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Linked Data as a new environment for Learning Analytics and education


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Presentation on the connection between linked data and learning analytics. Prepared for a guest lecture in a LAK MOOC that didn't happen.

Linked Data as a new environment for Learning Analytics and education

  1. 1. Linked Data as a new environmentfor Learning Analytics and education Mathieu d’Aquin (@mdaquin, (Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK) Stefan Dietze (L3S Research Center, DE)
  2. 2. Linked Data Person: Mathieu Open University Website Publication: Pub1 author workFor Open University VLE Course: M366 offers KMi Website M366 Course page Organisation: The Open University Mathieu’s Homepage availableIn setBook Mathieu’s List of Mathieu’s Publications Twitter Country: Belgium Book: Mechatronics The Web The Web of Linked Data
  3. 3. From Linked Data to the Semantic Web rNews Music Ontology Geo Ontology SIOC Media Ontology Dublin Core DBPedia FOAF Ontology DOAP FMA BIBO Ontology LODE Gene Ontology
  4. 4. Example:
  5. 5. information:  580 modules/ description of the course, information about the levels and number of credits associated with it, topics, and conditions of enrolment.Research publications:  16,000 academic articles / information about authors, dates, abstract and venue of the publication.Podcasts:  2220 video podcasts and 1500 audio podcats / short description, topics, link to a representative image and to a transscript if available, information about the course the podcast might relate to and license information regarding the content of the podcast.Open Educational Resources:  640 OpenLearn Units / short description, topics, tags used to annotate the resource, its language, the course it might relate to, and the license that applies to the content.Youtube videos:  900 videos / short description of the video, tags that were used to annotate the video, collection it might be part of and link to the related course if relevant.University buildings:  100 buildings / address, a picture of the building and the sub-divisions of the building into floors and spaces.Library catalogue:  12,000 books/ topics, authors, publisher and ISBN, as well as the course related.Others…
  6. 6. A global data space for education data mEducator The Open University education Research Orgs., ouputs Buidings, Locations Learning resources University of OrganicEduNet Muenster, DE University of University of Bristol Southampton
  7. 7. – Mathieu d‘Aquin 15. März 2013 7
  8. 8. What’s the use in Learning Analytics/* Naïve view */Learning Analytics is an application of data analytics on educational data, in learning environment and for the purpose to improve the learning and teaching experience.So, Linked Data used to find, collect and process large amounts of interconnected data to be used in analytics. But It is not only the input! Can be used to complete local data, enrichment them, or for interpretation of the results.Considering Bienkowski, Feng, and Means areas of LA/EDM application (Week 3):• Modeling user knowledge, behavior, and experience… and connect them to information about the context of learning• Creating profiles of users… that can be interlinked through common objects• Modeling knowledge domains… through online knowledge sources that can be numerous and collectively built• Trend analysis… that can be interpreted through related them to external sources of information• Personalization and adaptation… using indirect connections to other reference entities
  9. 9. Example of simple application: Map of OU buildings Interactive map of Open University Buildings in the UK Each dot is a location where buildings can be found. Going over the dot give information about the building there (floors, spaces, car-parks, etc.)
  10. 10. name “Berrill building”bat1 Milton Keynes bat1- address inDistrict inCounty Postcode- mk76aa Buckingha Spaces mshire location Floors Mk76aa- Buildings location ID Address Post- lat long code 52.024924 -0.709726
  11. 11. Simple recommendation: Study at the OU Each topic as a linked data URI. Each course as a linked data URI. Each resource as a linked data URI. They are all connected. Use SPARQL to answer the question: “What are the resources related to this topic or to courses on this topic”
  12. 12. Less simple recommendation: Talis AspireLecturers from different universities puttheir reading lists online. Publishing usingthe principles of linked data means that allresources are globally identified, creating anetwork of resources and reading lists.Recommendations can then trivially exploitglobally all these local contributions.
  13. 13. Even less simple recommendation:DiscOU
  14. 14. Resources URIs + Similarity- Interface common topics Based Search BBC Programme or iPlayer page Resource descriptions Indexes Synopsis Named Entity Semantic Semantic Recognition Entities Indexing (Dbpedia) Podcasts, Indexes OpenLearn Units and Semantic Index
  15. 15. Not one scenario:An infinite recombination of data and purposes
  16. 16. Complex analytics in a lightweight way
  17. 17. Analytics across datasetsAcademics in “Arts and Humanities” Topics most commonly mentioned bymost often involved with the media (in news outlets own by the BBC (innumber of news items) number of news items) From the Open University From news clippings From
  18. 18. Complex analytics with rich backgroundinformation
  19. 19. ConclusionsLinked data essential to learning analytics: interconnected sources of information to analyze learning activities and their context.- Use of local data together with reference data- Informed recommendation mechanisms- Re-purposing of open data- Lightweight ways to integrate data in rich analytics interfaces- Analytics combining insight from multiple sources of information- Ways to explore results through the lens of external, background informationA few links can open the way to numerous new forms of analytics. Can be overwhelming Managing heterogeneity, consistency and noise becomes even more of an issue Still requires specialized, technical skills LinkedUp – Author Name 15. März 201321
  20. 20. Links and References - http://linkeddatabook.com - http://lucero-project.info - http://linkededucation.org - http://linkedup-challenge.org - - http://uciad.infodAquin, M. and Jay, N. Interpreting Data Mining Results with Linked Data for Learning Analytics: Motivation, Case Study and Direction, LAK 2013, C., d’Aquin M. and Dietze S. (eds) Semantic Web Journal Special Issue on Linked Data for Science and Education.’Aquin M. Linked Data for Open and Distance Learning. Commonwealth of Learnin report., M., Allocca, C. and Collins, T. DiscOU: A Flexible Discovery Engine for Open Educational Resources Using Semantic Indexing and Relationship Summaries, Demo ISWC 2012. LinkedUp – Author Name 15. März 2013 22
  21. 21. LinkedUp – Author 15. März 2013 23