Advances in Rhinoplasty 2013


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Advances in Rhinoplasty 2013

  1. 1. Advances in Rhinoplasty 2013 Exhibit Booth FeesChicago, IL Corner Booth: $2,400May 8 - 11, 2013 In-aisle Booth: $2,200 The exhibit fee includes the following:Headquarter Hotel - 8X10 booth with pipe and drapeSheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers - booth identification sign301 E. North Water Street - aisle maintenance and 24-hour perimeter securityChicago, IL 60611 - conference registration for four companyGeneral Phone (312) 464-1000 representatives - exclusive exhibit hours, lunches, and daily breaksGeneral Fax (312) 464-9140 Exhibit Location and HoursDeadlines Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers? Hotel cut-off date Friday, April 12, 2013 River Exhibit Hall A? Full payment is due for exhibit space with applica-tion Please note: All morning and afternoon breaks,? No refunds after Friday, March 1, 2013 lunches, and Welcome Reception, will be held in the Exhibit Hall.Please note: Exhibit booths are sold on a first-come,first-served basis. Exhibit hours are subject to change. Decorator set-up will begin on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 7:00am - 12:00pm. Exhibitor set up will be Tuesday,AAFPRS Contact May 7, 2013, 1:00pm - 5:00pm. The deadline forOllie Edwards installation of exhibits is Tuesday, May 7th, at 5:00pm.Manager, Meetings and Exhibits The "walk" through by Show Management will beEducational and Research Foundation for the done at that time. If your exhibits are not set up byAmerican Academy of Facial Plastic and 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 your exhibit space willReconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS Foundation) be set up at the exhibitors expense.310 S. Henry StreetAlexandria, VA 22314 This meeting draws a large percentage of Interna-Phone: (703) 299-9291, ext. 237 tional attendees who prefer to purchase from theFax: (703) 299-8898 show floor and the large majority of sales are madeE-mail: on the final day of the program, so staying open will be in your best interest!Exhibitor Services Contact5040 West Roosevelt Road Dismantle date: Saturday, May 11, 2013 after theChicago, Illinois 60644-1436 afternoon break.(773) 473-7080 o Fax (469) 621-5603Email: Exhibit HoursMeeting Site and Hotel Information Tuesday, May 7, 2011The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Chicago Decorator set-up: 7:00am- 12:00pmHotel and Towers. Rooms have been blocked for Exhibitor Registration: 12:00pm - 5:00pmAAFPRS attendees and the special discounted rate is Exhibitor set-up: 1:00pm - 5:00pm$249 single occupancy, $309.00 Club king. Please callthe hotel directly to make your reservations at 1-(800) Wednesday, May 8, 2013233-4100. Morning, lunch, and afternoon break, and Welcome Reception Thursday, May 9, 2013 Morning, lunch, and afternoon break Friday, May 10, 2013 Morning, lunch, and afternoon break Saturday, May 11, 2013 Morning, lunch, and afternoon break
  2. 2. Past ExhibitorsAccreditation Association for Integra Shippert Medical Technologies Ambulatory Health Care IRIDEX Corporation LombAcell Inc. IS Clinical by Innovative Skincare Silhouette LiftAdvance Bio-Technologies, Inc. Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. SkinMedica, Inc.Advanced Cosmetic Intervention JEDMED Instrument Company Smile ReminderAesthera Karl Storz Endoscopy-America Sontec Instruments, Inc.Aesthetic Factors, LLC KLS-Martin, LP Stiefel, a GSK CompanyAllergan LifeCell Corporation StrykerAlpine Pharmaceuticals Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Suneva MedicalAmerican Express Lipposecorp/Web Media Surgeons AdvisorAnthony Products/Gio Pelle Liquid Ice Cosmedicals AG SurgiSilASSI-Accurate Surgical Liquid Smile Surgitel/General Scientific Corp.Atrium Medical Corp. Interactive SyneronBaxter Looking Your Best Synthes CMFBien-Air Surgery Lumenis The Professional ImageBlack & Black Surgical Marina Medical Instruments Thermage, Inc.Byron/Mentor MedDev Corporation Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.Candace Crowe Design Medical Justice Services, Inc. Topix PharmaceuticalCandela Corp. Medical Protective Tulip Medical ProductsCanfield Imaging Systems Medicis Aesthetics Ulthera, Inc.Cardinal Health/Snowden Pencer MedNet Technologies, Inc. United ImagingCare Credit Medtronic Xomed YodleCatrix/Lescarden Mentor CorporationCearna, Inc. Mertz Aesthetics, Inc.Ceatus Media Group, LLC Micrins Surgical, Inc.Cell Factor Technologies, Inc. Micromedics, Inc.Chase Health Advance Microsurgery Instruments, Inc.Coapt Systems, Inc. MiltexColin/Mediana Tech. MJD Patient CommunicationsCook Surgical MTFCosMedix MyBody SkincareCreatus Media Group Myco MedicalCryoProbe NeoGraftCutera Neostrata CompanyCynosure Inc. NexTech, Inc.Deka Palomar Medical TechnologiesDerma Sweep Patient Now, Inc.Dermik Aesthetics PCA Advanced Skin Care SystemsDigital Assent Pierre Fabre Dermo-CosmetiqueEclipse Aesthetics, LLC Plastic Surgery PracticeEdge Systems Corporation