ENDO 2012: The 94th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society


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ENDO 2012: The 94th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society

  1. 1. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Where the World ofEndocrinology MeetsEarly Registration Deadline: May 1, 2012Housing Request Deadline: May 30, 2012www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  2. 2. W e l c om ew e l c om e THE ENDOCRINE SOCIETY’S 94TH ANNUAL MEETING & EXPO June 23–26, 2012  |  Houston, Texas Dear Colleague, We are pleased to invite you to attend ENDO. The plenary and symposia offerings at ENDO 2012 are not to be missed. We are especially proud of the programs at this year’s meeting that address all three of our constituencies. This year, the new Master Clinicians Sessions will expand to three offerings— pituitary, type 1 diabetes, and precocious puberty. The “Year In” sessions will highlight sex differences in endocrine research and obesity-cancer connections. Six innovative symposia—topics ranging from imaging and interventional radiology in the evaluation of endocrine disorders, to nuclear receptors and inflammation, to diabetes and cognitive function—will appeal to wide audiences. Whether you are a researcher, in training, or an established practitioner, ENDO offers educational programs specifically tailored to your needs. With the broad representation of researchers and practitioners in endocrinology attending ENDO, our meeting continues to offer unparalleled opportunities for networking and collaboration. Make plans to visit ENDOExpo, where poster communities are an excellent venue for exchange, and ENDO Connect, where small tables with wireless access facilitate scientific discussions. ENDO also offers attendees opportunities to participate in light-hearted events, including cooking demonstrations and the team-based ENDO Trivia Cup Challenge. We hope to see you in Houston! Lynnette K Nieman, MD Joel K Elmquist, DVM, PhD Anthony L McCall, MD, PhD NICHD/NIH Univ of Texas SW Med Ctr Univ of Virginia Sch of Med Chair, ENDO 2012 Basic Science Chair, ENDO 2012 Clinical Chair, ENDO 2012
  3. 3. H O U S tonThe Society is excited to bring the world’s largest endocri-nology meeting to the fourth-largest city in the UnitedStates, Houston, Texas. Houston is home to 17 of themost renowned medical centers in the United States,including the Texas Medical Center—the world’s largestmedical complex and a thriving center for scientific andmedical research.Houston is a cosmopolitan city that offers somethingfor everyone—including world-class museums and aTheater District second only to New York City. In addition,Houston has one of the best culinary scenes in the country.There are more than 8,000 restaurants in the Houstonarea, with dining choices that represent more than35 regions and countries.To assist our international travelers, the Houston airportis offering a dedicated passport control line exclusively forENDO attendees. International attendees can also takeadvantage of tax-free shopping while visiting Houston.To learn more, visit www.taxfreetexas.com.Visit the ENDO 2012 site for more information and shortvideos on Houston in 10 languages. www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  1
  4. 4. pr e - c on f e r e n c e e v e nts Diabetes Diagnosis & Management 2012 Strategies for Difficult Clinical Cases Friday, June 22  |  George R Brown Convention Center 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Registration Fees (Includes continental breakfast and lunch) Member or ENS Member.........$55 . Non-Member............................$85 In-Training (member   or non-member)....................$45 Program Chairs Kieren J Mather, MD, Indiana Univ Graham T McMahon, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hosp Carol H Wysham, MD, Univ of Washington Agenda Sch of Med 9:00 – 9:30 AM Choosing the Best Treatment Options Registration & Continental Breakfast This full-day workshop prior to ENDO 2012 invites expert faculty to focus on current 9:30 – 9:45 AM advanced practice challenges and provides Introduction a state-of-the-art update for all who treat difficult diabetes cases. This interactive workshop utilizes Audience Response SYMPOSIUM I: TREATMENT technology throughout the sessions to OF HYPERGLYCEMIA & T2DM examine case vignettes and poll the 9:45 – 11:30 AM audience on treatment options. New ADA Treatment Guidelines Program Highlights Incretins & Insulin in Type 1 & Type 2 n Discussion of the latest treatment Diabetes guidelines from The Endocrine Society and the American Diabetes Association Bariatric Surgery: Evaluation Before & Management After n Symposium on the microvascular complications of diabetes—neuropathy, 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM retinopathy, and nephropathy Panel Discussion n Multiple Meet-the-Professor sessions 12:00 – 1:00 PM n Hands-onworkshop: managing insulin Lunch pump therapy and troubleshooting pump problems 2  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  5. 