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2012 Update in Gastroenterology & Hepatology for the Primary Care Practitioner


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2012 Update in Gastroenterology & Hepatology for the Primary Care Practitioner

  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCEThis activity is designed for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants,and nurses whom are often the first source of information for patients with gastroenterology andhepatology diseases. These professionals must have current information to appropriately diagnose,treat, refer, and counsel their patients. NEEDS ASSESSMENTThis course is knowledge based and designed to change physician competence. We have identifiedopportunities for education about a broad range of gastroenterology and hepatology digestivedisease topics based on feedback from past participants and physician needs assessment surveys.Topics identified included the selection of treatments for the diagnosis and management of chronicHepatitis B and C, chronic diarrhea, diverticular disease, chronic abdominal pain, GERD, anddysphagia. This symposium is part of a strategy to address these educational needs and improvethe health of all patients with digestive diseases.This year’s two day conference will specifically address these identified educational needs andprovide practitioners with state-of-the-art tools to improve treatment options for their patients.Faculty presenting and interacting with participants at this activity have been selected on the basisof their comprehensive clinical experience and academic excellence. Our physicians routinelyprovide consultation and education to primary caregivers based on the direct experience of thegastroenterology faculty at UC Davis Medical Center. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVESAt the end of the program, participants should be able to:• Identify the controversies and strategies in the management of patients with hepatitis C• Describe abdominal-wall pain and its treatment and the common causes of chronic or recurrent abdominal pain• Discuss the approach to diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C in view of new medications that have recently become available• Discuss the workup and treatment plan for different patients with chronic hepatitis• Describe the non-operative approach to recurrent diverticulitis; recall the risks and benefits of dietary fiber, nuts, seeds, and popcorn• Evaluate and treat the patient who presents with acute non-bloody diarrhea• Describe the differential diagnosis of bloody diarrhea; assess severity of the disease and treat or refer when appropriate• Evaluate the causes of chronic liver disease; discuss how to evaluate and treat the complications of cirrhosis• Define the issues regarding the epidemiology of Clostridium difficile and identify the prevention and treatment options for this disease to improve patient outcomes• Define eosinophilic esophagitis; describe the differential diagnosis of dysphagia and plan a work up for each diagnosis Electronic Syllabus The electronic syllabus will be available to pre-registered attendees online prior to the meeting for downloading and printing. A flash drive will be distributed at the confer- ence. Attendees will receive an email when the syllabus materials are available online. If you prefer to have a printed syllabus, we will be happy to accommodate you for an additional $25 if ordered by August 10th.
  3. 3. SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 20127:00 am Registration, Continental 11:25 GERD Breakfast, Visit Exhibits 40 year old man with long standing heartburn now8:00 Welcome and Course complains of frequent Objectives awakening at night, coughing Christopher Bowlus, MD and gasping for air Cecilia Terrado, MD8:10 Abdominal Wall Pain 11:55 Q&A 40 year old woman with right upper quadrant pain for many 12:15 pm Adjourn years George Meyer, MD8:40 Q&A 12:15-1:15 pm OPTIONAL LUNCH SESSIONS8:45 Infectious Diarrhea Additional fee of $50 30 year old woman returns Informal discussion with faculty, from a two week vacation in limited seating, pre-registration Jamaica develops diarrhea required, 1 hour of credit which has turned bloody Nirmal Mann, MD 1. Alcoholic Hepatitis Valentina Medici, MD Travelers’ Diarrhea Early liver transplantation for 30 year old woman planning a severe alcoholic hepatitis. N Engl J trip to Africa wants to discuss Med 2011; 365:1790-1800. prophylaxis and treatment for travelers’ diarrhea 2. Hepatitis C Nirmal Mann, MD Lorenzo Rossaro, MD9:15 Q&A Response-guided telaprevir combination treatment for9:20 Clostridium Difficile hepatitis C virus infection. N Engl 40 year old man presents J Med. 2011 365(11):1014-24. with diarrhea four weeks after Boceprevir for untreated chronic finishing a 10 day course of HCV genotype 1 infection. N Engl amoxicillin/sulbactam for J Med. 2011;364(13):1195-206. sinus pain Stuart Cohen, MD 3. HCC Surveillance9:50 Q&A Drew Ingram, MD Randomized controlled trial9:55 Refreshment Break, Visit of screening for hepatocellular Exhibits carcinoma. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2004;130:417-22.10:15 Irritable Bowel Syndrome 42 year old woman complains 4. Colon Cancer Screening of episodic abdominal Mary Pat Pauly, MD bloating and mucous diarrhea Colonoscopy versus fecal Anastasia Waechter, MD immunochemical testing for colon10:45 Q&A cancer screening. N Engl J Med 2012; 366:697-70610:50 Dysphagia 40 year old man with 5. Colon Cancer Screening difficulty swallowing solids Sooraj Tejaswi, MD for many years and history of Colonoscopic polypectomy slow eating since his teens and long-term prevention of Anne Thai, MD colorectal-cancer deaths. N Engl J11:20 Q&A Med 2012; 366:687-696
