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45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB) 2012


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45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB) 2012

  1. 1. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 2012 PROGRAM DRAFT Annual Meeting of The Society for Leukocyte Biology “Inflammation in Innate and Adaptive Immune Mechanisms”  October 28 – 30, 2012 Hilton Grand Wailea Resort Maui, Hawaii Organizers: Tom Hamilton and Xiaoxia Li The number in the far left of the column indicates the associated abstract numberSaturday, October 27th Alterations in Tight Junction Proteins following Binge Ethanol Exposure and Burn Injury Anita Zahs, Loyola University7:00 am - 1:00 pm SLB Council Meeting Chicago Health Sciences DivisionLOCATION: Maile 3By invitation only 4 9:45 am Chronic Alcohol Effects on Oxidative Stress Markers in Rat Heart Satellite Symposium8:00 am - 2:00 pm Robin Walker, Howard UniversityAlcohol and Immunology: Receptors 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee breakand Signal TransductionLOCATION: Plumeria Session 2: Alcohol Abuse and InflammationChair: Elizabeth J. Kovacs Chairs: Katherine A. Radek and Mark AsquithHosted by the Alcohol and Immunology ResearchInterest Group (AIRIG) 5 10:30 am Cold Shock Protein and Alcohol- Induced Neurosuppression Ping Wang, 7:30 am Continental breakfast Feinstein Institute for Medical Research 8:00 am Welcome- Elizabeth J. Kovacs, 6 11:00 am Diminished Vaccine Responses Loyola University Chicago and Cytokine Production are Associated with Increased Expression of Multiple 8:15 am Alcohol Modulation of Receptor microRNAs in a Non-human Primate Signaling: An Overview Samir Zakhari, Model of Alcohol Self-Administration Mark National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Asquith, Oregon National Primate Research Alcoholism CenterSession 1: Alcohol, Injury and Signaling 7 11:15 am Circulating Micro-RNAs inChairs: Stephen B. Pruett and Robin Walker Exosomes Indicate Hepatocyte Injury and Inflammation in Acute and Chronic Liver1 8:45 am Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse Disease Shashi Bala, University of Interaction with HIV/AIDS: Systems Massachusetts Medical School Biology Approach in the SIV-Infected Macaque Patricia Molina, Louisiana State 11:30 am Ethanol and Anti-Inflammatory University Health Sciences Center Signaling by Adiponectin Laura Nagy, Cleveland Clinic2 9:15 am Chronic Alcohol Consumption Increases Mortality in Sepsis Benyam P. 12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch & discussion groups Yoseph, Emory University School of Medicine Session 3: Alcohol and Adaptive Immune3 9:30 am Inhibition of Myosin Light Chain Signaling Kinase Prevents Gut Inflammation and Chairs: Paul Drew and Juan Rendon  1 
  2. 2. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 2012 Plenary I: Innate Immune 8:30-10:00 am8 1:00 pm Alcohol Modulates Airway Hyperresponsiveness and Inflammation in Recognition Mechanisms and Host Allergic Asthma Peter Oldenburg, University Defense of Nebraska Medical Center LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Chair: David Mosser, University of Maryland9 1:30 pm Donor Chronic Alcohol Abuse Increases the Risk for Primary Graft 8:30 am Cytosolic Surveillance: Sensing, Dysfunction in Lung Transplant recipients Signaling and Regulatory Mechanisms Erin Lowry, Loyola University Medical Center Kate Fitzgerald, University of Mass. Medical School10 1:45 pm Differential Modulation of Chronic Alcohol Consumption on NKT Cells in Non- 9:00 am Phagocytosis & Inflammatory tumor Injected and Melanoma-bearing Signaling: What’s the Connection? Mice Hui Zhang, Washington State University David Underhill, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center/UCLA 2:00 pm Wrap-up Elizabeth J. Kovacs and Mashkoor A. 9:30 am Biochemical Characterization of Choudhry DNA/RNA Sensors in the Innate Immune SystemSunday, October 28th Yong-Jun Liu, Baylor Research Institute  7:00 am-8:15 am Networking Breakfast 10:00 am-5:00 pm Exhibits Open(Continental breakfast provided) LOCATION: Haleakala GardensLOCATION: Haleakala Gardens 10:00-10:30 am Coffee Break LOCATION: Haleakala 1and Gardens7:00 am-8:15 am Street Smarts ofScience: A Survival Guide for Graduate 10:30-12:30 pm CS 1: Host-PathogenStudents (RSVP required) InteractionsLOCATION: Plumeria LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5Chair: Elizabeth J. Kovacs Chair: Luis Montaner, The Wistar InstituteDr. Elizabeth J. Kovacs and senior faculty will impart their 10:30 am IL-23 in the Generation andknowledge of how to survive in academia in a session Function of Th17 Memorydesigned around the needs of graduate students. Those Mandy McGeachy, University of Pittsburghcurrently enrolled in graduate school, medical school, andcombined degree programs, may need help navigating the 16 11:00 am Identification of An E3 Ubiquitinwaters. There is no better place to do that than inHawaii!! Ligase Required for IRF3 K63-Topics will include: ubiquitination and ActivationConference “etiquette”; Finding mentors; Networking with Zhengfan Jiang, College of Life Sciences,peers and others; NIH 101; How to stalk faculty; Self Peking University“marketing” and;“The Elevator Talk” 17 11:20 am Cytoskeletal Abnormalities,7:00 am-10:00 am Exhibit Set-up Neutrophil Dysfunction, RecurrentLOCATION: Haleakala Gardens Infections and Impaired Healing Due to Mutations in WDR1, Encoding Actin-8:15 am-8:30 am Welcome interacting Protein 1 Douglas B. Kuhns, SAIC, Frederick NationalLOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Laboratory for Cancer Research  2 
  3. 3. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 201218 11:35 am Differential Induction of 25 12:05 pm Mucosal Tolerance Therapeutic Chemokines MIP-2 and KC Regulates Stimulates Potent Regulatory B Cells for Neutrophil Trafficking and Protects Mice Protection in a BTLA-dependent Fashion from Bacterial Sepsis Against Myelin Oligodendrocyte Sanna M. Goyert, CUNY Medical School, Glycoprotein (MOG)-Induced Sophie Davis School of Biomed. Education Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE)19 11:50 am SLB Travel Award Winner David W. Pascual, Montana State University Interleukin-17 is Protective Against saeR/S- mediated Staphylococcus Aureus 12:30-1:30 pm Lunch on Your Own Pathogenesis and is Dependent on Interferon-gamma Gene Activity 1:30-3:00 pm SLB Presidential Nominees Robert Watkins, Montana State University LOCATION: Haleakala 4/520 12:05 pm Negative regulation of TLR Chairs: Jill Suttles and Ann Richmond signaling by PLZF modulation of NFkB Bryan R.G. Williams, Monash Institute of SLB Presidential Junior Faculty/Post-Doc Medical Research Nominee TalksCS 2: B lymphocytes in Immune 26 1:30 pm Siglecs in B cell Tolerance Matthew S. Macauley, The Scripps ResearchRegulation and Autoimmunity InstituteLOCATION:Haleakala 2Chair: TBA 27 1:45 pm Slings Enable Neutrophil Rolling During Inflammation 10:30 am Innate Immune Activation of Prithu Sundd, La Jolla Institute for Allergy Autoreactive B cells and Immunology Ann Marshak-Rothstein, University of Massachusetts Medical School 28 2:00 pm Origin of Tumor Elicited Inflammation: Pro-Inflammatory21 11:00 am Unique Role of IRF-5 in the Cytokines Promote Colorectal Innate Signaling Pathways and Regulation Tumorigenesis of the B Cell Response to Pathogens Sergei Grivennikov, Fox Chase Cancer Center Paula M. Pitha, Johns Hopkins University SLB Presidential Student Nominee Talks22 11:20 am The Genetics of Anthrax Immunization 29 2:15 pm SAA, ApoE and LBP Modify Kenneth M. Kaufman, Cincinnati Childrens Macrophage’s Innate Immune Hospital Medical Center Response Induced by the Malarial Hemozoin23 11:35 am IL-17A and IL-25 Confer on Fikregabrail A. Kassa, McGill University Normal Germinal Centre B Cells de novo Migratory Competence to CXCL12 and 30 2:30 pm Topical Administration of G-CSF CXCL13 Promotes Resolution of Staphylococcus Vito Pistoia, G. Gaslini Institute aureus Wound Infection in Aged Mice Aleah L. Brubaker, Loyola University Chicago24 11:50 am Human Herpesvirus 8 Infection Health Sciences Division Induces a Potent Cytokine and Chemokine Polyfunctional Response in Primary 31 2:45 pm Cell-Intrinsic Control of Memory B Lymphocytes Macrophage Activation by CD39 and Emilee Knowlton, University of Pittsburgh Implications for Treating Inflammatory Graduate School of Public Health Disease Heather Cohen, University of Maryland  3 