Plastic Surgery ProductsEinstein Medical Plastic Surgery StudiosEllman International PlasticSurgery.comElsevier PMT/PermarkEyemaginations Porex Surgical, Inc.Face Cradles PracticeDock PoweringFriendlyLight Locateadoc.comGELCONCEPTS Procyte Corp.Genesis Biosystems, Inc. Quality Medical Publishing, Inc.GVS-NY Reliant Technologies Restpratopm Rpbptocs. Inc. Advertising in the on-site pro-Gyrus ENT Result Set, Inc. gram for this meeting is avail-Haemacure Corporation Rex Medical, Inc. able. Please contact Rita ChuaHanson Medical, Inc. RGP Dental, Inc. Magness, Director of Publica-Harvest Technologies Sandstone Medical Technologies tions and Marketing, if you areICN Pharmaceuticals Scissor Depot interested;Implantech Associates, Inc. Sciton, Inc.;INAMED Aesthetics Seattle Software Design (703) 299-9291, ext. 227.Institute for Medical Quality
  3. 3. Rules and Regulations time of registration. All changes or additions that areThese Rules and Regulations are incorporated into the not received before Friday, April 12, 2013 will be madeExhibit Application and form a binding contract on-site at the time of registration.between the exhibitor and the Educational andResearch Foundation for the American Academy of Contracts for SpaceFacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS Full payment must be submitted with the application.Foundation). They have been formulated in the best Applications without full payment will not be pro-interest of the exhibitor and full cooperation of these cessed or accepted. The signed application and therules and regulations is required. Any details not full payment for rental charges constitute a contractspecified are subject to decision by the Director of for the rights to use the space allotted only. A com-Continuing Medical Education. pleted application for space with full payment and all requested information must be received by mail.Admission to Hall Fax applications will be accepted only with creditProperly badged exhibitors will be admitted to the card information and valid signature. Telephoneexhibit hall one hour before show opening each day, requests will not be honored.and may remain up to one half-hour after show Applications are considered complete whenclosing each evening. No badges will be issued submitted with the following:without identification of company affiliation. · Exhibit application · Company descriptionAmericans with Disabilities Act · Names of representatives for badgesExhibitors will be responsible for compliance with the · PaymentAmericans with Disabilities Act within their booth and · Completed and signed Standards of Disclo-assigned exhibit space. sure for Commercial Support FormBooth Assignment Non-Contracted Exhibit SpaceExhibit booths are assigned on a first-come, first- Any person, firm or organization not having con-served basis. tracted with the AAFPRS Foundation for the occu- pancy of space in the exhibit hall will not be permit-Booth Carpet ted to display or demonstrate any products, pro-If carpeting is not already provided in the Exhibit Hall cesses, or services, solicit orders, or distribute advertis-area, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor occupying ing materials in the exhibit hall or in any hotel used bythat space to provide carpeting. the AAFPRS Foundation to house registrants. Any noncompliance with this regulation will result in theBooth Management prompt removal of the offending person and prop-Dismantling of booths prior to the official closing of erty from the area. Any person canvassing in any partthe Exhibit Hall is strictly prohibited. of the Exhibit Hall will be required to leave the build- ing. No exhibit will be permitted in a hotel room.Cancellation of Exhibit SpaceExhibitors are requested to telephone, fax, or e-mail Corporate Representativesthe AAFPRS with cancellations. However, the cancel- Those companies unable to exhibit, but who wouldlation is not effective until it has been received in like to send a representative, can pre-register thewriting at the AAFPRS Meetings Department. No individual by contacting the AAFPRS Foundation atrefunds will be granted after Friday, March 1, 2013. If (703) 299-9291, ext. 237 or by to Ollie Edwards at:the Exhibitor cancels before Friday, March 1, 2013, 50% The fee for each individual isof the total cost of booth space will be retained by $400.00. This fee entitles representatives to one day ofthe AAFPRS. If the Exhibitor cancels after Friday, activities in the exhibit hall and general session.March 1, 2013 the AAFPRS will retain 100% of the total Representative badges may be picked up at thecontract obligation. Any space not claimed and Registration Desk. No distributors, manufacturers, oroccupied, or for which special arrangements have suppliers will be allowed admission to the exhibit hallnot been made by 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 unless registered by an active exhibitor. In this case,will be forfeited. Full payment for all booth space badge will note only the name of the exhibitingassigned is due