Hidden treasures


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Hidden treasures

  1. 1. Everything you can imagine from pens to back yard swings.
  3. 3. Sweet Dreams CloudsProduct # 12755What could be sweeter than thisgolden haired angel, cuddled up ona comfy cloud? Enchanting figurineadds laughter to any room; athoughtful gift for any new parent.Handmade by CloudWorks™.Weight 1.2 lb. Polyresin. 6.6 x 2.6 x4.5 inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EACurrently in stock.This item has beendiscontinued, but there is still stockavailable.
  4. 4. Beauty Heartform AngelProduct # 12739The golden hue of summersunshine blesses this gracefulangel, as she brings an armful ofroses to brighten your day. Thiswonderful whimsical statuette islovely in every way! Handmade byCloudWorks™. Weight 0.8 lb.Polyresin. 5 x 1.5 x 5 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  5. 5. Calm Circle AngelProduct # 12738Head-and-shoulders portraitcaptures a golden-haired angel inreverent reflection, her serenityevident in her peaceful expression.Absolutely lovely in every delicatedetail! Handmade byCloudWorks™. Weight 1 lb.Polyresin. 5.25 x 2.25 x 5 inches tall.SRP: $16.95Pkg: 1 EA
  6. 6. Bliss Heartform AngelProduct # 12737With wings folded into the shape ofa heart and a rose clutched in hergraceful hands, this fresh-facedangel is love personified. A light-hearted touch of sentiment thatbrightens any space in an instant!Handmade by CloudWorks™.Weight 0.8 lb. Polyresin. 4.75 x 2.25x 5.5 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  7. 7. Sweet Dreams RainbowProduct # 12389The littlest angel in heaven takes acomfy nap atop a radiant rainbow;an enchanting depiction ofinnocent youth! A gift that any newparent or angel collector will adore.Handmade by CloudWorks™.Weight 1.5 lbs. Stone resin. 7 x 2 x 5inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EACurrently in stock.This item has beendiscontinued, but there is still stockavailable
  9. 9. Loves MessengerFigurineProduct # 39532Cupid’s little sister brings you aromantic message in her owngentle style; rather than a bow andarrow, she comes bearing flowersand a heart-sealed love letter.Sweet stone-look figurine is a tinyreminder of the wonderful littlejoys that true love brings!Polystone. 2.75 inches in diameter x6.6 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  10. 10. Littlest Angel FigurineProduct # 39531A plump-cheeked cherub settlesupon her rose-petal perch, tinywings beating as she shares thebeauty of a fresh-picked tulip withher feathered companion. Thisdarling statuette is the very imageof a childs innocence andgrace, beautifully captured forlasting enjoyment. Polystone. 2.75 x3 x 4 inches tall.SRP: $5.95Pkg: 1 EA
  11. 11. Angel FigurineProduct # 39377A serene expression gracing herexquisite features, a slender seraphgently cradles a wayward starbefore guiding it back to helpbrighten the heavens. This African-American angel is the very imageof loveliness, with creamy flowinggown and uplifted wings a perfectcomplement to her beautifulbronze complexion. Divine!Polyresin. 6.1 x 5.25 x 13.4 inchestall.SRP: $34.95Pkg: 1 EA
  12. 12. Cast Iron Angel DoorKnockerProduct # 38482Nostalgic styling and a weatheredivory finish let this door knockerlend any entryway an air ofromantic refinement! Child-facedcherub welcomes visitors with asweet seraphic smile. Cast iron.Two matching mounting screwsincluded. 4.25 x 1.5 x 8.25 inchestall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  13. 13. Angel With HeartProduct # 37475A spun-glass treasure filled withlight, this little angel brings sparkleto your night! So pretty! Glass. Usesthree watch batteries (notincluded). 2.25 inches in diameter x4 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  14. 14. Angel FigurineProduct # 37148An angel of unearthly beauty in hersky-blue gown brings offerings ofroses from Heavens gardens. Adivine delight to behold! Polyresin.Felt dots on bottom. 8.25 x 8.75 x18.25 inches tall.SRP: $39.95Pkg: 1 EA