  4. 4. SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 20127:00 am Registration, Continental 8:00 Welcome and Course Breakfast, Visit Exhibits Objectives George Meyer, MD 7:00 am 8:15 Evaluation of Abnormal OPTIONAL BREAKFAST Liver Tests ROUNDTABLES WITH THE 50 year old man with ALT of 85 FACULTY Valentina Medici, MD Informal discussion with faculty, 8:45 Q&A limited seating, pre-registration not required, 1 hour of credit 8:50 Hepatitis C 54 year old woman recently 6. E. coli diagnosed with Hepatitis C Nirmal Mann, MD genotype 1 Epidemic profile of Shiga-toxin– Lorenzo Rossaro, MD producing Escherichia coli 9:20 Q&A O104:H4 Outbreak in Germany. N Engl J Med 2011; 365:1771-1780 9:25 Hepatitis B 30 year old man from Vietnam 7. C. Difficile Colitis with a family history of liver Stuart Cohen, MD cancer and Hepatitis B Fidaxomicin versus Vancomycin Drew Ingram, MD for Clostridium difficile infection. 9:55 Q&A N Engl J Med 2011; 364:422-431 10:00 Refreshment Break, Visit 8. IBS Exhibits Anastasia Waechter, MD Rifaximin therapy for patients 10:25 Diverticular Disease with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 50 year old woman with without constipation. N Engl J recurrent left lower quadrant Med 2011; 364:22-32 pain presents with a 12 day history of pain and fever 9. Treatment of Barrett’s Tamas Vidovszky, MD Esophagus with Dysplasia 10:55 Q&A Anne Thai, MD Radiofrequency ablation in Barrett’s 11:00 Crohn’s Disease esophagus with dysplasia. N Engl J 40 year old man with several Med 2009; 360:2277-2288 years history of right lower quadrant abdominal pain 10. Adenocarcinoma in Barrett’s and recurrent anal fissures Esophagus presents with weight loss, Cecilia Terrado, MD diarrhea, and fever Incidence of adenocarcinoma Mary Pat Pauly, MD among patients with Barrett’s 11:30 Q&A esophagus. N Engl J Med 2011; 365:1375-1383 11:35 Ulcerative Colitis 20 year old woman with 8 week history of bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and evidence of colitis on flexible sigmoidoscopy Sooraj Tejaswi, MD 11:55 Q&A 12:00 pm Adjourn
  5. 5. FACULTY COURSE CO-CHAIRS Christopher L. Bowlus, MD George W. Meyer, MD, FACP Professor of Medicine Clinical Professor of Medicine Director, GI Fellowship Training Program Division of Gastroenterology and HepatologyDivision of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department of Internal Medicine Department of Internal Medicine University of California, Davis Health SystemUniversity of California, Davis Health System DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY FACULTY Drew C. Ingram, MD Sooraj Tejaswi, MD, MPH Clinical Fellow Assistant Clinical Professor Nirmal S. Mann, MD, PhD, Cecilia R. Terrado, MD MACG, MACP Associate Clinical Professor Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology Anne Thai, MD Valentina Medici, MD Clinical Fellow Assistant Professor Tamas J. Vidovszky, MD Mary Pat Pauly, MD, FACP Associate Professor of Surgery Clinical Professor of Medicine Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery Lorenzo Rossaro, MD Anastasia C. Waechter, MD Professor and Chief Assistant Clinical Professor INFECTIOUS DISEASES CONFERENCE COORDINATOR Stuart H. Cohen, MD Pamela Schneider Professor of Medicine CME Specialist Division of Infectious Diseases Office of Continuing Medical Education Department of Internal Medicine UC Davis Health System DISCLOSURE OF RELEVANT FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPSAs a provider accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, theUniversity of California, Davis Health System Office of Continuing Medical Education mustensure balance, independence, and objectivity in all CME activities to promote improvementsin health care and not proprietary interests of a commercial interest. The provider controls alldecisions related to identification of CME needs, determination of educational objectives, selectionand presentation of content, selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a positionto control the content, selection of educational methods, and evaluation of the activity. Coursedirectors, planning committee members, presenters, authors, moderators, panel members, andothers in a position to control the content of this activity are required to disclose relevant financialrelationships with commercial interests related to the subject matter of this educational activity.Learners are able to assess the potential for commercial bias in information when completedisclosure, resolution of conflicts of interest, and acknowledgment of commercial support areprovided prior to the activity. Informed learners are the final safeguards in assuring that a CMEactivity is independent from commercial support. We believe this mechanism contributes to thetransparency and accountability of CME.
