71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology


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71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

  1. 1. American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting Poster exhibit scholarship program 2013 AnnouncementThe AADs World Congress Fund Review Task Force offers attendance scholarshipsto Dermatologists from developing countries to encourage their participation at itsAnnual Meeting. India is included the list. The 71st Annual Meeting of the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology will be held the 1-5th of March, 2013 in Miami Beach,Florida, USA.The AAD Annual Meeting poster exhibit scholarship program includes a stipend,complimentary registration for the AAD Annual Meeting and complimentaryadmission to one post-graduate, and an invitation to a dinner withAAD leadership. Selected candidates need to make their own travel, lodging and incidentalarrangements for the AAD meet and IADVL would not be sponsoring them. This yearsAAD website did not mention anything the possible financial grant to thescholarship recipients for this year’s annual meet.Selected abstracts will be displayed electronically at the AAD meeting and in aposter abstract book.Applicants must meet the following criteria: 1. Apply within three (3) years of completing their Dermatology residency training at the time of the meeting. 2. Be endorsed by IADVL through a signed letter of endorsement which needs to be attached to the online application as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). 3. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible. 4. Abstract of the poster need to be included. 5. A maximum of two applicants would be endorsed by IADVL 6. The 2013 Annual Meeting abstract submission site deadline is 12:00 PM Central Time, USA, Friday, July 13, 2012.Those members of IADVL who meet the criteria may send their posters abstractswith their brief CV to the secretary IADVL (secretaryiadvl@gmail.com) before 7thJuly 2012. After scrutinizing their eligibility and the abstract content, two candidateswould be given the endorsement by IADVL.The applicants can directly upload the applications at the AAD website after gettingendorsement letter from IADVL. The deadline to submit an application for posterscholarship for the 2013 AAD Annual Meeting is July 31, 2012.For further details, please look at this web link of AAD:http://www.aad.org/education-and-quality-care/awards-grants-and-scholarships/aad-annual-meeting-poster-exhibit-scholarship-program 
  2. 2. IADVL- AAD reciprocal scholarship - 2013 Registration for Nominations invitedAmerican Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has sponsored a free registrationprogram in the interest of furthering the relationships of the Academy withdermatologists and dermatological societies throughout the world. With theunderstanding between AAD and IADVL, the AAD’s international AffairsCommittee, gives two young Dermatologists from India an opportunity to attend theAAD. The 71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology will beheld the 1-5th of March, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The Academy willwaive the non-member registration fee for this program. The selected individualswill also be provided with complimentary tuition to a one or two-daypostgraduate course of their choice (subject to availability of space in the course).These scholarships are available only to those individuals who have not received aprevious registration scholarship from this program. Selected candidates need to maketheir own travel, lodging and incidental arrangements (procurement of passport/visa etc) forthe AAD meet and IADVL would not be sponsoring them. This year’s AAD website didnot mention anything about the possible financial grant to the reciprocal scholarshiprecipients.Kindly send your complete CV and a letter addressed to the president IADVLstating the reason why you must be selected for this scholarship along with theirwillingness to undertake journey to go to USA to attend AAD meet if selected,before 15th August 2012 to Hon. General Secretary of IADVL. They would bescrutinized and the panel 3 presidents, past, and present and president elect.Nominations of those two selected candidates would be submitted by IADVL before1st September 2012, along with a letter of endorsement, to AAD for consideration.Registration materials and information will be provided to the successful applicantsin October 2012 by AAD.Send details mentioning the scholarship you are applying for on the form on thenext page by e-mail or by post to:Dr. P.Narasimha Raosecretaryiadvl@gmail.comHonorary General Secretary (IADVL)B-48, Income Tax Colony, Mehdipatnam,Hyderabad, A.P. 500 028Mobile: 09849044898 
  3. 3. Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists Application No. (To be filled in at the IADVL Secretariat)For Poster exhibit / Reciprocal ScholarshipIADVL membership number:Member since:Name :Age/ Sex:Qualification:Institution:Date of post graduation in Dermatology:Name of the Institute and University where post graduation done(Enclosed PG passing certificate)Name of the guide/faculty:Contact details of the candidate/applicant:Address :Town/City Post officePin Code StateTel Mobile:E-mailHave you ever received a scholarship or fellowship from / through IADVL in past: Yes / NoHave you ever received an award from / through IADVL in during a DERMACON: Yes / NoNo of Publications if any:No of Conferences attended:State: Regional: National: International:Posters Presented:State: Regional: National: International:Please send the form with other documents to Honorary General Secretary Specifying whichscholarship you intend to apply for [ This page of the application will be retained by Central Secretariat and will not be passed to the selection committee]
  4. 4. Poster Exhibits and Poster Discussion SessionsInformation for PresentersThe presentation of new ideas and original observations to the membership of theAcademy and to other attendees of the Annual Meeting is an integral part of theAcademys continuing education program. The Poster Exhibits Task Force invitesyou to participate in the 71st Annual Meeting Poster Program.Types of PresentationsElectronic Poster Exhibits & Presentations: Poster exhibits present scientificinformation utilizing narrative material, photographs, charts, diagrams, etc. AllPoster exhibits will be submitted electronically via the Academy website anddisplayed on monitors in The Miami Beach Convention Center, throughout themeeting.In addition to viewing the electronic poster on computer monitors, each electronicposter accepted for the Meeting will be scheduled for a five minute live presentationby one of the authors, at the Poster Presentation Centers, located in the PosterExhibit Area.Poster Discussion Sessions: Abstracts receiving the highest average scores duringthe review process may be considered for inclusion in the Poster Discussion Sessionsduring the Annual Meeting. Each presenter whose posters have been selected forthese sessions will submit an electronic poster and present a short, oral descriptionof the important features of their poster in a small lecture setting. One or twomoderators will lead a discussion in which members of the audience participate.This serves as a stimulus for a dynamic exchange of views on the poster. Authorsagree to present a poster exhibit if their abstract is accepted but not selected for aDiscussion Session. Discussion posters presenters are exempt from conducting fiveminute live presentations in the Poster Exhibit Area.Submission Rules & Guidelines• The submission deadline is 12:00pm Central Time, July 13, 2012.• Abstracts should be no longer than 2,500 characters including spaces. It isrecommended that results be shown in narrative form, since tables formats may becompromised.• There is a $75.00 (U.S. funds) non-refundable processing fee for each abstractsubmitted. Credit card payment will be required at the time of submission. Paymentmay be made via VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.• Typed, hand written, incomplete, faxed or late entries cannot be accepted. Therewill be NO exceptions.• International submissions are to use their family name when "last" name isrequested. Be sure to include country and city codes whenever telephone or faxnumbers are requested.• Published material should not be submitted. It is acceptable if material has beensubmitted for publication but not actually published as of July 13, 2012.• Applicants should not submit abstracts that include material that has already beenpresented at previous Academy meetings.
