Softball tips 3 ways to bounce back from mistakes


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Softball tips 3 ways to bounce back from mistakes

  1. 1. Softball Tips: 3 Ways to Bounce Back From MistakesOne of the most powerful traits a softball player can have is the ability to bounce back frommistakes, overcome obstacles, and keep pushing through adversity. Of course, this is ofteneasier said than done. How do you bounce back when you just cost your team a run on defense orstranded the tying run in scoring position after you struck out looking with two outs? While thereare various sports psychology tips and tricks for improving your mental game, here are 3simple tips you can start using today to help you bounce back from your softball mistakes:Accept: Accept that you made a mistake and that youre upset about it. If you feel mad,frustrated, embarrassed, sad, upset or any other negative emotion because you messed up, thatsOK! It just means your human and means you care about what happens on the field. Dont fightthat or beat yourself up for feeling that way. Allow it for a moment, accept and acknowledgethat you felt it, then side it aside for the rest of the game. There will be lots of time to evaluate itfurther later. Right now, you need to reset your mind and body for the next play!Remember the big picture: No game ever comes down to just one play or just one mistake.Even if your mistake stands out the most, chances are there were many, many, many othermissed opportunities during the game that could have made a difference in the final outcome. Ifevery player on a team did exactly what they were supposed to do in every given situation, yourmistake wouldnt be such a big deal. Unless everyone on your team went 3-3 in the batters boxtoday and did everything perfectly on defense, youre not the only one who couldve done better.Youre not the only player that had an opportunity to make a difference in the game and failed todo so. Remember that the entire fate of the team does NOT lie upon your shoulders only.Also, think back to when youve seen other players make mistakes then go on to do great thingsand help their team win. It DOES happen and can happen for you too, if you let it! The onlyperson that stops that from happening for you is you. If it can happen for others, it can happenfor you. You know very well that players DO come back from mistakes, you just need to adjustyour mindset to believe you can be one of them!Take in and return the high fives: One of the greatest things about being on a team is the builtin support system. When your teammates try to pick you up after a mistake, let them!One of the worst things you can do after making a mistake is shut out the help your teammatesoffer you. Not only do you keep the mistake with you longer than necessary, you also spread thenegativity you feel to your team by ignoring their positivity. Dont be that person. You alreadymade one mistake, dont compound it or spread its negativity to the rest of your team.Instead, accept the high fives or verbal pick-ups your teammates offer you. Allow their positivetalk into your mind instead of shutting it out. Start encouraging others on your team when itstheir turn to bat or make a defensive play. Cheer like crazy if one of your teammates helps make
  2. 2. up for your error by making a great play or getting a great hit. All of these things small actionshelp squash negativity after a mistake while spreading positivity and shifting, or keeping,momentum in your teams favor.