2012 Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP) Annual Meeting


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2012 Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP) Annual Meeting

  1. 1. ASSOCIATION FOR ACADEMIC PSYCHIATRY al Meeting 20 12 AAP Annu October 10-13, 2012 Hilton Nashville Downtown Nashville, TNH e a r i n g O u r Pat i e n t s ’ S to r i e s : T h eN a r r at i v e i n P s yc h i at r i c E d u c at i o nIt is fitting that this year’s the ability to hear the patient’s about academic development,annual meeting is in Nashville, story is a sign of proficiency or teaching psychiatry, and re-the home of country music, minimum basic competency. search on psychiatry educa- Important Dates Tobecause country music is all tion. The meeting is filled with Remember: Our keynote speaker isabout the story. The 2012 AAP interactive workshops de- Deadline for Discounted Sept. Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD. InAnnual Meeting theme is signed to teach a wide array of Room Rate at Hilton 7 his talk entitled “The Protest“Hearing Our Patients’ Stories: academic topics. “How To” Nashville Downtown Psychosis: Race, Violence andThe Narrative in Psychiatric sessions teach academic and the Stigma of Schizophrenia”, Deadline for Discounted Sept.Education”. The increasing leadership development, use of the principles of personal nar- Meeting Registration 7recognition of the importance technology in teaching, resi- rative are applied to the his-of a patient’s narrative is not dent and faculty teacher devel- torical and societal perspec- Meeting Dates Oct.confined to psychiatry. Internal opment, and a host of other 10-13 tives of schizophrenia. Friday’smedicine residents are asked to topics in resident and medical plenary session takes a morereflect on “What makes this student education. The meet- hands-on approach with threelittle old lady with congestive ing is a wonderful way to inter- seasoned educators comingheart failure different than the act with academic psychiatrists together to discuss strategieslast little old lady with conges- and psychiatry leaders in a Annual Meeting in the education and assess-tive heart failure”. Some psychi- casual and inviting setting Extras ment of residents on the roadatric residents seem to intui- filled with accessible work- to becoming excellent, patient  Master Educator Programtively seek out their patients’ shops, informal sharing, and focused psychiatrists inte-narrative. Others see their pa- academic mentoring. It is an  Cultural Competence grated (hopefully) with a spir-tients’ symptoms as para- ideal venue for residents and Consultations ited, insightful group discus-mount, and have to be encour- fellows to develop an interest sion.  Caucus Meetings (free)aged or taught to fill in the in education, junior faculty to Karen Broquet, MDstory. Based on focus groups AAP President launch an education-based  Media Festival (free)and large discussions about career, and senior faculty toClinical Skills Verification, it AAP’s Annual Meeting is de- expand their skills and meet  Mentor Breakfast/seems that we lack consensus signed for psychiatrists who colleagues from across the CV Boot Camp (free)as a profession about whether are interested in learning country. Come and check it out!Ac c r e d i tat i o nThe 2012 Association for Aca- joint sponsorship of the Medical for a maximum of 19 AMA PRA Category 1demic Psychiatry Annual Meet- College of Wisconsin and the Credit(s) ™. Physicians should claim only theing is a CME activity of the Association for Academic Psy- credit commensurate with the extent of theirMedical College of Wisconsin. chiatry. The Medical College of participation in the activity.This activity has been planned Wisconsin is accredited by the The Medical College of Wisconsin designatesand implemented in accor- ACCME to provide continuing this activity for up to 19 hours of participationdance with the Essential Areas medical education for physi- cians. for continuing education for allied healthand policies of the Accredita- professionals.tion Council for Continuing The Medical College of Wiscon-Medical Education through the sin designates this live activity A $50 CME fee applies to those claiming CME.