2013 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention


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2013 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

  1. 1. Rocky Mountain Dental Convention20 CONNECT13 RMDC ▶ DENVER,CO ROCKY MOUNTAIN DENTAL CONVENTION EXHIBITOR PROSPECTUS January 24 ▶26 rmdconline.com
  2. 2. WHY CHOOSE 2013 RMDC? Now entering its 106th anniversary, the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention is the largest continuing education event for dental professionals in the region. Held in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado, the RMDC always boasts a spectacular educational lineup, not to mention the natural beauty and winter attractions of Colorado. Building on the success of the 2012 RMDC, 2013 promises to exceed all expectations! A Few Other Reasons... 2013 RMDC Headliners Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr. Dr. Michael Norton Dr. Fahl is director of the Fahl Art & Science For 20 years Dr. Norton has led the way for in Aesthetic Dentistry Institute in Curitiba, implant dentistry in the UK, becoming one Brazil where he conducts hands-on and of the world’s most respected and renowned live patient courses on direct and indirect implant surgeons. His considerable portfolio adhesive restorations. He is a recipient of of research has been groundbreaking, making the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry him one of the most sought after lecturers in 2008 President´s Award for Best Teacher his field. Amongst his accolades is being made and the 2011 Excellence in Cosmetic Dental a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Education Award from American Academy Edinburgh, an honor bestowed upon only very of Cosmetic Dentistry. few in recognition of a significant contribution to their chosen field. Dr. Michael Miller Dr. Gerard Chiche Dr. Miller is on the editorial board of Dr. Chiche is the Thomas P Hinman Endowed . Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry Chair in Restorative Dentistry, the Director of and Dentistry Today, has regular columns the Center for Esthetic & Implant Dentistry in General Dentistry, and is the co-founder at GHSU School of Dentistry in Augusta, of REALITY. He is a Fellow of the Academy GA, and the Past President of the American of General Dentistry, a Founding and Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He co-authored Accredited Member, and Fellow of the the textbooks Esthetics of Anterior Fixed American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Restorations and Smile Design - A Guide for Clinician, Ceramist and Patient, and currently serves as adjunct faculty at the Pankey Institute. Some Speakers for the Dental Team Col. Teresa Gonzales – Epithelial Pathology: From A to Z; Physical Examination of the Head and Neck for Dental Health Care Providers Ms. Shirley Branam – Win the Battle Against Biofilm; Caries Intervention: Infectious Disease or Infectious Smile?; Aging Gracefully: Give Them Something to Smile About Ms. Lynn Whalen & Mrs. Jenny Mackay – Point, Focus, Flash! Dental Photography Dr. Charles Blair – Focus on Profitability for the Efficient Practice; Top How-to Tips for Structuring the “Ideal” Practice2012 RMDC ATTENDANCE And the BEST Reason... Thanks to an award winning marketing campaign, the 2012 RMDC saw an overall increase in attendance of over 22% with a 40% increase in attendees from out-of-state. 2012 Colorado Business Marketing Association Gold Key Award Winner for Total B2B Campaign
  3. 3. Expo Hall Dates & Hours Shuttle Service Monday, December 31, 2012Thursday, January 24, 2013 Continuous free shuttles are available ▶ DEADLINE to submit Certificate of Insurance.10:00 am – 5:30 pm between the Colorado Convention Center and the participating convention hotels ▶ DEADLINE to order complimentaryFriday, January 25, 2013 (see “Housing”). Shuttles run from 7:00 am to furniture package.10:00 am – 5:30 pm 6:30 pm on Thursday, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm onSaturday, January 26, 2013 Friday, and 7:30 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday. ▶ DEADLINE to submit equipment orders10:00 am – 2:00 pm and receive discounted rates. IMPORTANT DATES ▶ DEADLINE to submit electrical service orders.Location & DEADLINES ▶ DEADLINE to submit Exhibitor AppointedColorado Convention Center Contractor Work Authorization form.Expo Hall “D” Tuesday, September 4, 2012700 14th StreetDenver, CO 80202 ▶ DEADLINE to cancel