  4. 4. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 20123:00 – 4:00 pm Poster Session A / Coffee This workshop is hosted by the Professional Development Committee, as part of the educational mission of the SocietyBreak for Leukocyte Biology. This workshop is targeted toLOCATION: Haleakala Gardens graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty,(Formal presentation of topical posters, snacks who are new to the grant writing process. A shortprovided) presentation will be followed by small-group discussion tables to discuss grant writing strategies from multiple perspectives. Join senior researchers LeeAnn Allen, Louis4:00- 5:00 pm Senior Level Awards Justement, Elizabeth J. Kovacs, Kenneth McLeish, andLOCATION:Haleakala 4/5 Daniel Remick and draw upon their knowledge during thisChairs: Jill Suttles and Ann Richmond interesting workshop. 32 4:00 pm SHIP represses auto-inflammation Plenary II: 8:30-10:00 am and is required for intestinal immune Inflammasomes homeostasis. LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Laura M. Sly, University of British Columbia Chair: TBA33 4:15 pm Transcriptomic analysis of 8:30 am The NLR Family of Immune manipulation of the NOD2 signaling Sensors pathway Jenny Ting, University of North Carolina Derek Abbott, Case Western Reserve University 9:00 am The Inflammasome: Role in Host Defense and Disease 4:45 pm TBA Women & Diversity Paper of Gabriel Nunez, University of Michigan the Year 9:30 am The Inflammasome and5:00 - 6:00 pm Keynote Lecture: AutoinflammationMarie T. Bonazinga Awardee Hal Hoffman, University of California, SanSponsored by Accurate Chemical DiegoWhat is Innate Immunity and what isInterleukin-1? 10:00-11:00 am Poster Session B / CoffeeLOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 BreakCharles Dinarello, University of Colorado LOCATION: Haleakala 1 and GardensChair: Jill Suttles (Formal presentation of topical posters, snacks provided)6:00 pm-7:00 pm Opening ReceptionLOCATION: Haleakala Gardens 11:00 am- 1:00 pm Concurrent SessionsMonday, October 29th CS 3: Cytokine Signaling and Inflammation I7:00 am-8:30 am Networking Breakfast LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5(Continental breakfast provided) Chair: TBALOCATION: Haleakala Gardens 11:00 am The Role on ITAM Signaling7:00 am-5:00 pm Exhibits Open Receptors in Macrophage Development and FunctionLOCATION: Haleakala Gardens Marco Colonna, Washington University School of Medicine How to Write Your First7:00 am-8:30 amGrant Application (RSVP required) 34 11:25 am A New Branch of TLR3 SignalingLOCATION: Plumeria Ganes C. Sen, Cleveland Clinic FoundationChair: Julian G. Cambronero  4 
  5. 5. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 201235 11:50 am Cytopenia and 42 12:20 pm Geriatric Immunosenescence Immunosuppression Caused by NLRP1 Differentially Affects T Lymphocyte and Activation Antigen Presenting Cell Function Ben A. Croker, The Walter and Eliza Hall Carol Miller-Graziano University of Rochester Institute of Medical Research Medical Center36 12:05 pm Peptidoglycan Degradation 43 12:35 pm SLB Travel Award Winner Products Activate the Inflammasome Dynamic T Cell-APC Interactions Sustain through a Novel Mechanism using Chronic Inflammation in Atherosclerosis Glycolytic Enzymes Ekaterina Koltsova, La Jolla Institute for Andrea J. Wolf, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Allergy and Immunology37 12:20 pm SLB Travel Award Winner 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Lunch on Your Own The contribution of the NLRP3 Inflammasome to Air Pollution Facilitated Allergic Sensitization and Airway JLB Editorial Board 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm Inflammation Lunch by invitation only Jeremy A. Hirota, University of British LOCATION: Maile 2 Columbia Plenary III: Myeloid Cell 2:00 – 3:30 pm38 12:35 pm Molecular Circuitry Responsible for the Opposing Paradigm of Endotoxin Populations in Cancer: The Link with Priming and Tolerance Inflammation Liwu Li, Virginia