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The 10th mother & child festival presentation


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The 10th mother & child festival presentation

  1. 1. The 10 th Mother & Child Festival Celebrating MOTHER’s DAY 2013 @ Mall of Arabia March 21-23 An Event of GLOBAL CONSULTANTS
  2. 2. The 10 th Mother & Child Festival Branding
  3. 3. Mother’s Day CelebrationBranding Thursday 21 March
  4. 4. Mother’s Day Festival
  5. 5. Mother’s Day Festival Stage and Stars
  6. 6. Mother’s Day FestivalStars & Stage Activities
  7. 7. Stage ActivitiesMagic Show & Games
  8. 8. Characters & Face Painting
  9. 9. Branding & Sampling Opportunities
  10. 10. Competitions & Kids Talents
  11. 11. Stars & Fun Characters
  12. 12. Exhibitor’s Booths
  13. 13. Kids Activities for Festive Days
  14. 14. Kids Fashion Shows
  15. 15. Cooking Corner
  16. 16. Free Space Possible Booth Designs
  17. 17. Mother’s Day celebration March 21 @ 6 PM to 11 PM• Setup: stage and sound and light system, atthe fountain (seating for 500 people) withbackdrop co-branding: Mall of Arabia Mother’s Day & BABIES! Mother & Child Festival• Professional MC for the party• TV sponsor possible (CBC-AlHayat-MBC)
  18. 18. Mother’s Day celebration March 21 @ 6 PM to 11 PM• ACTIVITIES:1. Guest stars will be celebrated and givencertificates and gifts donated by our sponsors2. Inspiring Mums: Real life stories of Mum’s& Kids will be presented3. Best Mother’s Day Card Competition4. Stage Shows: Singer and Kids Band, Standup Comedy, Dances and perfromances
  19. 19. Mother’s Day celebration March 21 @ 6 PM to 11 PM• Areas of Activities at the event:1- Hall of Fame: A corner where kids and parentscan dress up n costumes and take a photo2- Arts & Crafts & Face Painting3- Toddlers Playground Area4- Reading Area5- Music Corner6- Cooking Corner7- Bouncers and Games Area / Kids Karoeke
  20. 20. Sponsorship of Mother’s Day Festival MEDIA• TV Sponsor 200,000 EGP, or Barter based on offering ads to our clients• Radio Mix FM for live coverage (possible pre-event program)• Media Sponsors: Daily News, Monthly English Magazines• Coverage in all daily newspapers & online
  21. 21. Full Event Promotional Campaign• Outdoor : 2 Billboards on Mehwar and in Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz• Radio Ads: 75 Ad spots on Nile and Nojoum• Outdoor Cars Advertising Banners for one week• 200,000 Door to Door Flyers campaign covering Giza, Maadi, 6th October, Sheikh Zayed Mohandessin, Zamalek, Garden City, Dokki
  22. 22. Full Event Promotional Campaign• 10,000 VIP Invitations to all Ministries, International Organizations, Embassies, Foreign Bodies in Egypt, Ladies of Egypt, Rotary, Innerwheel• 60,000 Invitations to Schools, Nurseries, Executives working in Banks and MNC’s through our database• 20,000 Carte Blanche Invitation post cards placed at prime F&B outlets throughout Cairo
  23. 23. Full Event Promotional Campaign• Email Campaign to 100,000 recipients• SMS Campaign to 30,000 recipients• Digital Media Integrated campaign through FB, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIN• Mobile App and Online partners: Magnificient Magazine, MummyChitchats Mobile app, School’s Guide and others
  24. 24. Post show Review
  25. 25. Exhibiting Area
  26. 26. Venue Mall of Arabia