with the submission of your exhibitor company.application. No applications will be processedwithout full payment. Demonstrations/Presentations Live demonstrations on any individual are strictlyChanges prohibited. Activities must be confined to the limitsAny changes in exhibitor information will result in a of the exhibit booth. No demonstrations are to be$50.00 fee per change, i.e., change in company conducted at any other time or location. Spacedescription, and change in names of representatives requested must be large enough to accommodateor badge names. On-site badge names or additional any activity conducted in conjunction with thenames not given with the application to exhibit will actual product. Exhibitors are responsible for monitor-result in a $75.00 fee per name badge. Exhibiting ing and controlling attendance to prevent aislecompanies will not be billed. Payment is expected at congestion. In situations where overflow continues to
  4. 4. be a problem, presentations will be required to be 5. Those who do not maintain standards oflimited or eliminated. The exhibitor is required to decorum consistent with the Foundation and themaintain the cleanliness of the booth. Aisles must not obstructed at any time. Exhibitors may not con- 6. Those promoting medical or surgical prod-duct activity of any kind that leads to congestion of ucts or services that have not been authorized by theaisle traffic. Exhibits that include the use of musical Food & Drug Administration in ways not sanctionedinstruments, sound projection equipment, or any by the Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors.other type of sound or noise-making apparatus must 7. Those selling products or services that, ifreceive advance approval from show management acquired or used by attendees, would violate theand must not disturb adjacent exhibitors and their Academys advertising guidelines.patrons. Music may not be played in any form with-out the proper license of copyrighted music. Exhibitor Registration Schedule Exhibitors will be able to register their companyExhibits beginning on Tuesday, May 7, 2013.Exhibits will be inspected during set-up and theService Provider, at the direction of the AAFPRS Exhibitor Services ContractFoundation Exhibit manager, will provide draping to Freemancover any unsightly areas and submit charges to the 5040 West Roosevelt Roadexhibitor. Exhibits must be arranged so as not to Chicago, IL 60644- 1436obstruct the view or otherwise interfere with the (773) 473-7080 * Fax (469) 621-5603display of other exhibitors. Email: Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle or alter Freeman Exhibit Transportation:any portion of space leased. This includes the dis- (800) 995-3579, fax (817) 385-0983mantling or alteration of pipe and draping. Identification badges may be picked up at the Failure to Occupy Spaceregistration desk. Two company representatives are Any exhibitor failing to occupy space is not relieved ofpermitted in the exhibit hall during exhibit hours per the obligation to pay full rental price for boothevery booth purchased. No other representatives are space. The AAFPRS Foundation will have the right toallowed in or around the exhibit area unless an use exhibit space as it sees fit, provided the space isadditional badge is purchased. Additional badges not occupied one hour prior to the scheduled open-are available for $150.00. Badge exchange between ing of the exhibit hall.exhibitor representatives is not permitted. The AAFPRSFoundation requires that all representatives be regis- Food and Drug Administration (FDA)tered for the meeting. Exhibit badges permit atten- All medical devices or pharmaceuticals exhibiteddance at any General Session. must have fulfilled all applicable FDA regulations.Exhibitor Policy Non-FDA Approved Drugs and DevicesThe Foundation intends for its exhibits to further the Exhibitors are reminded that the FDA generally prohib-Foundations mission. Accordingly, the Foundation its the advertising or other promotion of investiga-welcomes exhibitors who provide attendees the tional or unapproved drugs and devices. The FDAopportunity to advance their knowledge of science, also forbids the promotion of approved drugs orto further their education, or to involve themselves in devices for unapproved uses. Unapproved Class IIIcharitable activities. The Foundation accepts exhibi- devices may be displayed only if they are the subjecttors that it determines in its sole discretion, advance of an effective investigational device exemptionthose goals and do not impair the mission of the (IDE). Class I or II devices that have not been ap-Foundation or the Academy. proved by the FDA may be displayed only if they are The Foundation will, in its sole discretion, deter- the subject of a pending 510(k) pre-market notifica-mine which exhibitors to accept. The Foundation is tion application. Any investigational product (includ-under no obligation to accept any exhibitor. Without ing any product subject to a pending 510(k)) that islimiting the generality