Linking Universities - A broader look at the application of linked data and semantic web technologies in an academic environment


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Presentation at the VIVO - International Research Network about Linked Universities,, linkedup, linked data for universities, education and research.

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Linking Universities - A broader look at the application of linked data and semantic web technologies in an academic environment

  1. 1. Linking Universities - A broader lookat the application of linked data and semantic web technologies in an academic environment Mathieu d’Aquin Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK @mdaquin
  2. 2. A University…
  3. 3. A University… A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects and provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The word "university" is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means “community of teachers and scholars.” --
  4. 4. The Open University •  The largest university in the UK: 250K students per year, 8000 associate lecturers, a big campus in Milton Keynes •  Created in 1969 •  Almost entirely open and distance learning •  13 regional centers, more national centers, courses available in a large number of countries
  5. 5. Public information at the Open University Data  from     OpenLearn   ORO   Research     Content   Outputs   Archive  of     Library’s   Course     Catalogue   Material   Of  Digital    Content   A/V  Material   Podcasts   iTunesU  
  6. 6. Linked Data Open University Person: Mathieu Website Publication: Pub1 author workFor Open University VLE Course: M366 offers M366 Course page Organisation: The Open University Mathieu’s Homepage availableIn setBook Mathieu’s List of Mathieu’sPublications Twitter Country: Belgium Book: Mechatronics The Web" The Web of Linked Data"
  7. 7. Applying linked data to the Open University DBPedia   RAE   Data  from     OpenLearn   ORO   Research     Content   Outputs   Archive  of     Library’s   Course     Catalogue   geonames   Material   Of  Digital    Content   A/V  Material   Podcasts   iTunesU   BBC   DBLP  
  8. 8. The first linked data platform providing openinformation from a across a whole university
  9. 9. Linked Data at the Open University Course information: 580 modules/ description of the course, information about the levels and number of credits associated with it, topics, and conditions of enrolment.Research publications: 16,000 academic articles / information about authors, dates, abstract and venue of the publication. Podcasts: 2220 video podcasts and 1500 audio podcats / short description, topics, link to a representative image and to a transscript if available, information about the course the podcast might relate to and license information regarding the content of the podcast.Open Educational Resources: 640 OpenLearn Units / short description, topics, tags used to annotate the resource, its language, the course it might relate to, and the license that applies to the content.Youtube videos: 900 videos / short description of the video, tags that were used to annotate the video, collection it might be part of and link to the related course if relevant.University buildings: 100 buildings / address, a picture of the building and the sub-divisions of the building into floors and spaces. Library catalogue: 12,000 books/ topics, authors, publisher and ISBN, as well as the course related. Others…
  10. 10. Applications Social"Resource "Discovery" Research" Exploration
  11. 11. Example Application: Study at the OU That’s where linked data is
  12. 12. Example application: Media Relation Reports Academics in “Arts and Humanities” Topics most commonly mentioned by most often involved with the media (in news outlets owned by the BBC (in number of news items)" number of news items)"From dataset about our From news clipping From dbpedia.orgresearchers data
  13. 13. Research Application: Research communities
  14. 14. Beyond the Single University mEducator The Open University education Research Orgs., ouputs Buidings, Locations Learning resources University of OrganicEduNet Muenster, DE University University of of Bristol Southampton
  15. 15. See
  16. 16. LinkedUp The LinkedUp support action ( tackling the challengeof large scale Web Data integration for concrete educational scenarios
  17. 17. State of the Linked Education Cloud •  Currently building a catalogue of educational datasets (the LinkedUp data pool). Collected 165 from 27 sources so far. There is immensely more!•  About 600 classes, less than 100 used by more than 1 dataset•  Almost 1000 properties, less than 180 used by more than 1 dataset
  18. 18. Number of datasetscontaining instances of agiven class
  19. 19. Number ofdatasets using agiven property
  20. 20. Challenge: Discovery of open educational resourcesExample: DiscOU -
  21. 21. Resources URIs Similarity- Interface + common topics Based Search BBC Programme or iPlayer page Resource descriptions Indexes Synopsis Named Entity Semantic Entities Semantic Recognition (Dbpedia) Indexing Podcasts, Indexes OpenLearn Units and Semantic Index
  22. 22. Challenge: Supporting ResearchExample: Reading Experience Database Project Event   LocaHon   subClassOf   locatedIn   subClassOf   Experience   City   Country   date:  Date   readerInvolve d   originCountry   textInvolved   givesBackgroundTo   occupaHon   Person   religion   gender   creator/editor   LinkedEvent  Ontology   Document   CITO  CitaHon  Ontology   Htle:  String   Dublin  Core   descripHon:  String   providesExcerptFor   published:  Date   FOAF   DBPedia  
  23. 23. More research support… Building new directions for investigation, e.g. reading duringthe first world warLinked Data as data/knowledge capture medium from thestart: new projects with Linked Data as their backbone(Listening Experience Database, Damned in Hell…)
  24. 24. Challenge: Need for new methodologiesExample: Enriching data-mining results for interpretation
  25. 25. Conclusion Universities / Education / Research have for objective to create and share knowledge Linked Data provides a backbone to achieve that, while removing the technological barrier between researchers/teachers/students and the data Semantic Web and Knowledge technologies have the potential to support new methodologies for learning design and for research, whatever the domain
  26. 26. Thank you! More info and contacts: @mdaquin http://mdaquin.nethttp://linkeduniversities.org