  15. 15. Cherub FigurineProduct # 37046After a long day of spreading goodcheer, this chubby little cherubtakes a moment to enjoy awholesome snack of plump, juicygrapes! Tenderly rendered inglossy white porcelain. 10 x 6.5 x7.75 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  16. 16. Lighted Angel BearingRosesProduct # 36324A glowing, heavenly angel holdslovely pink roses as a starmagnificently beams from thecenter of her simple country frock.Alabastrite with metal wings androses. UL recognized. 7 x 5.5 x 11.75inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  17. 17. Multi-Hue Lighted AngelProduct # 33849A multicolor LED light shinesthrough in pinks and blues, makingthis praying angel a splendiddisplay piece. Frosted acrylic. Uses3 AA batteries, not included. 6 x 5 x11.25 inches tall.SRP: $44.95Pkg: 1 EA
  18. 18. Glass Angel Merry-Go-RoundProduct # 31390Gracefully designed in elegantspun glass, this angel carousel islightly tinted in lilac tones andsports golden accents. 3 inches indiameter x 7 inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  19. 19. Ivory Angel FigurineProduct # 14694A benevolent angel folds her handsin a prayer of serenity as her wingssparkle with the light of a thousandstars. This stunning statue comesstraight from heaven into yourhome! Weight 0.8 lbs.SRP: $17.95Pkg: 1 EA
  20. 20. Fiber Optic Angel TreeTopperProduct # 14663Light up the top of your Christmastree with an exquisite angel. Sheholds a delicate bouquet withpearly beads while her silverygown and ribbons glow fromwithin in multi colored heavenlylight. Weight 0.8 lb. 10 x 8 x 12inches tall. Porcelain with fabriccostume. Three AA batteries notincluded.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  21. 21. Angel Tea TimeMusical WaterglobeProduct # 14656Two adorable angels enjoy a picnictea, as glittering sunlight sparklesall around. With its scenic base andenchanting tune, this marvelousmusical waterball is a collectorsdelight! Plays "Au Claire De Lune."Weight 2.8 lbs. 4.5 inches indiameter x 6.5 inches tall. Glass andceramic.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  22. 22. Fire And Ice AngelFigurineProduct # 14648Glittering strands of glass give theappearance of ice, while hiddenlights fill this fascinating figurinewith ever-changing fire. Anenchanting combination of delicateand dramatic thats spellbinding tobehold! Weight 0.2 lb. 3 inches indiameter x 5.5 inches tall. Glass andLED light. Three AAA batteries notincluded.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  23. 23. Garden Angel MusicalWaterglobeProduct # 14454A sweet-faced seraph communeswith a delicate butterfly, perhapscomparing notes on flight!Enchanting waterglobe is prettilydecorated along the base with adetailed watercolor garden scene.Plays "Cannon in D" music. Weight2 lbs. Glass ball with resin base. 4inches in diameter x 5.5 inches tall.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  24. 24. Peace Angel StatueProduct # 14442A reverent angel bows her head inprayer, her dream of peacedisplayed on the apron of hergown. Faux wood figure withgleaming silver accents blessesyour decor with rich spiritualityand the beauty of a classicalcarving! Weight 2 lbs. 7 x 4.75 x9.75 inches tall. Polyresin.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  25. 25. Angel Fleece BlanketProduct # 14438Snuggle up with your very ownangel! Bright printed blanketfeatures a full-color graphic of afresh-faced seraph and her felinefriend. Super-soft fleece material isperfect for warding away anywinter chill. Weight 1 lb. 52 x 63inches long. Polyester. Machinewash cold; do not bleach; tumbledry cool or line dry.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  26. 26. Angel Snowball LEDOrnamentProduct # 14426An angel spreads her goldenwings, ready to beautify yourholiday tree with a special treat—tucked inside her snowball base, atiny LED light creates a magicalrainbow display. On/Off switch atthe bottom. Weight 0.1 lb. 3 x 2.5 x3.75 inches tall. Ceramic andrubber. Two AG13 button cellbatteries included.SRP: $5.95Pkg: 1 EA