of the Foundations discretion displayed or graphically depicted within the exhibitto accept or refuse exhibitors, among those exhibitors must:that will not be accepted are the following: · contain only objective statements about the prod- 1. Those who do not follow the Foundations uct;Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors, as amended · contain no claims of safety, effectiveness or reliabil-from time to time. ity; 2. Those who do not advance scientific, · contain no comparative claims to other marketededucational or charitable goals. products; 3. Those who could bring discredit to the · display the statement "Caution: InvestigationalFoundation or the Academy if the exhibitors were Devices. Limited to Investigational Use" in prominentlinked in professional or public perception with the size and placement; andFoundation or the Academy. · not be sold or be the subject of order taking or lead 4. Those whose activities conflict with the retrieval until approved.Foundations or the Academys mission. Signage that is easily visible should be placed near
  5. 5. the devices themselves and on any graphic depicting the exhibitor and his representative(s) hereby keepthe device stating: "This device is not cleared by the forever harmless the AAFPRS Foundation, its officers,FDA for distribution in the United States," or "This directors, employees, and agents from any and alldevice is limited by Federal Law for investigational liability for loss ensuing from any cause. It is furtheruse only." understood and agreed that the AAFPRS Foundation will in no event be liable to an exhibitor for any lostGifts and Promotional Items profits, sales or business opportunities, or any otherExhibitors are permitted to give gifts and promotional type of direct or consequential damages alleged toitems, but the item MUST be approved by the AAFPRS. be due to a breach of this contract. It is understoodIndividual gifts in the general range of $100 are and agreed that the sole liability of the AAFPRSacceptable. No gifts more than $100 are allowed. Foundation to the exhibitor for any breach of itsExhibitors must follow the AMA Guidelines on "Gifts to contract will be for the refund of all amounts paid byPhysicians from Industry". Any gift accepted by physi- the exhibitor pursuant to the contract, as an exclusivecians individually should primarily entail a benefit to remedy. The exhibitor agrees to abide by all appli-patients. Accordingly, textbooks, modest meals, and cable laws, ordinances, and rules and regulations,other gifts are appropriate if they serve a genuine including but not limited to those of the city andeducational function. Cash payments may not be state where the exhibits are being held, as may beoffered. All shopping bags are permitted. amended from time to time.Insurance No SmokingInsurance on all exhibits is the responsibility of the AAFPRS Foundations policy restricts the use of to-exhibitor. The AAFPRS Foundation will not assume any bacco products in all areas of the exhibit hall (includ-responsibility for property loss or damage to personal ing set-up and dismantle of exhibits). Thank you forproperty, as stated in the section on Limitation of not smoking.Liability. Exhibitors are advised and encouraged tocarry insurance to cover their property against dam- Operation and Conduct in Exhibitsage and loss and public liability insurance for claims Exhibitor personnel may not enter the exhibit space ofof injury to the person and property of others. another exhibitor without permission from the latter. At no time may anyone enter an exhibit space that isInstallation Schedule not staffed. Exhibitors may not leave merchandise orExhibit companies may begin set up on Tuesday, May printed matter in the registration areas, lounges,7, 2013, 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Installation must be com- meeting rooms, or other facilities of meeting/exhibitpleted by 5:00pm, Tuesday, May 7, 2013. site. The management reserves the right to restrict exhibits which, because of sound, method of opera-Labor Information tion, materials, content, or any reason, becomeUnion Labor may be required for your exhibit installa- objectionable. This includes the right to prohibit ortion and dismantle. Please carefully read the UNION evict any exhibit that, in the opinion of the manage-RULES AND REGULATIONS form included in the full ment, may detract from the general character of theexhibitor kit to determine your needs. Exhibitors exhibits as a whole. This reservation includes persons,supervising labor will need to pick up and release things, conduct, printed matter, food and beverages,their labor at the Service Desk. Refer to the order form or anything of a character which the managementunder Display Labor for Straight Time and Overtime determines objectionable to the exhibit. In the eventhours. of such restriction or eviction, the AAFPRS Foundation is not liable for any refunds of rental fees or otherLimitation of Liability exhibit expenses. As a condition for exhibiting, eachIt