Softball success tips do the hardest thing


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Softball success tips do the hardest thing

  1. 1. Softball Success Tips: Do the Hardest Thing If softball success was easy, everyone would be an all-star, but it’s not and, whileeveryone may get a trophy nowadays, not everyone is an all-star. Whats that thing they sayabout success? Oh yeah, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.Therefore, in order to achieve softball success, you must be willing to do what others are not.You must be willing to put in the work, not just when you feel like it, but all the time, day in andday out. The "secret" to success for most people is actually not some secret formula ormysterious strategy. It rarely has anything to do with the latest trend or training at the bestfacilities. In fact the "secret" most successful people know is pretty boring and UN-glamorous.In order to achieve "great" things, you must do the work and possess the willingness to do thehardest thing. What hardest thing? You know, the thing you dont particularly like doing. The thingyou would gladly skip if no one made you do it. The thing you practically cant stand eventhough you know its good for you and you know doing it will improve your softballperformance. You must be willing to do that thing. So many players and coaches say they wantto be successful, win big games, accumulate amazing stats, and win the biggest prize…and yetthey are unwilling to do the work it takes to get to that level. They often put off the hard stuff ordog the tough training. They pass up the opportunity to train harder, focus better, increaseintensity, or put in more time than their competition. They might sustain full blown commitmentand effort for a short period of time, but grow weary of the discipline and dedication required asthe season drags on.Are you one of them? Think about it. Do you say you want big things, but train just likeeveryone else? Are you really giving all you can? Or do you hold back and avoiding areas youdont like or areas that push you outside your comfort zone? Are there things you skim over ordo half-heartedly? Are there things you could do better, faster, longer, harder, or more focusedthan you do now? If you really want to reach your full potential and achieve more than anyonethought you could, do the hard thing(s) and do it with your best effort and highest level ofenthusiasm! You can start small. Make a change in just one area and let your actions compoundfrom there. It can start with something as simple as… • Baserunning • Training to hit pitches you dont like, rather than just your favorite one • Setting up practice stations to help your team be more efficient in training • Helping with team equipment • Eating healthier so you can train and perform better (Dont skip breakfast! Cut back on junk food) • Planning practice if youre a coach (stop flying by the seat of your pants hoping answers will come to you) • Do conditioning: push-ups, sprints, core work or other "tough" exercises/workouts • Working as hard on effectively throwing your least favorite pitch as you do your most favorite pitch
  2. 2. • Going to sleep at a decent hour (get off facebook)I know, I know. It doesnt sound like a lot of fun, but sometimes less "fun" now means more funwhen it counts the most.Before you decide this probably wont work, I want you to think about this one question…If you did this, if you made the conscious effort to do the work, to do the hardest thing (not justthe easy fun stuff)…Whats the worst thing that could happen?Please comment below and let me know... I would really appreciate it.