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Entrevista a Paris Hilton


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Homework english

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Entrevista a Paris Hilton

  1. 1. INTERVIEW TO PARIS HILTON<br />Interviewer: Hello, Paris. How are you?<br /> Paris: Fine thank you, and you?<br />Interviewer: Fine. We´ll ask you some questions.<br /> Paris: ok<br />
  2. 2. INTERVIEW TO PARIS HILTON<br />1. When you were born?<br /> I am born in 1981 on 17 February.<br /> <br />2. How old are you?<br /> 30 years old.<br />3. What is the name of your dad?<br /> His name is Richard Hilton<br /> <br />4. What is the name of your mum?<br /> Her name is Kathy Hilton<br />
  3. 3. INTERVIEW TO PARIS HILTON<br />5. Where are you from?<br /> I´m from New York<br /> <br />6. Which of your films do you like most?<br /> My favourite is The hottie and the nottie.<br />7. What do you do?<br /> I´m a singer, actress and model.<br /> <br />8. Who supports you in your life?<br /> My mother, Kathy Hilton <br />
  4. 4. INTERVIEW TO PARIS HILTON<br />9. What is your phone number?<br /> My phone number is 38 95 77<br /> <br />10. What is your second name?<br /> My second name is Whitney <br />Interviewer: Paris, thank you very much.<br /> Paris: Ok<br />
  5. 5. INTERVIEW TO PARIS HILTON<br />Interviewer<br />Gimsaber 2011<br />Paris Hilton<br />Maria Daniela Vega S.<br />Maria Paula Blanchar D .<br />