  6. 6. ENROLLMENTPlease register early – space is limited.Tuition is $330 for physicians and $275 for all others. Confirmation of registration will be sentwithin two weeks after receipt of enrollment form. The fees will increase after July 17, 2012.Tuition includes continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, electronic syllabus, and an onlinecertificate of attendance. Tuition may be paid by check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard orVISA. Cash is not accepted. UC Davis Health System and UC Davis School of Medicine faculty andstaff are eligible for tuition discounts. See enrollment form for details. Program materials cannot beguaranteed unless enrollment is received by August 10, 2012. The Office of Continuing MedicalEducation reserves the right to cancel this program. In such a case, a full refund will be given.Registration forms received without payments will not be processed until payment is received,and payment must follow within 10 days. Early discount rates are honored if payment is receivedby the date noted on the enrollment form. After that date, the late fee is applied.On-site Fees: At door registrations will be charged at a higher rate. Please see enrollmentform for details.Cancellation and Refund Policy: A refund of tuition, less $75 administrative fee, will be allowedif requested in writing by July 17, 2012. No refunds will be provided after this date. FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONUC Davis Health System (866) CME4EDU (263-4338)Office of Continuing Medical Education (916) 734-53903560 Business Drive, Suite 130 Fax (916) 734-0742Sacramento, CA 95820-2161 BROCHURE ART CREDITBrochure images courtesy of Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education,Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, UC Davis Public Affairs, Resort at Squaw Creek,and
  7. 7. ACCREDITATION The University of California, Davis Health System is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. CREDIT DESIGNATIONPhysician Credit: The University of California, Davis Health System designates this live activityfor a maximum of 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should only claim creditcommensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.AAFP: Application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians.Determination of credit is pending.AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ acceptable for interprofessional team members Nurse: For the purpose of recertification, the American Nurses Credentialing Center accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ issued by organizations accredited by the ACCME. For the purpose of relicensure, the California Board of Registered Nursing accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ (report hours of credit and fill in “CME Category 1” for the provider number). Physician Assistant: The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) states that AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ are acceptable for continuing medical education requirements for recertification. General Session: Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ Optional Breakfast Session: Up to 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ Optional Lunch Session: Up to 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ UC DAVIS HEALTH SYSTEM CME MISSIONIn concert with the UC Davis Health System mission of “improving lives and transforminghealthcare,” the continuing medical education (CME) mission focuses on the lifelong learningcommitments of healthcare professionals practicing in Northern California and beyond. UC DavisCME is at the nexus between scientific discovery and its translation into practice. The CME programis committed to developing evidence-based educational programs to meet the learners’ educationalneeds to enhance competence, performance and/or patient care. CULTURAL AND LINGUISTIC COMPETENCY REQUIREMENTAll continuing medical education (CME) courses with patient care components are requiredby California State statute to include curriculum on cultural and linguistic competency in thepractice of medicine (California Business and Professions Code, Section 2190.1). Those whohave developed this UC Davis CME activity have been encouraged to address cultural andlinguistic differences for a diverse patient population related to this topic. A variety of resourcesare available that address these competencies. Additional resources and information can be foundon our website,
  8. 8. LOCATION I-80 89 CALIFORNIA To Reno/Tahoe San Francisco Int’l Airport NEVADA & Sacramento I-80 431 89 Truckee King’s Incline 267 Beach Village Tahoe 395 28 Vista 28400 Squaw Creek Road Tahoe CityOlympic Valley, CA 96146 LAKE(530) 583-6300 TAHOE 50(800) 327-3353 Reservations West Shore Room Rates! 89 50A block of rooms is being held forconference participants at $209 for a Deluxe SouthGuestroom, upgrade to $239 for Fireplace Lake TahoeSuite and $279 for Deluxe Fireplace Suite. To & Sacramento 50After July 17, 2012 reservations will be ona space and rate available basis. Reservationsshould be made directly with the hotel. Please be aware that a limited number of rooms in eachcategory have been reserved and the hotel will likely sell out prior to the reservations deadline.Free Round of GolfEach room will receive a free round of golf. Participants must be registered at the hotel and thegolf certificate must be used during this stay.A full-service, luxury resort in an idyllic mountain setting, Resort at Squaw Creek rests at the baseof Squaw Valley USA, site of the 1960 winter Olympics, and just minutes from California’s NorthLake Tahoe. Having just completed a $53 million resort-wide renovation, this AAA Four-Diamondresort has never been more magnificent. The resort’s dramatic lobby, through its floor-to-ceilingwindows, overlooks a cascading waterfall and the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains. Luxuriousrooms and suites, complete with resort-style kitchens, fireplaces and LCD flat-screen TVs, comfortguests in mountain home ambiance. Layered clothing is recommended as the meeting room temperature may be uncomfortable for some, depending on personal preferences. If you have any special needs due to a disability as specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call the Office of Continuing Medical Education at (916) 734-5390 so we may make the necessary accommodations for you. AIR TRAVEL TO RENO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (RNO)The Office of Continuing Medical Education has arranged group rates with United Airlines. Pleaseread and follow the directions carefully to obtain these special rates for your travel to our conference.United Airlines: Please call United Airlines at (800) 521-4041 between 7:00 am & 12:00 am ET,to take advantage of this conference’s discounts by mentioning account code #552QB. GROUND TRANSPORTATIONHertz Car Rental: 1 (800) 654-2240 and request ID CV#04H70003 for discounted rates.National Car Rental: 1 (800) CAR-RENT and request ID #5282865 for discounted rates.