is mutually agreed by and between the AAFPRS exhibitor agrees to observe all policies stated in thisFoundation and the exhibitor that the AAFPRS Foun- document. Violations will result in the ineligibility todation will have no liability whatsoever to any exhibi- exhibit at future AAFPRS Foundation meetings.tor, his employees, or his business invitees, or anyliability for loss or damage to the property of the The AAFPRS Foundation reserves the right to control allexhibitor, his employee or business travel invitees exhibitor activities that take place outside anresulting from any cause. It is further understood and exhibitors allotted exhibit space during the meetingagreed that all claims against the AAFPRS Foundation dates. Exhibitors may not schedule hospitality suites,for any such damage, loss, or injury are expressly educational, entertainment or social functions towaived by the exhibitor as the exhibitors responsibil- conflict with AAFPRS Foundation programs or otherity. Space is leased with the understanding that the activity times. All functions must be approved byAAFPRS Foundation and the contracted meeting AAFPRS Foundation in writing. For further informationservice contractor will act for the exhibitor and his regarding any exhibitors allotted exhibit space,representatives only in the capacity of agent, and not contact the Manager of Meetings & Exhibits atas principal. The AAFPRS Foundation and the con- (703) 299-9291, ext. 237.tracted Official Service Contractor assume no liabilitywhatsoever for damage for any act of omission or Photographscommission in connection with the said agency, and
  6. 6. An exhibitor may not photograph or videotape theexhibits. Photographs or videotaping is not permit- AAFPRS Buyers Guideted in the general session or meeting rooms without The AAFPRS recently partnered with MultiView,explicit approval of the AAFPRS. Inc., an Irving, TX, publisher of electronic buyers guides and search engines, to launchSales and Order Taking the AAFPRS Buyers Guide. This new productExhibitors are free to solicit sales and take orders, but finder, available via a link on the AAFPRS Webmust at all times maintain professional behavior. The site,, is quickly becoming aAAFPRS Foundation reserves the right to limit or restrict valuable resource for AAFPRS members whosales activities if such activities are causing a distur- are looking for industry-specific products andbance on the show floor. Rule: All exhibitors who sell services they need. All industry vendors havemerchandise from the show floor, or who take orders the ability to participate in the AAFPRS Buyerson either a wholesale or retail basis, must meet, city, Guide and purchase a listing that will beDepartment of Revenue requirement for the city/state online year-round. Your listing will feature yourin which the show takes place. companys logo, contact information, com- pany description and direct link to yourSecurity company Web site and specified e-mailExhibitors are cautioned to have a representative in address. Your listing is grouped into categoriesattendance during set-up hours. The possibility of of your choice to enable efficient browsingtheft or "mysterious disappearance" of equipment will and searching by physicians greatly reduced if exhibitors take this precaution. With Google results, youre one in aAll exhibitors are well advised to follow this same million. But searching through the AAFPRSprocedure when dismantling exhibits. Be sure a Buyers Guide presents relevant search resultsrepresentative is present until boxing and crating of for pre-qualified, committed buyers. It hasexhibit materials has been completed. The AAFPRS will been created specifically for the purchasers ofprovide a professional security guard service begin- your product or service. So if youre not repre-ning the first day of move-in and continuing until the sented, youre missing out on a revenue-exhibit hall is vacated. However, the AAFPRS and the generating opportunity.Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers are not respon- This a valuable tool for your business. Ifsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor property. you are interested, please contact MultiView directly at (972)402-7070 or by e-mail at:Sharing Exhibit Space of exhibit space is strictly prohibited.Shipping InformationShipping InformationWarehouse shipping address:AAFPRS Advances in RhinoplastyExhibiting Company NameBooth # ____________c/o FREEMAN2500 West 35th StreetChicago, IL 60632Show Site shipping address:Please contact the Freeman Chicago ExhibitorServices Department for show site shipping instruc-tions. Maximize your exposure at this meeting through advertising and sponsorships. Advertising in the On-site Program of this meeting is available. Please contact Rita Chua Magness, Director of Publications and Marketing, if you are interested;; (703) 299-9291, ext. 227. Donor packages are available for this meeting. Please contact Ann H. Jenne, Director of Development, if you are interested;; (703) 299-9291, ext. 229.
