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Welcome to the research medical library

  1. Welcome to the Research Medical Library
  2. “I’m just going to take advantage of your wonderful space before our meeting starts.” -Professor, Experimental Therapeutics Fast Facilities Facts
  3. Scenario 1: You office is being relocated to 1MC and you need a group study room for a team meeting.
  4. “I’m excited to be able to use my phone to book a study room. I’ve never used a QR code before.” - Fellow Total booking time for Group Study Rooms FY2013: 226,020 minutes Occupied approximately 48% of the time
  5. Scenario 2: You are a student who has identified this article in a PubMed search and need the full text
  6. Metrics for Interlibrary Loan Jan 1 – July 1, 2013 Total Number of Articles: 1465 Average Time Submitted to Processing: 17.70 hours From Processing to Send: 3.73 hours From Sent to Received: 1.47 days From Received to Notified: 18.48 minutes Average Total Time 2.38 days “Thank you so much for your Illiad service. It is extremely valuable to me.” - Associate Professor in Molecular Carcinogenesis, Smithville Top Libraries Lending to Us Library # borrowed UT Health Science Center (San Antonio) 471 National Library of Medicine 456 Texas Medical Center Library 315 Texas A and M University 236 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences 175 University of Texas Southwestern Med Ctr 140 Purchased 112 Johns Hopkins University 101 LSUHSC New Orleans 86 University of Pittsburgh 86
  7. Scenario 3: You are a new Administrative Assistant hired to support a group of doctors. One of the doctors would like you to create an EndNote library and insert citations into a grant proposal, but you have never used EndNote before.
  8. “You do a phenomenal job teaching employees EndNote and helping us find articles. You have saved me several times by helping me achieve my work on time and I greatly appreciate your time.” - Senior Administrative Assistant
  9. Scenario 4 : As a Fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery, you need to take the Advanced PubMed class. How do you sign-up?
  10. “This will greatly help me in the future by giving me the tools and the “know-how” on how to execute efficient and specific searches using medical subject headings and advanced search strings using PubMed search builder. It is a skill that I can use for the rest of my career.” - SHP student
  11. Scenario 5: You’re a new faculty member and you need flexible access to library resources to accommodate your hectic schedule.
  12. Average Views per Month 36,685 Average Users per month 1433 Total Tablet Page Views 5,765 Total Mobile Site Page Views 831 “Thanks. This is excellent. As an avid iPad user, I have been hoping the Research Library would take on an initiative like this.” - Faculty Member Web Stats FY2013
  13. Scenario 6: You are the faculty lead in charge of the Invasive Breast Cancer Algorithm Annual Update. You need assistance in finding evidence that supports molecular testing to give to our regulatory committee.
  14. “You are awesome! Thank you so much Yimin…I know the group highly appreciates your efforts and so do I.” - Clinical Effectiveness Specialist
  15. Scenario 7: You are a new Fellow in General Internal Medicine and your mentor has assigned you this systematic review question: “Does tight glycemic control in cancer patients with diabetes improve patient outcomes?”
  16. How are Systematic Review Search Requests Changing? (Calendar years, 2013 is Jan – Jun) “Thank you Greg for your help. You were extremely helpful to me and because of you I was able to finish this project.” - Fellow, General Internal Medicine
  17. Scenario 8: You are a director in Academic Affairs preparing a presentation and want to include audio clips on leadership.
  18. Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection Oral History Interviewees: 71 Oral History Interview Sessions: 139 Number of Segment topics (by category): The Interview Subject’s Story: 24 The Story of MD Anderson: 16 Number of clip codes (by category): The Interview Subject’s Story: 14 The Story of MD Anderson: 20 Key Stories: 28 Issues and perspectives: 19 Number of files in digital library: 376 About the Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Project: “The stories are very compelling…Thank you so much for your efforts and your assistance.” - Associate Director, Academic Affairs
  19. Scenario 9: You have a list of citations for articles and books and not all of them link to full text. Why not? What can you do?
  20. For the year 2012, the following are the highest accessed resources:
  21. Scenario 10: Adding metadata for an ebook
  22. Monthly Average of Cataloging Activity Sept. 2012 – June 2013 “I am pleased to announce that 21 of the oral history interviews are now searchable on WorldCat and Voyager. Thanks to Linda for her had work on the project.” - HRC Archivist Research Medical Library EBooks cataloged 32 Books cataloged 19 Videos cataloged 2 Titles withdrawn 33 Tables of contents 53 Bib work 60 Diagnostic Imaging Books cataloged 1 Bib work 1 Historical Research Center Books cataloged 1 Bib work 8 The Learning Center Books cataloged 25 Bib work 53 Original Cataloging 9
  23. Scenario:11 Reporting statistics How can you do today's job with yesterday's tools?
  24. “Sherry, That is amazing and you don’t know how much I appreciate your help on this. Thank you.” - Administrative Assistant, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Database session counts FY 09 cost per use FY 10 Cost per use FY 11 Cost per use FY12 Cost per use Cinahl + FT $0.31 $0.49 $0.52 $0.59 Cochrane Library (Wiley) $0.04 $0.03 $0.16 $0.17 Dissertations and Theses $5.09 $3.83 $5.18 Dynamed $21.07 $13.47 $17.83 eAnatomy $7.08 Embase $33.38 $23.39 $19.71 FirstSearch $0.29 $0.30 $0.46 $1.08 HaPI $0.04 $0.16 $2.73 $3.49 Health Management $3.87 $1.48 $2.02 JCR $0.71 $0.63 $0.67 $0.77 Library Lit & Info FT $26.28 $23.97 $14.05 $9.95 LISTA $18.64 $13.93 $17.88 $10.51 MMY/TIP $5.21 $4.97 $6.94 $3.96 Ovid Medline $0.10 $0.12 $0.15 $0.19 PsycInfo (incl. loader fee) $3.34 $4.53 $3.94 $5.25 Reaxys $36.79 $52.72 $32.14 $36.54 SciFinder Scholar $6.49 $12.08 $15.88 $10.17 Scopus $1.25 $1.09 $0.95 $0.88 Springer Protocols $5.64 $1.62 $1.45 $2.47 Stat!Ref $3.40 $2.02 $1.76 $8.26 UpToDate $0.10 $0.30 $0.50 $0.59 Web of Science $1.94 $1.98 $2.12 $2.23 Average cost per use $6.14 $8.38 $6.57 $7.08 Cost is always a factor but not always the deciding factor.
  25. Scenario12: Administrative Wrap-up Keeping all the pieces moving
  26. “Thank you for doing this for AA!!!!” - Administrative Director, Academic Affairs
  27. Thank you for your time!

