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Magazine analysis presentation

This presentation is about car magazine analysis.

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Magazine analysis presentation

  2. 2. AUTOCAR Autocaris one of the oldest magazines that is still being published. This magazine’s publishing started in 1895whenthereused to beonly 6-7 cars in the UKand is still published inthe UK. Themagazines keep the reader updated on thelatest cars and theirnewreleases, as well as futurecar concepts. In otherwords, it is one of thebest magazines available for readers who love car magazines. TheIssue in thepicture is from September of 2014and features Jaguar’s new release, ‘The3 Series’.
  3. 3. Date Puff Masthead Main CoverLine Main CoverPhoto Strip Barcode
  4. 4. TheMastheadofthemagazineiswritteninwrittenin Boldredfontandin capitalletterson ayellow background.Thisisso theMagazineTitlestandsouton thebackgroundandtoaddmoreemphasisonit.It iswrittenina largerfontascomparedtothetagline.The redmastheadisalsotheidentityofthismagazineasthemastheadcolordoesn'tvaryfromissuetoissue. Thetaglineiswrittenbelowthemastheadin black.Itispresenttoexplain whatthemagazineisall aboutina fewwordsandtoaccompanythemastheadastheidentityoftheMagazine. Masthead
  5. 5. TheMain cover lineor the anchoringis written ina simple and white font in capital letters with a strapline as well, that furtherdescribes the content of the main cover line. Themain cover line is set on part of the main image which shows the clear blue skyand gives the main cover line a calm and peaceful look. Main Cover Line
  6. 6. This magazinehas a quite uniqueand distinctive feature which include‘puffs’ or snapshots of images along with a 'buzzword’ that describes the image, as shown in the image at the right Thecolor scheme and backgroundis variable from photo to photo, some are on theiroriginal backgroundwith the text or carname ina white color, while one is on a yellow backgroundwith the text ina black color, so this article item comprises of a uniquecolor scheme and a distinctive puff andbuzzword feature. Other articles/Puff/buzzword
  7. 7. STRIP The stripofacarandthe textalongsidein a redandblackcoloron ayellow background.Thisgives the magazineanattractivelook andasuitableending outline.
  8. 8. DATE/WEB ADDRESS/PRICE Thedate of issue, the price tag and web address are also mentioned on the top in a quite smaller font. Thewaythese are written follow the same pattern of a black and red font on a yellow background.
  9. 9. CAR AND DRIVER MAGAZINE Car and Driver is thevoice and resource for automotive enthusiasts and industrydealers. With a journalistic focus on performance and technology, Car and Driver is dedicated to delivering leading-edge journalismon all things related to cars. Starting out as ‘Sports Cars Illustrated’ in1955,this magazine has 1.23 million copies incirculation. Its cover is shown opposite. TheMagazine shown in the image is from November,2012.
  10. 10. Tagline Masthead Dateline Main CoverLine CentralImage Selling Line Puff
  11. 11. This masthead is black, is incapital letters, and is ina bold font to help draw the reader in. Thefont usedis Helvetica Extra Compressed. Thecolor red is also used to help appeal to the reader. Masthead
  12. 12. TheMaincover lineor theanchoring iswrittenina serifand blackfont incapital further describesthecontent of the maincover line.Themaincover lineis seton part of the main image whichshowsthe Backgroundwhichis blurredand gives the main cover line a fast-pacedand action-packedlook. Main Cover Line
  13. 13. This magazineincludes 'buzzwords’that describes the image, as shown in theimage at the right Thecolor scheme and backgroundis variable from photo to photo, the image is on its original backgroundwith the text or carname ina white color. So this article item comprises of a Conventional color scheme and a distinctive puff and buzzword feature. puffs
  14. 14. Thedate of issue is mentioned onthe top in a quitesmaller font. Theway these arewritten follow the same pattern of a black bold font ona white background. Date/Web Address/Price
  15. 15. ROAD AND TRACK MAGAZINE Road and TrackMagazine was founded in 1947and was only published only six times from 1947to 1949.Because of this, the magazine had struggled inits early years, but now, as of June, 2012, it has 608,266copies incirculation. Thismagazine usuallyfocuses on production and race cars. This magazinetranslates across every platform they explore: Personalities &locations, motorsports and performance driving as well as vintage autos. Theimage opposite is of the magazinein November,2011
  16. 16. Masthead Cover lines Main CoverLines AnchorageText Dateline Puff CentralImage
  17. 17. This masthead is white, is incapital letters, and is in a bold font to help draw the reader in. Road &Trackuses the powerfullyengineered fonts of FB Agency and Stainless. Thecolor red is also used to help appeal to thereader. Masthead
  18. 18. TheMaincover line is writtenina serifand yellow font in normallettersand the anchorage textiswrittenina bold blackfont , that has beenitalicized. itfurther describes thecontent of the maincover line.Themaincover lineis seton part of the mainimage whichshowsa natural background and givesthe main coverline a realisticand natural look. Main Cover Line
  19. 19. Thecolor scheme and backgroundis variable from photo to photo on the puff of this magazine. Thepuff, as it can be seen inthe image opposite, is divided into two Halves. One half has yellow text with a black backgroundwith animage of a car, while the other half has white text on a red background. Puff
  20. 20. TheDateline in this magazineis in a sans-serif font with part of the central image as thebackground. Date/web Address/Price
  21. 21. AUTOCAR CONTENT PAGE Theimage on the rightis the content page of the Indian edition of the Autocar magazine. This page also contains an exclusive as well. Details are onthe next slide.
  22. 22. This is thecontent box showing the titles of the articles in this magazine. Thetitle of this section follows themagazine’s standard font type, size and color. This section shows the individual interviews of carcompanyHRofficers inthe countryalong with the page numberson which theycan be found. Theyalso includesummaries of the interviews as well. Themain feature of this magazineis shown here, along with an exclusive article, here. An‘inside story’ typearticlecan beseen here.
  23. 23. This is the title of the article along with its tagline and subheading, showing the article writer’s name.They all use standard font settings. This part shows the details of the car and its pictures This section shows the main article along with a part of it herein bold This part shows images of cars with their details
  24. 24. Car and driver Content Page Your text hereThis section shows images of cars on a white background which gives thewhole page itself a simplistic look. Even the design used is minimalistic and sparse. This part includes a list of features and articles included in this magazine along with their page numbersand catchy taglines.
  25. 25. This part serves as the intro to the article on the next page. This includes an image of the Ferrari with some opening words and the writer’s name on thetop. Thisisthe photographer’s nameand,likethe othertextonthis part,employsan italicized,redand whitefontsetting This is the main article, whichfeatures a watermark of the Ferrari logo with pictures of the car. Besides this, a box of its specs. Is also used.
  26. 26. This part shows the title of the magazine instandard bold black font with the iconic ampersand symbol on a plain whitebackgroundto makethe contents page moresimplistic with an image of a carto the right. This shows the date in a large grey font with an illustration of a fortune-tellerto liven up the content page. This part of the content page shows the articles featured in this magazine along with their page numbers. It also uses the standard black, redand greyfont. This part shows feature articles on the latest vehicles inthe marketalong with their images.This part acts as the ‘more’ section on the magazine, except it is more reader-oriented.
  27. 27. This part shows the title of the article section along with the author’s picture. Thetitle is inbold red font, because it follows the standard font settings. This is the main article with its own heading and subheading and follows thestandard Bolded black, redand grey fonts This is a Commercial inside this magazine which is about a new carand is also provided with spec. information, also, it follows the magazine’s font standard.