The hydra


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The hydra

  1. 1. “Provide clean water and power anywhere the sun shines…Even when it isn’t”
  2. 2. What is the HYDRA? The HYDRA is a solar and hydrogen-powered mobile water purification system. It was developed by a privately owned company named, The Essential Element. Their main goal is to supply impoverished places with purified water and electricity after a natural disaster or where clean water is simply not available.
  3. 3. Mission Statement “Clean water is the basis of health and economic stability. In today’s world, clean, renewable power to produce it along with clean power for communities, school, clinics, businesses is the new standard. Our vision, technology and experience will make clean water and power a reality today.”
  4. 4. Why is the HYDRA important? The HYDRA is an important innovation because it provides drinkable water, electricity, and medical grade oxygen. This helps end the thirst of the displaced after a natural disaster, provide electricity for schools, clinics, businesses, communication systems, and give medical professionals the oxygen they need to assist in the injured.
  5. 5. How does the HYDRA work? Energy from the sun is captured by the solar panels which is then used to power the water pump. The dirty water gets pushed through the self- cleaning filtration system . In a day, the HYDRA can produce 87,000 liters of purified water (20,000+ gallons). The HYDRA also charges batteries; lead- acid gel batteries run an electrolyzer that uses some of the water to fill a .37 cubic meter tank with pressurized hydrogen. A fuel cell is then stored with this hydrogen to generate energy for other electronic necessities.
  6. 6. Left: solar panels right: hydrogen storage tank the stored hydrogen is used to power the HYDRA after dark, it continues to produce water with or without sunlight.
  7. 7. Benefits: What’s so great about it? According to The Essential Element: the HYDRA is “first of its kind anywhere on the planet” Clean, drinkable water Electricity for electronic and cooking appliances Medical-grade oxygen
  8. 8. Benefits continued… Self-fueled and powered MOBILE!!! Can be flown, parachuted, or shipped to needed location (adaptable, scalable, efficient) Stores portable water and excess electricity  great for disaster relief
  9. 9. Previous ideas and setbacks Other purification systems have been too expensive for the poor outcome Poor battery life and dirty water Heavy and costly solar panels Used gasoline and diesel to operate; leads to toxic fumes and water contamination NEGATIVES FOR THE HYDRA… Price check… $95,000 for 1 HYDRA
  10. 10. FAD: Will the HYDRA be seen in the future? Highly doubt the HYDRA will become a FAD due to its cost. Not everyone can go out and duplicate or buy a HYDRA, it’s too expensive. It is a great way to help those in earthquakes or hurricanes, maybe more countries and nations will invest in a HYDRA to keep its people stable. Anything that can create water from 100% renewable resources such as solar and hydrogen power is genius. Maybe one day aid homelessness in America?
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