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Emergency Medicine 2013: 36th Annual Winter Conference


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Emergency Medicine 2013: 36th Annual Winter Conference

  1. 1. SCAN FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2013 36th Annual UC Davis Winter Conference February 25 – March 1, 2013 Sponsored by: UC DAVIS HEALTH SYSTEMTHE RITZ-CARLTON Office of Continuing Medical EducationLAKE TAHOE and Department of Emergency Medicine
  2. 2. Emergency Medicine 2013Monday, February 25, 2013 Tuesday, February 26, 2013 CARDIAC EMERGENCIES OB-GYN EMERGENCIES / ED ULTRASOUND6:30 am Registration, Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits 6:30 am Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits7:30 New Approaches to Cardiac Marker Use in the ED 7:30 Misadventures in IVF J. Douglas Kirk, MD Aimee K. Moulin, MD Technology in medicine is rapidly advancing, and With the widespread use of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), cardiac markers are no exception. Dr. Kirk will discuss emergency physicians need to understand the potential recently described approaches that utilize a single complications of IVF therapy. Dr. Moulin will review marker (troponin) to identify patients with acute coronary the side effects of various hormonal therapy agents syndrome. commonly used for IVF, as well as complications such as hyper-stimulation syndrome and heterotopic pregnancy.8:20 Cardiac Devices You Need to Know About Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc 8:20 Double Trouble: Trauma in Pregnancy There are many implantable cardiac devices with which Susan B. Promes, MD every emergency physician should be familiar. From When a pregnant patient suffers from trauma, the left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) to pacemakers to emergency physician must consider the best way to care implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), Dr. Diercks for two patients. Changes in maternal anatomy and will review how these devices work, their common physiology during pregnancy change the approach to complications, and key points for patient management. diagnostic testing and trauma resuscitation. Dr. Promes will review these important differences in diagnosis and9:10 ED Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome management, and provide practical recommendations, J. Douglas Kirk, MD including when to perform perimortem C-section. Chest pain is a high-risk patient complaint, and the medical management of those with acute coronary 9:10 Ultrasound for Hand Emergencies syndrome is continuously evolving. Dr. Kirk will review Lisa D. Mills, MD the state-of-the-art pharmacologic and interventional Hand emergencies can be daunting diagnostically. management of acute coronary syndrome. Procedural challenges co-exist with therapeutic dilemmans. Dr. Mills introduces cutting edge ultrasound10:00 Adjourn applications to facilitate diagnostic and therapeutic management of hand emergencies. NEUROLOGIC EMERGENCIES / 10:00 Adjourn 2012 LLSA ARTICLES REVIEW4:30 pm PULMONARY EMERGENCIES / Après Ski Snacks LITERATURE UPDATES5:00 ED Evaluation and Management of Stroke and TIA Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc 4:30 pm Après Ski Snacks Patients presenting with signs of a stroke or TIA often vary in severity of deficits and baseline morbidities. Dr. 5:00 The Difficult Lung: Strategies for Ventilation and Diercks will review recent management guidelines from Oxygenation in Acute Pulmonary Disease the American College of Emergency Physicians and David K. Barnes, MD strategies to evaluate risks for adverse events in these The lungs are vulnerable to a complex variety of injury patients. and illness. From traumatic pulmonary hemorrhage to severe life threatening asthma, inadequate lung function6:00 2012 LLSA Articles Review: Part I compromises survival. Dr. Barnes will discuss selected Susan B. Promes, MD therapeutic interventions to improve ventilation and The emergency medicine 2012 Lifelong Learning and oxygenation for common pulmonary diseases. Self-Assessment (LLSA) articles cover many important topics, from pressors for shock management to retinal 6:00 Important Recent Literature for EM: Part I detachment to patient mortality associated with ED Edward A. Panacek, MD, MPH crowding. In this two-part series, Dr. Promes will review Keeping up with the medical literature is a nearly all twelve of the 2012 LLSA articles, focusing on the impossible task. Dr. Panacek has reviewed hundreds most important take-home points for emergency medicine of articles in order to summarize those that will be most practice. Course participants will have the opportunity to relevant to your practice. take the test together as part of this educational session. 7:00 Important Recent Literature for EM: Part II7:00 2012 LLSA Article Review – Part II Edward A. Panacek, MD, MPH Susan B. Promes, MD 8:00 Adjourn8:00 Adjourn