5. pr e - c on f e r e n c e e v e nts 2012 Corporate Liaison Board Forum The CLB Forum highlights the collabo- ration among industry, academia, and1:00 – 1:45 PM health care agencies, both governmentBreakouts Round 1 and non-government, in approaches toMeet-the-Professor Sessions the treatment of endocrine disorders.& Hands-on Workshopsn Management of Hypertriglyceridemia/low Friday, June 22 HDL 6:30 – 9:30 PMn Continuous Glucose Monitoring Hilton Americas-Houstonn Sleep & Diabetesn Gestational Diabetes Diabetes & Cardiovascularn Behavior Change in Diabetes Risk: Is Personalizedn Hands-on Insulin Pump Workshop Medicine the Answer?n Hands-on Fundoscopy Workshop Program Director: Barbara Lippe, MD, Genentech, Inc.1:45 – 1:50 PM Program Overview, Welcome, &Break Introduction: Barbara Lippe, MD,1:50 – 2:40 PM Genentech, Inc.Breakouts Round 2 TOpic areas:Repeat Meet-the-Professor Workshops Genetic and Metabolomic Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes2:40 – 2:55 PM Jose C Florez, MD, PhD, Harvard Med SchBreak Current Personalized Medicine Approaches in DiabetesSYMPOSIUM II: MICROVASCULAR Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, Univ of TennesseeCOMPLICATIONS Hlth Sci Ctr 2:55 – 4:40 PM Personalized Medicine in CV—DM Diagnosis & Management January 20, 2012 of Diabetic Neuropathy Luther T Clark, MD, FACC, Global Director Diagnosis & Management for Scientific Affairs for Atherosclerosis, of Diabetic Retinopathy Merck & Co., Inc. Nephropathy & Stage 3 CKD Health Care Disparities in the US Cara James, PhD, Kaiser Family Fdn4:40 – 5:10 PMPanel Discussion Panel Discussion This session is not eligible for CME credit.5:10 – 5:30 PMFollow-up & ClosingContent as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  3
  6. 6. pr e - c on f e r e n c e e v e nts Hands-on Thyroid Ultrasound Workshops Friday, June 22  |  George R Brown Convention Center 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM Advanced Hands-on Thyroid Ultrasound Workshop Registration limited to 90 participants Registration Fees agenda (Includes lunch) Member or ENS Member........ $405 . 8:00 – 8:05 AM Non-Member........................... $475 Welcome & Introduction In-Training (member Susan J Mandel, MD, MPH, Univ of   or non-member)................... $285 Pennsylvania Sch of Med Registration Prerequisite: The registrant must 8:05 – 8:30 AM currently be performing diagnostic thyroid Metastatic Lymph Nodes: ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine-needle Why They Matter aspiration biopsies routinely in his/her prac- tice. This 5.5-hour course is designed to in- 8:30 – 9:15 AM troduce participants to the use of ultrasound Ultrasound Evaluation of Lymph Nodes for examination of the cervical lymph nodes 9:15 – 9:40 AM and parathyroid adenomas. There will be four didactic lectures and one hands-on session Parathyroid Ultrasound with participation by patients with thyroid 9:40 – 10:00 AM cancer and hyperparathyroidism. Cytology: Preparation & Interpretation objectives 10:00 – 10:30 AM Upon completion of this educational activity, Q&A participants will be able to: n Review indications for ultrasound exami- 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM nation of cervical lymph nodes in thyroid Practicum: Diagnostic Thyroid cancer patients Ultrasound n Ultrasound didactic demonstration session n Demonstrate the imaging procedure and on metastatic thyroid cancer lymph nodes characteristics of benign and malignant and parathyroid adenomas lymph nodes n Hands-on session in ultrasound tech- n Discuss and illustrate the imaging nique to image the post-operative neck, characteristics of parathyroid ultrasound fine-needle aspiration biopsy adenomas technique using a curvilinear probe, and n Practice slide preparation and cytology slide preparation and onsite cytology specimen interpretation analysis 4  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  7. 7. pr e - c on f e r e n c e e v e nts1:30 – 6:30 PMIntroductory Hands-on Thyroid Ultrasound WorkshopRegistration limited to 85 participants AgendaRegistration Fees 1:30 – 1:35 PM(Includes snacks) Member or ENS Member................. $375 . Welcome & Introduction Susan J Mandel, MD, MPH Non-Member.................................... $445 Univ of Pennsylvania Sch of Med In-Training (member or non-member)... $260This 5-hour course is designed to introduce 1:35 – 2:00 PMparticipants to the use of ultrasound in the Physics of Ultrasounddiagnosis of thyroid nodules and perform 2:00 – 2:45 PMultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirations. Ultrasound of Thyroid NodulesThere will be four didactic lectures and onehands-on session. 