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 2012 AAP ANNUAL MEETINGC a r e e r D e v e lo p m e n t ac t i v i t i e s — G ot M e n to r s h i p ?Historically, AAPs Annual Meeting has The CV Boot Camp will provide 1:1 educational research, manuscript prepa-fostered an atmosphere that has in- and small group discussion and a re- ration, job searches, CV building andspired academic connections! Last year, view of curriculum vitas by senior level grant funding, among other topics.in keeping with this tradition, the Ca- psychiatrists during breakfast, 7-8am on This year, we want to continue byreer Development Committee hosted Thursday, October 11. For those that offering opportunities for mentors andmany activities to nurture these connec- are interested in this activity, it is advis- mentees to connect at the onset of thetions. At the start of this year’s meeting, able to bring your vitae along with spe- meeting. If you can serve as an AAPAAP mentors will be officially recog- cific questions for mentors to ad- mentor during the meeting or if you arenized as wearing “mentor ribbons” to dress. This event will be followed by the interested in participating in the mentorsignify their commitment and openness Mentor-Mentee Breakfast the next -mentee events, contact Toi Harris, MDto being approached informally during morning, 7-7:45am, Friday, October 12. at toih@bcm.edu. When preregisteringthe annual meeting by potential men- The Mentor-Mentee Breakfast is in- for the meeting, be sure to indicatetees. Formal, or more structured events tended to foster future collaboration your interest to be a mentor. Mentorssponsored by the Career Development and scholarly and career mentoring for will receive name-badge ribbons. Men-Committee include: a CV Boot Camp, early career faculty members and train- tors agree to meet with mentees for-the Mentor-Mentee ees. Mentors mally during the CV boot camp, break-Breakfast, and a will be avail- Named “America’s Friendliest City” by Travel and fast and opening session and informallyworkshop sponsored able to dis- Leisure magazine, Nashville truly has it all, rich throughoutby the committee cuss aca- music history, vibrant nightlife, and legendary the annualthat focuses on demic careers meeting.mentorship and culture. for clinician-career advising. educators,H ot e l i n f o r m at i o nHilton Nashville Downtown online to academicpsychiatry.org for a Wall of Albums in the Country Music Hall121 Fourth Avenue South direct link to online reservations or call-  One block of Fame, located just steps from theNashville, TN 37201 ing Hilton Nashville Downtown reserva- from the Hilton Nashville DowntownTel: 615.620.1000 tions at 615.620.2105 and using group historicReservations: 615.620.2150 code “AAP” to receive the discounted Ryman Auditorium, former home ofDiscounted hotel rate for meeting regis- rates noted. the Grand Ole Oprytrants is $189 per night based on single The Hilton Nashville Downtown hotel is  A short walk to the “Entertainmentor double occupancy. The hotel reserva- the only AAA 4-Diamond, full-service, District” and legendary Second Ave-tion cutoff is Friday, September 7, 2012; all-suite luxury hotel in Nashville. Experi- nue with a variety of honky-tonks,after that date, rates and space are sub- ence the Hilton Nashville Downtown restaurants, shops, and nightclubsject to availability at the hotel. Space is hotel, located in the heart of Nashville.limited and reservations will be ac-  Only 15 minutes from Nashvillecepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Next door to the Country Music Hall International Airport (BNA)Attendees are responsible for making of Fame & Museum, Bridgestone Area, & the Schermerhorn Symphony  Only a few minutes to famed Musictheir own hotel reservation by going Center RowNIght Out in Nashville C a n c e l l at i o n sIn continuing the AAP An- October 11, 6:00-9:00pm at & REfundsnual Meeting tradition, we the Wildhorse Saloon Requests for cancellation of your meet-have arranged for the AAP (wildhorsesaloon.com), ing registration must be made in writ-hosted Night Out with a Nashville’s #1 dining and ing to the AAP Executive Office andheavy sampling of south- entertainment destination, postmarked by Wed., Sept. 12, 2012.ern cuisine and plenty of which is a very short walk- The cancellation fee is $50 and will befoot-stomping live mu- ing distance of three blocks refunded by the same method of pay-sic. This event is a fantastic time to catch from the hotel (.3 mile/5 min.). Home ment as received. No refunds are issuedup with old friends and to get to know to hot music and dancing, the Wild- for no shows at the conference.new ones, also a time-honored AAP horse Saloon is rooted deep in Countrytradition! The Night Out is Thursday, music traditions.