  3. 3. Emergency Medicine 2013Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Thursday, February 28, 2013 AIRWAY MANAGEMENT ED CHALLENGES6:30 am Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits 6:30 am Continental Breakfast, Visit Exhibits7:30 Recent Techniques and Technology 7:30 EMTALA and ED Crowding: Can We Manage Both? for Airway Management Robert W. Derlet, MD Aaron E. Bair, MD, MSc ED crowding continues to plague many EDs across the Airway management is a critical skill for emergency country with no end in sight, yet emergency physicians physicians, and many advances and new devices and hospitals still must meet the mandates of the continue to evolve. Dr. Bair will discuss and demonstrate Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act the numerous new options that involve video and optical (EMTALA). Dr. Derlet will review this ubiquitous challenge technologies to provide easier control of the airway. and provide strategies to avoid adverse patient outcomes8:20 and mitigate legal risk. Difficult Airways and Rescue Devices Erik G. Laurin, MD 8:20 Syncope: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff The most feared airway scenario is a “can’t intubate, John S. Rose, MD can’t oxygenate” situation. Dr. Laurin will introduce you Deciding which patients with syncope need admission to systematic methods to identify a difficult airway and and which are safe for discharge is controversial and manage it successfully, using a combination of classic challenging. Dr. Rose will present a general approach to methods, new techniques and cutting edge devices. syncope in the ED, with an in-depth review of practice9:10 guidelines, recent research and expert opinion. Airway Management: When What You Don’t Know Can Be Lethal 9:10 Important Infections You Can’t Afford to Miss Aaron E. Bair, MD, MSc Robert W. Derlet, MD For the past decade Dr. Bair has tracked quality assurance While emergency physicians encounter patients with for airway management. He will discuss common and not pneumonia and pyelonephritis in the ED every day, there so common errors that can have devastating consequences are some less-common infections whose diagnosis can be if patients are not managed optimally. challenging. Dr. Derlet will review important “can’t miss”10:00 infections and provide helpful clues to their diagnosis in Adjourn the ED. 10:00 Adjourn TOXICOLOGY4:30pm Après Ski Snacks PEDIATRIC AND GERIATRIC EMERGENCIES5:00 Toxicology Resuscitation Pearls 4:30pm Après Ski Snacks Mark E. Sutter, MD Dr. Sutter will review a general approach to the critically 5:00 The Crying Infant: Common & Important Disorders ill overdose patient. He will cover non-vasopressor Cheryl W. Vance, MD antidotes and provide a framework for resuscitation in The crying or irritable infant can present a major pharmacologically complex patients. In addition, he challenge in the ED. Dr. Vance will review common and will review optimal choices for both vasopressors and important disorders encountered in infants through a case- vasodilators to optimize patient care. based approach.6:00 Drugs of Abuse: Spice, Bath Salts and Beyond 6:00 The Undifferentiated Sick Infant: Kelly P. Owen, MD When Sepsis Makes You Stop Thinking In the last few years, an explosion has occurred in the Timothy Horeczko, MD use of new recreational drugs including the synthetic Neonatal emergencies can be one of the most stressful cannabinoids (Spice) and synthetic cathinones (bath salts). situations that emergency physicians face. Is this infant Dr. Owen will review what emergency physicians need to septic? Does he have undiagnosed congenital heart know about these agents, as well as other ingestions that disease? Learn a simplified approach to the identification often lead to ED visits. and initial stabilization of life-threatening conditions of the7:00 youngest of the young. Opioid Tolerance and Abuse: What Are Our Options? John R. Richards, MD 7:00 Abdominal Pain in the Elderly: Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them in the United States, and unintentional drug overdose Katren R. Tyler, MD deaths have been skyrocketing. Emergency physicians Using real cases, Dr. Tyler will review key diagnostic struggle with providing appropriate pain control for challenges in the elderly population presenting with patients, while trying to avoid fueling the fire of prescription abdominal pain. She will discuss how abdominal pain drug abuse. Dr. Richards will discuss options for dealing presentation differs in the elderly, why elderly people rarely with this challenge, including non-opiate pain management complain of severe pain despite life threatening diagnoses, and ED-specific pain management guidelines. and how the mortality for simple surgical pathology can be8:00 Adjourn higher than that of myocardial infarction. 8:00 Adjourn
