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Welcome to Wanita's Garden, offering Seeds of Hope for children with Type 1 Diabetes. This garden is intended to help families living with diabetes to be able to reach out and share their stories, offer a source of support and guidance as well as pay tribute to the challenges and triumphs of raising children with diabetes.

Come help us grow our garden!

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Seeds of hope

  1. 1. Welcome to our garden…help plant a seed…nourish a flower… Make a difference in the lives of children with Diabetes
  2. 2. “Comes the Dawn,” by Veronica A. Shoffstall. After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning And company doesn’t mean security, And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts And presents aren’t promises, And you begin to accept your defeats With your head up and your eyes open With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child, And you learn to build all your roads on today, Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans, And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. After a while you learn That even sunshine burns if you get too much. So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure... That you really are strong, And you really do have worth. And you learn and learn... With every goodbye you learn.
  3. 3. Meet Frankie and Join His Quest Frankie and his family are an inspiration. Raising awareness about diabetes and fundraising for a cure, Frankie is working hard to improve the lives of children living with diabetes everywhere. Read his blog at: And check out his facebook page at:
  4. 4. A Meet Dulce Noelle has Type 1 Diabetes and Dulce is her future DAD (Diabetes Alert Dog). With your help, Noelle can bring Dulce home Click on a link below to learn more about Noelle and Dulce
  5. 5. E Emma and Angel Safe in the arms of her DAD (Diabetes Alert Dog) Help Emma with fundraising for her DAD. Learn more about how a DAD can be lifesaving for a child with Type 1 Diabetes and how you can help Emma and Angel at the following link: Donations can be made on behalf of the Badgley/Louise family Meet Emma, she has Type 1 Diabetes
  6. 6. Come Join the Fun at Camp Aspire! Learn more about Camp Aspire at and diabetes/parents-and-kids/ada- camps/camps/2013/aspire-1.html
  7. 7. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. You can purchase your copy at Danny is a Diabetes Dynamo! Danny lives with Type 1 Diabetes. He welcomes children to come along on his journey and to share his story.
  8. 8. i Being a certified diabetes educator is more than teaching. It is holding a hand. It is offering support through coaching and empowerment. It is acceptance, respect and non-judgmental. It is believing that all things are possible. It is learning and growing and becoming. It is the honor of being a part of other people’s journeys. It is advocating for awareness, rights and plights. It is a passion!
  9. 9. Pu What a fun day!! We visited my alma mater, Elmira College to walk for the JDRF! Thank you to my family who helped Danny, the Diabetes Dynamo support the JDRF! May 2012 Dear JDRF, You are welcome. I was honored to be a part of your fundraiser! Thank you for all you do for children living with Type 1 Diabetes! Danny, The Diabetes Dynamo
  10. 10. Help decide what organization will benefit from a portion of the proceeds from book sales!! Send your ideas to "You are unique. Your experiences, personality, temperament, values and beliefs are different from everyone else. How can diabetes management possibly be the same for everyone?" This book helps you to take advantage of who you are and your experiences to create successful diabetes self-management that is designed by you to incorporate your healthcare team, your goals and experience into your life. Purchase your copy today at or!
  11. 11. md=display&page=UserAction&id=2474 New York State Children with Diabetes Need Your Support Please contact your legislators and support a bill that will help to keep our children safe at school! Follow this link:
  12. 12. Did you know that the JDRF connects many families that provide endless support? Learn how you can connect with other families by following the links below. Thank you, JDRF for all you do !
  13. 13. If you care for a child with diabetes, please take the time to get educated! Thank You! The New York State Department of Health provides for your school, daycare or camp to have a Certified Diabetes Educator come provide valuable Diabetes education. To obtain diabetes education in your district or facility, contact Diana McFarland today! Email:
  14. 14. Ch This garden is planted in honor of my grandmother, Wanita Lockett. I carry her faith with me, knowing that every seed that is planted has the potential to grow. A single yellow rose seems simple, but it is enough to make someone smile, their heart sing, lift a sad mood, give the gift of faith and hope. This garden is intended to help families living with diabetes to be able to reach out and share their stories, offer a source of support and guidance as well as pay tribute to the challenges and triumphs of raising children with diabetes. Instead of waiting for someone to bring us flowers, let’s plant a garden! If you would like to know how you can be a part of the garden or contribute to the garden, contact Michelle at