  27. 27. Winter Angel FigurineProduct # 14419Clad in a long, fur-lined coat andrich embroidered scarf, this angeldescends from heaven to bless thewinter with her beauty and grace.This casually elegant figurine issure to be the star of your holidaydecor! Weight 0.8 lb. 4 x 3.5 x 10.5inches tall. Polyresin.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  28. 28. Winter Angel WithWreathProduct # 14418Elegant beauty is the central themeof this countrified angel figurine!Rustic styling gives thistall, slender statue the charm of ahandmade woodcarving, with apure and simplified style. Weight 1lb. 4 x 3 x 10.5 inches tall. Polyresin.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  29. 29. Angels Bridge MusicalWaterglobeProduct # 14318An angel crosses from heaven toearth, pausing to enjoy the beautyaround her. The loveliness of thisspiritual waterglobe is enhanced bya scenic base decorated with acharming cottage theme! Plays"Clair de Lune." Weight 2 lbs. Glassball with resin base. 4 inches indiameter x 5.5 inches tall.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  30. 30. Magical Color-ChangeAngelProduct # 14051From golden halo to lacygown, this art glass angel is pureenchantment! A hidden color-change LED light sets each delicatefiber optic wing and glittering glasstier aglow with rainbowfascination. Truly too beautiful tobe without! On/off switch at thebottom. Weight 0.1 lb.Glass, feather, and fiber LED light.Three LR44 button cell batteryincluded. 3.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches tall.SRP: $16.95Pkg: 1 EA
  31. 31. Angelic Love PhotoFrameProduct # 13879Proudly showcase your favoritefamily photo, with a very specialguardian angel to keep your lovedones company! Crystal-clear andfrosted glass receives a heavenlytwinkle from gleaming gold trimand a heart that glitters with love.Holds a 1.75 x 2 photo. Weight 0.1lb. Glass with mirror base. 4.75 x2.6 x 3.6 inches tall.SRP: $7.95Pkg: 1 EA
  32. 32. Divine Dreams FigurineProduct # 13837Nestled beneath his shelteringwings, a sweet-faced young angelenjoys a restful slumber. A dreamydecoration that adds a divine touchto any room! Weight 1 lb.Polyresin. 8.5 x 4 x 5.25 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  33. 33. Reverent Angel FigurineProduct # 13815Inspired by the work of 16th-century masters, this statuetteenhances your surroundings withthe timeless image of heavenlygrace. Her otherworldly beauty isreflected in every lovinglyrendered detail, from the delicatelyfeathered wings to her serenelyreverent face. Weight 1 lb.Polystone. 3.5 x 4 x 7.75 inches tall.SRP: $16.95Pkg: 1 EA
  34. 34. I See The Moon FigurineProduct # 13740Nestled snugly together beneaththe stars, a mother angel and hertwo beloved children gaze up at theman in the moon’s friendly face. Anenchanting recollection ofchildhood memories! From theDemdaco Collection. Weight 0.5 lb.Resin. 3.25 x 2.5 x 4 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  35. 35. Children Of The LightFigurineProduct # 13739Three country angels come callingfrom Heaven, each bearing a gift oflight to illuminate the day. Thisengaging figurine adds a little liftto the spirit whenever it meets yourgaze! From the DemdacoCollection. Weight 0.7 lb. Resin. 4.1x 1.9 x 6.5 inches tall.SRP: $16.95Pkg: 1 EA
  36. 36. Angel Rosary TrinketBoxProduct # 13462Tuck your tiniest trinkets into thistreasure box, and let your very ownangel keep a faithful watch. Acharming addition to yourdesktop, dresser or any specialspace! Weight 0.6 lb. Ceramic. 4.25x 5.25 x 1.1 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EACurrently in stock.This item has beendiscontinued, but there is still stockavailable.
