American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Team Physician Course


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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Team Physician Course

  1. 1. 401 West Michigan StreetIndianapolis, IN 46202-3233Phone: (317) 637-9200Fax: (317) February 7-10, 2013 Hyatt Regency Miami Miami, Florida Essentials of Sports Medicine: From Sideline to the Clinic
  2. 2. The ACSM Team PhysicianSM Course is the only conference to bring youthe full range of athlete care and sports medicine from our expert faculty, giving you a conferenceexperience that extends beyond any one speciality.AGENDAThursday, February 7, 2013 Hip, Groin and Thigh Injuries in Athletes Moderator: Diana Heiman, M.D.7:00-7:45AM Registration/Continental Breakfast 1:30-1:50PM Functional Anatomy and Exam of the Hip,7:45-8:00AM Welcome, Introductory Remarks Groin and Thigh Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM J.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. 1:50-2:10PM Small Group Physical Exam WorkshopsTeam Administration Examination of the Hip, Groin and ThighModerator: L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. 2:10-2:30PM Thigh Injuries in Athletes8:00-8:25AM The Sports Medicine Team: Roles and Responsibilities Susan M. Ott, D.O. FACSM of the Team Physician 2:30-3:00PM Hip/Pelvis Injuries in Athletes Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM J.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM8:25-8:50AM The Pre-participation Evaluation 3:00-3:15PM Cases and Questions L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. J.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM8:50-9:15AM Medical Coverage of Games and Events: What’s in the Susan M. Ott, D.O. FACSM Bag and What’s on the Sidelines 3:15-3:45PM Break David Olson, M.D.9:15-9:35AM Return to Play: A Review and Update of the Team Nutritional Issues in Sports Medicine Physician Consensus Statements Moderator: Heather M. Gillespie, M.D. John Hatzenbuehler, M.D., FACSM 3:45-4:15PM Fluids, Electrolytes and Hydration9:35-10:05AM Break Diana Heiman, M.D. 4:15-4:35PM Basic Nutrition for AthletesLower Extremity Injuries in Athletes Heather M. Gillespie, M.D.Moderator: Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM 4:35-5:00PM Nutritional Supplements10:05-10:25AM Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Gait of the Foot and Ankle L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. J.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM 5:00-5:15PM Discussion and Questions10:25-10:50AM Evaluation of the Foot and Ankle J.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM10:50-11:30AM Small Group Physical Exam Workshops Friday, February 8, 2013 Examination of the Foot and Ankle 7:45AM Continental breakfast11:30-11:50AM Common Ankle Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM Special Populations in Sports Medicine11:50AM-12:10PM Common Foot Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment Moderator: Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSM Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM 8:00-8:20AM Disabled Athletes and the Special Olympics12:10-12:25PM Discussion and Questions Matthew Bayes, M.D.12:25-1:30PM Lunch (on your own) 8:20-8:45AM Child and Adolescent Growth, Development and Training David Olson, M.D. 8:45-9:05AM Musculoskeletal Concerns of the Pediatric Athlete Matthew Bayes, M.D. 9:05-9:30AM The Masters and Aging Athlete Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSM
  3. 3. Topics for Part II: Musculoskeletal, Overuse, Knee, Hip, Foot and Ankle, Rehabilitation, Pharmacology, Child, Environmental, Conditioning and Training, Nutrition, Dermatology, Organization and Administration, Lumbar Spine, Thoracic Spine (courses do not need to be taken sequentially).9:30-9:50AM Injury Prevention Programs Saturday, February 9, 2013 Heather M. Gillespie, M.D. 7:45AM Continental Breakfast9:50-10:05AM Discussion and Questions10:05-10:35AM Break Leg and Knee Problems in Athletes Moderator: Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSMThe Spine in Athletes 8:00-8:20AM Functional Anatomy of the Knee and LegModerator: Matthew Bayes, M.D. Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM10:35-10:55AM Functional Anatomy and Exam of the Lumbar Spine 8:20-8:40AM Examination and Imaging of the Knee John Hatzenbuehler, M.D., FACSM Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM10:55-11:35AM Small Group Physical Exam Workshops 8:40-9:00AM Small Group Physical Exam Workshops Examination of the Spine Examination of the Knee11:35-11:55AM The Young Athlete with Back Pain 9:00-9:20AM Acute Knee Ligament Injuries in Athletes Matthew Bayes, M.D. Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM11:55AM-12:15PM Common Lumbo-Thoracic Problems in the Mature 9:20-9:35AM Break Athlete Diana Heiman, M.D. 9:35-9:55AM Meniscus, Articular Cartilage Injury and the Degenerative Knee in the Athlete12:15-12:35PM Core Instability/Stabilization Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM 9:55-10:15AM Extensor Mechanism Injuries of the Knee12:35-1:40PM Lunch (on your own) Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSMEnvironmental Concerns in Sports 10:15-10:35AM Leg Problems in AthletesModerator: Matthew Gammons, M.D. Susan M. Ott, D.O. FACSM1:40-2:05PM Exercise-Associated Collapse 10:35-11:00AM Knee Injury Prevention Diana Heiman, M.D. Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM2:05-2:30PM Heat-Related Illness 11:00-11:15AM Cases and Questions David Olson, M.D. Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM2:30-2:55PM Altitude and the Athlete Matthew Gammons, M.D. 11:15AM-12:30PM Lunch (on your own)2:55-3:15PM Break3:15-3:40PM Cold-Related Illness Accreditation With Commendation Matthew Gammons, M.D. ACSM is pleased to announce the3:40-4:05PM Pain Management on the Sideline recent reaccreditation status by the Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSM Accreditation Council for Continuing4:05-4:20PM Discussion and Questions Medical Education (ACCME) decision as Accreditation With Commendation. This level is awarded to providers that demonstrate compliance in all 22 Criteria and the Accreditation Policies.
  4. 4. Participate in hands-on clinical workshops, fill ingaps in your course work, and gain new perspectivesin the orthopedic, primary care and emergency medicine aspects ofsports medicine and athlete care.Conditioning and Rehabilitation Issues in Athletes Sunday, February 10, 2013Moderator: Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM 7:45AM Continental Breakfast12:30-12:45PM Prescription for Physical Therapy Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM Medical Conditions in Sports Moderator: Matthew Bayes, M.D.12:45-1:15PM Musculoskeletal Strength and Conditioning Matthew Gammons, M.D. 8:00-8:30AM The Diabetic Athlete Matthew Bayes, M.D.1:15-1:40PM Modalities and Rehabilitation in the Training Room Heather Gillespie, M.D. 8:30-9:00AM Anemia To Blood Doping: Hematologic Issues in Athletes1:40-2:05PM Emerging Therapies in Sports Medicine Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM Matthew Gammons, M.D. 9:00-9:30AM Dermatologic Issues in Athletes2:05-2:20PM Discussion and Questions John Hatzenbuehler, M.D., FACSM2:20-2:35PM Break 9:30-10:00AM Exertional Rhabdomyolysis2:35-3:00PM Overtraining and Chronic Fatigue Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSM Thomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM 10:00-10:10AM Break3:00-3:20PM Weight Control in the Athlete Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSM Oral, Topical, Injectable Medications for Athletes3:20-3:45PM Complementary and Alternative Techniques Moderator: L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. in Sports Medicine 10:10-10:35AM Topical and Injectable Corticosteroids in Athletes John Hatzenbuehler, M.D., FACSM L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D.3:45-4:00PM Discussion and Questions 10:35-11:00AM Acetaminophen and NSAID Use in Athletes Heather Gillespie, M.D. 11:00-11:25AM Banned and Restricted Substances Diana Heiman, M.D. 11:25-11:40AM Discussion and Questions 11:40AM Adjourn Faculty and lecture titles subject to change.Travel to Sunny MiamiSurrounded by the gentle swells of the Atlantic Ocean, Greater Miami and theBeaches is celebrated for its turquoise waters, sunny skies, and year-roundwarm temperatures. World-class cuisine, sizzling nightlife, and infiniteshopping opportunities are just part of the magical appeal of Miami.Conference Hotel – Hyatt Regency MiamiStay in the middle of the action. Indulge in the spirit of the “American Riviera”at Hyatt Regency Miami. Participants are eligible for discounted hotel rates,available on a first-come first-serve basis. Visit today tomake hotel reservations or call 1-888-421-1442 and mention AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine’s Team Physician Course to receive the discountedrate.Guest Room Rate - $209 Single/ Double