  3. 3. OCTOBER 10-13, 2012 PAGE 3M e d i a F e s t i va l C o n s u ltat i o n sDuring this session photographs, fea- Cultural Competence and awarded UC Davis in 2007 its Creativityture film clips, and instructional/ Diversity Consultations in Psychiatric Education Award for theirdocumentary film clips relevant to the Diversity Advisory Committee in the Francis Lu, MD, the Luke and Grace Kimpractice of psychiatric education or Department of Psychiatry and Behav- Endowed Professor in Cultural Psychia-medical humanities will be shown. The ioral Sciences. In 2010, AADPRT se- try and Assistant Dean for Faculty Diver-presenter will lead a discussion focusing lected the UC Davis curriculum as one sity at UC Davis, will offer consultationson the media’s relevance to the practice of its 2 Model Curriculum in Cultural on cultural competence and diversityof psychiatric education. For a list of the Psychiatry from 13 submitted; the sec- either for program development or forinnovative media scheduled for presen- ond one originated from NYU. Those individual career development or atation, persons interested in these program or combination of both. Topics for discus-refer to individual consultations should select sion might include cultural competencethe pre- this session when registering. Dr. Lu will curriculum for medical students andliminary contact registrants prior to the meeting residents including the use of the DSM-schedule to clarify discussion topics. The number IV-TR Outline for Cultural Formulation,on the of available consults is limited -first recruitment and retention of culturallyfollowing come-first served. Be sure to register diverse faculty, and establishing culturalpage. early for a consultation on cultural com- diversity infrastructure in a department petence and diversity with Dr. Lu. See of psychiatry. registration form for sign up informa- The American College of Psychiatrists tion and fees. Nashville SkylineE d u c at i o n a l o b j e c t i v e s Who shouldThe objectives of this educational activ- development and leadership skills. at t e n d t h i sity are to:  Participate in a forum for formal and meeting? Demonstrate and teach innovative informal collegial dialogue in order to skills in teaching in order to promote promote the exchange of ideas and The AAP Annual Meeting is designed innovation and improved methods of support for psychiatric educators. for psychiatrists who are interested in psychiatric learning about academic development, education.  Discuss how to teach narrative- teaching psychiatry and researching Mentor junior For the quickest method of registration, based and measure- about teaching psychiatry. Psycholo- and mid-level bypass the attached form and submit your ment-based ap- gists and other medical educators some- psychiatric proaches to times attend this conference when they educators in registration and payment online at psychiatric care. are heavily involved in education at order to foster www.academicpsychiatry.org their particular institution. professionalM a s t e r E d u c ato r p ro g r a mThis educational series takes members education theory, lead- sessions offered during thethrough a three-year series of work- ing change, and curricu- Annual Meeting. Enrollmentshops providing psychiatric educators lum design. This year the is limited to 25. To enablewith additional skills to become effec- series will cover learner completion of certificate re-tive leaders in health professional edu- assessment and a new quirements, we will holdcation in psychiatry. For those who topic: educational spots for the previous years’have never attended, this is your methods. Returning applicants until August 10.chance to enroll in a “mini-masters” in registrants earn After this date these spotseducation and develop your core additional hours toward will be released for the pre-knowledge and skills in essential subject a Master Educator certificate. The series registration of any applicant. See regis-areas for educators. Previous topics is split into two three-hour afternoon tration form for sign up information andhave included program evaluation, sessions. Registrants are expected to fees. Refer to preliminary schedule forleading through crisis, negotiations, attend both of the master educator program dates and times.