exhibit booth space to receive full refund of monies paid. Monday, December 26, 2012 thru January 15, 2013Special Events ▶ Freeman will accept exhibitor shipmentsExpo Hall Reception Friday, October 5, 2012 to their warehouse.Thursday, January 24 – 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm ▶ DEADLINE to order Exhibitor Marketing Flyers.Friday Night Party & After Party Friday, January 11, 2013Friday, January 25 – 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm ▶ DEADLINE to register booth staff.and 9:00 pm – 2:00 am Monday, October 15, 2012 For details and sponsorship information ▶ REMAINING BALANCE DUE for exhibit booths.on these events, see “Sponsorship & Wednesday, January 23, 2013Advertising Opportunities.” ▶ Exhibitor Move-In from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Friday, November 16, 2012 ▶ DEADLINE to reserve advertising space ▶ First day Freeman will accept shipmentsHousing in the Dec/Jan RMDC Articulator magazine. at the Colorado Convention Center.VISIT DENVER, the Convention andVisitors Bureau, is handling the housingarrangements for the 2013 RMDC. Friday, December 21, 2012 Saturday, January 26, 2013The following hotels are holding roomsfor participants: ▶ Exhibitor Move-Out from 2:00 pm ▶ FINAL OPPORTUNITY for your company to 8:00 pm. to be listed in the Onsite Guide.Hyatt Regency Denver at ColoradoConvention Center – Headquarters Hotel ▶ DEADLINE for advertising and sponsorshipCrowne Plaza Denver City Center recognition in Onsite Guide.Denver Marriott City Center ▶ EARLY ORDER DEADLINE for lead retrieval.Embassy Suites Downtown Convention CenterFour Seasons Downtown DenverHilton Garden Inn Denver DowntownSheraton Denver Downtown Take Advantage of theThe Brown Palace Hotel Popular RMDC APPEmbassy Suites Over 65,000 PagesReservations may be made beginningJune 15, 2012 on the Exhibitor page Viewed in 2012!of rmdconline.com.Metropolitan Freeman Colorado Centerplate VISIT DENVERDenver Dental Exhibitor Services Convention Catering The CVBSociety 4493 Florence Street Center Kate Rizzo, Catering Housing Bureau Denver, CO 80238 700 14th StreetConvention Sponsor Phone: (303) 320-5100 Denver, CO 80202 Sales Manager 1555 California Street,3690 S. Yosemite Street, Fax: (303) 329-6710 700 14th Street Suite 300 Phone: (303) 228-8109Suite 200 freemandenveres@free Denver, CO 80202 Denver, CO 80202 Fax: (303) 228-8104Denver, CO 80237 manco.com Phone: (303) 228-8053 Phone: (303) 892-1505 eorders@denverconvention.comDebra A. Arneson, Associate freemanco.com Fax: (303) 228-8054 denverconvention.com Fax: (303) 892-1636Convention Director events@centerplate.com visitorinfo@visitdenver.comPhone: (303) 488-9700,ext. 3274 centerplate.com visitdenver.comFax: (303) 488-0177exhibits@mddsdentist.comrmdconline.com
  4. 4. Frequently Asked QuestionsThe following are questions commonly asked by our exhibitors. Do I need to have someone at my boothIf one of your questions is not listed below, please contact us at all times?and we will gladly assist you. Yes, booths are required to be staffed during trade show hours.Where can I find the exhibit booth application? Where do I ship my exhibit?The exhibit booth application is located on our website Freeman will accept shipments between December 26, 2012at rmdconline.com. and January 15, 2013. Shipments must be prepaid and addressed as follows:How should I submit my application for space? (COMPANY NAME AND BOOTH #)You can download and submit a printed application by mail or Rocky Mountain Dental Conventionfax, or submit online at rmdconline.com using a credit card. If c/o Freemanpaying by check, your application can be submitted by mail only. 4493 Florence St. Denver, CO 80238What is included with our booth space? Direct shipments to the Colorado Convention Center mustBooth rental includes standard 8’ back and 3’ side drapes in show NOT arrive at the exhibit facility prior to 8:00 am on Januarycolors. Every booth is provided with a standard booth identification 23, 2013. Shipments arriving prior to January 23, 2013 will besign (black and white, 26 characters). Exhibitors will receive 10 refused. Shipments to the Colorado Convention Center shouldcomplimentary badges per booth space purchased. Exhibitors are be addressed as follows:responsible for carpeting booth spaces. No utilities or furnishingsare included in the booth space, but can be ordered through (COMPANY NAME AND BOOTH #)Freeman. Exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning of the booth. Rocky