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2 scenarios


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2 of 10 lectures on mobile design

Published in: Mobile
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2 scenarios

  1. 1. 2 scenarios design the experience
  2. 2. interaction design not just art & copy
  3. 3. interaction design scenarios and interaction
  4. 4. What is the difference between an App and a Application?
  5. 5. Users want to achieve goals and solve problems, how do they know what to choose and what will be an effective investment of their time?
  6. 6. Mobile goals Kill time Short term fix of pertinent issue Catch up on events Share event Photograph Connect ...
  7. 7. Types Utility Productivity Immersive
  8. 8. design a scenario what they see what they do what happens next
  9. 9. design problem understand your value proposition how much effort does it take how to make it clear and simple
  10. 10. Activity personify your interface describe what a user will experience visualize how someone reaches their goals. can you get worthwhile feedback with paper/pencil?
  11. 11. walkthrough your app visualize actions you think are appropriate pieces of paper understand actions change scenes manage expectations
  12. 12. Wizard of Oz prototype describe and manipulate the scene do not reveal yourself too much let your participant lead the discussion
  13. 13. role-playing set the scene user driven - devise alternate routes understand a valuable use scenario
  14. 14. Articulate a scenario from all the actions you have mapped. What is the user journey you will use to build your design prototype? this is the script (the what) next is how (the design, the interface)
  15. 15. 1 purpose 2 plan 3 sequence of actions or tactics 4 distinct, measurable goal ...wrapped in a scenario that tells it
  16. 16. analyze your scenarios, what activities emerge? find authenticate navigate locate filter sort search share rate notify reward
  17. 17. these are patterns these activities are the building blocks of an interface design