  37. 37. LED Light Angel FigurineProduct # 12985A delicate angel glitters andglimmers by day; at night, hiddencolor change lights bestow thisglass figurine with a mesmerizingrainbow glow. An absolutely lovelyaddition to your decor! Weight 0.1lb. Glass. Three LR44 button cellbatteries included. 3 inches indiameter x 4 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  38. 38. LED Angel GlobeOrnamentProduct # 12984Whether hung on a branch orgracing a tabletop, this magicalornament is truly somethingspecial! Simply switch on the LED-lighted base to brighten this glassglobe with an ever-changingcolorful glow. Weight 0.1 lb. Glasswith plastic base. Three LR44button cell batteries included. 3.25inches in diameter x 4 inches tall.SRP: $8.95Pkg: 1 EA
  39. 39. Patriotic Antique AngelProduct # 12578Colorful wood and metal angel is aheartwarming treasure! Nostalgiccutout styling and weatheredpatriotic paint recall the homespunwork of clever country craftsmen.Weight 0.6 lb. Wood and metal.6.75 x 2.25 x 13.5 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  40. 40. Patriotic Angel SignProduct # 12576This angel’s heart beats red, whiteand blue; she’s a patriot throughand through! Hang this winsomesign on wall or door for an instantpledge of your allegiance. Metalwire for hanging. Weight 0.3 lb.MDF wood and metal. 13.25 x 0.75x 8.5 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  41. 41. Gothic Angel BikerProduct # 12545Proudly sporting dark wings andtattoos, a biker beauty rides herenchanted cycle into the pages oflegend. A perfect depiction of theadventurous female spirit! Weight0.8 lb. Polyresin. 7.6 x 3.5 x 5.75inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  42. 42. Spun Glass Angels OfLoveProduct # 12537Two angels pray beneath asparkling double heart, bestowingblessings upon all the lucky loversof the world. This artful spun glasssculpture is a treasure for anyromantic at heart! Weight 0.2 lb.Glasswith mirrored base. 3.1 inchesin diameter x 3.6 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  43. 43. Silver Starlight AngelProduct # 12521Bathed in the silvery light of thestars, a winged angel enjoys amoment of reverent reflection. Thevery essence of dazzling beautyand grace that lights up your homewherever shes placed! Weight 2.2lbs. Polyresin. 6.25 x 4 x 17 inchestall.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  44. 44. Angels Touch FriendFeatherProduct # 12481Lift the spirit of any cherishedfriend when you present thisheavenly gift! Sparkling pure whitefeather accompanied by anuplifting poem is a beautifulexpression of your affection.Weight 0.1 lb. Natural feather;polyester fabric trim; plasticornament. Feather is 2 x 0.5 x 8inches tall. Gift box is 5 x 0.6 x 8.75inches tall.SRP: $7.95Pkg: 1
  45. 45. GUARDIAN
  46. 46. Male Guardian AngelProduct # 30278With pristine wings spread, thisguardian angel lovingly watchesover a soundly sleeping child. 5.5 x3.5 x 7 inches tall.SRP: $24.95Pkg: 1 EA
  47. 47. Heartstring TeddiesGuardian AngelProduct # 14314The sweetest guardian angel toever grace the skies is here to watchover your loved one! This cuteteddy bear figurine lifts the heart asthe musical base plays "WhenYoure Smiling." HeartStringTeddies Collection by SeagullStudios™. Packaged in a gift box.Weight 0.6 lb. Resin. One CR2032button cell battery included. 3.75 x2.5 x 4.5 inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  48. 48. Classic Guardian AngelStatueProduct # 14173Cherished through the ages as asymbol of heavenly hope, thefigure of a guardian angel turnsany surrounding into a divineretreat! Weathered ivory finishgives the instant appeal of a classicantique. Weight 2.5 lbs. Polyresin.8.5 x 4.75 x 16.25 inches tall.SRP: $39.95Pkg: 1 EA