Mountain Dental ConventionA complimentary furniture package is included but must be c/o Freemanordered. See “Booth Rental Includes” for details. Colorado Convention Center 700 14th Street, Champa St. DockWhat is NOT included in the price of a booth? Denver, CO 80202The booth price does not cover the cost of carpet, additional tables or chairsbeyond the complimentary furniture package (which must be ordered May I hand carry my booth materialsseparately), electrical, internet, shipping, etc. These supplies may be ordereddirectly through the Exhibitor Service Center at rmdconline.com. on the Expo Hall floor? You may hand carry materials to your booth. Any material that requires the use of a dolly, forklift, etc. MUST BE handled by theHow do I register my company employees? Denver Theatrical Stage Employees Union Local 7 and arrangedYou may register your booth personnel online at rmdconline.com. through Freeman.Exhibiting companies may register up to 10 employees for each10’ X 10’ space reserved. Exhibitor registration is not permitted Are children permitted in the Expo Hall?for exhibitors’ clients or customers. Exhibitors will be charged the Children are permitted in the Expo Hall ONLY during trade showappropriate rate for employees beyond the number allowed. hours. However, an adult must accompany all children underExhibitors must complete registration by January 11, 2013. the age of 18 while in the Expo Hall. Parents taking children into the Expo Hall do so at their own risk. Neither MDDS norMay I order exhibitor services online? the Colorado Convention Center will be responsible for injuryYes, all exhibitor services can be requested through the that may occur to children from any cause whatsoever whileExhibitor Service Center at rmdconline.com. A user name they are in the Expo Hall. Children are NOT permitted in theand password will be emailed to your company’s main Expo Hall during move-in or move-out. Children found in thecontact in late September 2012. Expo Hall during move-in or move-out will be required to leave immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy will be permitted,May I make sales on the show floor? so please make arrangements for children in advance.Sales or other transactions by exhibitors are limited and restrictedto taking written orders for future delivery. Under no circumstances May I break down my booth before the show closes?shall goods be delivered nor shall any cash, credit purchase, or check Packing of equipment, materials, or the exhibit cannot beginbe issued at any exhibit unless you prominently display a current until 2:00 pm on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Companies thatColorado and Denver Sales Tax License. begin packing their equipment could risk losing their space at future Rocky Mountain Dental Conventions.
  5. 5. Rocky Mountain Dental ConventionExpo Hall D Floor Plan 20 CONNECT 13 RMDC ▶ DENVER,CO $7155 ENTRANCE 800 701 700 501 601 600 401 400 500 301 300 201 802 703 702 503 502 603 602 403 402 303 302 203 804 $1385 705 504 405 404 305 304 205 705 FEATURE 806 707 706 507 607 606 406 307 306 207 $1225 708 509 609 608 308 810 711 710 511 611 610 311 20 $1165 812 713 712 513 613 612 113 20 20 RESTAURANT 814 715 20 816 717 716 517 516 617 616 417 416 $1095 818 719 718 519 518 619 618 419 218 119 720 521 520 621 620 421 220 121 221 20 822 723 722 523 522 623 622 423 222 123 30 20 824 725 724 525 524 625 624 224 125 826 727 726 527 627 626 327 326 227 226 127 RESTAURANT 828 729 728 529 629 628 428 329 328 229 228 129 SERVING AREA 830 731 730 531 630 631 430 331 330 231 80 832 733 632 332 233 232 133 834 735 734 635 434 335 334 235 234 135 836 737 736 637 436 337 738 639 338 239 238 139 840 741 740 440 341 340 241 240 141 842 743 442 343 342 243 242 143 543 20 844 745 445 444 544 345 344 245 244 145 20 RESTAURANT 447 446 546 347 346 247 246 147 649 648 449 448 549 548 349 650 451 551 550 350 251 250 151 752 653 452 353 352 253 252 153 754 655 654 455 454 555 554 355 354 255 254 155 557 856 757 756 657 656 457 556 356 257 256 157 858 759 758 659 658 459 458 559 558 359 358 259 EXHIBITOR SERVICE 860 761 760 661 660 461 460 561 560 361 NT RA AREA T AU S RE For more LOADING DOCK information visit rmdconline.com Booth Rental Includes ▶ Optional lead retrieval system Booth Rental DoesBooth Size ▶ Listing in the onsite guide to track attendees who visit your10’ x 10’ alphabetical and product booth (additional charge) NOT Include ▶ Carpet, electricity, internet,Booth