  5. 5. Needs Statement Course Objectives providers the core of knowledge to care for sports teamsThis course is primarily designed to meet the educational Practitioners will develop a protocol to diagnose and treat in the community. The course is offered in two partsneeds of clinical practitioners from all types of medical injuries of the hip, pelvis, thigh, knee, leg, ankle, and foot (offered in February of each year). Participants are notpractices who care for and manage athletic teams as a to expedite recovery from injury and improve functional required to complete courses in sequential order. Belowpart of their total practice. outcomes. are the topics for each part:With the completion of the two parts of the ACSM Team In order to reduce back pain in the athletes, practitioners Part I - Musculoskeletal, Shoulder, Upper Arm, Elbow -PhysicianSM Course, a clinician will have been presented will utilize new techniques in core stabilization of the Forearm, Rehabilitation, Cervical Spine, Upper Extremity,the information needed to perform the duties of a team thoracic and lumbar spine. Head/Neurology, Cardiovascular/Cardiopulmonary,physician. These include: Infectious Disease, Immunology, Female Athlete, Practitioners will develop nutritional and hydration Psychology, Eye, ENT, Dental, GI, GU.1. Organization of medical care for the team. strategies for patients participating in their individual2. Delivery of medical care for athletes: sports. Part II - Musculoskeletal, Overuse, Knee, Hip, Foot and a. Pre-participation evaluation. Ankle, Rehabilitation, Pharmacology, Child, Practitioners will increase their knowledge of the b. Treatment of illnesses and injuries with return to Environmental, Conditioning and Training, Nutrition, physiology of exercise in order to educate athletes on activity recommendations. Dermatology, Organization and Administration, Lumbar how to minimize the health risks of exercise in various c. Identification and proper management of nutritional, Spine, Thoracic Spine. environmental conditions. psychological and drug problems.3. Assisting in the development of conditioning and Practitioners will recognize the current recommendations Target Audience training programs. and limitations for pre-participation evaluation of athletes Clinicians and providers interested in learning the basic4. Providing coverage for games and other athletic events in order to minimize injuries and sports related medical information needed to perform the duties of a “team including mass participation events. conditions. physician” from a variety of medical specialties.5. Developing injury prevention strategies. (Includes: physicians, physician assistants, nurse Course Outline practitioners, athletic trainers and other health careTherefore, the American College of Sports Medicine hasdesigned the course to provide the information necessary The Team Physician Course was designed to give providers).for clinicians supporting athletic teams. primary care, specialty physicians and other healthcareCourse Chairs Heather Gillespie, M.D. Margot Putukian, M.D., FACSMSusan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM UCLA Princeton UniversityL. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D. Los Angeles, California Princeton, New Jersey John Hatzenbuehler, M.D., FACSM L. Tyler Wadsworth, M.D.Speakers Maine Medical Center Sports Medicine Saint Louis University School of MedicineMatthew Bayes, M.D. Portland, Maine Saint Louis, MissouriCrane Clinic Sports MedicineFenton, Ohio Diana Heiman, M.D. ETSU Family Physicians of Johnson City DisclosuresThomas M. Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM Johnson City, Tennessee The ACSM Policy on the Standards for CommercialThe Ohio State University Support require all faculty, planners and others involved inColumbus, Ohio Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D., FACSM the development and execution of a CME activity to UK Healthcare Sports MedicineJ.W. Thomas Byrd, M.D., FACSM disclose any relevant financial relationships with Lexington, KentuckyNashville Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center commercial interests they or their spouse/partner haveNashville, Tennessee David Olson, M.D. with either the supporters of this activity or commercial University of Minnesota entities related to their financial relationships. All conflictsMatthew Gammons, M.D. Minneapolis, Minnesota of interest will be resolved prior to the learners in the FinalVT Ortho