  49. 49. Guardian Angel GemProduct # 14052An oversized crystal holds at itscenter an uplifting image ofinspiration, a graceful angelguarding over two youths in hercare. At night, colored LED lightsfill this glittering gem with an ever-changing magical glow! On/offswitch on the side. Weight 0.2 lb.Glass with plastic base. Three LR44button cell batteries included. 2.4inches in diameter x 3 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  50. 50. Unseen Guardian AirForce StatueProduct # 13559An air force pilot steps inside hisfighter cockpit, preparing himselffor the battle before him. At hisside, an unseen angel givesguidance and guardianship to leadhim through the fight. Limitededition of American Heroes™ byVanmark®. Handcrafted. Weight3.8 lbs. Resin with wooden base. 7 x6 x 10 inches tall.SRP: $59.95Pkg: 1 EA
  51. 51. Desert AngelCandleholderProduct # 39695A slender seraph shields the lightof faith with her bowed wings asshe folds her hands in prayer.Stone-look decoration graces yourhome with a heartwarming dose ofhope and faith! Polyresin with glasscup. Candle not included. 5.4 x 3.9x 5.75 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  52. 52. Angel Candle LanternProduct # 37608The heavenly glow of candlelightemanates from the glass panes ofthis charming candle lantern. Fortealights only (not included). Metaland glass. 4 x 4 x 9.75 inches tall.SRP: $7.95Pkg: 1 EA
  53. 53. RenaissanceCandleholdersProduct # 37042Straight from the works of theItalian masters, this pair of celestialmessengers playfully cradlegraceful taper candles. Add to amantle or dining room table tocreate a serene scene! High-glosswhite porcelain. Felt pad onbottom. Candles not included. Setof 2.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 PR
  54. 54. Angels Oil BurnerProduct # 33293An oil burner of uplifting beauty! A4.5-inch diameter glass dish restson the wings of three alabastriteangels. 4.75 x 4.75 x 6 inches tall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  55. 55. Cherub Oil WarmerProduct # 31388Three contemplative cherubssurround this oil warmer whichcan also be used to hold a favoritecandle. 5.25 inches in diameter x4.25 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  56. 56. Angel BlessingsTealight SculptureProduct # 14042Large in size and mighty inmessage, this sweet ceramic angelsculpture fills a room withblessings and love. A figuralhomage to the comforts of homeand family, shining from the heartwith a candles warming glow. 2-piece set. Weight 7.5 lbs. Ceramic.Tealight candle not included.Overall: 9 x 8 x 19 inches tall.Tealight holder: 6 inches indiameter x 7 inches tall.SRP: $59.95Pkg: 1 EA
  57. 57. Regal Angel CandleHolderProduct # 13775Serenely splendid statue is ashining image of divine faith, withglittering golden accents and agraceful faux stone figure. Add avotive candle to the clear glass cupto cast a truly heavenly glow!Weight 2.7 lbs. Polyresin and glasscup. Votive candle not included. 9.5x 4.6 x 13.25 inches tall.SRP: $29.95Pkg: 1 EA
  58. 58. Angelic FlamelessCandleProduct # 13387Enjoy the endless enchantment ofcandlelight, without the need for aflame! Realistic flickering LED lightcasts a rainbow of colors,beautifully highlighting a glitteryangel motif. Weight 1.2 lbs. Vanillascented paraffin wax. Three AAAbatteries not included. 3 inches indiameter x 6 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  59. 59. Folk-Art Angel TealightHolderProduct # 12171An angel holds out a gift oflight, shining faith into the night.Winsome folk-art statuette ischarming by day; add a tealight towarm a dark corner with a goldenglow. Porcelain. Candle notincluded. 2.5 x 4.75 x 8 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  60. 60. Angel with HarpProduct # 36503An exquisite sculpture that stirs thesoul with its grace and beauty, thislovely angel is a divine addition toyour covered outdoor areas.Alabastrite. 11.25 x 8.25 x 19 inchestall.SRP: $49.95Pkg: 1 EA
  61. 61. Cherub Statue andLanternProduct # 35201Cherub garden lantern. Tealightsonly (not included). Stone-finishalabastrite and metal. 8/75 x 10 x25.5 inches tall.SRP: $99.95Pkg: 1 EA
  62. 62. Botanical Angel GardenSculptureProduct # 35121Angel with bouquet gardensculpture. Alabastrite. 10.25 x 8.5 x23.25 inches tall.SRP: $69.95Pkg: 1 EA
  63. 63. CHERUB ITEMS