Tech LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Chair: Ann Richmond, Vanderbilt UniversityCS 4: Dendritic Cell and MacrophageRegulation 2:00 pm Regulation of MacrophageLOCATION: Haleakala 2 Functional Phenotype in the TumorChair: Alfred Ayala, Rhode Island Hospital Microenvironment Jill Suttles, Univ of Louisville School of Medicine 11:00 am Systems Vaccinology Bali Pulendran, Emory University 2:30 pm Regulation of Myeloid-Derived39 11:25 am The Discovery of a New Guanine Suppressor Cells Expansion and Function Nucleotide Exchange Factor (GEF) in in Cancer Leukcoytes, that happens to be a Dimitry Gabrilovitch, Moffitt Cancer Center Phospholipase Julian Gomez Cambronero, Wright State 3:00 pm Inflammation and Oxidative Stress University School of Medicine Drive Immune Suppression in the Tumor Microenvironment40 11:50 am SLB Travel Award Winner Suzanne Ostrand Rosenberg, UMBC An IFN gamma-IL15-IL32 Pathway in Human Macrophages Induces Vitamin D- Member Business Meeting 3:30- 4:00 pm dependent Antimicrobial Program Against and Presidential Award Announcements Mycobacteria LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Dennis Montoya, University of California Los Angeles 4:00 to 5:00 pm Poster Session C / Coffee41 12:05 pm Nlrp10 Regulates Dendritic Cell Break Function LOCATION: Haleakala 1 and Gardens Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, Yale School of (Formal presentation of topical posters, snacks Medicine provided)  5 
  6. 6. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 20125:00 to 7:00 pm Concurrent Sessions 48 5:25 pm Role of SRC and PI3K Signaling in Leukocyte “Entrainment” During Tumor MetastasisCS 5: Treg and Th17 Cells in Host Ann Richmond, Vanderbilt University SchoolDefense and Autoimmunity and γδT, of MedicineNK, NKT cells 49 5:50 pm TREM-Like Transcript 2 (TLT2)LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 Regulates Intrinsic and Extrinsic ProcessesChair: TBA that Promote Neutrophil Recruitment and Activation Contributing to Inflammation 5:00 pm IL-17 Family Cytokines in and Innate Host Defense Inflammation and Cancer Louis B. Justement, University of Alabama at Chen Dong, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Birmingham 5:25 pm The Original Innate Lymphocyte - 50 6:05 pm Cross-talk Between Toll-like Unique and Common Pathways Regulating Receptor and Cytokine Signaling in NK Cell Responses Promoting Gastric Tumorigenesis Christine Biron, Brown University Independent of Inflammation Brendan Jenkins, Monash University44 5:50 pm The Fifth Cardinal Sign: N(K) Cells induce Autophagy, HMGB1 Release, 51 6:20 pm SLB Travel Award Winner Functio Laesa, and Promote Tumor Programmed Death Ligand-1 Expression Immunity Attenuates Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Michael T. Lotze, University of Pittsburgh Cell Injury in Sepsis Cancer Institute Noelle A. Hutchins, Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine45 6:15 pm Cellular Source and Molecular Form of TNF Defines its Pathogenic and 52 6:35 pm AMPK Coordinates Protective Functions during Autoimmune PI3K/Akt/mTOR and STAT3/SOCS3 Arthritis. Signaling in Macrophages in Response to Sergei A. Nedospasov, Lomonosov Moscow IL-10 State University Yanfang Zhu, University of Louisville46 6:30 pm Cytokine Requirments for TH17 Cell Lineage Commitment are 7:00 -9:00 pm Social Mixer Dictated by Priming (TBA) Microenvironments Pasare Chandrashekhar, UT Southwestern Tuesday, October 30th Medical Center 7:00 am-8:30 am Networking BreakfastCS 6: Cytokine Signaling and LOCATION: Haleakala GardensInflammation II (Continental breakfast provided)LOCATION: Haleakala 2Chair: Derek Abbott, Case Western Reserve University 7:00 am-2:00 pm Exhibits Open LOCATION: Haleakala Gardens47 5:00 pm Amphisome Formation and Autophagy are Required for Virus-Induced Production of IFN-alpha by Primary 7:00 am-8:30 am Women and Diversity Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Workshop (RSVP required) Patricia Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, UMDNJ- New LOCATION: Plumeria Jersey Medical School Chair: TBA Keynote: Jenny Ting Order Out of Chaos  6 