  9. 9. ENROLLMENT APPLICATION 2012 Update in Gastroenterology & Hepatology(Please Print) August 18-19, 2012______________________________________________________________________________________________________________First Name M.I. Last Name MD DO PA NP RN Other:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Institution/Employer (as you would like it to appear on your badge) Profession/Occupation______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address (where you would like your receipt mailed)______________________________________________________________________________________________________________City State Zip Code( ) ( )______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Day Phone Fax Number E-mail for link to electronic syllabus. UC Davis CME will not use your email for any purpose other than corresponding with you.Physician information required for CME credit and name badge. HAVE YOU ATTENDED THIS CONFERENCEPlease indicate primary medical specialty: IN THE PAST? YES NO GE FP GP IM Other (specify)_________________Social Security Number (last 4 digits required for transcript purposes) ELECTRONIC SYLLABUS: The electronic syllabus will be available to pre-registered attendees online prior to the meeting for down- loading and printing. A flash drive will be distributed at the confer- ence. Attendees will receive an email when the syllabus materialsPlease copy the mail code from the address side of the brochure are available online. If you prefer to have a printed syllabus, we will(above your name, e.g. PPGI, MMSGI, CRDGI)___________________ be happy to accommodate you for an additional $25 if ordered byIf you did not receive a brochure in the mail, how did you hear about August 10th. My choice of syllabus is:this conference? (Example: PT&MG, UCD website, web search, PRINTED $25 USB included in tuitionmagazine, friend)____________________________________________ Web REGISTRATION FEES (Receipt/Confirmation will be mailed within two weeks) OPTIONAL Early Discount After July 17 On Site LUNCH SESSIONS Physician $330 $380 $430 Saturday, 12:15–1:15pm Other Health-care Professional $275 $325 $375 Limited to nine participants per subject. Includes lunch and 1 hour of credit. UC DAVIS DISCOUNT: (please specify) Faculty Staff Early Discount After July 17 On Site Additional $50 Physician $280 $323 $345 Other Health-care Professional $234 $276 $298 CIRCLE YOUR SESSION PREFERENCE _________________________________________________________________________ 1 2 3 4 5 7 Digit Acct. # Authorized Signature and Phone # Department Please note special dietary/food allergy requirements: _________________________________________________________________Please check your payment method. Enrollment forms received without check, credit card number or purchase order numberwill not be processed until payment is received. Check enclosed payable to: UC Regents AMEX Discover MasterCard VISA______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Account Number Expiration Date______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Authorized Signature (name on card) Security CodePlease use ONE of these methods to register: (Do not mail if previously faxed or telephoned) Mail application and payment to: Office of Continuing Medical Education, c/o UC Davis For Office Use Only Cashier’s Office, PO Box 989062, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9062 GASTR13 Telephone: (916) 734-5390 Fax application (916) 734-0742 6024 REGISTER ONLINE AT:
  10. 10. Non–profit Org. University of California, Davis U.S. Postage Office of Continuing Medical Education 3560 Business Drive, Suite 130 PAID Sacramento, CA 95820–2161 Sacramento, CA Permit No. 34052012 UPDATE IN If you cannot attend…pleaseGASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY give brochure to a colleague! DATED MATERIALAUGUST 18-19, 2012SATURDAY–SUNDAYTHE RESORT AT SQUAW CREEKOLYMPIC VALLEY, CALIFORNIAHighlights:■ Evaluation of Abnormal Liver Tests■ IBS■ Hepatitis C■ GERD■ Dysphagia■ Colon Cancer Screening■ Diverticular Disease■ Clostridium difficileThis program is self supporting and receives no state funding. 10% POST CONSUMER WASTE