Editor's Notes

  1. 9/1/2012 – 7/24/2013% of time occupiedKudos:??
  2. Solution: Proceed to the Information and ask Roxanne for help in requesting this article.Kudos from ILLiad client at Smithville, Lezlee Coghlan, Associate Professor, Molecular Carcinogenesis, “Thank you so much for your Illiad service. It is extremely valuable to me.”
  3. You contact the Research Medical Library and learn that the library staff offers monthly “EndNote Basics” and “EndNote Advanced” courses.  If these are not in time to meet your grant proposal deadline, the library staff will offer to meet with you one-on-one, in the library or at your workstation, to teach you how to build an EndNote library, insert citations into the manuscript, and format the citations according to the grant submission guidelines.   If you need additional help as you continue to work, you can call or e-mail the RML staff; view our EndNote “FAQ” online help pages; or view our EndNote quick videos.To date during FY 12-13:“x” EndNote classes offered, including specially scheduled departmental sessions, serving ___ patrons“x” one-on-one EndNote consultations conducted“x” EndNote webinars offered, serving __ patrons“x” number of EndNote reference questions answered in person or via telephone, e-mail, or online chat (what time period?) Additionally:  (I don’t think we have a way to count these for the FY as opposed to everything to date)Nearly 600 views of our 19 EndNote-related FAQ LibanswersNearly 4000 views of our 9 EndNote quick videos on the RML’s YouTube channel
  4. SolutionRegister to attend a class through the Institutional Calendar, our website, or follow the QR code on the class listings handout.
  5. SOLUTION: You can access the website on any device, from any location, at any time.
  6. Not sure if this will cover both Allen and Sam
  7. # of requisitions# of conf room reservations# of contractsSpecial projects