2:45 – 3:00 PM BreakObjectivesUpon completion of this educational activity, 3:00 – 3:25 PMparticipants will be able to: Ultrasound of Diffuse Thyroid Disordersn Review the technology of ultrasound imaging 3:25 – 3:45 PMn Demonstrate the imaging characteristics Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration of thyroid nodules and diffuse thyroid disorders 3:45 – 6:30 PMn Perform diagnostic thyroid ultrasound Practicum: Ultrasound-Guided imaging and identify normal neck anatomy Fine-Needle Aspirationn Perform ultrasound-guided fine-needle n Ultrasound Technique for Diagnostic aspiration biopsies using a simulated model Thyroid Evaluationn Practice slide preparation and n Ultrasound Fine-Needle Aspiration cytology specimen interpretation Biopsy Techniques 10 MOC Lipids & Obesity MOC Live Learning Session Points Saturday, June 23  |  George R Brown Convention Center  |  6:00 – 9:00 PM Registration Fees: Members or ENS Members: $210, Non-Members: $335 (Includes dinner and the online-only Lipids & Obesity MOC: A Self-Assessment Module) Faculty Presenters: Maria L Collazo-Clavell, MD, Mayo Clin; Lisa R Tannock, MD, Univ of Kentucky This Live Learning Session allows participants to review Lipids & Obesity MOC: A Self-Assessment Module, an online case-based tool containing 25 practice-related questions on lipid disorders and obesity. The authors, Drs Collazo-Clavell and Tannock, will lead participants through the questions of the module, using audience response key-cards to poll participants’ answers and discussing the key points of each case. Participants then receive access to the online module, which has been approved by the ABIM for 10 MOC points toward self-assessment of medical knowledge.Content as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  5
  8. 8. pr e - c on f e r e n c e e v e nts Endocrine Trainee Day—Class of 2012 Friday, June 22  |  George R Brown Convention Center 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM The 6th Annual Endocrine Trainee Day is an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, and medical and graduate students to interact with their peers and be inspired by the recognized experts in the endocrine community. Advancing This popular event offers programming tailored Science for basic science and clinical students and fel- Enriching lows, including plenary lectures on translational endocrine research and two concurrent tracks of Car e e rs educational sessions. Highlights of the program include advice on career choices from some of endocrinology’s most suc- cessful scientists and clinicians, as well as their perspectives on striking a healthy balance between career and personal life. General registration will open on March 2, 2012, and is on a first-come, first served-basis, until space is filled. New! Hormones and Cancer Forum Friday, June 22  |  George R Brown Convention Center 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM This forum brings together global experts on endocrine mechanisms of breast and prostate cancer development and treatment to discuss and help develop tomorrow’s cure. 9:00 AM 12:00 – 1:00 PM Welcome & Introduction Lunch & Poster Time Reflections on the contributions of the late 1:00 – 2:00 PM Jonathan Li, PhD, founding Editor of Hormones Second Keynote Address: HR in Prostate Cancer and Cancer 9:05 AM Session 2: Complications & risks Opening Keynote Address: Mechanisms of ADT & HRT in prostate & of Resistance in Breast Cancer breast cancer 2:00 – 4:00 PM Session 1: New insights into breast & prostate cancer ADT Complications 10:00 – 12:00 PM HRT: Re-evaluation of the Effects of HRT Whole Genome Sequencing from Breast Cancer Role of Stem Cells in Prostate Cancer Risk Aromatase Trial Effect of Parity & Breast Cancer Risk Mechanisms of AR Action in Castrate Resistant Discussion Prostate Cancer 4:00 – 6:00 PM Targeting Compensatory MAPK Signaling in Poster Time & Cash Bar Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Discussion 6  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  9. 9. Add Extra Sizzle to ENDO 2012 Visit the ENDOExpo June 23–26, 2012 • Houston, Texas ENDOExpo—a great place for you to view posters, interact with exhibitors, and network. Get the information you need... Exhibitors at ENDOExpo cover more than 70 different product categories and can give you the information you need on latest products in the field. Gain even more insight by attending an ENDOExpo Theater demonstration on the latest products. Find colleagues and collaborators... With 2,600 posters, there is plenty of great science to talk about, and plenty of eager presenters to discuss it with. Looking for a place to meet? Plan to meet your colleagues at ENDO Connect, where you can also check your email and update your meeting itinerary. Take the break you need... Free coffee is provided every morning and afternoon to enjoy while previewing posters and visiting the exhibits. Or receive a massage from our onsite therapists at the Relaxation Station. Get delicious advice from top chefs... Part of The Hormone Foundation’s Cooking for Pleasure, Healthy for Life series, these cooking demonstrations will be held daily at the ENDOExpo. Learn practical tips to improve your patients’ nutrition and general well-being. Learn more about what ENDOExpo 2012 has to offer at www.endo-society.org/endo2012 See you at the Expo!Content as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  7
