Supporting Private Providers and Public-Private Partnerships for Maternal and Child Health


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Presentation of Michelle Gardner of the Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health Project-Phase 2 (PRISM2) of the USAID at the PhilHealth Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Summit

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Supporting Private Providers and Public-Private Partnerships for Maternal and Child Health

  1. 1. Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health Project – Phase 2(PRISM2) October 2009 – October 2014Private Sector Mobilization for Family Health - Phase 2 (PRISM2)Supporting Private Providersand Private-Public Partnershipsfor Maternal and Child Health
  2. 2. Goal and ObjectivesGoal: Assist the national government and LGUs inmobilizing the private sector as partner-providers of FP-MCH information, products and services.Objectives:• Provision of FP-MCH information, products andservices by the private sector improved• Demand generation for private sector FP-MCHservices improved• Policy and financing for sustainability of private sectorFP-MCH service provision and use improved
  3. 3. PRISM2 Project Sites(36 Cities and Provinces)* USAID Partnerships for Growth siteRegion I1. La Union2. PangasinanRegion III3. Pampanga(includes Angeles City)4. Nueva EcijaRegion IV-A5. Cavite6. Batangas City*7. Quezon ProvinceRegion V13. Albay14. Naga CityRegion VI15. Iloilo Province16. Iloilo City*17. Negros OccidentalRegion VII18. Cebu Province19. Cebu City20. Lapu-Lapu City21. Mandaue City22. Bohol23. Negros OrientalNCR8. Pasig City9. Quezon City10. Marikina City11. Parañaque City12. Caloocan CityRegion VIII24. Leyte (includes Ormocand Tacloban Cities)Region X25. Cagayan de Oro City*26. Misamis Oriental27. Iligan CityRegion XI28. Davao City29. Davao del NorteRegion XII30. Sarangani31. General Santos CityRegion XIII32. Agusan del Sur33. Butuan City34. Surigao del NorteARMM35. Lanao del Sur36. Maguindanao
  4. 4. PublicService Delivery Network (SDN)PrivateNHIP accreditedPPMs’ andBirthing HomesHospitals-LA/PMOther ServiceDelivery PointsAlternativeDistribution Pointsfor FP-MCHProductsStrengthenedSDNPRISM2 Operational FrameworkPUBLIC HEALTH OUTCOMESContraceptivePrevalence RateSkilled BirthAttendanceMaternalMortality RatioInfant MortalityRate
  5. 5. Year 4 Objective and Focal AreasOverarching Year 4 objective: Capacity building of private sector FP-MCH providers of information, products, and services, and recognitionand integration into local SDNsCore Program Focal Areas• Private Practicing Midwives (FP, SBA, EBF, neonatal)• Alternative Distribution Points (FP, SBA)• Private Hospitals (FP, SBA, EBF, neonatal)• Itinerant LA/PM (FP)Other Service Delivery Points• Young People (FP, youth, SBA)• Workforce Engagement (FP, SBA)Special initiative• Oxytocin in Uniject (SBA)Cross-Cutting Initiatives• Training capacitybuilding• Health policy• Health financing• Partnerships andadvocacy• BCC• Gender• Quality assurance• M&E
  6. 6. Primary PurposeIncreasing access to FP/MCHservices through Philhealthaccreditation of PPMs andbirthing homesPrivate Practicing Midwives (PPMs)Activities• Required training foraccreditation• Basic equipment supply• Accreditation processfacilitation• Post accreditation support– Business training– FHSIS training– EINC training– Linkages with suppliers– QAP orientation– Usapan training– FP-CBT2 training
  7. 7. Primary purposeIncrease access to FP-MCHcommodities in hard-to-reachareasAlternative Distribution Points (ADPs)What are ADPs?Non-traditional outlets (PPMclinics, cooperatives, clinics, BnBs,hospital clinics, etc).Activities• ADP operators training• Linkages with distributors• Engagement with LGUs onprocurement options• Encourage recognition andintegration of BnBs• Mapping of ADPs• Establishing ADPs for StandardDays Method Beads
  8. 8. Primary PurposeExpanding the role of privatehospitals in FP/MCH servicedelivery through capacitybuilding and SDN integrationPrivate HospitalsActivities• Preparation for SDNintegration– ICV orientation– BTL training– EINC training– Support to updating protocolsand policies– Facilitate SDN integration• Support activities– Philhealth orientation– ADP creation– Usapan training
  9. 9. Primary PurposeIncrease access to LA/PMservices in hard-to-reachareasItinerant LA/PMActivities• Strengthen exiting itinerantservices– Facilitate agreements– Link itinerant providers withBCC providers– Establish regular schedules• Create enablingenvironment– Develop supportive policies– Explore funding mechanisms,including Philhealth• Develop sustainable models– Establish and documentsustainable itinerant services
  10. 10. Young peoplePrimary PurposeGenerating demand for FP-MCH services and productsamong young people andincreasing access to youthfriendly servicesActivities• Training service providers– Mainly private– Youth friendly service delivery,AJA and FP-CBT1• Peer education– Private schools and partner forout-of-school youth– Training for peer educators– Roll-out of Usapan Barkadahan– Linkages with trained providers• Establish youth-friendlyreferral network
  11. 11. Workforce EngagementPrimary PurposeGenerating demand for FP-MCH services and products inthe labor force throughengagement with informalworkforce groups (IWGs)What are IWGs?Cooperatives, labor unions,vendor associations, transportgroupsActivities• Orientation• Capacity building– ICV, Usapan, gender training– (FPCBT1 and FHSIS training)• Rollout of Usapan• Establish referral network andSDN linkages
  12. 12. Oxytocin in UnijectPrimary PurposeIncrease access to safe deliveryservices in hard-to-reach areasActivities• Operations research– To document the feasibilityand acceptability of the use ofoxytocin in Uniject in publicand private health caresettings.• Commercialization– Identify pharmaceuticaldistribution partner– Facilitating the registration ofoxytocin in Uniject– Conduct productdemonstration sessions– Explore possibility of localproduction
  13. 13. SDN StrengtheningPrimary PurposeIncrease access to FP-MCHservices and informationthrough private sectorintegrationActivities• Policy support to thedesignation of SDNs• Convening of public andprivate partners to agreeterms of partnership• Public launch and integration• Develop SDN managementteams• Mentoring expand role ofPPPs• Strengthening referralmechanisms
  14. 14. Technical Cooperation Work withPhilhealth and DOHWith Philhealth: in crafting the new MCPpackage in packaging new/enhancedcase rates for BTL, NSVand IUD insertion andremoval in facilitating theaccreditation of privatemidwives and their birthinghomes in facilitating processing ofclaims of private birthinghomes especially the start-upsWith DOH - Bureau of HealthFacilities and Services(BHFS) formulating the mostappropriate licensingrequirements and standardsthat would demand frombirthing homes the highestquality services and alsoallow them to compete inthe market
  15. 15. Thank you!