  4. 4. AAP Annual Meeting Preliminary ScheduleWednesday: October 10, 2012 Friday: October 12, 2012Noon Registration Opens 7am–7:45am Continental Breakfast1pm–2pm Feedback Consultant Prep Session Mentor-Mentee Breakfast2pm–2:45pm New Attendee Reception Poster Set-up2:45pm–4:15pm Master Educator (pre-registration required) Program Planning Committee Meeting (by3pm–6pm AAP Steering Committee Meeting invitation only)4:15pm–4:30pm Break Academic Psychiatry Editorial Board (by invitation only)4:30pm–6pm Master Educator (pre-registration required) 7:45am–8:30am Annual AAP Business Meeting Workshops 8am–12pm Posters Available for Viewing6:30pm–8pm Welcome Reception 8:45am–10:15am Hearing our Patients Stories: The Narrative in Psychiatric EducationThursday: October 11, 20127am–8am Registration  Teaching Measurement Based Care: Part- nering with Patients to Track Outcomes Continental Breakfast Melissa R. Arbuckle, MD CV Boot Camp  How to Teach and Sustain Humanism in8am–8:45am AAP Annual Meeting Welcome & the Era of the 15-minute Med Check Award Presentations Joan M. Anzia, MD8:45am–9am 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award  CSV Proficiency or Minimal Basic Compe- Presentation tency? Karen Broquet, MD9am–10:15am Keynote Address: The Protest Psychosis: Race, 10:15am–10:30am Refreshment Break Violence, and the Stigma of Schizophrenia 10:30am–12pm Workshops Jonathan M. Metzl, MD, PhD 12pm–1:30pm Poster Session (lunch available for pre-purchase)10:15am–10:30am Refreshment Break 1:30pm–3pm Workshops10:30am–12:00pm Workshops 3pm–3:15pm Refreshment Break12:00pm–1:30pm AAP Meetings (lunch available for pre-purchase) 3:15pm–4:45pm Workshops  Diversity and Cultural Competence Caucus 5pm–7pm Media Festival (open forum)  A Creative Look at the Scholarly Project -  Innovations in Learning Caucus (open forum) One Former Resident’s (and Now Program  Medical Student Caucus (open forum) Director’s) Example  Master Educator Planning Subcommittee (by  Illness Narrative: Bob Dylan on Woody Guthrie invitation only)  Use of Technology in Psychiatric Education  The Mad Moor and the Melancholic Mur- derer: Using Shakespeare’s Othello and Caucus (open forum) Gesualdo of Venosa to Teach Objects Rela-1:30pm–3pm Master Educator (pre-registration required) tions to Psychiatry Residents Workshops  Interactive Video Curriculum of Late-life3pm–3:15pm Refreshment Break Mental Health Education for Workforce3:15pm–4:45pm Master Educator (pre-registration required) Development: Brain vs. Heart? Workshops Saturday: October 13, 20126pm–9pm AAP Annual Meeting Night Out 7am–8am Continental Breakfast 7am–7:30am Career Development Committee Meeting (by invitation only)Questions? Fellows & Residency Training Committee Meeting (by invitation only)Dawn Levreau, Association for Academic Psychiatry 7:30am–8am Career Dev. Comm/Fellows & Res. Training Comm. Joint Meetingdlevreauaap@gmail.com; 770-222-2265 8am–8:45am 2012 Education/Educator Award Lecture A detailed meeting schedule is available online at 8:45am–9am Refreshment Break www.academicpsychiatry.org 9am–10:30am Workshops Refer to 2012 AAP Annual Meeting Preliminary Schedule 10:30am–11:30am Feedback Session
  5. 5. 2 0 1 2 A A P A n n u a l M e e t i n g R e g i s t r at i o n AAP October 10-13, 2012 For the quickest method of registration bypass this form and submit your registration and payment online at Hilton Nashville Downtown www.academicpsychiatry.org First Time attending the AAP Annual Meeting? Full Name Degree(s)  Yes  No Badge Info: First Name/Informal Name for Badge Affiliation/Institution City/State Address (Preferred for Mailing) Is this home or business? Home Business City, State, Zip Daytime Phone Fax Email  Check here if you have special dietary needs, includ-  Check here if you have a disability and require special ing vegetarian options. You will be contacted by AAP to assistance. You will be contacted by AAP to discuss your needs. discuss your needs. If you require vegetarian meals, you MUST arrange for this in advance of the meeting! Guest “Guest” refers to a friend or spouse who is non-industry related. Guest registration fee includes the Welcome Reception and Night Out at Wildhorse Saloon. Questions? Contact Dawn Levreau at dlevreauaap@gmail.com or 770-222-2265. First Name/Given Name Last/Surname City State/Province  Register online at Method of Payment www.academicpsychiatry.org Total payment in US funds is due with this form.  