Cost directories ▶ Ten complimentary exhibitor ▶ Free admission for all booth badges per 10’ x 10’ booth additional tables and chairs$1095 to $1385 (additional badges are $25.00 each) (beyond Complimentary(a $500 per booth deposit personnel to the Friday Night ▶ Complimentary furniture Furniture Package if orderedis due with application) Party on January 25, 2013 by December 31, 2012) ▶ Free shuttle bus services to package (one draped table or ▶ Movement, transfer, removal,Show Colors and from Colorado Convention counter, one black chair or stool, one wastebasket) if ordered by storage, setup and dismantling▶ Carpet: Blue Center and hotels December 31, 2012. Order form of the booth▶ Drapes: Blue and Grey ▶ Exhibitor Lounge privileges can be found on our website at ▶ Cleaning of the booth ▶ One identification sign with rmdconline.com. company name
  6. 6. 2013 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention SPONSORSHIP & ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES For information about sponsorship, visit mddsdentist.com or contact Debra Arneson at darneson@mddsdentist.com or (303) 488-9700.Included in every Friday Night Party - $10,000 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIPsponsorship The Friday Night Party is an attendee favorite, attracting overwhelming attendance and ravepackage: reviews! Be the sole sponsor of this highly anticipated event. You will also receive 50 Friday Night Party Drink Tickets to hand out from your booth.▶ Your logo will beincluded in all conventionpromotional materials,onsite publications and RMDC Mobile App - $7,500 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIPsignage* Put yourself in the hands of the attendees with this innovative sponsorship. The app has everything the attendee needs for a great convention experience – don’t miss out on the▶ Logo and link on opportunity to provide that experience. Included in this sponsorship is 5-second app splashofficial RMDC website screen, one clickable app banner, recognition on the RMDC app banner, four push notifications▶ Recognition and recognition in the app demo video.announcementsduring convention RMDC Wi-Fi - $7,500 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP Now more than ever, people need to stay connected. Free RMDC Wi-Fi will be a valuable and convenient asset to attendees as well as a highly lucrative opportunity for you. Wi-Fi users will be sent directly to your custom splash page.1/2 Page Welcome Tote Bag - $5,000 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP Display your logo prominently on the official RMDC tote bag, which will be distributed toAdvertisement attendees at the entrance to the Expo Hall.in Onsite GuideIncluded Badge/Lanyard - $5,000 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP Feature your company name and logo around the neck of every attendee at the convention. Internet Café - $2,500 EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP Your company will be featured on the splash page on each terminal as well as on signage throughout the Internet Café. You will also enjoy the exclusive right to distribute materials within the Internet Café. Expo Hall Navigator Kiosks - $1,500 Each (Three sponsorships available) The Expo Hall Navigator Kiosks offer an interactive solution for attendees trying to find their way around the exhibit floor. Your sponsorship includes signage on the structure of the unit, as well as a splash page and highlighted listings within the navigation system.1/4 PageAdvertisement VIP Hospitality Lounge - $1,500 Each (Three sponsorships available) This is an excellent networking opportunity – joinin Onsite Guide over 100 volunteer dentists and speakers for breakfast, lunch and drinks at the end of the day. YourIncluded logo will be prominently displayed and you’ll have the right to distribute your promotional items throughout the lounge area. Included in this sponsorship are three (3) VIP Lounge passes. Badge/Ticket - $1,500 Each Your message will be printed on the badge/ticket paper stock that is received by every RMDC attendee. Expo Hall Reception - $1,000 Each This is a highly anticipated event where we traditionally experience the most traffic in the Expo Hall. Signage featuring your logo will be displayed prominently at each beverage station which will be serving complimentary wine, beer and soda. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged in the opening and closing announcements of the Expo Hall Reception.