  7. 7. AAFPRS Advances in Rhinoplasty Meeting 2013 -- Chicago.L STANDARDS OF DISCLOSUREIn order to maintain objectivity and balance as well as to disclose any known limitations on data, the AAFPRSFoundation Policy provides the following guidelines regarding disclosure at scientific meetings and ancillaryfunctions including, but not limited to, exhibits. 1) AAFPRS Foundation will make every effort to ensure that data provided during educational activitiesregarding a company’s products (or competing products) are objectively selected and presented withfavorable and unfavorable information and balanced discussion of prevailing information on the product(s)and/or alternative treatments. 2) AAFPRS Foundation shall ensure, to the extent possible, meaningful disclosure of limitations on data: forexample, ongoing research, interim analyses, preliminary data, or unsupported opinion. 3) AAFPRS Foundation will require that presenters at educational activities disclose when a product is notapproved in the United States for the use under discussion. 4) Faculty/presenters are required to make disclosure concerning any relationship(s) with a commercialentity(ies) in regard to the presentation(s) to be given during an educational activity. 5) When commercial exhibits are part of the overall program, arrangements for these should not influenceplanning or interfere with the presentation of CME activities. Exhibit placement should not be a condition ofsupport for a CME activity. 6) No commercial promotional materials shall be displayed or distributed in the same room or obligate pathas the educational activity immediately before, during, or immediately after an educational activitydesignated for credit. 7) Representatives of commercial supporters may attend an educational activity, but may not engage insales activities while in the room where the activity takes place or in the obligate path to this room. To meet the above listed requirements, the Exhibit Advisory Committee of the AAFPRS requires, at minimum, the following disclosures by your company:1) Products to be displayed/described and information to be provided as part of the exhibit include limiteddata, such as ongoing research, interim analyses, preliminary data, unsupported opinion or other cautionaryadvisements that should be made to CME participants. _______ Yes _______ NoIf “yes” please describe the data limitations to be disclosed: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2) Products to be displayed/described and information to be provided as part of the exhibit includesubstance(s) not approved in the United States for the use under discussion. _______ Yes _______ NoIf “yes” please describe the substance(s) and use to be disclosed: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3) This company, __________________________________________________, does have one or more affiliationswith (an) AAFPRS member(s) regarding products and services as described below*:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(*Such affiliations may include, but not be limited to, research grants, honoraria, paid or unpaid consultants,stock ownership, partners in an entrepreneurial venture, or any other arrangement that may be seen as apotential duality or conflict of interest by other AAFPRS members.)Signature of Company Representative ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Please complete this form and mail it along with your exhibit application to: AAFPRS Foundation, Attn: Ollie Edwards, 310 S. Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or fax it to (703) 299-8898.
