W390 Writing Center Project


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This project serves as a comprehensive introduction to IUPUI's Writing Center.

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W390 Writing Center Project

  1. 1. The Writing Center IUPUI UWC | Cavanaugh Hall, Room 427 | 425 UniversityBoulevard | Indianapolis, Indiana | 46202 Telephone: (317) 274-2049 or (317) 278-8171http://www.iupui.edu/~uwc/index.ht ml
  2. 2. Mission StatementThe philosophy of the University Writing Center is that all writers needreaders. Our tutors can act as "practice audiences" for both experiencedand inexperienced writers. We strive to assist writers with all types ofcomposition, foster productive discourse between students and theirclassroom instructors, and help IUPUI maintain its tradition of seriousacademic instruction in a positive, open, and intellectually- stimulatingenvironment.The University Writing Center is a free service available to all IUPUIstudents, faculty, and staff, at both the graduate and undergraduate level.If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, the Writing Center is a placewhere you can sit down with an experienced reader who will provideassistance with your writing. UWC tutors aid both experienced andinexperienced writers at all stages of the writing process, and in anydiscipline. Additionally, tutors can assist you with other writing-relatedprojects such as resumes, scholarship letters, etc..
  3. 3. Q&A: What is the purpose of the Writing Center? Q&A videos courtesy of Writing Center Coordinator, Teresa Hogue
  4. 4. Hours and LocationCavanaugh Hall room 427- Fourth Floor9am-7pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday9am-5pm Wednesday9am-3pm Friday & SaturdayClosed SundayUniversity Library room 2125-behindthe reference desk on second floor9am-5pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday9am-7pm Wednesday9am-3pm FridayClosed Saturday & SundayAppointments are recommended, butwalk-ins are welcome. You can contactthe writing center at 274-2049 or 278-8171.
  5. 5. Q&A: How do I make an appointment?
  6. 6. Tutors The writing center offers tutors of all background and degree programs. They are all veryeducated and experienced writers. Tutors include both students and professors from diversebackgrounds. The writing center isran by Teresa Molinder Hogue who taught many classes at IUPUI ranging from undergraduate classes to graduate.
  7. 7. Q&A: Who do you have on staff at the center?
  8. 8. Tutor Sessions and FAQTo schedule a tutoring session you should make an appointment by phone or inperson to the writing center of your choice. You must bring a student ID to yoursession and will be unable to without your id number. A typical tutoring session for IUPUIundergraduate is 30 minutes, but in some cases they can be extended to 60 minutes. If you are a graduatestudent, faculty member, or student with alearning disability than these session can be scheduled for 60 minutes.
  9. 9. Important Rules when Attending a Tutoring Session You can only schedule  Please call if you are one tutoring session a going to miss an day. appointment. If you do miss an scheduled You must state that you appointment the writing are a graduate student center can limit you to or faculty member when only walk-ins. scheduling your appointment.  You are only able to present your work to the The writing center writing center or a friend reserves the right to will be unable to show cancel an appointment if your work. you are more than 10 minutes late.
  10. 10. What To Bring to Tutoring Session
  11. 11. Course Requirement  Many classes require visits to the writing center. If you need to inform your instructor of your visit to the writing center  You must bring all of the following: Professors Your Email Class Name Department Email AddressInstructors Name Address First andLast Name
  12. 12. Q&A: What happens in a typical session?
  13. 13. Busiest Times of the Year During finals and midterms the writing center stays full and we recommend you to make an appointment up to 14 days in advance. If you are need help it is best to start early; well in advance from the assignment due date
  14. 14. The WritingCenter does NOT accept emailedpapers or papersto be dropped off.
  15. 15. Q&A: How does the center help different majors?
  16. 16. A Center for Everyone… Undergraduate Student? CLICK HERE. Graduate Student? CLICK HERE. International Student? CLICK HERE. Faculty Member? CLICK HERE.
  17. 17. Undergraduate Students 30 minute sessions Help with:  Assignment guidelines  Thesis  Supporting details  Paragraph Coherence and Sentence Clarity etc. Please 1. Plan Ahead 2. Come Prepared 3. Bring a draft-in-progress 4. Bring realistic expectations 5. Come in while response from tutors can help 6. Come ready to work with tutors
  18. 18. Graduate Students 60 minute sessions (During peak times possibly only 30 minutes) Call ahead 274-2049 or 278-8171 to make sure you get a session desire. All graduate-level papers are reviewed by faculty tutors. If needing help with research sources click link Research Help Desk. To make most of your visit check Undergraduate students slide!!!
  19. 19. International Students 30 minutes long (You may have 1 session per day for up to 3/week). If you need language specific questions ACES can help you!!! EAP writers check out our Handouts page for resources over verb tenses, articles, and sentence structure. Need help with general grammar, finding resources, or avoiding plagiarism go to the Links page. To make the most of your session visit check the Undergraduate Students slide.
  20. 20. Faculty Resources This resource is for you faculty… If you are needing a way to introduce the writing center to your students without scaring them click on the The Nightly Show link. Making your students visit for an assignment… Here is a link--important--that will make the visit more useful for your students and yourself. Non-Native English speaking students… Here is Aces Support for them. Want to educate students about the help desk… Check out this link Help desk.
  21. 21. Handouts Here are a few necessary handouts available on the website… Structuring an APA Style Research Paper Literary Analysis Freewriting Editing for Wordiness Thinking Like a Writer More helpful handouts on the site
  22. 22. Employment The IUPUI Writing Center employs faculty members and specially trained students as tutors. If your interested in working as a tutor contact faculty tutor Lynn Jettpace at ljettpac@iupui.edu or their Coordinator, Tere Hogue at tmhogue@iupui.edu You must enroll in W396/W609: the Writing Center Tutor Seminar and earn an A for the semester to be eligible. As a tutor you will be paid $10/hour.
  23. 23. Important Links Here are just a few necessary links available on the Writing Center website… APA Style – Purdue Owl Citing Guide – Indiana University General Grammar – Capital Comm. College Foundation Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism – IUPUI Univ. Lib More helpful links on the site
  24. 24. Thank you for viewing our presentation!