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"Strategy and the Internet" revisited - how to make sense of Web 2.0

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  1. 1. “Strategy and the Internet” revisited Beyond the Web2.0 hype - From Immaterial to Rematerial ● We are back to 2000, and Michael Porter (Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, based at Harvard Business School) said it all: – The benefits of the Internet make it hard for companies to capture these benefits as profits – New Internet technologies will continue to erode profitability by shifting power to customers – As all companies come to embrace Internet technology, moreover, the Internet itself will be neutralized as a source of advantage – only by integrating the Internet into overall strategy will this powerful new technology become an equally powerful force for competitive advantage
  2. 2. The Internet in your Strategy Open your business - Drive Crowds
  3. 3. The Tough Questions Beyond business as usual ● How are partners and customers involved in the process? ● How deep are they engaged in this process? ● Who else has a stake in the company? ● Who else has an impact on the company? ● Which intangible assets should be considered as part of the company? ● How can I make sense out of all this?
  4. 4. The Secret Sauce Reaching Hyperproductivity ● The Right Toolbox: – Web, Wikis, Blogs, Profiles, IM/VoIP, Online Infrastructure, APIs, Mashups, Synchronization ● The Right Implementation: – User Interaction: how the tools are implemented and communicated will define the community within your ecosystem – one size does not fit all
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