  10. 10. pl e nary s e ssions Plenary Sessions SATURDAY, JUNE 23 SUNDAY, JUNE 24 7:45 – 9:15 AM 8:00 – 9:15 AM Presidential Plenary Lecture Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster The National Institute of Child Health & Radiation Health Risk Management & Human Development: 50 Years Old Shunichi Yamashita, MD, DSC, Nagasaki Univ & Looking to the Future (Japan) Alan E Guttmacher, MD, National Inst of Child Hlth Genetic Disorders of Thyroid Hormone & Hum Devel Synthesis & Action Presidential Plenary Lecture V Krishna K Chatterjee, MD, Univ of Cambridge/ Addenbrooke’s Hosp (UK) Next Generation Human Genetics: A Path to New Biology 5:30 – 6:30 PM Joel N Hirschhorn, MD, PhD, Children’s Hosp Gerald D Aurbach Award Lecture 5:30 – 6:30 PM Novel Targets for Insulin Signaling in the Heart & Vasculature Clinical Investigator Award Lecture E Dale Abel, MBBS, MD, PhD, Univ of Utah Sch Cellular Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance: of Med Implications for Obesity, Lipodystrophy, Type 2 Diabetes, & Metabolic Syndrome Causes & Consequences of Obesity: Gerald I Shulman, MD, PhD, Yale Univ Sch of Med/ Insights from Genetics Howard Hughes Med Inst I Sadaf Farooqi, PhD, FRCP, Univ of Cambridge Metabolic Res Lab (UK) Transcriptional Control of Adipose Biology & Energy Homeostasis: Toward Novel Therapeutics Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, Dana Farber Cancer Inst/ Harvard Med Sch 8  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  11. 11. pl e nary s e ssions Clark T Sawin MemorialMONDAY, JUNE 25 History of8:00 – 9:15 AM EndocrinologyRoy O Greep Award Lecture LectureExploiting the Interface betweenGrowth Factor & Progesterone ReceptorSignaling in Breast Cancer Models Tuesday, June 26Carol A Lange, PhD, Univ of Minnesota CancerRes Ctr 2:00 – 2:45 PM The Sawin Lecture will be delivered bymiR-33: Micro-Managing Lipoprotein the Delbert A Fisher Research Scholar.Metabolism One award recipient is selected annu-Kathryn J Moore, PhD, New York Univ Med Ctr ally to support scholarly work on the history of endocrinology. The Endocrine5:30 – 6:30 PM Society thanks Dr and Mrs Delbert AAging of the Female Brain: Phenotypes Fisher for their generous support, whichof Vulnerability & Targets of Opportunity makes this award possible. Applica-to Prevent Neurodegenerative Disease tions for the Delbert A Fisher ResearchRoberta Diaz Brinton, PhD, Univ of Southern Scholar Award are solicited in the fallCalifornia of the preceding year.Discovering a Drug: The Big Picture Nobel Prize LaureatesMichael Rosenblatt, MD, Merck & Co., Inc. in Endocrinology Leonard Wartofsky, MD, Washington Hosp Ctr, Washington, DCTUESDAY, JUNE 26 Since the first Nobel8:00 – 9:15 AM Prize Medals for Medicine andEdwin B Astwood Award Lecture Physiology wereCombinatoriality, Signal Integration, awarded in 1901, a& Allostery: Determinants of Specific significant numberTranscriptional Regulation by the of awards have beenGlucocorticoid Receptor given for achieve-Keith R Yamamoto, PhD, Univ of California-San ments in endocrinology or endocrineFrancisco physiology. In this year’s Sawin Lecture,Cell Selective Interaction of Dr Wartofsky will present an informativeTranscription Factors with Chromatin and entertaining overview of the laure- ates and the landmark accomplish-Gordon L Hager, PhD, NIH ments that have been recognized with  this great honor. Content as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  9
  12. 12. SYMPOSIA   Basic     Clinical     Translational Presidential SATURDAY, JUNE 23 Symposia Series 9:30 – 11:00 AM Animal Models for PCOS SATURDAY, JUNE 23 Complications of Childhood Obesity 3:45 – 5:15 PM Intersection of Reward & Metabolic Endocrine Disruptors Pathways New Developments in Steroid Metabolism SUNDAY, JUNE 24 in Cancer 9:30 –11:00 AM New Insights into Signaling by GPCRs Leptin Revisited Pituitary Cells as Metabolic Sensors 3:45 – 5:15 PM Prolactin & Cancer Nuclear Receptors in Inflammation Thyroid Hormone & Energy Expenditure & Immune Regulation Treatment Challenges in Osteoporosis MONDAY, JUNE 25 3:45 – 5:15 PM 9:30 – 11:00 AM Advances in Adrenal Tumors Imaging & Invasive Testing Androgens & Prostate Cancer: of the Pituitary, Parathyroid, 75 Years after Huggins & Hodges & Adrenal Glands BAT: Development & Therapeutic 3:45 – 5:15 PM Potential Translational Insights into Rational Cancer Stem Cells: Where Do We Start? Selection of Second Line Therapies for Progressive Endocrine Cancer Development & Function of Hypothalamic Circuitry TUESDAY, JUNE 26 Hormonal Regulation of Inflammation & Vascular Biology 3:45 – 5:15 PM Diabetes & the Brain Nuclear Receptors in Development & Physiology Pediatric Implications of Reproductive Endocrine Technologies10  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  13. 