Photocopies of the registration form are acceptable for additional registrations. Be  Enclosed is a check #____________ payable to AAP. sure to retain a copy for your records. Charge to the following:  MasterCard  Visa  American Express  Full payment in US funds must accompany Credit Card # Exp. date the registration form. Registration forms Phone # if any difficulty with processing cc:_________________________ received without payment will not be proc- Contact Name:_______________________________________________ essed. Participants will receive email confir- mation after it has been processed by the Email address for receipt:___________________________________________ AAP office. By signing below, I accept the charges I have indicated on page 2 of this form. I have read and fully understand the cancellation and refund policies.  Checks should be made payable to AAP.  Mail this form and payment to: Cardholder’s Name (please print name as it appears on card) AAP, PO Box 621, Brookfield, IL 60513 OR Signature (credit card payments only)  Fax the completed registration form with credit card information to 866.884.6103
  6. 6. 2012 AAP annual Meeting Registration FormFULL REGISTRATION -includes educational sessions(excluding Master Educator), welcome reception; continental breakfasts; Before Afterrefreshment breaks; and Night Out. Sept 7 Sept 7 SubtotalIndividual - AAP Member  $410  $460Individual - Non-AAP Member  $460  $515Trainee (Non-members must have their director or department head  $245  $270Institutional - AAP Member  $350  $400AAP Fellow Awardee  $0  $01 day - AAP Member* *Note: One day registration does  $215  $240Specify Day:_______________ not include Night Out.1 day - Non-AAP Member* *Note: One day registration does  $255  $280Specify Day:_______________ not include Night Out.1 day - Trainee*  $110  $150 *Note: One day registration doesSpecify Day:_______________ not include Night Out.AADPRT Council Members/Non-AAP Members—full meeting attendance.  $410  $460Questions: contact Dawn at dlevreauaap@gmail.comAADPRT Council Members (Fri afternoon—Sat morning only) if attending  $0  $0full meeting—must use one of the categories listed abovePsychiatry Dept Chairs (Fri afternoon—Sat morning only) if attending full  $0  $0meeting—must use one of the categories listed aboveContinuing Medical Education (CME) Credit Fee  $50  $50(a CME fee applies to those claiming CME) Subtotal $____________A n n u a l M e e t i n g Ex t ra sBox Lunch—Thursday (must choose one)Oven roasted turkey with smoked gouda , sliced avocado on seven-grainbread; whole piece of fruit; pasta salad; house baked cookie; soda/bottled water Before AfterGrilled portabella, fresh mozzarella, arugula, sundried tomato on ciabatta Sept 7 Sept 7roll; whole piece of fruit; pasta salad; house baked cookie; soda/bottled water  $29  $34Caucus meetings provide an opportunity to network and meet other psy-chiatrists with similar interests – see schedule for what groups are meeting. $____________Box Lunch—Friday (must choose one)Roast beef, arugula, gorgonzola, balsamic dressing on a whole wheatbaguette; whole piece of fruit; terra chips; house baked brownie;soda/bottled water Before AfterVege-wrap: marinated grilled zucchini, squash, peppers, Monterey jackcheese, sprouts; whole piece of fruit; terra chips; house baked brownie; Sept 7 Sept 7soda/bottled water  $29  $34The Poster Session is scheduled for Friday during lunchtime. Pre-purchase a lunchso you can eat and view the posters at the same time. This way you don’t misslunch or an outstanding Poster Session. $____________Guest Registration  $100 $____________ AAP Member Non MemberMaster Educator  $200  $250 $____________ AAP Member Non MemberProgram Consult—Cultural Competence & Diversity  $125  $180 $____________I volunteer to be identified as a mentor during the 2012 AAP Annual Mentors will receiveMeeting.  Yes  No For additional information, refer to “Got Mentorship” on Name-Badge Ribbons $____________page 2 of this brochure. Total