  5. 5. • Applications will be graded based on the educational value of the abstract and theextent to which it presents new and significant investigative works. The Task Forcelooks especially favorably on those abstracts that have an organized, coherent, well-thought-out and complete presentation. Briefly stated projects or those that areincomplete at the time of application are less likely to receive a passing grade.• Submitters should make every effort to avoid hyperbole in both the title and bodyof the abstract and poster.Examples of potentially exaggerated statements include:"Safe and Effective" and "Successful" (unless the study is both sufficiently large inscale and long in duration to justify this language). The Poster Task Force reservesthe right to edit or remove any phrases or statements which are not warranted by thedata being presented.• Accepted abstracts are reprinted exactly as submitted by the author or author’srepresentative(s). No changes may be made in the abstract after submission. Forinstance, no change in authors, title, category, content or spelling will be allowed. Ifa change is required for scientific or academic accuracy, the poster submissionshould be withdrawn.• Avoidance of Commercialism. All poster exhibits must avoid commercialism.Trade names should be avoided in referencing drugs, devices and/orinstrumentation, including lasers. Any medications or other substances referred to inthe presentation material should be identified by their scientific names only. Todistinguish a formulation or device, use “generic name or description,[manufacturer’s name]”. In addition, poster exhibits, the cost of which isunderwritten to any extent by a pharmaceutical company or other commercialenterprise, should include a clear acknowledgment stating that a portion of its costwas underwritten and identifying the particular commercial company involved.• Trade name violations/commercialism or failure to disclose commercial supportwill result in below average and unsatisfactory grades• All applicants will receive written email notice of the decision of the Task Force inOctober, 2012.Grading of AbstractsAll abstracts are blind reviewed by the Poster Exhibits Task Force. Abstracts will bescored on a scale of 1-5 based upon the Science, Methodology, and Presentation ofthe research. Grades will be assigned as follows:5 = Outstanding; 4=Above Average; 3=Average; 2=Below Average;1=Unsatisfactory. Abstracts which score an average of 2.5 points or above will beaccepted as poster exhibits.Reasons for Unsatisfactory ScoresFollowing are examples of submission content that will result in below average andunsatisfactory grades.• Trade Name Violations/Commercialism – Refer to the Submission Rules &Guidelines for detailed information.• Briefly stated/Incomplete Studies - Abstracts which contain no data or appear tobe promissory in nature.
  6. 6. • Multiple Abstracts - Studies utilizing the same data set which examine the samedrug or device over the same time period should be condensed into onepresentation. Multiple submissions of this type are not acceptable.• Poor presentation – Abstracts which contain vague, disorganized, or unclearcontent or numerous grammatical or spelling errors.Categories for PresentationApplicants should think carefully about which category best suits their exhibit sinceonly one may be chosen. During the review process, the Poster Exhibits Task Forcereserves the right to reassign any submission to another category if they determine itis more applicable to the content of the abstract. Submitters will be notified in theemail confirmation.Electronic Poster exhibits will be searchable in the following categories:• Acne• Aesthetic Dermatology• Aging/Geriatrics• Arts, History, & Humanities of Dermatology• Basic Science• Clinical Dermatology & Other Cutaneous Disorders• Connective Tissue Diseases• Dermatitis, Contact, Allergic & Irritant• Dermatitis, Atopic• Dermatopathology• Digital/Electronic Technology• Education & Community Service• Epidemiology & Health Services Administration• Genodermatoses• Hair & Nail Disorders• Immunodermatology & Blistering Disorders• Infection — Bacterial & Parasitic• Infection — Fungal• Infection — Viral• Internal Medicine Dermatology• Lymphoma, Cutaneous/Mycosis Fungoides• Melanoma & Pigmented Lesions• Non-melanoma Skin Cancer• Pediatric Dermatology• Pharmacology• Photobiology, Phototherapy & Photosensitivity Diseases• Pigmentary Disorders & Vitiligo• Psoriasis & Other Papulosquamous Disorders• Surgery — Laser• Surgery — Cosmetic• Surgery — Dermatologic• Wound Healing & Ulcers