13. SYMPOSIA CLINICAL “YEAR IN” SESSIONSSUNDAY, JUNE 24 SUNday, June 249:30 – 11:00 AM 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM B-Cell Preservation (T1 & T2) The Year in Diabetes (Supported by Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc Robert S Sherwin, MD and Lilly USA, LLC) Yale Univ Sch of Med ‘Non-Neoplastic’ Pituitary Diseases TUESday, June 26 Notch Signaling in Skeletal Metabolism & Pathophysiology 12:15 – 1:00 PM Novel Therapeutic Approaches to The Year in Lipids Metastatic Thyroid Cancer (English) Ira J Goldberg, MD Columbia Univ Nuclear Receptors & Metabolic Disease Obesity & Its Complications: Hope for BASIC “YEAR IN” SESSIONS the Future monday, june 25 Preservation of Female & Male Gonadal Functions 1:00 – 1:45 PM Steroid & Circadian Regulation of The Year in Sex Differences Reproductive Neuroendocrine Function Deborah J Clegg, PhD Univ of Texas SW Med Ctr3:45 – 5:15 PM TUESDAY, June 26 Getting that GPCR to the Cell Surface 1:00 – 1:45 PM Long-Term Effects of GH/IGF-1 Reduction (Supported by Ipsen, US) The Year in Obesity & Cancer New Insights into Insulin Action Stephen D Hursting, PhD (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Univ of Texas-Austin Non-Genomic Central Actions of Estrogens Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Special Basic Metastatic Thyroid Cancer (Spanish) Origins & Markers of the Polycystic Science Session Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) SUNday, June 24 Racial & Ethnic Variation in Fracture Risk: George R Brown Convention Center Clinical Implications 1:00 – 1:45 PM The Androgen Receptor: Eveready Battery GWAS Versus Extreme of Prostate Cancer Phenotype Update in Endocrine Hypertension Jose Carlos Florez, MD, PHD Harvard Med Sch/Massachusetts Gen Hosp Jonathan C Cohen, PHD Univ of Texas SW Med CtrContent as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  11
  14. 14. S ymposia   Basic     Clinical     Translational MONDAY, JUNE 25 TUESDAY, JUNE 26 9:30 – 11:00 AM 9:30 – 11:00 AM CNS Control of Islet Function Cross-Talk of Androgen Receptor with Coregulators of Nuclear Receptors Other Signaling Pathways Endocrine Regulation of Lipid & Carbohy- CVD Risk in Diabetes: Is Glucose drate Metabolism, with Consequences for Important? Longevity: Insights from Animal Models Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors New Insights in the Regulation of Puberty Hormonal Contraceptives & Replacement New Insights into Androgen Replacement Therapy in Adolescents Therapy Hormonal Regulation of Primordial New Mechanisms for HPA Axis Regulation Follicle Assembly Novel Signaling Pathways during Bone Modulation of the IGF Axis & Cancer Formation New Challenges in Obesity Pathogenesis State-of-the-Art Management of Nodular Primary Aldosteronism: Advances in Thyroid Disease Genetics & Management Variability in Vitamin D Assays: 3:45 – 5:15 PM Implications for Research & Practice Adipose Tissue Inflammation & Remodeling 3:45 – 5:15 PM Bone Diseases in Cancer Patients New Insights in the Management of Hypothyroidism Controversial Issues in Cushing’s Syndrome: To Screen or Not To Screen? Novel Neural Mechanisms Regulating That Is the Question Feeding & Peripheral Metabolism Endocrine Signaling Interrupted Post-Translational Modifications & Nuclear Receptor Action Male Germ Cell Development: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Transition of Care in Adolescents with Chronic Disease Neuro-Modulatory Regulation of Gonadotropin Release: NKB Where Is Hormone Replacement Therapy 10 Years after the WHI? Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer Reasons for Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) 12  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  15. 15. Endo Trivia Cup Challenge Saturday, June 23 6:45 – 8:30 PM George R Brown Convention Center Hosts: Bradley D Anawalt, MD, and Jon E Levine, PhD This evening event allows teams of ENDO 2012 attendees to sit together at banquet rounds, enjoying appetizers and cocktails, while competing with other teams to answer light- hearted endocrine-based trivia questions via an audience response system. Prizes are given for the most creative team name and to the winning team, which also has its name en- graved on the ENDO Trivia Cup trophy. This high-profile event is quickly becoming a favorite tradition of attendees. Reserve space for your team early, or register to be assigned to a team. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, until space is filled. For additional information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012/workshops. Late-Breaking Abstracts The Endocrine Society will accept late-breaking abstract submissions for ENDO 2012 from April 13 through April 27, 2012. The initiative is not a deadline extension but rather an endeavor to bring the very latest high-impact endocrine research to ENDO 2012. Only abstracts detailing significant late-breaking results will be considered. A limited number of these abstracts will be accepted for presentation in a late- breaking oral or poster session. Deadline for submission is April 27, 2012 at 12:59 AM ET.Content as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  13