  4. 4. Emergency Medicine 2013 FacultyFriday, March 1, 2013 course director Peter E. Sokolove, MD, FACEP uc davis emergency medicine faculty PEDIATRIC EMERGENCIES Professor Aaron E. Bair, MD, MSc, FACEP, FAAEM Vice Chair for Academic Affairs Associate Professor Department of Emergency Medicine Director of EM Disaster Preparedness and6:30 am Continental Breakfast, Simulation Training UC Davis Health System Visit Exhibits Medical Director, Center for Virtual Care7:30 ED Management course assistant director Robert W. Derlet, MD, FAAEM of Pediatric Seizures David K. Barnes, MD, FACEP Professor Emeritus Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH Assistant Professor Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc, FACEP Children frequently present to Residency Program Director Professor the ED with seizures, ranging Department of Emergency Medicine Vice Chair for Research from simple febrile seizures to UC Davis Health System prolonged status epilepticus. Timothy Horeczko, MD, MSCR, FACEP, FAAP guest faculty Assistant Professor Dr. Kuppermann will review the “can’t miss” diagnoses to Susan B. Promes, MD, FACEP J. Douglas Kirk, MD, FACEP consider, as well as a step-wise Professor Professor approach to breaking status Vice Chair for Education Vice Chair for Clinical Operations epilepticus. Department of Emergency Medicine Director, Chest Pain Evaluation Unit University of California San Francisco Associate Chief Medical Officer8:20 The Pediatric Rash: What’s Your Diagnosis? Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACEP Cheryl W. Vance, MD Professor, Departments of Emergency The evaluation of children with Medicine and Pediatrics an acute rash in the emergency Bo Tomas Brofeldt Endowed Chair setting is filled with potential Department of Emergency Medicine pitfalls. Dr. Vance will review a Principal Investigator, ACORN Node, series of actual pediatric cases Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research that demonstrate important Network (PECARN) learning points for emergency Erik G. Laurin, MD, FAAEM, FACEP medicine practitioners. Associate Professor Director of Medical Student Education9:10 Evaluation of Pediatric Head Trauma: State of the Art Lisa D. Mills, MD, FAAEM Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH Associate Professor Pediatric head trauma is Director of EM Ultrasound commonly seen in the ED and Aimee K. Moulin, MD, FACEP often results in a diagnostic Assistant Professor dilemma. Who needs Assistant Residency Director neuroimaging? Is CT scanning worth the risk of radiation? Is Kelly P. Owen, MD CONFERENCE COORDINATOR there a role for ED observation? Assistant Professor Larry Jacinth Dr. Kuppermann will review CME Specialist Edward A. Panacek, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAAEM the latest research regarding Office of Continuing Medical Education Professor the evaluation of pediatric Director of Clinical Trials UC Davis Health System head trauma and provide John R. Richards, MD, FAAEM recommendations for your Professor practice. Director of Alumni Relations10:00 Conference Adjourns John S. Rose, MD FOR FURTHER Professor Have a safe journey home! INFORMATION Mark E. Sutter, MD UC Davis Health System Assistant Professor Office of Continuing Director, Toxicology Fellowship Medical Education Assistant Medical Director 3560 Business Drive, Suite 130 Sacramento Division, California Poison Sacramento, CA 95820–2161 Control System Katren R. Tyler, MD, FACEP, FACEM (866)CME4EDU (263–4338) Associate Professor (916) 734–5390 Associate Residency Director (916) 734–0742 Fax Cheryl W. Vance, MD, FAAP Professor and Chief Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  5. 5. ENROLLMENT NEEDS ASSESSMENTPlease register early – space is limited. Emergency Departments provide the “front line” of health care in thisTuition is $750 for physicians and $650 for all others. Confirmation of country, and serve an extraordinary public safety function. However,registration will be sent within two weeks after receipt of enrollment health care delivery in the country is changing rapidly, and emergencyform. The fees will increase after February 11, 2013. care is no exception. As a result of course participant evaluations and other annual assessment surveys, the need for cutting edge information You must pay the registration fee in order to obtain a room at about emergency medicine has been identified. The course is designed the discount rate at the Ritz Carlton. See HOTEL RESERVATION to change physician performance in areas identified in the needs GUIDELINES for details. assessments, including:Tuition includes continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, après • Difficult intubationsski snacks, and electronic syllabus. Tuition