  8. 8. AAFPRS ADVANCES IN RHINOPLASTY -- Exhibit Application, Part IPLEASE TYPE OR PRINTCompany ________________________________________________________________________________________Contact Person __________________________________________ Title ____________________________________Street Address_____________________________________________________________________________________City _____________________________________________________ State __________ Zip ______________________Phone ___________________________________________ Fax _____________________________________________E-mail ______________________________________ Web Site ____________________________________________Exhibitor Registrant(s)You can have badges made for up to four (4) individuals per booth, however, only two (2) individuals may beat the booth at one time without an additional fee.(1) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________(2) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________(3) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________(4) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________You may register up to 2 more representative for $150 each.(5) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________(6) Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________As an authorized representative of the company named above, I have read the rules and regulations outlinedin this prospectus. I understand and agree to accept and abide by those rules and regulations adopted by theAAFPRS Foundation for the conduct of the exhibition. The acceptance of our application by the AAFPRSFoundation and the deposit for rental charges constitute a contract.Print Manager’s Name _________________________________________________ Date ______________________Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________PAYMENT METHODPayment must accompany the application for space. No applications will be processed without remittanceof full payment. Check or charge card information must accompany this form. Make check payable toAAFPRS Foundation. ( ) Full Payment $ ___________[ ] Check [ ] VISA [ ] Mastercard [ ] American Express Security Code _________________Card No. ______________________________________________________________ Exp. Date _________________Card Holder’s Name _________________________________________ Signature ____________________________ Complete Part II of the application. COMPANY PROFILE Please return two-part completed application Please e-mail your company’s marketing description and Standards of Disclosure to: as well as business address, phone, fax, and Web AAFPRS Foundation address to Ollie Edwards at: 310 S. Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 The limit for your description is 50 words and the listing Phone: (703) 299-9291, ext. 237 will be included in the AAFPRS program guide. The Fax: (703) 299-8898 AAFPRS has the right to edit descriptions. E-mail:
  9. 9. AAFPRS ADVANCES IN RHINOPLASTY -- Exhibit Application, Part IIBooth Space:n Corner Booth: $2,400 n In-aisle Booth: $2,200Booth PreferencePlease refer to the adjacent floor plan and state your preferred booth number(s). Every effort will be made toaccommodate your preference. However, space assignment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.1)__________________________________________________3)________________________________________________2)__________________________________________________4)________________________________________________Exhibitors NOT preferred in proximity.1)__________________________________________________3)________________________________________________2)__________________________________________________4)________________________________________________PRODUCT CATEGORYAestheticn Body Contouringn Cellulite Therapy Implants & Prosthetics Suction Equipmentn Dermabrasion n Bone n Aspiratorsn Macrodermabrasion n Cheek n Cannulaen Microdermabrasion n Chin n Disposablesn Micropigmentation n Jaw n Power Cannulae n Lips n Tumescent ProductsCosmetic & Skin Care n Malarn Acne/Blemishes n Maxillofacial Surgical Instruments & Equipmentn Anti-aging n Nasal n Anesthesia Equipmentn Preoperative n Expanders n Drainagen Postoperative n Chairsn Burn Care Lasers n Disposablesn Prescription Skin Bleaching n Cutaneous Flaws n Microsurgical Instrumentsn Scar Treatment n Hair Removal n Monitoring Equipmentn Camouflage/Makeup n Laser Eyeware n Electrosurgeryn Collagens n Skin Resurfacing n Glovesn Creams and Lotions n Tattoo Removal n Power Toolsn Soaps/Cleansers n Veins n Protective Eyewaren Sun Damage n Lesions n Smoke Evacuatorsn Hypoallergenic n Surgical Instrumentsn Peels Management n Instrument Sharpenersn Tanning n Accreditation n Leeches n Audio-Visual n LightingDiagnostic n Computer Hardware n Suturesn Cameras n Computer Software n Tablesn Digital Imaging n Patient Financingn Photgraphy n Practice Promotion/ Wound Care & Pharmaceuticalsn X-Ray Marketing n Anesthetics n Product Inventory n Bed/Mattress SystemsEndoscopy n Facility Consulting Services n Electrotherapyn Cameras n Financial Planning Services n Gel Sheetingn Endoscopes n Office Forms n Medication Managementn Instruments n Patient Education n Vitaminsn Monitors n Professional Organization n Wound Cleaners n SeminarsGarments n Telephone Systems Other __________________n Custom-made n Web site Developmentn Facialn Chinn Compressionn Neck