  16. 16. M ast e r c lini c ians s e ssions Master Clinicians Sessions Case Management Forums saturday, June 23 Case Management Forums are designed to provide a more focused patient- 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM oriented management discussion for Difficult Type 1 Diabetes Cases clinicians attending ENDO 2012. (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Moderator: Anthony L McCall, MD, PhD, Univ of ADRENAL Virginia Hlth Syst n Cushing’s Disease: Dialogue between Experts: John (Jack) L Leahy, MD, Univ of Vermont a Surgeon & an Endocrinologist Coll of Med, and Irl B Hirsch, MD, Univ of Washing- Specializing in Pituitary Disease ton Med Ctr n Primary Hyperaldosteronism sunday, June 24 BONE 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM n EndocrineDisease & Bone: Diagnosis & Treatment of Peripheral Diagnostic & Management Issues Precocious Puberty Moderator: Paul A Boepple, MD, Massachusetts DIABETES Gen Hosp n Inpatient Management of Diabetes Experts: Jean-Claude Carel, MD, Naturalia Biologia n ReconcilingDiabetes Treatment (France), and Erica A Eugster, MD, Indiana Univ Sch of Med Algorithms Based on Evidence (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) MONday, June 25 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM Male reproduction n Diagnosis & Management of Male Difficult Pituitary Cases Hypogonadism in the Older Man Moderator: Laurence Katznelson, MD, Stanford Univ n Management of Apparent Secondary Experts: Mary Lee Vance, MD, Univ of Virginia Med Ctr, and Peter J Trainer, MD, FRCP, The Christie Hypogonadism Due to Obesity, NHS Fdn Trust (UK) Opiates, & Anabolic Steroids MISCELLANEOUS n Pitfalls & Lab-omas in Endocrine Testing & Interpretation Pituitary n Management of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer or Hyperthyroidism n Subtle/Subclinical Hyperthyroidism thyroid n Management of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer or Hyperthyroidism n Subtle/Subclinical Hyperthyroidism 14  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  17. 17. ENDO Session Library There’s so much great stuff happening at ENDO, it’s impossible to capture it all. Don’t worry—let the ENDO Session Library help you out. ENDO 2012 Session Library features more than 100 lectures recorded live at ENDO. Save n Session is audio synchronized with included slides up to $150 Register with the n Delivered in both online and DVD formats Premium Package— n Get the ENDO 2012 Features easily downloadable mp3 files Session Library and n Includes participating clinical and translational sessions So Much More Now through June 3, enjoy the lowest price on the ENDO 2012 Session Library when you select the Premium Registration Package. The Premium Package includes ENDO Registration, Session Library, and Meet-the-Professor Clinical Case Management 2012.Take advantage of this special offer!www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  18. 18. m e e t - th e - pro f e ssor Meet-the-Professor Sessions ADRENAL Diagnosis & Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Youth Adrenal Cancer (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Adrenal Incidentaloma Dietary Issues in Ethnic Groups Adrenal Insufficiency Hemoglobin A1C: Role & Pitfalls (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Insulin Pumps Pediatric Cushing Syndrome (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC Pheochromocytoma and Medtronic Diabetes)) New Information Technology BONE (Web-based, Portable Apps) Chronic Kidney Disease & Bone Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Glucocorticoid Osteoporosis: Which Strategies & When? The Very Insulin-Resistant Diabetes Patient: Work-up & Treatment Minimally Invasive Surgery for (Supported by Lilly USA, LLC) Hyperparathyroidism Non-PTH Hypercalcemia FEMALE REPRODUCTION Pediatric Bone Disease Adult Turner Syndrome Premenopausal Osteoporosis Bone Health Management in Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Subtrochanteric Fractures: Role of Bisphosphonates Contraception for Obese Women Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia PCOS: Use of Metformin to Allow Pregnancy; Other Treatments Update in FGF-23 Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Use of Bone Markers in Assessing Osteoporosis LIPIDS/OBESITY What to Do if My Country Doesn’t Have a FRAX? Assessing Readiness, Behavioral Modification, & Obesity DIABETES Lp(a) & Other CVD Risks: Worth Checking & in Whom? Approach to Management of Prediabetic States (including PCOS) in a Multi-Ethnic Motivational Interviewing in Population Obese Adults CGMS Sensors: Who Benefits, NASH/NAFLD: How to Treat & How, & When to Use? Whom to Treat? (Supported by Dexcom, Inc. and Medtronic Diabetes) Raising HDL: When & How? (Aim High) Diabetes & Pregnancy: Type 1, Specialized Lipid Testing: When & How? Gestational, Test Interpretation What to Measure? ApoB, Particle Size? 16  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  19. 