may be paid by check, • Implantable cardiac devicesAmerican Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA. Cash is not accepted. • Opioid tolerance and abuseUC Davis Health System and UC Davis School of Medicine volunteerfaculty, alumni, faculty, and staff are eligible for tuition discounts. See • EMTALA and ED crowdingenrollment form for details. Program materials cannot be guaranteed • Obstetric emergenciesunless enrollment is received by February 11, 1013. The Officeof Continuing Medical Education reserves the right to cancel this • Acute coronary syndrome diagnosis and therapyprogram. In such a case, a full refund will be given. • Important ED infectionsRegistration forms received without payments will not be processed • Pediatric rash, seizures, abdominal pain and head traumauntil payment is received, and payment must follow within 10 days. • ED ultrasoundEarly discount rates are honored if payment is received by the datenoted on the enrollment form. After that date, the late fee is applied. This year’s 5-day long conference will specifically address these identified educational needs and provide practitioners with state-of-Layered clothing is recommended as the meeting room temperature the-art tools to provide improved treatment options for their patients.may be uncomfortable for some, depending on personal preferences. This is an important opportunity for physicians involved in theIf you have any special needs due to a disability as specified in the delivery of emergency medicine to review important topics and discussAmericans with Disabilities Act, please call the Office of Continuing recent advances. This also provides an excellent chance for physiciansMedical Education at (916) 734-5390 so we may make the necessary peripherally involved in emergency care to expand their horizons. Aaccommodations for you. total of 25 lectures will be given. Some will be in case review format. ACancellation and Refund Policy: A refund of tuition, less $75 question and answer session follows each group of related topics. Theadministrative fee, will be allowed if requested in writing by February course faculty was selected for their comprehensive clinical experience11, 2013. No refunds will be provided after this date. and academic expertise.DISCLOSURE OF EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVESRELEVANT FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS At the end of the program, participants should be able to:As a provider accredited by the Accreditation Council for ContinuingMedical Education, the University of California, Davis Health System • Identify and select proper equipment for difficult airway managementOffice of Continuing Medical Education must ensure balance, • List life-threatening causes of abdominal pain in the elderlyindependence, and objectivity in all CME activities to promote • Incorporate findings of recent literature into the practice of emergencyimprovements in health care and not proprietary interests of a medicinecommercial interest. The provider controls all decisions related toidentification of CME needs, determination of educational objectives, • Effectively treat patients with sepsis and septic shockselection and presentation of content, selection of all persons and • Select appropriate diagnostic tests and treatments for pregnant traumaorganizations that will be in a position to control the content, selection patientsof educational methods, and evaluation of the activity. Course directors,planning committee members, presenters, authors, moderators, • Decide which patients with syncope require hospital admissionpanel members, and others in a position to control the content of this • Effectively diagnose acute coronary syndrome using cardiacactivity are required to disclose relevant financial relationships with biomarkerscommercial interests related to the subject matter of this educational • Select lung-protective mechanical ventilation parameters for patientsactivity. Learners are able to assess the potential for commercial bias in with ARDSinformation when complete disclosure, resolution of conflicts of interest,and acknowledgment of commercial support are provided prior to the • List the signs and symptoms resulting from “Spice” and “bath salts”activity. Informed learners are the final safeguards in assuring that a intoxicationCME activity is independent from commercial support. We believe this • Select safe and effective agents to treat status epilepticus in childrenmechanism contributes to the transparency and accountability of CME. ELECTRONIC EVALUATION AND CREDIT The link to your electronic evaluation and access to your certificate of credit will be available for 60 days after the last day of the conference. Once you have completed this process, your certificate plus UC Davis courses from 2011 forward will be available for reprinting.
