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2nd Annual Sports and Travel Medicine Update


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2nd Annual Sports and Travel Medicine Update

  1. 1. 2ND ANNUAL SPORTS ANDTRAVEL MEDICINE UPDATE Medicine on the Edge Big Sky Ski Resort - Montana, USA Ja   JANUARY  5  –  12,  2013  OverviewWhy go back to big Sky for a 3rd year in a row? Because our delegatestell us they loved it so much in both 2011 and 2012. After experiencinggenuine Montana hospitality and some truly amazing skiing it is easy tounderstand how they feel. January 2012 saw many US ski resorts withrecord low snowfalls but this was not an issue at Big Sky which once Conference  Schedule   .03 .05again had great coverage. Accommodation  For 2013 our meeting will again focus on the themes of Sports andTravel Medicine. We will schedule a mix of morning and evening sessionsto discuss topics such as the health risks of travelling in developingcountries, rabies, yellow fever, concussion in sports, sports medicine andthe law, determining fitness to ascend to altitude, sports specific injuries,and case studies in sports and travel medicine amongst others. All ourtopics have been selected to be of interest to Emergency Physicians,Critical Care Physicians, General Practitioners, Nurses, paramedics andstudents. We encourage a case based presentation format and aninteractive approach at all sessions. Ski and Snowboard at Big Sky Explore up to 5,512 skiable acres, 4,350 Registration     feet of vertical drop and runs of up to 6 See  separate  registration  form.   miles in length! 400 inches of annual snowfall, lift lines that are basically non- existent here. The skiing and riding is the pg.   1  
  2. 2. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 ultimate experience. Big Sky offers instant access to some of the most diverse skiing and snowboarding & breathtaking vistas. Float down a 2,000 vertical foot, powder filled bowl beneath Lone Peak; bob and weave through the Bavarian Forest; ride the Lone Peak Tram for a birds eye view of untamed wilderness. Youll find almost twice as many acres as skiers. Terrain park facilities bring you world-class challenges no matter what your skill level. If you were concerned about coming to Big Sky because you have never skied or snowboarded before, there is no need to fear because Big Sky is home to one of the finest snow sports schools in America! Contact Us: Big Sky offers the ultimate skiing and snowboarding experience because of location, facilities and opportunities – you wouldn’t want to miss out! Registrations,  Bookings   The Village and  Enquiries:   Trish  Hogan     Big Sky Resort is not only for ski or snowboarding fanatics because Medicine  on  the  Edge   there are plenty of other pleasurable activities and places for those who tend to enjoy the après-ski lifestyle. For the non-skier there is plenty to do Ph:  +61  (0)  409  223  410   with fabulous spas & health clubs who have regular exercise sessions, trishh@medicine-­‐on-­‐the-­‐   snow shoeing day treks, dog sledding and zip line to name a few. Live   music and poker tables can be found every evening and night at one of Conference  Enquiries:   the many bars and restaurants at Big Sky. Dr  Geoff  Ramin   Explore the backcountry on snowshoes or take a relaxing sleigh ride. Medicine  on  the  Edge   Conference  Convener   There are also a great range of shops and restaurants that cater for all Ph:  +61  (0)400  005  668   tastes. The Big Sky serene way of life is enjoyable for all. geoffr@medicine-­‐on-­‐the-­‐   Optional Activities Accommodation  Bookings:   • Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding • Bungee Trampoline  or   • Cross Country Skiing   • Daycare Within  USA:    800-­‐548-­‐4487     • Dog sledding From  Aust:  0011-­‐1-­‐406-­‐995-­‐5750   • Family Activities • Family Fun Zone and Tubing Park Other  Countries  (1)-­‐800-­‐548-­‐4487   • Fly Fishing • Health Club • Helicopter Tours • Horseback riding • Kids Club • Massage and Spa Services • Poker • Shopping • Sleigh Ride Dinners • Ski & Snowboard School • Snowcoach tours of Yellowstone National Park • Snowmobiling • Snowshoeing • Wellness Classes • Worship Services • Wildlife Viewing • Zipline   2    
