American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation 3rd Biennial Meeting


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American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation 3rd Biennial Meeting

  1. 1. ASRT 3 Biennial Meeting rdNovember 15-17, 2012The Drake Hotel | Chicago, Illinois Market your products and services at the 2012 American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation 3rd Biennial Meeting at the Historical Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois where Innovation will meet Interaction.
  2. 2. Welcome to the ASRT 3 rd biennial MeetingThe ASRT was founded on July 9th, 2008. The overall goal of the society is to provide a platformfor the advancement of education, science and practice of reconstructive transplant surgery. Theguiding principle of the Society is to provide members and visitors with a concept that enables andencourages everybody with an interest in Reconstructive Transplantation to participate towards ourgoal of promoting progress and information exchange in this growing field. E x c i t i n g t o p i c s o f d i s c u ss i o n a t t h e 3 r d B i e n n i a l M e e t i n g :ıı lenary Session I: Tolerance Induction, Are We Closer to the P Holy Grail?ıı olerance Protocols Underway Tıı lenary Session II: Clinical Update Update on Hand and Face P Transplant Outcomesıı eet the Experts Their Patients Mıı lenary Session III: Military Aspects of Reconstructive P Transplantationıı lenary Session IV: Immune Monitoring in VCA-Unique Advantages Pıı Melina Nakos Symposium- How to Asses Peripheral Nerve Regeneration and cortical Reorganizationıı lenary Session V: Infection Disease Issues in Reconstruction P Transplantationıı Plenary Session VI: Reconstructive Transplantation-What is on the Horizon?ıı Scientific Paper Presentationsıı Interactive Workshopsexhibtion Schedule Thursday, November 15th Friday, November 16th Saturday, November 17th ıı Exhibitor Move-In ıı 6:30am-7:30am ıı 6:30am-7:30am 8:00am-10:00am Breakfast with Exhibits Breakfast with Exhibits ıı 2:45pm-3:15pm ıı 9:30pm-10:00am ıı 9:30am-10:00am Break with Exhibits Break with Exhibits Break with Exhibits ıı 5:00pm-5:30pm ıı 12:00noon-1:00pm ıı 12:00noon-12:45pm Break with Exhibits Lunch* Lunch* ıı 5:30pm-7:00pm ıı 3:00pm-3:30pm ıı 3:15pm-3:30pm Wine/Cheese Round Table Break with Exhibitors Break with Exhibits Discussion Reception ıı 5:00pm-5:15pm ıı Exhibitor Move-Out Break with Exhibitors 3:30pm *Schedule subject to program changes.
  3. 3. E x h i b i to r C o n t ra c t f o r E x h i b i t S pa c ea n d S p o n s o rs h i p s A m er ic a n S oc ie ty for R e c on s tr u c tiv e Tra n s p la n tati o n A SR T 3 rd B ie n n ia l Me e tin g • N ov e mb e r 15-17, 2012 T h e Dra k e H ote l, C h icago, ILE x h i b i t S pa c e F e e s :  One (1) table top boothOn or before June 1, 2012: $1,500  Two (2) table top boothsAfter June 1, 2012: $1,625 Special Requests_____________________________Exhibit space reservation includes one ___________________________________________6-foot tabletop, two exhibitor name tags, ___________________________________________and a company description in the program. P lease e-mail a descri pti o n o f yo ur co mpa n y l o g o f o r i n c l u s i o n i n t h e P r o g ram M ob ile A pp to Lauren Sni der at laurensni der @ i sms . o r g . P l e as e l i m i t d e scr i pt i o n s to 5 0 wo r d s or fewer.p l e as e p r i n t o r t y p eCompany Name________________________________________________________________________________________________Contact Name (To whom all correspondence is sent)____________________________________________________________________Exhibitor Names (two per booth): 1__________________________________________________ 2_____________________________________________________E-mail________________________________________________________________________________________________________Exhibitor Address________________________________________________________________________________________________City_______________________________________________________ Sate__________________________ Zip Code______________Phone_____________________________________________________ Fax________________________________________________Authorized Representative_____________________________________ Title________________________________________________The above name Exhibitor hereby applies for the reservation and use of the number of exhibit booths designated above at the ASRT 20123rd Biennial Meeting, and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herin.Authorized Signature (Not valid unless signed)________________________________________________Date______________________Pay m e n t I n f o r m a t i o n(Payment in Full Must Accompany Completed Application) If paying by company check, please make checks payable to ASRT and return with this form. Credit card payments can be faxed to (312) 782-0553. Charge on credit card will appear from signmeup.comPay m e n t T y p e : Check  Visa  MastercardPrinted Name on Card________________________________________________________ A me r ic a n S oc i etyCard #___________________________________ CID___________Exp.Date____________ for R e c on s tr ucti ve Tra n s p la n tatio nAuthorized Signature_________________________________________________________ Attn: Lauren SniderBilling Address______________________________________________________________ 20 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 700 Chicago, IL 60602City_________________________________________State_______ Zip________________ Phone: 312-263-7150 Fax: 312-782-0553 Email:
  4. 4. EXHIBITO R GUIDELINE S1 . GENE RAL 6. IN S TA LLATION The exhibit halls will consist of tabletop exhibits. Exhibit set up will be from 8:00am – 10:00am on Thursday, Continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch will be held in November 15, 2012. All exhibit installations must be complete by the exhibit halls. 10:30am on Thursday.2 . DIS P L AY S I Z E S A ND LIMITAT IONS 7. DIS MA N TLE Each exhibitor will be supplied with a 6’ draped table and It will be each Exhibitor’s responsibility to see that all materials two folding chairs. Only table top, 6ft tall pop –up banners or are removed from the exhibit area by 4:30pm on Saturday, portable displays will be permitted. Limitations are placed on November 17, 2012. Displays should not be dismantled display sizes due to lack of drayage service or crate storage before 3:00pm. or fork lift availability. Also, there will be no installation or dismantling service provided. 8. R ULE S A ND R EGUL ATION S a. All representatives of exhibiting firms must register and wear the3 . BOOTH FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE official exhibitor’s badge for admission to and while in the exhibit Full payment of exhibit fees must accompany the application, hall .Badges will show the representative’s name and company. according to the schedule on the front of this form. Full payment b. Prize contests, drawings or lotteries are prohibited. Distribution must be received by ASRT at least 30 days prior to the meeting. of circular or promotional material may be made only within the Payments can be mailed to: exhibit area assigned to the exhibitor presenting such material. ASRT c. The exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and save and Attn: Lauren Snider hold The American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation, 20 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 700 and the Drake Hotel and their respective employees harmless Chicago, IL 60602 from and against any and all damages, claims, judgments, 312-263-7150 losses, costs and expenses, including but not limited to Fax: 312-782-0553 attorney’s fees that may hereinafter at any time be incurred, Notification of cancellation or reduction in space must be suffered, sustained by or imposed upon The American Society received in writing. Cancellations received no less than 90 days for Reconstructive Transplantation, and the Drake Hotel or prior to the meeting are subject to $100 processing fee. their respective employees, representatives, agents, successors 50% of the exhibit fees will be retained for cancellations received or assigns by reason of, arising out of, by virtue of, or incident between 90 and 60 days prior to the meeting. No refunds for to the performance of any contract or agreement which may cancellations received less than 60 days prior to the meeting. result upon or after acceptance of this application or the providing of exhibit space as herein contemplated, including but4 . EXHIBIT HOURS not limited to any claims, damages, losses or expenses Installation attributable to personal or bodily injury, sickness, disease or Thursday, November 15, 2012 death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property including 8:00 am – 10:30am the loss of use resulting there from unless the same shall be caused by the sole negligence of the party seeking or entitled Exhibit Hours to benefit hereunder. The American Society for Reconstructive Thursday, November 15, 2012 Transplantation cannot guarantee against loss or damage of 11:30am – 5:15pm any kind but will endeavor to protect exhibitors by locking the Friday, November 16, 2012 doors after exhibit hours. 6:30am – 3:30pm d. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage done to the Saturday, November 17, 2012 buildings by them or their employees. No nails, tacks or screws 11:30am – 3:30pm should be driven into the floor, wall or woodwork of the building. e. Each exhibitor will be individually responsible for compliance Dismantle with local health, fire and safety ordinances and regulations. Saturday, November 17, 2012 3:30pm – 4:30pm f. Licenses and permits required by local statute, ordinance or regulation (if any) are to be obtained and paid for by the It is expected that booths be staffed the entire time the exhibitor. The American Society for Reconstructive exhibits are open. Transplantation has any responsibility to notify the exhibitors5 . E XHI BI TO R RE PR ES ENTAT IVE that such are required. The Exhibitor will provide the American Society for 9. R E S E RVATION OF R IGHT TO MA K E CHANGE S Reconstructive Transplantation the name(s) of individual(s) as Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to its duly authorized representative(s) and assumes responsibility decision by the ASRT. The American Society for Reconstructive for such representative(s). Exhibits must be staffed at all Transplantation reserves the right to make such changes, times during the open hours of the Exhibition. Please inform amendments and additions to these rules as it considers management if it is not possible to keep the booth staffed during advisable for the proper conduct of the exhibition, with the exhibit times. Exhibitor badges for registered exhibitors will be provision that all exhibitors will be advised of any such changes. furnished at the registration desk.