  7. 7. Course Sponsorships - Starting at $1,500 2013 promises to offer some of the highest caliber speakers ever seen at the RMDC. Don’t miss the opportunity to associate your name with one of these terrific speakers. You will be recognized during the speaker introduction and your logo will be displayed on course signage, on the RMDC website and on promotional materials.* Convention Center Signage - call for pricing There are numerous high-profile signage opportunities available for the 2013 RMDC. Contact us to find the perfect sign fit for your company. RMDC App Banner Advertisement - $1,000 Boasting over 65,000 page views at the 2012 RMDC, a banner in the RMDC mobile app is sure to get you noticed. This advertising opportunity also includes a push notification during the convention. 20 CONNECT Rocky Mountain Dental Convention AT A GLANCE FREE MDDS “At a Glance” 12 RMDC ▶ DENVER,CO ROCKY MOUNTAIN DENTAL CONVENTION Over 70 courses available this year – see inside for highlighted speakers. SPECIAL YOU SPOKE, WE LISTENED! This year we are mailing the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention badges DELIVERY Pre-Show Marketing Flyer and tickets directly to YOU. Bring your badge and walk right into opening session! Go online to rmdconline.com to register for 2012 RMDC TODAY! At the 2012 RMDC, receive CE verification as soon as you walk out of NO MORE SCANNING class. Simply record the CE code read at the end of each course, then use your 2012 RMDC mobile app or go to rmdconline.com to enter the code. INSTANT CE VERIFICATION Print your verification document at your convenience. 2012 RMDC FREE Free Wi-Fi Access the Internet anywhere at the Rocky Get up to 150 FREE copies of a professionally designed and printed MOBILE APP! Mountain Dental Convention this year with free Wi-Fi courtesy of BIOLASE. marketing piece, compliments of MDDS. The flyer highlights the Expo Hall, Features: • Speaker and course info • Interactive floor plan of expo hall and classrooms Expo Hall Navigator Kiosks educational sessions and special events at the 2013 RMDC. Personalized • Course handouts • Exhibitor listing • RMDC schedule and • Updates The RMDC’s new navigation kiosks will help you personal scheduler • Much more! easily find what you’re looking for on the exhibit • CE code verification Available November 2011! floor. These interactive kiosks will be located RMDCONLINE.COM to reflect your company name and booth number, this pre-show flyer is an Sponsored by Patterson Dental For iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and mobile site throughout the hall for your convenience. THE PANKEY INSTITUTE For the first time in its history, the RMDC welcomes the Pankey Institute for three days of in-depth education. Each dentist who registers gets to take three staff members for free! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. excellent way to drive business to your booth at the RMDC. These flyers are THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They will be available in mid October 2012 to give you plenty of time to market to your clients. ¼ page $400 4" w x 5" h ½ page horizontal $500 7 ½" w x 5" h 20 12 RMDC Onsite Guide ½ page vertical $500 4" w x 10" h Promote your brand and your RMDC-only specials Full page* $650 8 ¾" w x 11 ¼" h with an advertisement in the Onsite Guide. Reach out Inside front ROCKY MOUNTAIN DENTAL CONVENTION GUIDE HOSTED BY to your target market and let them know who you are JAN 19-21, 2012 RMDCONLINE.COM or back cover* $1,000 8 ¾" w x 11 ¼" h and where they can find you. List your booth number to drive traffic, advertise your amazing door prize Outside back cover* $2,500 8 ¾" w x 11 ¼" h drawing and more! Center spread* $1,500 17 ¼" w x 11 ¼" h Scan this QR code *Includes 1/8" bleed on all sides. All ads are full color. Specifications are or open your device’s app store and search for “RMDC 2012” Photo by: Scott Dressler-Martin and VISIT DENVER in inches. The deadline to receive artwork is December 21, 2012. ARTICULATOR RMDC Edition 2012 MDDS Connections for Metro Denver’s Dental Profession Volume 16, Issue 3 The Articulator – The RMDC Edition The Articulator is the award-winning publication of the MetropolitanTime is Renewal Time! RMDC EDITION Credit: Scott Dressel-Martin for the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Denver Dental Society. It is mailed out five times per year to thousands of dentists in the Rocky Mountain region. The RMDC Edition will beMaximizing Your Membership AVAILABLE TODAY! specific to the convention and will be circulated to all attendees (resident and non-resident), as well as the entire Colorado Dental Association. A Word from the 2012 RMDC Chairman 4 The Part-Time Mom 8 Promote your company and products and increase traffic to your 2012 RMDC Just For You 10 The “Increasers” Versus the “Decreasers” 14 exhibit booth. For information about advertising in the Articulator, Pulp Therapy: The Science is Changing 17 Scan this QR code or open your device’s app store and search Dental Loupes: Selecting Loupes that will for“RMDC 2012” Improve Your Health…Not make it Worse! 20 Fundamentals of Information Security (that no one is talking about) 24 visit rmdconline.com. B * Based on meeting publication deadlines. Rocky Mountain Dental Convention 20 CONNECT For more information visit rmdconline.com 13 RMDC ▶ DENVER,CO