  3. 3. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 Conference Schedule   SATURDAY, 5TH JANUARY 17:00 - 19:00 FRIDAY 11th JANUARY 07:00 – 09:00 Welcome Reception and opening session. Breakfast Session Topic: Doctor, Can I Trek to Altitude? Topic: Health Risks for Travellers in Speakers: TBA Developing countries Speaker: TBA 17:00 – 19:00 **NOTE: Drinks and Nibbles will be provided at all Topics: evening sessions. • Myths and Misconceptions in Sport Medicine SUNDAY, 6th JANUARY 17:00 - 19:00 • The Sports and Travel Medicine Topic: Case Studies in Sports Medicine Year in Review Speaker: Speaker: TBA MONDAY 7th JANUARY 07:00 - 09:00 SATURDAY 12th JANUARY Breakfast Session Close Topic: Concussion in Sport Speaker: The venue for this conference will be the Yellowstone Conference Centre at Big Sky Resort. The centre is **NOTE: A light boxed breakfast will be provided for well equipped in close walking distance of the delegates at the morning sessions. luxurious lodging and village centre. 17:00 – 19:00 Topic: High Risk Diseases in Travel • Rabies • Yellow Fever • E. Coli relation pathology Speakers: TBA TUESDAY 8th JANUARY 17:00 – 19:00 Topic: Sports Specific Injuries • Skiing Conference Venue   • Cycling • Swimming • Tiddlywinks Speakers: TBA WEDNESDAY 9th JANUARY 07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast Session Topic: Case Studies in Travel Medicine Speaker: TBA THURSDAY 10th JANUARY 17:00 – 19:00 Topic: Sports Medicine and the Law Speakers: TBA 3    
  4. 4. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 2013 Big Sky Conference Registration Form   Please  see  the  separate  registration  form.       Registrations  are  limited  to  50  delegates,  so  we  suggest  you  confirm  your  attendance  at  the  earliest.  Both   conference  registration  and  accommodation  need  to  be  booked  at  the  same  time  in  order  to  obtain  the   conference  prices  for  accommodation.       NB:  Accommodation  prices  are  in  USD  and  conference  registration  costs  are  in  AUD.       Please  scan  and  email  completed  registration  forms  to  Trish  Hogan  (trishh@medicine-­‐on-­‐the-­‐   and  ensure  a  hard  copy  is  mailed  to:       Associate  Professor  Trish  Hogan     Medicine  on  the  Edge   PO  Box  1027   Wynnum  QLD  4178   Australia   Ph:  +61  (0)  409  223  410   Email:  trishh@medicine-­‐on-­‐the-­‐   4    
  5. 5. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 Accommodation   *Note:     All   rates   quoted   for   accommodation   are   in   US   dollars.     Please   ensure  when  booking  your  accommodation  you  state  that  you  are  part  of   the  “Medicine  on  the  Edge”  group  to  receive  the  special  discounted  rates.     These   rates   will   only   be   applicable   when   a   completed   registration   form   along  with  registration  payment  is  sent  to  Medicine  on  the  Edge.     All  accommodation  rates  are  per  night  and  do  not  include  tax  and  service   charges.     The   current   total   is   17%   tax   and   service   charges   on   Contact Us: accommodation.    The  17%  is  made  up  of  7%  state  accommodation  tax,  3%   Registrations,  Bookings   resort   tax   and   7%   resort   service   fee.    