  6. 6. ACCREDITATION LOCATIONThe University of California,Davis Health System isaccredited by the AccreditationCouncil for Continuing Medical The Ritz-CarltonEducation (ACCME) to provide continuing Lake Tahoemedical education for physicians. 13005 Ritz-Carlton Highlands DriveCREDIT DESIGNATION Truckee, CA 96161 USAPhysician Credit: The University of Phone: (530) 562-3000California, Davis Health System designates live activity for a maximum of 25 AMA The Village at Northstar centers around anPRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should 89 I-80 ice-rink with numerous restaurants, bars, CALIFORNIA To Reno/Tahoe San Francisco Int’l Airport NEVADAonly claim credit commensurate with the & Sacramento I-80 431 galleries, and shops throughout. The ski valetsextent of their participation in the activity. 89 Truckee King’s Incline will assist each guest with their boots and 267 Beach VillageAAFP: Application for CME credit has been escort them to the slopeside terrace for ski-in,filed with the American Academy of Family Tahoe Vista 395 ski-out access to the Northstar lifts. When 28 28Physicians. Determination of credit is pending. guests return to this exceptional ski hotel in Tahoe City Lake Tahoe, the ski valet will retrieve their LAKEAMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ acceptable TAHOE 50 equipment and store overnight.for interprofessional team members West Shore Nurse: For the purpose of recertification, Northstar-at-Tahoe Village the American Nurses Credentialing Center 89 50 Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort is one of the accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ finest year-round destination mountain issued by organizations accredited by the South Lake Tahoe resorts in North America offering activities ACCME. For the purpose of relicensure, To & Sacramento 50 for all ages. With 89 trails spread across the California Board of Registered Nursing 2,904 acres, world-class terrain parks and accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ snow sports including alpine and telemark (report hours of credit and fill in “CME SPECIAL GROUP ROOM RATES skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, Category 1” for the provider number). snowshoeing, and tubing, Northstar Resort Deluxe Guest Room: $289 is fun for all. And with the new Village at Physician Assistant: The National HOTEL RESERVATION GUIDELINES Northstar featuring shopping, dining, special Commission on Certification of Physician events and a 9,000 square foot skating You must first register and pay CME fees. Assistants (NCCPA) states that AMA PRA rink, Northstar Resort offers something for Within 5 days you will receive an email with Category 1 Credits™ are acceptable for the phone number and group discount room everyone. continuing medical education requirements code to make your hotel reservations at the for recertification. Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe. These discounted Activities at the Village room rates are only available until the • Ski & Snowboard School for children andADDITIONAL CREDIT room block is sold out or by February 11, adultsDESIGNATION 2013. The group block will sell out early • Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe CenterEmergency Medical Technicians and and once the block is sold out, there are no offering extensive trail network (includesParamedics: This program has been approved opportunities for additional rooms. Only one track, skate, snowshoe and Telemark)for 25 hours of continuing education by room can be reserved per paid registrant. ForPrehospital CE Provider #34-2050. those who pay the single-day registration fee, • Two rental equipment shops (Village and only one night per paid day will have access mid-mountain) to the group rate. • Two demo centers • Licensed childcare for kids ages 2+ • 9,000 square foot ice skating rink The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe ski resort is ELECTRONIC SYLLABUS • Mid-mountain and summit day lodges situated mid-mountain on the Northstar-at- The electronic syllabus will be Tahoe ski area and features ski-in, ski-out • Lift-accessed tubing hill available to pre-registered attendees access, a restaurant by Traci des Jardins, a • New Village at Northstar featuring top online prior to the meeting for renowned San Francisco celebrity chef, a retailers and restaurants, bars, shops, downloading and printing. A flash 17,000-square-foot spa and fitness center, grocers, overnight ski storage, locker room drive will be distributed at the exceptional dining and impeccable service. It and WiFi Internet access conference. Attendees will receive is a sophisticated mountain retreat unlike any an email when the syllabus materials other. An inter-mountain gondola connects discounted Lift Tickets are available online. Printed syllabus guests between the nearby Village at Northstar Discounted lift ticket information will be sent will not be available. with The Ritz-Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe. prior to the start of the conference.