19. M EE T - T H E - P ro f e ssorMISCELLANEOUSChronic Fatigue: “Tired All the Time”Hereditary Pheochromocytoma& ParagangliomaMEN1PEDIATRICSChildhood Obesity: CausesEvaluation of Premature AdrenarcheGender Identity DisordersLiver Disease in Childhood ObesityManagement of Gender Variant YouthNon-Cancer Thyroid Problemsin Children & AdolescentsPediatric Calcium DisordersPubertal Disruption in ChronicInflammatory DiseasePITUITARYAcromegaly(Supported by Ipsen, US)Growth Hormone DeficiencyHyponatremiaRadiotherapyTHYROIDDifficult Thyroid Function TestsManagement of Early Stage Cancer/Need for RAIMedullary Thyroid CancerOpthalmopathyRole of Molecular Markers in CancerContent as of January 20, 2012 www.endo-society.org/endo2012  |  17
  20. 20. e ndo e x po ENDOExpo is back! ENDOExpo 2012 features the poster presentations and informative exhibits in an easy-to-navigate layout, making your meeting experience more productive and enjoyable. Be sure to check out all the new additions to the ENDOExpo this year, including ENDO Connect, The Hormone Foundation Stage, and our new-and-improved ENDO Booth. ENDO enables you to network and collaborate, and the ENDOExpo is the heart of this experience. Welcome Center The Hormone Foundation Stage Friendly ENDOExpo “experts” are here to point The Hormone Foundation Presents: you in the right direction for poster or exhibitor Cooking for Pleasure, Healthy for Life locations. Get practical tips and guidance to improve Food and Beverage your patients’ nutrition and wellness from Cafes will be open for lunch, offering delicious featured chefs and experts. This three-day options to satisfy many tastes. series includes moderated patient discussions addressing specific hormone-related conditions, Relaxation Station followed by interactive cooking demonstrations Get a rejuvenating massage from our onsite of healthful recipes, and diet recommendations massage therapists. tailored to specific therapeutic areas. NIH Lounge The Endocrine Society Booth Staffed by several NIH Institutes, the Lounge Get answers to your questions about the offers information on various NIH programs Society, The Hormone Foundation, journals and services. and publication products, membership, and The ENDOExpo Theater much more. The ENDOExpo Theater hosts exhibitor presen- ENDO 2013—San Francisco! tations on products and services for endocrine Visit this kiosk to get information on San physicians and scientists. Francisco, CA, the host city for ENDO 2013. ENDO Connect Luggage Tag Kiosk ENDO Connect is the perfect place to meet up Get your personalized luggage tag showcasing with colleagues, check your email, and learn the ENDO 2013 logo. about the latest advances in technology. Meeting Announcements Kiosk ENDO Store Pick up information on other endocrine-related The ENDO Store offers a broad variety of meetings and events. the Society’s publications, apparel, and gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. Interactive Exhibit Planner Use this convenient online planner—available on the Society’s website in early March—to search for exhibitors and plan your exhibit hall visit. Stay tuned for more information on ENDOExpo on the ENDO 2012 website. The next time you discuss your ENDO 2012 plans with colleagues, suggest meeting at the ENDOExpo! 18  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  21. 21. Thank You...The Endocrine Society would like to thank these companies for supportingENDO 2012. Their support helps the Society provide a relevant and superiorprogram for all participants. ENDO 2012 Supporters as of January 9, 2012.19  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