This   amount   is   subject   to   change   on   a   and  Enquiries:   yearly  basis  depending  on  current  Federal,  State  and  local  laws.   Trish  Hogan       Medicine  on  the  Edge   Shoshone  Condominiums     Ph: +61 (0) 409 223 410 -­‐  3.5  star  property   trishh@medicine-­‐on-­‐the-­‐   The   slope   side   Shoshone   is   conveniently   located   at   the   base   of   the   slopes,   just   steps   away   from   the   lifts   and   is   part   of   the   Mountain   Village   Centre.    This   7-­‐ story  landmark  is  attached  to  the  Yellowstone  Conference  Centre  &  Huntley   Lodge.    The  property  has  a  fully  equipped  health  club,  steam  room,  saunas,   indoor/outdoor   Jacuzzi,   outdoor   swimming   pool,   ski   storage,   room   service,   laundry  &  concierge.       1   Bedroom   Suites   have   a   Queen/or   King   in   private   bedroom,   queen   fold-­‐ down  Murphy  bed  and  sleeper  sofa  in  the  living  area,  1  3/4  baths  (average   Accommodation  Bookings:   790  sq.  ft)  Full  kitchen,  dining  table,  gas  fireplaces,  spacious  living  quarters,  or   flat   panel   TVs,   high-­‐speed   wireless   internet,   balcony   with   Village   and   Mountain  views,  climate  controlled  rooms.  Sleeps  maximum  6  guests.   Within  USA:    800-­‐548-­‐4487         From  Aust:  0011-­‐1-­‐406-­‐995-­‐5750   1   Bedroom   Loft   Condominiums   have   a   King   bed   in   a   private   bedroom,   Other  Countries  (1)-­‐800-­‐548-­‐4487   Queen  bed  in  the  loft,  sleeper  sofa  in  the  living  area,  2  3/4  baths  (1,140  sq.   ft)    Full   kitchen,   dining   table,   gas   fireplaces,   spacious   living   quarters,   flat   panel   TVs,   high-­‐speed   wireless   internet,   balcony   with   Village   and   Mountain   views,  climate  controlled  rooms.  Sleeps  maximum  8  guests.       Room  Type                                                                                          Max  Guests     Cost  per  Day*   1  Bedroom  Suite   2-­‐6   US  $  267   1  Bedroom  Loft  Condominium   2-­‐8   US  $  373     Summit  at  Big  Sky  Hotel  -­‐  4  star  property   The   elegant   Euro-­‐Western   Summit   at   Big   Sky   is   slope   side,   the   southern   anchor   of   Mountain   Village   Plaza.    The   property   features   eight   residential   levels,   two   public   levels   with   reception,   concierge,   meeting   rooms,   fitness   centre,   indoor/outdoor   soaking   pool,   Peaks   restaurant,   The   Carabiner    
  6. 6. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 Lounge,  Provisions  resort  wear  gift  shop,  espresso  cart,  and  on-­‐mountain  ski  storage.  There  are  also  three  levels  of   underground  parking.  Combine  these  luxury  appointments  with  two  high  capacity  lifts  within  50  yards  of  the  entry   and   you   have   one   of   the   finest   properties   in   the   Rockies.   Each   suite   has   private   entry,   room   number,   two-­‐line   telephone,  high-­‐speed  wireless  internet,  entertainment  centre,  climate  control  &  daily  maid  service.   Studios  have  innerspring  mattress  wall  bed,  kitchen,  1  bathroom  &  fireplace  (450–480  sq  ft).  Sleeps  maximum  of  2   guests.     1  bedroom  Condominium  with  1  queen,  2  queens,  or  1  king,  wall  bed  or  sleeper  sofa,  full  kitchen,  fire  place,  2  baths   (880  sq.  ft.).  Sleeps  maximum  of  4  guests.       1  bedroom  Condominium  with  a  hot  tub  on  the  deck.    Bedding  configurations  are  1  queen,  2  queens,  or  1  king,  wall   bed  or  sleeper  sofa,  full  kitchen,  fireplace,  2  baths  (880  sq.  ft.).  Sleeps  maximum  of  4  guests.       