.D.4:20 p.m. Non-variceal Gastrointestinal Tract Bleeding Jeffrey A. Alexander, M.D.5:00 p.m. Gastrointestinal Pathology / Case Studies Jason T. Lewis, M.D. Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D.6:00 p.m. AdjournSaturday, September 7, 20137:00 a.m. Registration Continental Breakfast/Posters/Exhibits 8:00 a.m. Peptic Ulcer Disease and Gastritis Stephanie L. Hansel, M.D.8:35 a.m. Gastric Neoplasms and Gastrointestinal Endocrine Tumors Mark V. Larson, M.D.9:20 a.m. Gastroduodenal Motility Disorders Stephanie L. Hansel, M.D.9:45 a.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits10:10 a.m. Board Review: Stomach Stephen C. Hauser, M.D. John B. Kisiel, M.D.11:00 a.m. Clinical Features of Malabsorptive Disorders; Small Bowel Mucosal Diseases and Bacterial Overgrowth Syndromes Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D.12:00 p.m. Lunch1:15 p.m. Nutritional Disorders, Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Stephen C. Hauser, M.D.1:50 p.m. Board Review: Small Bowel and Nutrition Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D. Glenn L. Alexander, M.D.2:40 p.m. Gastrointestinal Infections and Diverticular Disease Conor G. Loftus, M.D.3:25 p.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshment Break/Posters/Exhibits
  5. 5. 3:50 p.m. Board Review: Miscellaneous Disorders Seth R. Sweetser, M.D. Conor G. Loftus, M.D.4:40 p.m. Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Constipation and Disorders of the Pelvic Floor Seth R. Sweetser, M.D.5:20 p.m. Questions and Answers5:30 p.m. AdjournSunday, September 8, 20136:30 a.m. Registration Continental Breakfast/Posters/Exhibits7:00 a.m. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Clinical Features Darrell S. Pardi, M.D.7:30 a.m. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Extraintestinal Manifestations Laura E. Raffals, M.D.8:00 a.m. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Therapy Darrell S. Pardi, M.D.8:50 a.m. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Miscellaneous Laura E. Raffals, M.D.9:20 a.m. Questions and Answers/Refreshments9:45 a.m. Colorectal Neoplasms and Hereditary Polyposis Syndromes Mark V. Larson, M.D.10:25 a.m. Board Review: Colon Glenn L. Alexander, M.D. Jeffrey A. Alexander, M.D.11:15 a.m. Questions and Answers11:30 a.m. AdjournProgram Schedule
  6. 6. COURSE HIGHLIGHTS• Maintenance of CertificationPre-Course – September 4, 2013• Interactive case presentations utilizingan audience response system• Lectures utilizing case-presentationformat• Multiple short board examination-typebest-answer questions• Poster sessions featuring simulatedboard examination questions andanswers• Faculty are Mayo Clinic staffconsultantsCOURSE DESCRIPTION LEARNING OBJECTIVESMayo Clinic Gastroenterology andHepatology Board Review is designed forcandidates preparing for certifying andmaintenance of certification examinationsin gastroenterology. The program willinclude relevant topics such as pathology,endoscopy, radiology and nutrition.Upon conclusion of this program,participants should be able to:• Identify esophageal, gastric, smallbowel and colon diseases and otherdisorders of the gastrointestinal tractand liver.• Articulate diagnostic therapeuticapproaches to patients diagnosed withdigestive disorders.• Discuss relevant areas of pathology,endoscopy, radiology and nutrition.Attendance at this Mayo course does notindicate nor guarantee competence orproficiency in the performance of anyprocedures which may be discussed ortaught in this course.INTENDED AUDIENCEThis board review course is designed forgastroenterologists and hepatologistspreparing for certifying and maintenance ofrecertification examinations. Clinicians,physician assistants and nurse practitionerswanting to consolidate currentunderstanding of digestive diseases,including diagnostic and therapeuticapproaches to patient management, alsomay benefit from this program.ABIM MAINTENANCE OFCERTIFICATION SESSION(Optional add-on and fee of $200.00 permodule)On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, twooptional ABIM modules will be offered tohelp physicians prepare for the board examand recertification process. The optionalpre-course sessions are chaired by expertfaculty who will analyze each modulequestion, review current evidence and keypoints and summarize clinical pearls.Session attendees actively participate usingan audience response system and acommon consensus will be achieved inanswering these questions. The collectiveinformation gathered in these interactivesessions enhances individual knowledgeand longer retention of current medicalinformation.Each module is worth 10 points towardMaintenance of Certification.COURSE MATERIALSParticipants will receive a copy of the 4thedition of the “Mayo ClinicGastroenterology and Hepatology BoardReview” textbook and a flash drivecontaining the comprehensive coursesyllabus. A link to the electronic syllabuswill also be distributed to participants priorto the course. Participants are invited tobring their laptops to the meeting room.Internet access and power will be provided. Syllabus (optional add on and fee of $75.00)A printed syllabus can be pre-ordered andpurchased for $75 for the board reviewcourse upon registration. If you wish topurchase a printed syllabus, please selectthe “Syllabus” option on the registrationform.General Information