  64. 64. Angels Touch PrayerFeatherProduct # 39907Delicate and delightful, thisprecious prayer feather glitterswith gorgeous gold-tone ribbontrim; a sentimental poem paystribute to your mother’s angelictouch. A tender and wonderful giftfor Mother’s Day, or any other dayof the year! Natural feather;polyester fabric trim; plasticornament. Feather: 2 x 0.5 x 8inches tall. Gift box: 5 x 0.6 x 8.75inches.SRP: $7.95Pkg: 1 EA
  65. 65. Patriotic Tapestry ThrowProduct # 39553Brighten any room with a proudproclamation of old-fashionedpatriotism! Nostalgic throw blanketis bordered with colorful stars,stripes and hearts; at its verycenter, a trio of angels showersarmloads of blessings upon a cozycountry cabin. Lightweight weaveis just right for snuggling on anautumn night. 100% Cotton.Machine wash cold; tumble drylow. 50 x 60 inches.SRP: $49.95Pkg: 1 EA
  66. 66. Angelic Welcome PlaqueProduct # 39056From beneath her vaultedarchway, a smiling seraph spreadsarms and wings in a timelessgesture of welcome. An open-hearted greeting for visitors, thisweather-resistant hanging plaquehas the elegant appearance of well-worn whitewashed wood.Powderstone/polyresin blend. 7 x 1x 12.25 inches tall.SRP: $24.95Pkg: 1 EA
  67. 67. Grandmother AngelWing PlaqueProduct # 39050Let Grandma know that youre inon her secret: Shes actually anangel in disguise! Adorable wing-shaped wall decoration has thelook of a weathered woodcarving.Such a thoughtful token of agrandchilds love and appreciation!Lightweight resin. 22.5 x 1.5 x 9.5inches tall.SRP: $19.95Pkg: 1 EA
  68. 68. Cherub in HandProduct # 37967Safely nestled in the protectivepalm of his guiding spirit at theend of a busy day, a chubby-cheeked little cherub catches fortywinks. A touching symbol of thehealing and sheltering powers oftrue belief! Inscription says, "Begentle with the hearts of those youlove." Polyresin. 9.75 x 5.75 x 7.5inches tall.SRP: $22.95Pkg: 1 EA
  69. 69. Christmas Stained GlassFrameProduct # 37594Tuck your most treasured holidaymemory into this traditional redand green frame. The danglingangel charm in the opposite paneadds just the right amount ofChristmas whimsy to this adorablekeepsake! Holds a 2.5x3.5-inchphoto. Glass. 7.9 x 0.75 x 6.75 inchestall.SRP: $7.95Pkg: 1 EA
  70. 70. Garden CherubsWelcomeProduct # 37305A pair of chubby cherubs, capturedhere in a classic Renaissancepose, extends a gracious welcometo your "little bit of heaven"! Anadorable accessory for entryway orgate. Resin/tin. 13 x 5 x 9 inchestall.SRP: $39.95Pkg: 1 EA
  71. 71. Cherubs FountainProduct # 33631Playful cherubs send a cascade ofwater down the center of thisclassically designed fountain. Inhome or garden it will inviteserenity. Alabastrite. Pumpincluded. UL Recognized. 19.5 x 9.5x 42 inches tall.SRP: $199.95Pkg: 1 EA
  72. 72. Loves Glow CupidFigurineProduct # 14697Delight your dear one when youpresent this charming cherubfigurine! Nestled within Cupidsgrasp, a giant heart pulses withcolor and light, giving your love anew way to shine. Weight 0.4 lbs.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  73. 73. Two In Love CherubFigurineProduct # 14695What better image of innocent lovethan an angels shy first kiss? Afitting tribute to sweet romance,beautifully sculpted in pure whitefaux stone with a red crystal heartadding a dash of dazzle. Weight 0.1lb.SRP: $4.50Pkg: 1 EA
  74. 74. Sisters Angel NecklaceProduct # 14343Offer a piece of your heart with anecklace your sister will treasureforever! Lustrous gold and crystalpendant shows two sister angelssharing a moment of sublime joy.Elegantly gift packed with atouching companion prayer poem.Weight 0.1 lb. Metal and glass.Packaged: 5.5 x 2.75 x 1 inches tall.Pendant: 1.25 x 0.25 x 1.75 inchestall. Chain: 25.5 inches long.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  75. 75. Baroque CherubSculptureProduct # 14164Lustrous cherub sculptureenhances your home surroundingswith the elegance of a French Royalchateau! Gleaming golden finishadds an opulent touch to thisclassical 16th-century theme.Weight 8 lbs. Polyresin. 17 x 9.5 x12 inches tall.SRP: $79.95Pkg: 1 EACurrently in stock.This item has beendiscontinued, but there is still stockavailable.