Clinic/Killington Medical Center Susan M. Ott, D.O., FACSM Program. Anyone who refuses to provide disclosureRutland,Vermont Calhoun Orthopedics information will be disqualified from participation. Miami, FLAccreditation AAFP Commercial SupportThe American College of Sports Medicine is Application for CME credit has been filed with the The American College of Sports Medicine gratefullyaccredited by the Accreditation Council for American Academy of Family Physicians. acknowledges the following company for the educationalContinuing Medical Education to provide Determination of credit is pending. grant to help support the 2013 ACSM Team PhysicianSMcontinuing medical education for physicians Course: NATA - CEUsAMA/PRA Credits The National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) hasThe American College of Sports Medicine designates this approved the course for 23.25 CEU activity for a maximum of 23.25 AMA PRA Category1 CreditsTM. Physicians should claim only credit Questions and Information?commensurate with the extent of their participation in the Contact: American College of Sports Medicineactivity. 401 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 Phone: 317-637-9200 x141, Fax: 317-634-7817 E-Mail:
  6. 6. February 7-10, 2013 Register online… Hyatt Regency Miami Miami, FloridaPlease print. Limit to 30 characters per line (register online at for best service). FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORMSee below for registration instructions and policies. Mail completed form and payment to: ACSM, PAYMENT MUST BE IN U.S. DOLLARS. MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO ACSM. $25 FEE FOR RETURNED CHECKSDepartment 6022, Carol Stream, IL 60122-6022, Tel.: (317) 637-9200, Fax: (317) 634-7817, FEDERAL ID NUMBER 23-6390952ACSM Member? K Yes K No ACSM Fellow? K Yes K No Gender: K M K F PAY BY: K MasterCard® K VISA® K Discover® K American Express® K Enclosed CheckWould you like a roommate? KYes K No If yes, we will forward a list of potential roommates to contact. Credit Card Number:Membership ID# ____________________ Name on Badge____________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|Degree _________________________ Birthdate _______________________ Expiration Date MONTH/YEAR |__|__|/|__|__| Security Code |__|__|__|__|First Name ______________________________________________________Last Name ______________________________________________________ Authorized Signature ________________________________________________Institution ______________________________________________________ REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS AND POLICIESMember, is this a change of address? K Yes K No For immediate registration, register online at An online receipt and confirmation will be generated upon your completion of your online registration. Mailed registrations may be sent to ACSM, Department 6022, Carol Stream, ILAddress (K Home K Work)____________________________________________ 60122-6022. Mailed registrations may take up to four weeks for processing and confirmations will be mailed to registrants.City ________________________ State ____ Zip Code _________ - _______ Pre-registration ends Wednesday, January 23, 2013.Thereafter, registration will be accepted/processed on site.The Final Program will be available on site.Country (if not United States) ___________________________________________ Please notify ACSM by December 28, 2012 if you need any special accommodations as a result of disability. The plannersTel./Business ______________________ Tel./Home _______________________ and sponsors of this event claim no liability for the acts of any suppliers to this meeting, nor for the safety of any attendeeFax ____________________________ E-mail _________________________ at or while in transit to this event.The planners and sponsors reserve the right to cancel this event without penalty.Attendees who purchase non-refundable airline tickets, do so at their own risk. The total amount of any liability of the planners and sponsors will be limited to a refund of the registration fee.Your submission of this form acknowledges acceptance of theseSPECIALTY (check one) terms. Accepted membership applications are not refundable.K 1. Family Practice K 4. Emergency Medicine K 7. Other (please list) The planners and sponsors of this event claim no liability for the acts of any suppliers to this meeting, nor for the safety ofK 2. Internal Medicine K 5. Pediatrics __________________ any attendee at or while in transit to this event. The planners and sponsors reserve the right to cancel this event withoutK 3. Orthopaedic Surgery K 6. Athletic Trainer __________________ penalty. Attendees who purchase non-refundable airline tickets, do so at their own risk.The total amount of any liability of the planners and sponsors will be limited to a refund of the registration fee. Your submission of this form acknowledgesAre you a physician (M.D. or D.O.)