2  Bedroom  Condominiums  have  various  configurations  of  queen,  king,  sleeper  sofa  and/or  wall  bed  with  full  kitchen,   fireplace,  3  baths,  some  have  hot  tub.  (1,300-­‐1320  sq.  ft.,  sleeps  6-­‐8)  .  Sleeps  maximum  of  6  guests.       3   Bedroom   Condominiums   are   the   combination   of   a   2-­‐bedroom   condominium   &   1   adjoining   hotel   room,   4   baths   (1,770  sq.  ft.).  Sleeps  maximum  of  8  guests.       Room  Type   Max  Guests   Cost  per  Night  (USD)*  Includes  daily  buffet  breakfast   (Guests  per  Room)     1   2   3   4       Studio  Room   2   $176   $201   Hotel   2-­‐4   $187   $212   $237   $262   1  Bedroom   2-­‐6   $359   2  Bedroom   4-­‐8   $480   3  Bedroom   6-­‐10   $675         Village  Centre  Hotel  -­‐  4  star  property     Big  Skys  New  Village  Centre  offers  slope  side  ski  suites,  additional  shopping,  coffee  shop,   dining  and  entertainment  options.  Village  Centre’s  accommodations  are  the  ultimate  in  ski   in/out   featuring   fine   finishes,   designer   decor   and   signature   Boyne   Beds.   Enjoy   the   views   from   private   balcony   and   the   exclusivity   of   an   intimate   lobby.   Each   room   offers   Fireplaces   (2  in  One-­‐Bedrooms),  entertaining  kitchens,  living,  dining  areas,  large  flat-­‐panel  television   in   custom   built-­‐in   cabinetry   &   high-­‐speed   wireless   internet   access.    There   is   a   laundry   in   6    
  7. 7. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 the  building,  private  outdoor  hot  tub  &  swimming  pool  slope  side.  Room  service  is  available.  Ski  Suites  have  a  queen   wall  bed  with  Boyne  Bed  &  entertainment  kitchen  appliances.  Sleeps  maximum  of  2  guests.     1-­‐bedroom   suites  have  2  bathrooms  with  queen  in  the  bedroom  and  a  sleeper  sofa  (some  with  additional  wall  bed)  in   the  living  area,  full  kitchen.  Sleeps  Maximum  of  4  Guests.     2-­‐Bedroom   suites   have   3   bathrooms   with   queens   or   kings   in   bedrooms   and   sleeper   sofa   in   living   area,   full   kitchen.    Sleeps  Maximum  of  6  guests.     3-­‐Bedroom   suites   have   2-­‐3   bathrooms   with   queens   or   kings   in   bedrooms   and   sleeper   sofa   in   living   area,   full   kitchen.    Sleeps  Maximum  of  8  guests.       Room  Type   Max  Guests   Cost  per  Night  (USD)*   (Guests  per  Room)     1   2   3   4       Studio  Room   2   $174   $199   1  Bedroom   2-­‐6   $338   2  Bedroom   4-­‐8   $454   3  Bedroom   6-­‐10   $635     The  Huntley  Lodge   Conveniently   located   in   the   heart   of   Big   Sky’s   Mountain   Village,   this   3-­‐storey   hotel  was  part  of  the  late  NBC  news  broadcaster  Chet  Huntley’s  original  vision.     The   Huntley   complex   includes   Chet’s   Bar   &   Grill,   coffee   cart   in   the   Firehole   Lounge,   concierge,   shops,   ski   storage,   meeting   rooms   and   Solace   Spa.     All   rooms   have   been   upgraded   to   the   luxurious   Boyne   Bed.     Slope   side,   northern   anchor   of   Mountain  Village  Plaza.     First   Class   and   Mountain   View:   2   queens,   1   bath   (375   sq.   ft.,   sleeps   4,   4   handicapped   accessible   with   king   beds   available).     Loft:   3   queens,   raise   seating   area,   1   bath   (500   sq.   ft.,   sleeps   6).     Wet   bar,   coffee   maker,   refrigerator,   TV,   seating   area,   high-­‐speed   wireless   internet   access,   daily   maid   service.     Outdoor   swimming   pool,   2   large   outdoor   Jacuzzis,   weight   room,   saunas.     Room   service,   laundry,   ice   machines,   vending.     Huntley   Lodge   is   quoted   per   room   per   night   and   includes   a   daily   breakfast   buffet   in   the   Huntley   dining   room   plus   gratuity  for  each  guest.    