  7. 7. AIR TRAVELUnited Airlines: For online airline Enrollment Applicationticketing, go to Emergency Medicine Winter Conference · February 25 – March 1, 2013• click on Products and Services ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________• scroll to Travel for Groups and Meetings First Name M.I. Last Name • click on United Meetings MD DO PA NP RN EMT Other:_______________________________________________________________________• click on Book Meeting Travel ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Institution/Employer (as you would like it to appear on your badge)• enter offer code: ZNNT235740 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Profession/OccupationGROUND TRANSPORTATIONIf you rent a vehicle at the Reno-Tahoe ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________International Airport, please allow Home Address (or where you would like your receipt mailed)yourself at least 90 minutes drive time ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________from the airport to The Ritz-Carlton City State Zip Code (depending on weather conditions). ( ) ( ) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________There are several car rental agencies at the Day Phone Fax Numberairport that rent four wheel drive vehicles. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hertz Car Rental: 1 (800) 654-2240 E-mail: Required for you to receive the Ritz Carlton room reservation information and link to electronic syllabus. No printed syllabus is available. UC Davis CME will not use your email for any purpose other than corresponding with you.and request ID CV#04H70004 for Physician information required for CME credit and name badge. Please indicate primary medical specialty:discounted rates. EM FP GP IM Other (specify)_______________________________________________________________________________National Car Rental: 1 (800) CAR- Social Security Number (last 4 digits required for transcript purposes)RENT and request ID #5282865 for Have you attended thisdiscounted rates. course in the past?SHUTTLE SERVICE: YES NONorth Tahoe Executive Shuttle Please copy the mail code from the address side of the brochure (above your name, e.g. PPEM, MMSEM, ENAEM)_______________________________________(866) 583-7685 • (530) 583-7685 WEB If you did not receive a brochure in the mail, how did you hear about this conference? (Example: PT&MG, UCD website, web search, magazine, colleague)_______________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION FEES (Receipt/Confirmation will be mailed within two weeks) Early Discount After 2/11/13 Physician $750 $850 Other Health-care Professionals $650 $725 GUEST FOOD PACKAGE (Name badges must be worn.) _______ Adults @ $400 Name(s)_____________________________________________________________________________ _______ Children ages 6-12 @ $250 Name(s)_____________________________________________________________________________ If you do not purchase the meal package for your guests, please do not invite them to the meals. If you need disability accommodations at the meeting, please let us know by February 11 and our representative will contact you. Please note special dietary/food allergy requirements: ________________________________________________________________________ Please check your payment method: Registration forms received without check, credit card number or purchase order number will not be processed until payment is received. Check enclosed payable to: UC Regents AMEX Discover MasterCard VISA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Account Number Expiration Date BROCHURE ART CREDIT ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brochure images courtesy of Authorized Signature (name on card) 3 Digit Security Code Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, UC Davis Please use ONE of these methods to register: For Office Mail application and payment to: Use Only Public Affairs, The Ritz-Carlton and Telephone: (916) 734-5390 Office of Continuing Medical Education c/o UC Davis Cashier’s Office EMMED13 Fax application: (916) 734-0742 PO Box 989062, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062 6197 REGISTER ONLINE AT:
  8. 8. University of California, Davis Non-profit Org. Office of Continuing Medical Education U.S. Postage 3560 Business Drive, Suite 130 Sacramento, CA 95820-2161 PAID Sacramento, CA Permit No. 3405emergency medicine 201336th annual uc Davis winter conferenceMonday - FridayFebruary 25 - March 1, 2013 The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe Mid-mountain at Northstar-at-Tahoe Truckee, CAHighlights:• Cardiovascular emergencies• 2012 LLSA article review sessions• OB/GYN emergencies• Toxicology emergencies• ED recent literature review• Pediatric and geriatric emergencies• State-of-the-art airway management update This program is self-supporting and receives no state funding.