  22. 22. c ontinuing m e di c al e du c ation Accreditation Statement Disclosure Policy The Endocrine Society is accredited with commen- The faculty, committee members, and staff involved in dation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing planning this CME activity are required to disclose to Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing learners any relevant financial relationship(s) that have medical education for physicians. occurred within the past 12 months with any commercial interest(s) whose products or services are discussed in The Endocrine Society has achieved Accreditation the CME content. Such relationships are defined by re- with Commendation. muneration in any amount from the commercial interest(s) The Endocrine Society’s designates this live in the form of grants; research support; consulting fees; activity for a maximum of 33 AMA PRA Category salary; ownership interest (e.g., stocks, stock options, or 1 Credit™. Physicians should claim only the credit ownership interest excluding diversified mutual funds); commensurate with the extent of their participation honoraria or other payments for participation in speakers’ in the activity. bureaus, advisory boards, or boards of directors; or other financial benefits. The intent of this disclosure is not to Oral and poster sessions at ENDO 2012 are not prevent faculty with relevant financial relationships from eligible for CME credit. planning or delivery of content, but rather to provide Statement of Independence learners with information that allows them to make their As a provider of continuing medical education own judgments. It remains for learners to determine (CME) accredited by the Accreditation Council whether financial interests or relationships may influence for Continuing Medical Education, The Endocrine the educational activity with regard to exposition or Society has a policy of ensuring that the content conclusion. The Endocrine Society has reviewed all dis- and quality of this educational activity are balanced, closures and resolved or managed all identified conflicts independent, objective, and scientifically rigorous. of interest, as applicable. The scientific content of this activity was developed Faculty, committee member, and presenter disclosures by The Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting Steering will be published in the ENDO 2012 program materials. Committee, independent of grant support and in accordance with the ACCME’s Essential Areas and The Endocrine Society staff associated with the Elements, including the Standards for Commercial development of content for this activity reported no Support. The commercial supporters of this meeting relevant financial relationships. have no influence over topics or speakers. Educational Policy on Unlabeled/Off-Label Use grants support the production costs of the overall The Endocrine Society has determined that disclosure activity and are not used to compensate speakers in of unlabeled/off-label or investigational use of com- supported sessions. mercial product(s) is informative for audiences and Disclaimer therefore requires this information to be disclosed to the The information presented in this activity represents learners at the beginning of the presentation. Uses of the opinion of the faculty and is not necessarily the specific therapeutic agents, devices, and other products official position of The Endocrine Society. discussed in this educational activity may not be the same as those indicated in product labeling approved by Learning Objectives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Endocrine Upon completion of this educational activity, learn- Society requires that any discussions of such “off-label” ers will be able to: use be based on scientific research that conforms to n Discuss state-of-the-art research in endocrinology generally accepted standards of experimental design, n Demonstrate updated knowledge of the data collection, and data analysis. Before recommending or prescribing any therapeutic agent or device, learners pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment should review the complete prescribing information, of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, including indications, contraindications, warnings, pre- dyslipidemia, and adrenal, metabolic, bone, cautions, and adverse events. pediatric, pituitary, thyroid, and reproductive endocrine disorders Privacy and Confidentiality Statement n Practice updated clinical skills for more effective The Endocrine Society will record learners’ personal diagnosis, management, and treatment of endo- information as provided on CME evaluations to allow for crine disorders and related sequelae issuance and tracking of CME certificates. The Endocrine n Apply updated knowledge and clinical skills in Society may also track aggregate responses to questions improving patient care in activities and evaluations and use these data to inform the ongoing evaluation and improvement of its CME Target Audience program. No individual performance data or any other This continuing medical education activity should be personal information collected from evaluations will be of substantial interest to endocrinologists, pediatric shared with third parties. endocrinologists, internists, clinical researchers, and other endocrine professionals. 20  |  For up-to-date meeting information, visit www.endo-society.org/endo2012
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