  7. 7. Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology andHepatology Board Review4th Edition TextbookThe 4th edition “Mayo ClinicGastroenterology and Hepatology BoardReview” textbook has been updated forphysicians in training who are preparingfor the gastroenterology and hepatologyboard review exam, and the growingnumber of gastroenterologists preparing forrecertification. This book is intended toprovide the user with knowledge ingastroenterology, hepatology, and relatedareas of pathology, endoscopy, nutrition,and radiology.CREDITCollege of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, isaccredited by the Accreditation Council forContinuing Medical Education to providecontinuing medical education forphysicians.ABIM Maintenance of CertificationPrep Course: Update in Hepatology,September 4, 2013College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic,designates this live activity for a maximumof 2.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the creditcommensurate with the extent of theirparticipation in the activity.ABIM Maintenance of Certification PrepCourse: Update in Gastroenterology,September 4, 2013College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic,designates this live activity for a maximumof 2.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the creditcommensurate with the extent of theirparticipation in the activity.Gastroenterology Hepatology BoardReview, September 5-8, 2013College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic,designates this live activity for a maximumof 28.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the creditcommensurate with the extent of theirparticipation in the activity.Other Health Care ProfessionalsA certificate of attendance will be providedto other health care professionals forrequesting credits in accordance with statenursing boards, specialty societies, or otherprofessional associations.DATE AND LOCATIONThe Gastroenterology Hepatology BoardReview Course will be held September 5 -8, 2013. Course headquarters will belocated at the Westin Chicago River Northhotel in the Grand Ballroom, 320 NorthDearborn, in Chicago, Illinois. The optionalpre-course ABIM modules on September 4will be held in the same location.REGISTRATIONTo register online, visit, or complete theattached registration form and return bymail or fax. The registration fee includestuition, comprehensive electronic syllabus,text book, continental breakfasts, breakrefreshments, and lunch. Although it is notMayo School of Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment (CPD) policy to limit thenumber of registrants for a course,conference room facilities may necessitateclosing of enrollment; therefore, earlyregistration is advised. A letter ofconfirmation will be sent upon receipt ofpayment and completed registration form. Please present the confirmation letter whenchecking in at the meeting registrationdesk.For additional information, contact:Mayo School of Continuous ProfessionalDevelopmentPlummer 2-60200 First Street SWRochester, MN 55905Website: cme@mayo.eduPhone: 800-323-2688 or 507-284-2509Fax: 507-284-0532CANCELLATION POLICYIf you cancel your participation in thiscourse, your registration fee, less a $75administrative fee, will be refunded whenwritten notification is received by the MayoSchool of CPD before August 21, 2013(fax#: 507-284-0532). No refunds will bemade on or after August 21, 2013. Canceled registrations are non-transferable.Mayo School of CPD reserves the right tocancel or postpone any course due tounforeseen circumstances. In the unlikelyevent Mayo School of CPD must cancel orpostpone this course, Mayo School of CPDwill refund the registration fee, but is notGeneral Information
  8. 8. responsible for any related costs, charges,or expenses to participants, including feesassessed by airline/travel/lodgingagencies.LODGING ACCOMMODATIONSRooms have been reserved for courseparticipants and their guests at the WestinChicago River North, 320 North Dearborn,Chicago, Illinois. In order to receive thespecial rate, reservations must be madebefore the room block is filled or before theexpiration date of August 9, 2013,whichever comes first. Reservations will betaken following this date based on spaceand rate availability. When makingreservations, identify yourself as aparticipant of “Mayo Clinic’sGastroenterology Board Review” course. Westin Chicago River NorthTelephone 1-877-866-9216 or 312-744-1900Standard single or double: $189.00 Hotel room rates are subject to applicablestate and local taxes in effect at the time ofcheck-in.Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.; check-out is12:00 noon.Lodging arrangements and parking are thesole responsibility of the individualregistrant.Mayo School of CPD is not responsible forexpenses incurred by an individual who isnot confirmed and for whom space is notavailable at the meeting. Costs incurred bythe registrant such as airline or hotel fees orpenalties are the responsibility of theregistrant.FACULTYCourse DirectorsStephen C. Hauser, M.D.Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D.William Sanchez, M.D.Mayo FacultyBarham K. Abu Dayyeh, M.D.Jeffrey A. Alexander, M.D.Glenn L. Alexander, M.D.Ferga Gleeson, M.D.Stephanie L. Hansel, M.D.J. Eileen Hay, M.B., Ch.B.Prasad G. Iyer, M.D.John B. Kisiel, M.D.Mark V. Larson, M.D.Michael D. Leise, M.D.Jason T. Lewis, M.D.Conor G. Loftus, M.D.Darrell S. Pardi, M.D.Bret T. Petersen, M.D.John J. Poterucha, M.D.Laura E. Raffals, M.D.Karthik Ravi, M.D.Lewis R. Roberts, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D.Seth R. Sweetser, M.D.Kymberly D. Watt, M.D.FACULTY DISCLOSUREAs a provider accredited by ACCME,College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic (MayoSchool of Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment) must ensure balance,independence, objectivity and scientificrigor in its educational activities. Coursedirector(s), planning committee, faculty,and all others who are in a position tocontrol the content of this educationalactivity are required to disclose all relevantfinancial relationships with any commercialinterest related to the subject matter of theeducational activity. Safeguards againstcommercial bias have been put in place. Faculty also will disclose any off-label and/or investigational use of pharmaceuticals orinstruments discussed in their presentation. Disclosure of this information will bepublished in course materials so thoseparticipants in the activity may formulatetheir own judgments regarding thepresentation.General Information
  9. 9. 2013 Gastroenterology Hepatology Board Review Course - September 5-8, 2013Pre-Course ABIM Modules – September 4, 2013The Westin Chicago River North | Chicago, IllinoisREGISTRATION FORM 2013R917Mail form and payment to:Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development Phone 800-323-2688 or 507-284-2509Plummer 2-60 FAX 507-284-0532200 First Street SW E-mail cme@mayo.eduRochester, MN 55905 Web site online at: Fees Payment InformationOptional Pre-course ABIM Modules: 2011 Update in Hepatology (93-L) - $200.00 $ ________ 2012 Update in Gastroenterology (A4-M) - $200.00 $ ________ Gastroenterology Hepatology Board Review (September 5-8, 2013) Physicians/Scientists – $1095.00 $ ________ Physicians/Scientists – $1020.00 ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY Residents, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners – $800.00 $ ________ Residents, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners– $725.00 ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY Printed Syllabus - $75.00 (An electronic syllabus is included at no additional charge with course registration.) $ ________Total Payment Enclosed: $ ________Check is enclosed in the amount shown at right – make checks payable to Mayo Clinic Payment TotalCredit Card – select oneDiscover MasterCardVisaAccount Number Exp Date – mm/yyName of Cardholder – as it appears on the card Signature of Cardholder – requiredXContact Information (Please print or type information. You may duplicate this form for mulitple registrations.)Name of Registrant – first name, middle name or initial, and last name Degree – select all that applyMD PhD DO PA NPOther - specifyName of Institution Medical SpecialtyPreferred Mailing Address – select one Work/Business HomeWork/Business Address – street address Work Phone – include all country and city/area codesas needed along with complete phone numberCity State or Province ZIP or Postal Code CountryHome Address – street address Home Phone – include all country and city/areacodes as needed along with complete phone numberCity State or Province ZIP or Postal Code CountryE-mail Address FAX – include all country and city/area codes as needed along with complete phone numberFAX Location – select oneWork/BusinessHomeIf you have special assistance needs or dietary restrictions, describe here:SPECIALNEEDS(NOTE: E-mail is the Mayo School of CPD’s primary form of correspondence.)
  10. 10. ©2013MayoFoundationforMedicalEducationandResearch MC8012-20rev0213MayoSchoolofContinuousProfessionalDevelopmentGastroenterologyHepatologyBoardReviewSeptember5-8,2013Pre-CourseABIMModules Wednesday,September4TheWestinChicagoRiverNorth|Chicago,IllinoisCOURSEHIGHLIGHTS★ MaintenanceofCertificationPre-Course–September4,2013• Interactivecasepresentationsutilizinganaudienceresponsesystem• Lecturesutilizingcase-presentationformat• Multipleshortboardexamination-typebest-answerquestions• Postersessionsfeaturingsimulatedboardexaminationquestionsandanswers• FacultyareMayoClinicstaffconsultantsREGISTER ONLINE NOW!,MN55905Save$75onwhenyouregisteronline!