Breakfast  is  served  daily  from  6:30  –  10:30  a.m.  only.    No  credit  or  refunds  will  be  offered.     Children   10   and   under   stay   free   when   in   the   same   room   as   their   parents   with   existing   beds   and   enjoy   complimentary   daily  breakfast  buffet.     Room  Type   Max  Guests     Cost  per  Night  (USD)*   (Guests  per  Room)     1   2   3   4   5   6   First  Class   2-­‐4   $144   $169   $194   $219     Mountain  View   2-­‐4   $154   $179   $204   $229   Loft   4-­‐6   $189   $214   $239   $264   $289   $314     Flights   Flights  with  Qantas,  V  Australia  &  Delta  Airlines  from  Brisbane,  Australia  to  Bozeman,  Montana  are  around  AU  $  2,850   economy  return.     7    
  8. 8. Medicine on the Edge – Big Sky Ski Resort, Montana – USA January 2013 Lift  Passes   Adult  Lift  passes  are  from  US  $  59  per  adult  per  day  plus  3%  tax  (includes  students,  juniors  (11-­‐17  years)  and  seniors,   child  10  and  under  free)  for  group  members  registered  with  Medicine  on  the  Edge  -­‐  multiday  lift  passes  are  available   for  concessional  rates.   Additional  Lift  Rates:     Big  Sky     Rates*   Child     (10  yrs  and  under)   FREE   Junior/Student   (11-­‐17)   US  $  59   College  Student   (with  current  ID)   US  $  59   Senior   (70  and  older)   US  $  59     Biggest  Skiing  in  America  Ticket   (Ski  Big  Sky  and  Moonlight  Basin  on  one  ticket)   US  $TBA   On-­‐Site  Upgrade  Rate  for  Biggest  Skiing  in  America  Ticket   US  $TBA     Transfers   Transfers   from   Bozeman   to   Big   Sky   should   be   arranged   at   the   time   of   booking   with   Big   Sky   Resort.   For   more   information   on   hotel   transfers,   visit   or   ask   your   reservationist   for   more   details   when   making  hotel  arrangements.     Day  Trips   There  are  many  different  day  trips  that  can  be  organised  from  Big  Sky  as  an  example  we  have  provided  details  for  Dog   Sledding,  Sleigh  Rides  or  a  day  trip  to  Yellowstone  National  Park.  These  can  be  either  pre-­‐booked  or  booked  while  at   Big  Sky.     Dog  Sledding   For  the  experience  of  a  lifetime,  take  a  tour  by  dog  sled  and  see  the  beautiful  Big  Sky   Country   with   Spirit   of   the   North   Sled   Dog   Adventures.   Imagine   yourself   gliding   through   a   winter   wonderland   of   majestic   mountains   with   a   team   of   beautiful   huskies   pulling   you   down   the   trail.    The   only   sounds   you   hear   are   the   panting   of   the   dogs   and   the   swish  of  the  sled  runners.      Imagine  the  thrill  of  driving  a  team,  as  you  become  one  unit   with  these  well-­‐trained  spirited  athletes.    No  other  method  of  travel  over  snow  can  compare  with  dog  sledding.           Sleigh  Ride     Picture   this:   you   glide   beneath   a   deep-­‐black,   star-­‐dotted   Montana   sky,   with   only   the   sound   of   crunching   snow   and   the   jingling   harnesses   of   the   Percheron   draft   horses,   which   are   skilfully   guiding   you   along   the   frozen   Gallatin   River.   The   wool-­‐wrapped   wranglers   talk   about   the   320s   remarkable   history,   and   maybe   tell   a   few   tall   tales   along   the   way.   You   and   your   family,   along   with   the   new   friends   youve   made,   arrive   at   the     mountain  man  campsite,  where  youre  handed  a  steaming  mug  of  cowboy  chilli,  and  some  hot  cider  spiced  with  rum.   8     Montanas  famous  cold  winters  really  arent  that  cold,  you  think  to  yourself.