? K Yes K No (for ACCME tracking purposes) acceptance of these terms. Accepted membership applications are not refundable. IMAGE/LIKENESS/VOICE RELEASE: I understand and agree that, as a result of participating in the ACSM Team PhysicianSMFEE SCHEDULE Course, my image, likeness or voice may be recorded by photography, video or other medium. I hereby grant irrevocable andCheck appropriate fee (payment must be in U.S. dollars). unrestricted permission to ACSM and its representatives or assignees to use my image, likeness or performance in any medium and for any purpose. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve such use or materials.Your submission of thisPRE-REGISTRATION ENDS JANUARY 23, 2013 EARLY BIRD LATE REGISTRATION form acknowledges acceptance of these terms. BY 12/12/12 AFTER 12/12/12 CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations will be accepted if sent in writing to the ACSM National Center and postmarked byACSM Team PhysicianSM Course January 9, 2013 or e-mailed to by January 9, 2013. A service charge of $50 will be applied toACSM Members (Membership dues must be current at time of the meeting) all cancellations. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations made after the course begins or for no-shows. Member duesK Professional ACSM Member $505 $565 are not refundable.K Resident/Professional-in-Training Member $405 $455 *You must be a current National Member to pay Chapter dues. **Optional Donation to ACSM Foundation. This denotes an unrestricted contribution. ACSM did not provide goodsK Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Athletic Trainer, and $405 $455 or services (in whole or in part) in consideration for the above gift. Other Allied Health Professionals NON-MEMBERS: Take advantage of the discounted “New ACSM Member” rate by registering as a new NON-MEMBER? New ACSM Members Fee includes ACSM Team Physician Course fee and ACSM membership SAVE BY JOINING ACSM NOW! SM member.This fee includes conference fees and membership dues.ACSM membership is on an anniversary term. Accepted membership applications are not refundable. K Professional ACSM Member $735 $795 K Resident/Professional-in-Training New Member $560 $610 BECOMING A NEW ACSM MEMBER? THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED. K Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Athletic Trainer, and $635 $685 THIS FORM SERVES AS YOUR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION APART FROM THIS Other Allied Health Professionals FORM.Non-Members Have you been a member of ACSM previously?K Professional Non-Member $740 $800 K Yes (If yes, please list your previous ID#____________________) K NoK Resident/Professional-in-Training Non-Member $565 $615 Membership Category (SEE “ACSM RENEWAL CATEGORIES/FEES” BELOW)K Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Athletic Trainer, and $565 $615 K Professional K Professional-in-Training Other Allied Health Professionals I affirm the statements made by me on this application are correct and that I meet the requirementsPAYMENT WORKSHEET (from above fee schedule) for the membership category I have requested. I understand that ACSM membership is on an anniversary term and that applications are not refundable. I understand that $29 of my membership dues isACSM Team Physician Course Fee SM $ ____________________ dedicated to a year’s subscription to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®. I have read and agree toMembership renewal (if applicable) $ ____________________ abide by the code of ethics and professional conduct of the American College of Sports Medicine. SEE ACSM RENEWAL CATEGORIES/FEES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RIGHT COLUMNRegional Chapter Dues (Professional $35; Student $15)* $ ____________________ Signature:______________________________________ Date:__________Optional Donation to ACSM Foundation**: $ ____________________ TOTAL DUE $ ____________________ ACSM RENEWAL CATEGORIES/FEES • Professional/$230 AP • Resident/Professional-in-Training/$155