  76. 76. Sharing Secrets FigurineProduct # 13836Two angelic sisters whisper softlyto each other, sharing their dearesthopes and dreams. A tenderportrayal of the magical bond oflove that exists between siblings.Weight 0.7 lb. Polyresin. 4.5 x 4 x3.4 inches tall.SRP: $9.95Pkg: 1 EA
  77. 77. Hearts Delight AngelBellProduct # 12986Stories say that every time a bellrings, an angel sings. This beautifulbell brings the old tale to lovelylife, in glowing ruby color glasstipped with gleaming gold. Asweet song for everyone! Weight0.1 lb. Glass. 2.1 inches in diameterx 3.6 inches tall.SRP: $6.95Pkg: 1 EA
  78. 78. Nesting CherubKeepsake BoxProduct # 12511Snug within the shelter of hisfeathered wings, a weary cherubkeeps a sleepy watch over yourkeepsakes. Precious heart shapebox safely holds a trove of tinytreasures at its heart. Weight 0.1 lb.Polyresin. 5.25 x 4.5 x 3.1 inchestall.SRP: $12.95Pkg: 1 EA
  79. 79. Stand-up MoosePlush PalProduct # 39981Mr. Moose has come to play, allbundled up for a snowy day!Lovable soft-sculpture figurine hasa weighted bottom that lets himstand. Polyester plush fabric. Thisis not a toy. Not intended forchildren under 12. Decorativepurposes only. 5.5 inches indiameter x 11.5 inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  80. 80. White Tiger Accent TableProduct # 39587A rare white tiger is captured in allhis beauty and might, forming astunning sculptural base forfurnishing of singular distinction.Each detail of this stately statue islovingly rendered for absolutelifelikeness; a perfect portrait of thismagnificent predator at the heightof his power and grace. Place thisdramatic accent table in a place ofpride within your home and be theenvy of every collector! Polystonebase with tempered glass top. 19inches in diameter x 23.5 inchestall. Some assembly required.SRP: $139.95Pkg: 1 EA
  81. 81. Bunny Garden PlaqueProduct # 39053A plump rabbit shares a word witha passing butterfly as both enjoy ablooming garden. A celebration ofthe joys of spring that brightensyour home year round! Countrifiedwall plaque in weathered ivoryfinish resembles handcarvedwoodwork.Powderstone/polyresin blend. 6.6 x1.1 x 10.25 inches tall.SRP: $24.95Pkg: 1 EA
  82. 82. Lion Guardian StatueProduct # 38624With his mighty paw placed atop acrested shield, a regal lion surveysall who approach the door to yourcastle. Inspired by the centuries-oldstone carvings found in castles andcathedrals throughout Europe, thisimpressive statue makes a boldhistorical statement and lendsdistinction to your entryway orgarden! Fiber resin. 12.25 x 14.1 x 25inches tall.SRP: $89.95Pkg: 1 EA
  83. 83. Golden Tigers BeachTowelProduct # 38456Be the envy of everyone, poolsideor seaside, when you unfold thisstunning showpiece! Fit for theKing of the Jungle, this luxuriousvelour towel lets you cozy up witha pair of gorgeous golden tigers.Thick, lush terry fabric wraps youin wonderful warmth, warding offwetness and chill. 100% cottonfabric. Machine wash cold; tumbledry low heat. 30 x 60 inches.SRP: $15.95Pkg: 1 EA
  84. 84. Rustic AntlerCandleholderProduct # 38444This rustic "antler" wreath forms acrafty cradle for a glass globevotive holder. A wonderfullywoodsy touch of nature to warmup your cabin-style or countrydecor! Polystone with glass cup.Candle not included. 5.4 x 4.9 x 3.6inches tall.SRP: $14.95Pkg: 1 EA
  85. 85. To place an order online, contact me at mdb197932@aim.comIf you would like to make your order in person contact me by phone or email.EMAIL: mdb197932@aim.comPHONE: 336-226-2109Payment s are to be made when you place your order. Everything is tax free.If you do not live in Alamance County, Orange County, or Guilford Countythere is a $10.00 Shipping charge. Once your items ordered arrive at mylocation you can pick them up in person or I can bring them to you for a smallfee of $5.00.Thank you for your businessOwner and Operator of Hidden TreasuresMisty Boggs