  7. 7. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 2012 53 11:25 am Pathological Dysregulation of theThis workshop features Jenny Ting as our keynote speaker, GAIT Translational Control Systempresentation of certificates for recipients of FASEB MARC Paul L. Fox, Cleveland Clinic Foundationawards, and an open discussion with senior scientists onissues affecting women and minorities in science. Topics 54 11:50 am Inhibition of iNOS by miR-146Ainclude women minority leadership, network/mentoring and Allows Tumor Cells to Escape Macrophage-"women dont ask" in regards to promotions and induced Deathnegotiations. This workshop is open to all individuals Michal A. Rahat, Carmel Medical Center andinterested in discussing the obstacles affecting women and Technionminorities throughout their career and hearing advice fromsenior scientists on managing those obstacles. 55 12:05 pm Temporal and Spatial Expression of Mouse MicroRNAs 125-5p, 135a, 16, 214, Plenary IV: Epithelium:8:30 am-10:00 am 182, and 30c Following Genital ChlamydiaThe Interplay Between Innate and Th2 trachomatis Infection Bernard Arulanandam, University of Texas atImmunity San AntonioLOCATION: Haleakala 4/5Chair: Daniel Remick, Boston University 56 12:20 pm Selective Regulation of Macrophage TLR Responses by Notch 8:30 am IL-25 Signaling in Th2 Responses Signaling Components Xiaoxia Li, Cleveland Clinic Xiaoyu Hu, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College 9:00 am Innate Helper Type-2 Cells in Allergic Immune Responses 57 12:35 am The Functional Mechanisms of Richard Locksley, Univ. of California, San IL-17 Family Cytokines in Host Defense Francisco and Autoimmune Inflammation Youcan Qian, Shanghai Institute for 9:30 am Regulation by Innate Lymphoid Biological Sciences, Institute of Health Cells in the Lung Sciences Dale Umetsu, Childrens Hospital Boston CS 8: Neuroimmunology10:00-11:00 am Poster Session D / Coffee LOCATION: Haleakala 2Break Chair: Rachel Caspi, National Institutes of HealthLOCATION: Haleakala 1 and Gardens(Formal presentation of topical posters, snacks 11:00 am Sculpting Complement as aprovided) Therapeutic Strategy in Neurodegenerative Disorders Andrea Tenner, University of California, Irvine11:00-1:00 pm Concurrent Sessions 58 11:25 am Reciprocal Interaction betweenCS 7: Micro RNA and Post- NK Cells and DCs Regulates Th17 Immunetranscriptional Regulation in Response by Controlling the Innate IFN-?/IL-27 axisInflammatory Response Rachel R. Caspi, National Eye Institute,LOCATION: Haleakala 4/5 National Institutes of HealthChair: Tom Hamilton, Cleveland Clinic Foundation 59 11:50 am Evidence for Ethanol Induced 11:00 am The Role of tiRNAs in Post- Conformational Change of Toll-like Transcriptional Control Receptor (TLR)-3 and an Ethanol Binding Paul Anderson, Brigham and Womens Site Hospital Stephen B. Pruett, Mississippi State University  7 
  8. 8. Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting 201260 12:05 pm Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor- ? Agonists Protect Neurons and Microglia from Ethanol in the Developing Cerebellum Paul D. Drew, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences61 12:20 pm Epidermal Nicotinic Receptor Activation Prior to Skin Wound Infection Impairs Antimicrobial Peptide Responses and Leukocyte Recruitment to Increase Bacterial Survival Katherine A. Radek, Loyola University Chicago62 12:35 pm Chronic Alcohol-induced IL-1ß is Mediated by the NALP3/ASC Inflammasome Activation in a TLR4- independent Manner in the Brain and Prevented by IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Treatment Gyongyi Szabo, University of Massachusetts Medical School1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch on Your Own Plenary V: Metabolism in2:00-4:00 pmImmune RegulationLOCATION: Haleakala 4/5Chair: Charles McCall, Wake Forest University 2:00 pm Regulation of T Cell Differentiation and Function by MTOR Jonathan Powell, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine63 2:30 pm Lymphocyte Metabolism in CD4 T Cell Subsets Jeffrey Rathmell, Duke University Medical Center 3:00 pm Immune Regulation by Tryptophan Metabolism Andrew Mellor, Georgia Health Sciences University  8 